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GRAMMAR SECTION 7. You _______________ on the chair

every lesson. It is an irritating habit
Choose the answer which best fits the you can't shake off.
context. a) are swinging
1. Look at those black clouds. b) have swung
It_________________. c) swing
a) has rained d) had swung
b) is going to rain 8. It___________ when we arrived
c) will have rained home, but the sky was dark.
d) was raining
a) wasn't raining
2. Who ______________ the window? b) didn't rain
The glass is scattered all around the c) hadn't rained
classroom. d) hasn't rained
a) had shattered
b) shatters 9. They ________________ the project
c) has been shattering before the deadline and submit it on
d) has shattered the website.
a) will complete
3. I ________________ down the street b) will have completed
when a boy on rollerblades whizzed c) will be completing
by me. d) will have complete
a) was strolling
b) have strolled 10. Which of the following verbs is
c) had strolled rarely expressed in a continuous
d) strolled form?
a) remember
4. ____________ you ever
b) listen
_____________ __ Greece?
a) had/been/in c) walk
b) were/going/to d) talk
c) have/been/to
d) did/travel/to 11. Linda ___________ a vegetarian
three years ago after watching a
5. I _______________ English before I documentary on animal and after that
___________ to the USA. she ___________ meat.
a) was studying/have moved a) became/hasn't eaten
b) had studied/moved b) had become/doesn't eat
c) studied/moved c) was becoming/isn't eating
d) have studied/move d) would become/didn't eat

6. I __________________ on a novel for 12. Since an earthquake ______________

years. Once it is released, it will at any time, it Is always best to be
become the bestseller. prepared.
a) have been working a) will have occured
b) had been working
b) has occured
c) am working
c) must have occured
d) work
d) might occur
19. By tomorrow, I will have bought the
13. I wish that I ___________ Freddy that car.
he won't be chosen for the school a) The car will have been bought by
basketball team. tomorrow
a) haven't been telling b) The car will be bought by
b) don't have to tell tomorrow
c) didn't have to tell c) The car will have being bought
d) shouldn't be telling d) The car would have been bought

14. According to the departure board the 20. While the book ___________, I
plane ___________ at seven o'clock __________.
tomorrow evening. a) was read/interrupted
a) takes off b) is read/was interrupted
b) has taken off c) was read/was interrupted
c) had taken off d) was being read/was interrupted
d) will have take off Conditionals

15. __________ you ________ me will 21. If she _____________happy with

be given a permission to go there. him, she ________________ a
a) either/nor divorce.
b) neither/or a) was/wouldn't requested
c) or/or b) were/wouldn't request
d) neither/nor c) were/wouldn't have requested
d) is/wouldn't request
Choose the correct passive form.
22. If you _______________ the rules
when your mum told you to
16. She was travelling to school for 2 accomplish the task, you
hours. _______________ criticised.
a) School was travelled by her for 2 a) Had obeyed/wouldn't have been
hours. b) Obeyed/wouldn't have been
b) School was being travelled by her c) Had obeyed/would be
for 2 hours. d) Obeyed/wouldn't be
c) No passive
d) School had been travelled by her 23. If she __________ ice, it
for 2 hours. __________water.
a) heats/would become
17. A few months ago Italy b) heated/will become
________________ by the fatal c) heats/will become
earthquake. d) would heat/becomes
a) was striked
b) was struck 24. I _____________ dare (to) go there if
c) is striked I ____________ you.
d) c) was being struck
a) don't/were
b) wouldn't/am
18. The charity organization
c) wouldn't/have been
______________ before the president
d) wouldn't/were
a) was found
b) was being founded
c) had been founded
d) was founded
25. If you ____________ the lottery last Quantifiers
week, you _____________ rich now.
a) played/would be 31. I don't want to buy_______ sugar.
b) played/would have been a) any
c) had played/would be b) none of
d) had played/would have been c) some
d) some of
Reported speech
32. There isn't _______ pollution because
26. Have you finished with the everyone cycles or walks.
computer? She asked a) many
a) whether I've finished with the b) much
computer c) some
b) if I had finished with the computer d) a little
c) whether I finished with the
computer 33. We are running out of milk. There are
d) if I have finished with the compute _______ drops more.
a) some
27. I am coming back to Japan next b) any
week. He said that c) a great deal of
a) he is coming back the following d) a few
b) he was coming back next week 34. We haven't got ________ toothpaste,
c) he was coming back the following but we have got _________
week toothbrushes.
d) he was coming back next week a) some/all or entire
b) any/some
28. Please, don't tell her that I gave away c) some/any
the secret. They begged me d) whole/some
a) not to tell her that he gave away
the secret 35. Mom keeps _________ apples and
b) not to have told that he had given __________oranges in the fridge.
away the secret a) a few/some
c) not to tell that he has given away b) a little/a lot
the secret c) a bit of/many
d) not to tell that he had given away d) many/much
the secret

