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A Study on the perception of employees about
working in Teams With Special Reference to
Malwa Group of institution

Submitted to:-

(A Research Synopsis submitted as partial fulfillment for the

award of the Degree of Masters of Business Administration)


MBA 4 rd
Finance and HR

This is to certify that Sonika Rajput, student of MBA IV Sem.

program has here, with proposing to choose the major
research project titled A Study on the perception of employees about
working in Teams With Special Reference to Malwa Group of institution
and prepared this report under my guidance and supervision.

Faculty Guide
Prof. Sampada Najan
Faculty MIST Indore

I hereby declare that the synopsis of my MRP entitles A Study on the

perception of employees about working in Teams With Special Reference
to Malwa Group of institution. Has been prepared under the valuable
guidance and supervision of Prof. Sampada Najan, faculty of MIST in
partial fulfillment for the course requirement of MBA from DAVV.

To the best of my knowledge and belief the information, facts, figures that
are presented in this report are actually based on my own work.

Sonika Rajput
MBA 4th Sem.

Expression of feelings by words makes them less significant

when it comes to make statement of gratitude.
The most awaited moment of successful completion of an
endeavor is always a result of people involved explicitly therein
and it is impossible without the help and guidance of the people
At the outset, I would take this opportunity to express my sincere
most gratitude towards Dr. MS Murthy, Director, Malwa Institute of
Science and Technology, Indore, for providing me the opportunity
to undertake and accomplish this project.
It gives me pleasure to express my most profound regards and
sense of great indebtedness and sincere gratitude to Prof
.Sampada Najan Faculty Guide, Malwa Institute of Science and
Technology Indore, for his untiring help, valuable guidance and
kind supervision, which were the main stream to bring this work
to present shape.
I am also thankful to Dr.Mamta Vyas and all the respected
professors and my friends who helped me directly or indirectly in
giving shape to this report.
Sonika Rajput



Title Page No.

Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Conceptual Framework

1.2 Review Of Literature

1.3 Rationale Of The Study

1.4 Objectives Of The Study

Chapter 2: Methodology

Chapter 3 : Results And Interpretation

Company profile

Chapter 4 :Suggestions and Conclusion

4.2 Conclusion

4.4 Limitations
Chapter 5: References

Team work is the Process of working collaboratively with a group of people
in order to achieve a goal.

A team is a cooperative group whose members interact with each other towards the
accomplishment of specified objectives. In essence, each person on the team puts
aside his or her individual needs to work towards the larger group objective. The
interactions among the members and the work they complete are called teamwork.
In many organizations employees work in regular small groups called teams where
their efforts must fit together like the pieces of picture puzzle. When their work is
interdependent, they act as a work team and seek to develop a cooperative state
called teamwork.

The sum of the efforts undertaken by each team member for the achievement
of the teams objective is called team work. In other words, team work is the
backbone of any team.

Teamwork is a joint action by two or more people or a group, in which each person
contributes with different skills and Express his or her individual interests and
opinions to the unity and efficiency of the group in order to achieve common goals.
This does not mean that the individual is no longer important; however, it
does mean that effective and efficient teamwork goes beyond individual
accomplishments. The most effective teamwork is produced when all the
individuals involved harmonize their contributions and work towards a
common goal.
In order for teamwork to succeed one must be a team player. A team player is one
who subordinates personal aspirations and works in a coordinated effort with other
members of a group, or team, in striving for a common goal. Businesses and other
organizations often go to the effort of coordinating team building events in an
attempt to get people to work as a team rather than as individuals.
In a task of getting business the following skills are expected in an individual:
Good communication, Convincing power, Behavioural knowledge, Technical
knowledge, Sound Commercial knowledge & Customer Relationship Handling.
If a single individual has to achieve this task he is expected to be master in all the
listed skills which rarely found and is challenging.
However if the single Roles& functions involved here are assigned to each
individuals who is artistic & proficient in any one particular skills the team thus
found shall be a highly credible & proficient team.

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The

ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.
It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Teamwork is often a crucial part of a business, as it is often necessary for

colleagues to work well together, trying their best in any circumstance. Teamwork
means that people will try to cooperate, using their individual skills and providing
constructive feedback, despite any personal conflict between individuals.
When someone comes out from down barriers, misunderstandings, prejudices,
insecurities, divisions, territories and hierarchies he/she begin to build teams. Get a
group of people in a room having fun with juggling balls or spinning plates and
barriers are immediately removed. Teams unite and work together when they
identify a common purpose- whether the aim is the tallest tower made out of
newspapers, or a game of rounders on the park. Competition in teams or groups
creates teams and ignites team effort.

