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Shell Retinax Greases LX

Ultra Heavy Duty High Temperature Grease -

Long Life Protection for Highly Loaded Wheel Bearing and
Other Applications

-20C 40C 100C

LITHIUM to 160 15.5  

1, 2 & 3
COMPLEX +140C cSt cSt

Shell Retinax Greases LX are very high performance, lead free, lithium complex,
extreme pressure greases developed, primarily, for the lubrication of automotive wheel
bearings subjected to high temperatures.

Applications Typical Physical Characteristics

Automotive wheel bearings
Shell Retinax LX 1 LX 2 LX 3
Particularly effective in automotive wheel Grease
bearings subjected to high temperatures
and load caused by braking from high NLGI Consistency 1 2 3
Soap Type Lithium Lithium Lithium
Performance Features Complex Complex Complex

Wide operating temperature range Base Oil (type) Mineral Mineral Mineral
Retinax LX 2 is designed for the lubrication
of ball and rolling element bearings Kinematic Viscosity
operating continuously at temperatures @ 40C cSt 150 160 160
between -20C and +140C 100C cSt 13.3 15.5 15.5
(IP 71)
Increased fretting protection
Overcomes problems suffered by bearings
Dropping Point C 240 245 245
in conditions of excessive vibration (IP 132)
Excellent mechanical stability
Maintains consistency over long periods The characteristics are typical of current
production. Whilst future production will conform
Good pumpability
to Shell's specification, variations in these
In grease lubrication systems characteristics may occur.
Low water wash-out.
Good water resistant properties
Health & Safety
Good corrosion protection Shell Retinax Greases LX are unlikely to present
In all operating conditions any significant health or safety hazard when
properly used in the recommended application,
and good standards of industrial and personal
Advice hygiene are maintained.For further guidance on
Advice on applications not covered in this leaflet Product Health & Safety refer to the appropriate
Shell Product Safety Data Sheet.
may be obtained from your Shell Representative

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