29. While we were flying to Paris, the Combined exercise

pilot passed out.
a) while we were flying to Paris, the 36. I wish you__________ better at the
pilot had passed out audition yesterday.
b) while we flew to Paris, the pilot a) performed
had passed out b) have performed
c) While we had been flying to Paris, c) were performed
the pilot had passed out d) had performed
d) While we had been flying to paris,
the pilot had been passed out 37. My _____________ company
collapsed a year ago due to debts
30. Do you play chess? He asked me which had accumulated.
a) student father's
a) if I played chess b) student's father's
b) if I play chess c) student's fathers'
c) if I had played chess d) student fathers'
d) if I've played chess
38. If only she __________ to the 44. Ali and Sarah are like __________.
birthday party I am hosting next He is introvert while she is lively and
week. amiable.
a) would be able to come a) cheese and sugar
b) will be able to come b) chess and cheese
c) was able to come c) chalk and sodium
d) would've been able to come d) chalk and cheese

39. My house has been refurbished these 45. I just told her to stand in a queue like
days. everyone but she
a) I am having my house refurbished made___________________about it.
these days a) a lyrics and song
b) I have had my house refurbished b) a song and dance
these days c) a poem and epic
c) I'd had my house refurbished these d) a rhyme and tone
d) I was going to have my house 46. Did you really buy that phone for 25
refurbished these days dollars? That was a ____________.
a) bargain
40. The Smiths have been absent for b) sale
months. In the meantime, they sold c) allowance
the house. d) receipt
a) they must go to live somewhere
else 47. The laptop is faulty, but I don't want
b) they can have gone to live another one. I want a __________.
somewhere else a) return
c) they must have gone to live b) cheque
somewhere else c) refund
d) they may went to live somewhere d) stock
48. This advert is targeted at _________
clients with money.
VOCABULARY a) well-on
b) well-up
41. Your project doesn't ________ the c) well-of
criteria we have established d) well-off
a) follow
b) meet 49. Anne doesn't have any _________ as
c) fulfill long as the restaurant we choose is
d) give good.
a) reference
42. Jack is thinking about dropping b) preference
_______ university. c) difference
a) out of d) deference
b) out
c) from 50. Time flies is an example of
d) of __________
a) cliche
43. Laptops have become almost b) proverb
___________ for university students. c) idiom
a) misdispensable d) slang
b) undispensable
c) indispensable
d) redispensable
51. The price of a mansion is b) Sit
___________ and only the ultra-rich c) Make
can affort it. d) Undergo
a) significant
b) incapacitated 59. Mom has always showed more
c) exorbitant understanding than dad, because she
d) wacky is more ____________.
a) Attentive
52. The injection was ___________ and b) Careful
killed the animal for ten seconds. c) Sensitive
a) lethal d) Sensible
b) relieving
c) neutral 60. The pain ___________ after the
d) pure doctor had given him the
53. The report was __________, not a) Abated/treatment
skipping a single detail. b) Relieved/acupuncture
a) exhausting c) Ceased/syringe
b) exhausted d) Decreased/paramedic
c) exhaustive
d) exhaust 61. The complicated instructions put me
________ buying the camera.
54. Paparazzi tried to ___________ her a) On
reputation several times without b) Of
success. c) Off
a) downsize d) Out
b) backfire
c) besmirch 62. He doesn't want to give up even after
d) backbite failure. He is _______-minded
a) Open
55. He was the most popular _________ b) Closed
for the post, but he didn't win. c) Limited
a) scholar d) Single
b) contender
c) runner-up 63. We couldn't take off because there
d) striker was another plane on the __________
a) airport
56. The ____________ decided to help b) customs
the poor and show ____________ in c) runway
that way. d) highway
a) council/stereotype
b) counsel/discrepancy 64. Most bats are _________ and prefer
c) council/profanity to sleep during the day.
d) council/empathy a) Nocturnal
b) Paced
57. He is not wasteful with money. Being c) Wacky
penny-pinching is a virtue sometimes. d) Absolute
a) economic
b) economied 65. It is not my house. I am just a
c) economical ________ living here
d) economics a) Tenet
b) Scruple
58. After you have finished the courses, c) Covent
you have to ______ an exam. d) Tenant
a) Carry out
66. The airliner was ______________ by 73. Life is not a _____________. It
a group of terrorists. doesn't treat everyone equally.
a) Compromised a) Smooth terrain
b) Defrauded b) Level playing field
c) Hijacked c) Parent to its child
d) Stolen d) Fertile soil