1.2 Definition:-
K.L. Gupta define teamwork as, a group whose members have complementary
skills and are committed to a common purpose for which they hold themselves as
mutually accountable. A work team generates positive synergy through the
coordinated efforts of team members.

Teamwork is defined as: "co-operation between those who are working on a

task." Commonly teamwork is understood as co-operation and willingness to work
together. For example we often use the phrase:" he or she is a good team player",
meaning that theyhave the interests of the team at heart, working for the good of
the team.

Team is defined as a set of individuals tied together for a specific purpose

Johnson & Johnson, Holand.

One is too small a number to achieve greatness. Leaders who fail to promote
teamwork undermine their own potential and erode the best efforts of the people
with whom they work. To accomplish anything significant, leaders must learn to
link up with others.- Dr. John C. Maxwell

A team is a small number of people with complimentary skills who are

committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they
hold themselves mutually accountable (John Katzenbach and Douglas Smith)

1.3 What do perception means?

Perception is essentially a psychological process whereby people select, organize
and interpret sensory stimulations into meaningful information about their work
environment. It is closely related to the personality of the person and has the
potential to influence his behaviour. Perception is described as the persons view of
reality. Perception is an internal process that allows us to choose, organize, and
interpret stimuli from our environment, and the process is affecting us (Mulyana,
2001). According to Robbins (1996) perception can also be interpreted as a process
by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions to give
meaning to their environment. From these definitions it can be withdrawn some
digest the concept of perception,namely:

Perception is the organization of information about the environment, whether

obtained through vision, hearing, appreciation, feeling, and olfaction.

That organization is not recording information that is true about the situation but
it is a unique interpretation and even can be very different from the reality.

Perceive the action usually involves the introduction of back, compare, absorb,
and interpret and establish the meaning and characteristics of object perception.
It can be concluded that the perception determines the direction and shape a
person's behavior.

1.4 Roles within teams

Following many years research on teams, Dr Meredith Belbin identified a set of
eight roles, which, if all Present in a team, give it the best chance of success. These
roles are:
Resource Investigator
Team Worker
The Coordinator clarifies group objectives, sets the agenda, establishes priorities,
selects problems, sums up and is decisive, but does not dominate discussions.
The Shaper gives shape to the team effort, looking for pattern in discussions and
practical considerations regarding the feasibility of the project. Can steamroller the
team, but get results. The Plant is the source of original ideas, suggestions and
proposals that are usually original and radical. The Monitor-Evaluator contributes
a measured and dispassionate analysis and, through objectivity, stops the team
committing itself to a misguided task. The Implementer turns decisions and
strategies into defined and manageable tasks, sorting out objectives and pursuing
them logically. The Resource Investigator goes outside the team to bring in ideas,
information and developments to it. They are the teams salesperson, diplomat,
liaison officer and explorer.
The Team Worker operates against division and disruption in the team, like
cement, particularly in times of stress and pressure. The Finisher maintains a
permanent sense of urgency with relentless follow-through.
1.5 Why team work is important?

Create synergy: where the sum is greater than the parts.

Supports a more empowered way of working, removing constraints which may

prevent someone doing their job properly.

Promotes flatter and learner structure, with less hierarchy.

Encourages multi-disciplinary work where teams cut across organizational


Fosters flexibility and responsiveness, especially the ability to respond to


Pleases customers who like working with good teams (sometimes the customers
may b the part of the team).

Promotes the sense of achievement, equity and camaraderie, essential for a

motivated workplace.

When managed properly, teamwork is a better way to work

1.6Advantages of Team work:-
1. Efficiency

With teamwork come improved efficiency. The last thing you want is to have two
employees reproducing the same project or doing the same work when the task can
be handled by one employee. Make sure employees communicate regarding task
assignments, project scopes and how projects intersect to maximize efficiency.

2. Morale

Employees who work well together are happier, which boosts morale. This makes
your office a more pleasant place in which to work, and that may lead to better
employee retention.

