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5 How do I read this document?

Simply print out this Khadgamala Stotram, download the mp3 recitation for guidance
(, and begin reciting it.

Weve tried to keep the document simple to use, yet informative. You will discover that, once you get
to know the Stotram, it will only take about 15 minutes to recite. The Sanskrit and transliterated text
are in black; translation of the actual recitation is in red; explanations along the way are in blue. The
red recitation text simplifies pronunciation considerably: Basically, a capital vowel indicates a long
vowel; i.e. held for two beats (i.e., a is an ah sound; A indicates an aaaah sound; etc.). If you pay
attention and give these long vowels their proper hold and quality, the natural stress and rhythm of the
recitation will naturally reveal itself.

Obviously, such a simple guideline as this will not render perfect Sanskrit! For that, you should
continue listening to the mp3; if you become more serious in your practice, you would do well to
consult an introductory Sanskrit textbook and study the pronunciation key and transliteration for each
letter. With that information at hand, you can begin referring to the original Devanagari or
transliterated Sanskrit text herein, which contains the necessary diacritical marks to help you gradually
learn perfect recitation of the Stotram.

For the present, however, do not worry if your recitation is awkward or your pronunciation is bad. As
Sri Amritananda counsels, you should simply dismiss all of those technical concerns for now and
simply begin your journey to Goddess today, no matter how feebly. You can add power and depth as
you move along. We are there to help you. It is said that Bhava grAhI JanArdana God understands
the feeling and intent, and does not bother about mistakes.

6 How should I approach recitation?

Sri Amritananda advises, As you are reciting each name, that yoginis portion of Sri Chakra should
spring up in your imagination. The power [of recitation] comes from intensifying your concentration
to visualize the form, hear the sound, feel the touch, taste, and smell of the divine perfume of [each
devi or yogini of the Khadgamala], manifesting that part of the ever-youthful Goddess. The Goddess
loves fun. She is deeply in love with you, making you Her Siva.

Its as easy as that. Listen to the mp3, and study this document until you know it by heart. Then just
listen. Then stop even that. Just contemplate the Stotram in your mind. Please note that Sri
Amritanandas recording differs slightly from this guide in a few places; we are in the process of
preparing an mp3 recording that corresponds exactly. In the meantime, Amritajis beautiful recitation
is vastly more than enough to demonstrate the spirit, technique, rhythm and pronunciation of the

As you approach this meditation, do not try too hard to concentrate because you cannot! Just recite
it and let your mind wander; let it do whatever it wants. Still the result will come. If one tries to force
concentration, the body will become tense and results will not appear.