67. It is not a ____________ drawing by 74. After his affair the politician's story
Leonardo da Vinci. It's a copy. hit the _________tomorrow morning.
a) Resounding a) columns
b) Genuine b) paragraphs
c) True c) headlines
d) Fake d) lines

68. The criminal is ____________to 75. Do not beat ___________ and say
capital punishment. explicitly what you want.
a) Released a) Over the grass
b) Acquited b) Around the wood
c) Guilted c) Over the bush
d) Sentenced d) Around the bush

69. This car is state ____________ in 76. People try to offend you on purpose if
design, and includes all the latest they figure out that you wear your
technology. _______ on your sleeve.
a) of the skill a) Emotions
b) of bewilderment b) Sympathies
c) of the art c) Feelings
d) of the craft skill d) Heart

70. Although the idea is ___________ at 77. What are you _______ this evening?
the moment, we are sure that it will be Do you fancy coming with me?
considered normal soon. a) About to
a) Unconventional b) Up to
b) Wacky c) Down to
c) Hereby d) On to
d) Unbiased
78. Hot _______ topics should be avoided
by all possible means.
Complete the idioms a) tomato
b) potato
71. When mom sees I've broken the vase, c) casserole
she bite ______________. d) colander
a) my arm off
b) my back off 79. He keeps on saying the weirdest
c) my head off things. I think he is a bit
d) my liver off ______________.
a) Out to lunch
72. It was raining ______________ by b) Out and about
the time I got home. c) Here and there
a) Cats and dogs d) Spick and span
b) Chickens and hens
c) Mice and cats
d) Rats and bats
80. Prices are going up and wages aren't 81. What is the author's purpose in
increasing. We will have to writing the second paragraph?
___________________. a) To explain the rules of chess
a) Put up our belts b) To compare different types of games
b) Buckle up c) To talk about game pieces
c) Tighten our belts d) To persuade people to play chess
d) Stretch our belts
82. Which is not a reason that chess is a
good workout for the mind according
READING 1 to the text?
a) Good chess players think about what
Chess is called the game of kings. It has been will happen next.
around for a long time. People have been b) Good chess players take a lot of risks.
playing it for over 500 years. Chess is based on c) Good chess players take their time.
an even older game from India. The chess we d) Good chess players use their brains.
play today is from Europe.