3. Information Preservation

if employees work together, valuable information is shared, protecting the

company from injury or loss when someone leaves the company. When an
employee works on a project by herself and other employees don't know exactly
what she does or how to run the project this lone employee handles, a problem can
arise when that employee quits or is let go. Sharing information can cut down on
time spent learning valuable information a former employee understood well.
4. Innovation

when successful teamwork prevails, innovation skyrockets. It's true that two heads
can be better than one; let your employees brainstorm for solutions together,
working out the kinks in project plans.

5. Reduced Waste

while teamwork building meetings can feel like a waste of time, the resulting
cooperation and reduction of redundancy can more than compensate for the time
invested in collaborating with one another. Encourage employees to look for ways
to reduce duplication of efforts and streamline production.

6. Usability

when employees collaborate on projects that affect other employees in the

company, you'll see great benefits in the usability and workability of projects. The
employees who will actually use the product or process in question will have
valuable input for those on the design end of the product or process. If you give
employees a chance to work together as a team, you'll reduce the need to rework
projects, products and procedures.

7. Unity

One of the most valuable benefits of teamwork is the sense of unity that
accompanies a positive work environment. By fostering this sense of unity, you
also promote a sense of "all for one and one for all," which is good for the whole

8. Accountability for Weak Areas

Working as a team not only helps to showcase people's various strengths, but can
also allow for compensation of weaker areas as well. Staffers can distribute the
workload so that people are playing to their strengths with their work and team up
to tackle areas where they are weaker to allow for improvement. This creates a
stronger and more skilled workforce, as people use the teamwork opportunity to
improve across the board.

9. Reduction of Risk

When the task at hand is executed with the maximum possible efficiency, there is a
Reduction in risk. The best advantage of teamwork in business is that the burden of
failure is borne by all the members of the team and it does not fall on the shoulders
of just one person.

10. Timely Completion

Teamwork is one of the best ways to ensure the timely completion of any work,
with the maximum possible efficiency. This ensures that the clients of the company
are bound to come back to your organization with a new project or contract.
11. Goodwill and Reputation

Teamwork, also, increases the goodwill and reputation of a business. The goodwill,
in fact, is a tangible asset of any business that plays a highly instrumental role in
bringing in more customers and public trust.

12. Specialization in Work

Another very good advantage of teamwork in business is that a person is able to

specialize in one specific field. That is, he can optimize the quality of the work that
he does, and can also work with the maximum possible efficiency. This ensures a
high quality output from all individuals and the whole team.

13. Building leads:

Sometimes having a team can help you bring traffic and leads to your site. This
usually comes in the form of a JV partnership which is essentially when you send
your info to their list and vice versa.

1.7 Disadvantages of Team work:-

1. Unequal Participation

With some teams, there can be a tendency for members to sit back and let others do
most of the work. This can cause resentment in the workplace, especially if you as
a business owner recognize only the efforts of the team and not those of its leaders.

2. Not Team Players

Some workers may not function well as part of a team, preferring to work on their
own. If your work environment requires working as a team to accomplish a task,
need to be sure screening out during the hiring process.

3. Limiting Creativity

Teamwork may also limit creative thinking. Employees may be so focused on

working for the overall good of the team and fitting in to the team concept that
they put their own ideas on the back burner.

4. Longer Process

According to the, a team can sometimes take longer to produce a

desired result. Teams typically need to go through a variety of processes, such as
member selection, organization and socialization on the way to completing the task
at hand.

5. Inherent Conflict

Whenever a group of people is assembled to achieve a goal, at least some conflict

is likely to occur. Contrasting personal styles can clash and some members may
have difficulty accepting ideas that differ from their own.

( Curral and Chambel, 1999 ) have studies the efficiency of team that the
innovation in work groups depends on the type of interaction processes occurring.
When using the quality and quantity of products and ideas produced by groups as
measures of innovation, one may see that the groups which produce innovations of
higher quality define their objectives clearly and try to achieve common agreement
among all members of the group; they also have means of innovative performance
control, processes of evaluation and reformulation of ideas and critical appreciation
of opinions and suggestions from the team members. Moreover, these groups also
have a climate of high participation security, which allows them to introduce more
information necessary to the development of good ideas.

( Gulowsen, 1972; Hayes, 2005 ) says that according to the majority opinion of
specialists in various fields, teamwork should help both to improve company
performance and also to boost employees well-being Provided that the conditions
of autonomous decision-making are in place, with the corresponding powers a
Responsibilities for assigned tasks, teamwork enhances employees interest and
motivation, not just in the context of the employees work task but also in the
context of the corporate strategy as a whole. The key to increased company
productivity should be increased employee satisfaction
( Moldaschl and Weber, 1998 ). According to Nicky Hayes (2005 ), teamwork
reduces fluctuations in performance and improves work morale. Leading
researchers in the field of work organization,

Katzenbach and Smith (1993 ), are convinced that people working in a team
function more efficiently, are less prone to stress and make a greater effort in their
work. Furthermore, they spend less time incapacitated for work, come up with new
ideas and try to improve their work.

Marks et al. (2001) found that the success of teams in accomplishing their goals is
related not only to the members talents and their effective resources, but is also
associated with their interactions, as team interactions are the based on cognition,
language, and the members interdependency. When individuals perceive that the
other employees value and care for them, they would respond with feedback

( Bishop et al., 2005 ). Eisenberger, Huntington, Hutchison, andSowa (1986)

named employees perceptions of an organization as perceived organizational
support (POS), and found that this influences employees loyalty to the
organization. A performance assessment that is applied by an organization with a
certain intention may be sometimes perceived differently by the employees.
However, the perceptions by the employees of PT. Telkom Kandatel Malang can
be concluded that the majority (> 50%) already know and understand well about
the purpose, type, timing, methods, and related interviews conducted, although
there are some employees who have different views. Regarding the teamwork
perception PT. Telkom Kandatel Malang in terms of the level of justice,
competitiveness, and clarity, more than 50% of employees said fair enough, quite
competitive, and it was clear.

This research will subsequently help us to know how to evaluate ourselves as team
and learn to be more productive towards organizational objectives. The members
of the tea will understand to promote partnership and work together to ensure that
the team members and more importantly the service users are receiving the best
quality of services. It will allow ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.
The main objectives of this study are:

1. To find the factors affecting the performance of the employees when they
work in a team or as an Individual.

2. To find the causes for non-efficient performance of employees in team.

3. To suggest solutions for improving ways of team work.


This research is to be conducted to study about the issues which are becoming the
problems of the employees for not working in teams. This study will help to give
the answers to following questions:-
What is the impact of teamwork on the productivity of the employees & overall
performance of the organization?

What are the issues for the consideration in examination of the relationship
between teamwork and firm performance?

How an organization keeps its spirit of employees high?

How to build teamwork?

Teams are a part of everyone's life. So it's appropriate that you understand how to
function effectively as a team member. In Extension especially, there is a need for
teamwork. Extension clientele are confronted with increasingly complex problems
with many dimensions. The multi-dimensional and thus multi-discipline nature of
many problems requires a team approach. This approach encourages you as staff
with complementary skills and competencies, to coordinate your efforts. By
establishing priorities, concentrating financial resources, and combining
knowledge and expertise, you can have greater impact on serious problems through
your program efforts. Such efforts can serve to:-

1) Lighten your work load,

2) reduce duplication of efforts,

3) Produce a result greater than all of your separate efforts.


Every project work is based on certain methodology, which is a way to

systematically solve the problem or attain its objectives. It is a very important
guideline and lead to completion of any project work through observation, data
collection and data analysis .Research in common parlance refers to a search for
knowledge. Once can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for
pertinent information on a specific topic. In fact, research is an art of scientific
investigation. The Advanced Learners Dictionary of Current English lays down
the meaning of research as a careful investigation or inquiry especially through
search for new facts in any branch of knowledge. Redman and Mory define
research as a systematized effort to gain new knowledge.
Methodology is the science dealing with principles of procedure in research and
study. Simply speaking the purpose of research is to find a solution to a particular
type of problem or showing the problem a direction towards solution or putting
some light in the unknown areas of knowledge with the help of a method of finding


The type of research used in this project is a Descriptive research design . The
major purpose of descriptive research is a description of the state of the affairs, as
it exists at present.

Thus a Descriptive study is a fact-finding investigation with adequate

interpretation . It is the simplest type of research. It focuses on particular aspects
or dimensions of the problem studied. It is so designed that it gathers descriptive
information and provides information for formulating more sophisticated studies.
There is a cause effective relationship. The criteria for selecting this particular
design are that, the problem of the project must be described and not arguable.
The data collected is amenable to statistical analysis and has accuracy and
significance. It is possible to develop valid standards of comparison. It lends itself
to the verifiable procedure of collection and analysis of data.

6.2 THE DESIGN: The research is analytical, where comparative analysis of

Employees pertaining to different designation with their perception towards team
work is undertaken.
6.3 THE SAMPLE: The study adopts convenience sampling method.