Chess is a two-player game. One player uses 83. How long have people been playing
the white pieces. The other uses the black chess?
pieces. Each piece moves in a special way. a) Over 100 years
One piece is called the king. Each player has b) Over 500 years
one. The players take turns moving their c) Over 1000 years
pieces. If a player lands on a piece, he or she d) Over 5000 years
takes it. The game ends when a player loses his
or her king. There are a few more rules, but 84. Where did the game that chess is
those are the basics. based on come from?
a) Europe
Some people think that chess is more than a b) America
game. They think that it makes the mind c) India
stronger. Good chess players use their brains. d) Russia
They take their time. They think about what
will happen next. These skills are useful in life 85. Which best describes the main idea in
and in chess. Chess is kind of like a work out the fourth paragraph?
for the mind. a) This paragraph argues that players
should think less.
You don't always have lots of time to think b) This paragraph explains how blitz
when playing chess. There is a type of chess chess is played.
with short time limits. It's called blitz chess. In c) This paragraph explains time clocks
blitz chess, each player gets ten minutes to use work.
for the whole game. Your clock runs during d) This paragraph describes many
your turn. You hit the time clock after your different ways to play chess.
move. This stops your clock. It also starts the
other player's clock. If you run out of time, you 86. How does a game of chess end
lose. Games of blitz chess are fast-paced. according to the text?
a) One player takes all of the other
Chess is not just for people. Computers have player's pieces.
been playing chess since the 1970s. At first b) One player makes it to the end of the
they did not play well. They made mistakes. board.
As time went on they grew stronger. In 1997, a c) One player becomes king.
computer beat the best player in the world for d) One player loses his or her king.
the first time. It was a computer called Deep
Blue. Deep Blue was big. It took up a whole
room. By 2006 a cell phone could beat the best
players in the world. Chess sure has come a
long way. Don't you think so?
87. Which happened first? for rings in the water. They can look for
a) Computers did not play chess well. phones in the sand. Metal detectors help them
find these things. They usually just find junk
b) Deep Blue won an important game. though.
c) Cell phones got good at playing chess.
Metal detectors also protect people. They help
d) Deep Blue took up a whole room. to keep guns out of some places. They are in
airports. They are in courthouses. Some
88. How is blitz chess different from schools use them. They help guards look for
regular chess? weapons. Guards use special wands to find
a) Each player has two kings. metal on a person.
b) Players are blindfolded.
c) Players only have ten minutes to play. These devices save lives in other ways too.
d) Players start from a random position. During wars, people plant bombs in the
ground. When the war ends, they don't clean
89. If it's your turn in blitz chess, what up their messes. This is unsafe for the people
happens when you hit the clock? who live in those places. Others use metal
a) Both your clock and the other person's detectors to find bombs. They remove them
clock keep running. and help the people.
b) The other person's clock stops running These devices also make clothes safer. It
and yours starts. sounds funny, but it's true. Most clothes are
c) Both clocks stop running. made in big factories. There are lots of needles
d) Your clock stops running and the other in these places. Needles break from time to
person's clock begins. time. They get stuck in the clothes. They
would poke people trying them on. They don't
90. When did a computer first beat a though. That's because our clothes are scanned
strong human player in chess? for metal. Isn't that nice? Let's hear it for metal
a) 2006 detectors. They make the world a safer place.
b) 1997
c) 1970
d) 1976
91. Which was not one of the problems
with the first metal detectors?
READING 2 a. They were too big.
b. They were too expensive.
Have you ever been to the beach? Did you see c. They didn't work well.
a man with a headset pointing a long pole at d. They were unsafe.
the ground? If so you might have seen a person
using a metal detector. People use these 92. Which best describes the main idea of
devices to find metal. the second paragraph?
Metal detectors make magnetic waves. These a) It describes the sounds of a metal
waves go through the ground. The waves detector.
change when they hit metal. Then the device b) It explains how metal detectors work.
beeps. This lets the person with the device c) It warns about the effects of metal
know that metal is close. detectors.
d) It explains how magnetic waves
The first metal detectors were meant to help move.
miners. They were big. They cost a lot of
money. They used a lot of power. And worst of 93. How do metal detectors make
all, they didn't work well. People kept trying to clothing safer?
make them better. a) Metal detectors make sure factory
machines are working the right way.
Metal detectors got smaller. Now they are light b) Metal detectors make sure workers
and cheap. They also work better. That is why don't bring weapons into factories.
people bring them to the beach. They can look
c) Metal detectors make sure that broken 99. How did metal detectors get better
needles don't get into clothing. over time?
d) Metal detectors help people recover a) They became cheaper.
lost clothing at the beach. b) They became lighter.
c) They began working better
94. Why were metal detectors first used? d) All of these
a) To help miners
b) To help security guards 100. Which title would best
c) To help doctors describe the purpose of this text?
d) To help soldiers a) A Day at the Beach: Using Your Metal
Detector to Find Things
95. According to the text, metal detectors b) Metal Detectors: a Complete the Story
have been used in all of the following of Their Invention
except which? c) Magnetism and More: How a Metal
a. schools Detector Works
b. churches d) Metal Detectors: What They Do and
c. courthouses How We Use Them
d. airports

96. How do metal detectors help soldiers?

a) They warn soldiers when bullets are
b) They help soldiers find hidden bombs.
c) They find weaknesses in their armor.
d) They create a relaxing beeping noise.

97. Why do people bring metal detectors

to the beach?
a) Metal detectors help people keep the
sand clean and safe.
b) Metal detectors look cool.
c) Metal detectors help people find
valuable items.
d) Metal detectors help guards keep
weapons away from the beach.

98. Which happens first?

a) The metal detector beeps alarmingly.
b) The magnetic waves hit metal and
c) The magnetic waves go through the
d) The metal detector creates magnetic