6.4 DATA COLLECTION: While deciding about the method of data collection to
be used for the study I have collected two types of data:-

Primary Data: The primary data (i.e. data has been observed and recorded by
the researchers for the first time to their knowledge) is collected using sampling
method and by survey using questionnaire.

Secondary Data: Secondary data includes information regarding present market

scenario. Information regarding 3-g service provider should be taken from
internet, newspapers etc.

6.5 Research Instrument:-

For the following research Questionnaire is used as a Research Instrument.

The questionnaire (also called survey ) is a set of questions given to a sample of
people. The purpose is to gather information about the peoples attitudes, thoughts,
behaviors, and so forth. The researchers compile the answers of the people in the
sample in order to know how the group as a whole thinks or behaves.
Questionnaires are often used by people who do political or market research. For
example, if a politician wanted to know what voters thought about a particular
issue, he or she could do a survey. The survey would ask about the voters opinions
related to the issue. A new business might want to send a questionnaire to potential
customers, to see what people like. A restaurant could ask about peoples
preferences for tastes, price, service, and restaurant appearance.
Questionnaires have advantages over some other types of surveys in that they are
cheap, do not require as much effort from the questioner as verbal or telephone
surveys, and often have standardized answers that make it simple to compile data.
However, such standardized answers may frustrate users.


As Per the Questionnaire there are following analysis made according to each
Question which is shown on graph. The Analysis is made according to designation
of individuals. Through the questions I tried to find out the perception of the
individuals for the teamwork/individual work which changes according to their

Statement 1-When solving difficult problems, working in a group motivates

oneself to try harder, compared to solo work.
Interpretation: If we compare the 3 levels of designation top level designated
people prefer teamwork than individual work so as to solve the problems. The
Middle level respondents more neutral at this point, while the Executive level
respondents are also at satisfaction level.
Statement 2 I worry that I will not be able to accomplish all the work
assigned to me in my group.

Interpretetation:- Through this question is asked to find out the perception of the
individuals about their working competencies while working in a team. Top level
& middle level designated Respondents are more positive for teamwork. According
to top level executives, team work leads to positive accomplishment regarding the
task assigned whereas Middle level shows Neutral attitude towards the statement.
And the executive level respondents disagree with this statement that means they
are more interested towards team work.

Statement-3 I feel inferior to my co-workers.

Interpretation:- This graph implies that majorly Top level designated respondents
dont feel inferior among co-workers as they have major decision powers. Middle
level respondents are neutral on this statement, as their behavior changes according
to the situation. Executive level respondents are more inferior towards their co-

Statements-4 It makes me feel insecure when others in my group

performbetter than I do.

Interpretation: - The respondents are majorly agrees to this point. The middle level
designated respondents are more conscious regarding their targets meetings. The
reason might be the strong Competition among the Co-workers to get higher
designation. So the feeling of Insecurity is natural to them. Executive level
respondents are bit dicey on this statement. Top level executive respondents are
more focused towards the positive aspects of these statements.

Statements 5- If a team member isn't expressing him/herself clearly, it is

difficult for me to understand his/her point of view.
Interpretation:- While Working in team it is very Important to understand each
others view points. So this was the question asked to know about the requirement
of the understanding level in a teamwork. Top, Middle and executive level
respondents are agreed on this statement, very less respondents are neutral to this

Statement 6- Even when I have a clear idea in mind, I am open to listening to

other suggestions.
Interpretation:- Being in the clear state of decision in mind, some respondents are
Interested to listen others as well so as to make the work better. But maximum
respondents are less Interested for the same. But if we bifurcate according to the
designation Top level respondets always welcomes their team mates veiw points to
be shared.
Statement 7- I worry that I will make a fool of myself if I speak up in front of
a group.
Interpretation: - Major respondents irrespective of their designation are more
confident towards their work in a team. Top Level respondents are not agreed to
this statement being said, while the middle level respondents are bit neutral on this
statement. Executive level is slightly agreed to this statement, this can be because
of their low confidence level.

Statement 8- Even if I am having trouble accomplishing the work assigned to

me, I am reluctant to ask for help from others.
Interpretation:- Through the above data we can see the top level desiganted
respondents are not at all reluctant to ask anythng. More or less there is not much
fluctuations about the perception of the individuals irrespective of their
designation. They are more interested to have clear state of mind rather than to
work in confusion.

Statement 9- A group is most productive when its members follow their own
Interpretation:- Its a more neutral stand by all individuals. It actually depends
upon the situation. Sometimes it might happen that u have to take decisions on
your own or sometimes our instincts might become wrong to make any decision.
Top level respondetns stronlgy agree to this piont also, it because they might have
good experience of working in the particular industry.

Statement 10- Having to discuss & make decisions together as a group is one
of the most difficult challenges of team work.
Interpretation:- Working as a team that means, many minds are working together at
a time. Every mind have its different perception on its own. So maximum
respondents felt that it is fairly difficult to discuss in a team & make decisions.

Statement 11- The Only role I would be comfortable with in a group is one
with a lot of the decision making power .
Interpretation:- Every one has the right to take decision by their own. But while
working in team there are one or two team mates who are assinged authorities to
take decisions as well. To analyse, this question was prepared, and the result is
respondents are very less bothered about having maximum decision making power.
Is only depends upon the work that is assinged. Respondents are very less
concerned about the decision making power.

Statement 12- It would bother me to only be praised as a member of the

group instead of getting individual recognition from supervisors.
Interpretation:- It totally depends upon the task assingment to an individual.
Maximum respondents dont bother of getting praised alone instead of a team as
shown in the graph. But the middle level respondents are somewhat bothered for
the same, while there is equal ratio of executive level respondents.
Statement 13- Generally, my energy is highest when

Interpretation: - If we go through the graph, Top level respondents are more

satisfied to work as a team as they feel their energy level increase while working in
a team. But if we consider middle level respondents they showed a diplomatic
attitude towards this question. Some respondents like to work on their own; some
prefer working in team to individual work while some are not having any
preference regarding the same.

Statement 14- In a typical team environment, I generally feel..

Interpretation : - In any industry every individual think himself/herself as important
member in a team. Maximum respondents agree that they are the helpful member
but can do more to be an important member.

Statement 15: - When my attitude and behaviors are not compatible with a
situation or group, I
Interpretation: - Attitude and behavior of every individual is different. We cannot
analyze the actual state or find or every individual for a particular situation. To
have some knowledge about this question has been prepared. And the result is
maximum respondents are fairly able to adopt the attitude & behavior of others
working in same team. Some people find it difficult; they can try to adapt them as

Andrew Carnegie once said Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a
common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward
organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain
uncommon results. I think being able to work in a team is more is more
significant than other thing. To work with others can inspire their spirit and
produce twice the result with half of the effort. As per the research working in a
team is more important than doing something independently. Teamwork improves
communication, it isn't just about exchanging information - it is about ideas,
feelings, hopes and desires, we find this when we communicate with people
we trust and respect. It is also about all those things that make us the individuals
that we are. Admittedly, working in groups has many benefits. With your partners,
the project can be finished faster. Additionally, when you work in a group, you also
have a chance to express your ideas and have the comment from others. Its the
good way to improve your presentation skills and certainly your knowledge also.
That is why Henry Ford rightly said
Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working
together is success.

This research is made to know about the perception about the employees who are
working in team if they are interested in working together or prefer to work
individually. For this the respondents are bifurcated according to their designations
and categorized them in three levels: - Top level, Middle Level & Executive Level.
The result what came out is the Top level respondents are very positive towards
in team. While Middle & Executive level respondents sometimes feels very
important but more or less find it difficult to manage them for working in team.


This research is made to find the perception of the employees about team work.
Further the research can be made in this to find out the consequent effect of the
working in team on the employees. Their might be many employees who want to
work in a team but find it difficult to cope up with the team members, their also
might be some people who wants to work individually then they need to work in a
team, or else we can also find the respondents who are actually working in a team
and are well satisfied with the task assigned to them.
To answer these entire questions, a further research can be made to know, what are
the consequent effects on the performance of the employees who are working in

Are they comfortable working in team?

Are they able to give higher productivity in the team?

Are they well aware about their task in team?

Are they capable to meet up their targets while working in teams?

While working in teams, are they able to fulfill their individual goals as well?

B.P. Singh & T.N. Chhabra, -Organizational Theory & Behavior.
Keys to team work/ Team building success.
The Founding Fathers of Leadership: Classic teams in changing times-
Donald T. Philips.
Evaluate your Teamwork skills.
Inside teams: how 20 world class organizations are winning through team
work- William C. Byham & George R. Dixon.