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45H46H47H48H49H50H51H52H53H54H55H56H57H58H59H60HJuly 17 2009

Re- Government Organized Crme

Evidence published

Bilderberg New World Order underway

Pages 2 & 3
Were sent by registered mail today to the York Regional Police and OPP requesting their

For the past four years I have been providing the irrefutable evidence of government
organized crime to the federal and provincial government personnel, Bar Associations,
Federation of Law Societies, police, Media and Armed Forces across Canada and many
others with no response from the majority and they who did respond consistently
supported the conspiracy and I simply have not been able to get the evidence out to the
people.{ See pages 5-18}

The Federal Government organized crime has now been set up to collapse on September
16 2009 regarding RCMP cover-up of murders in Dawson Creek

The e-mail addresses on page 4 were added recently and I now provide York Region
political personnel the opportunity to step up to the plate on behalf of the electorate as
responsible competent irreproachable personnel financed by the people to represent them.

My MPP Julia Munro feels it inappropriate to intervene and my MP Peter Van Loan has
refused to respond at all.

A PUBLIC INQUIRY is well overdue and that I leave up to you of York Region.

Please acknowledge receipt of this document and tend to the issues

Frank Gallagher
Charter Democracy Force

July 17 2009
Frank Gallagher
York Regional Police
34 Riverglen Drive
17250 Yonge Street
Keswick, On
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
L4P 2P8
L3Y 4W5
Charter Democracy Force
Armand LaBarge
Deputy Chief
Bruce Herridge
#1 District Newmarket
Superintendent Stan Culley
Insp. Rick McCabe
#2 District Town of Markham/City Vaughan
Superintendent Karen Knoakes
Inspector Kirk Marshall
#3 District Georgina
Superintendent Mark Tatz
Insp. Heidi Schellhorn
#4 Vaughan
Superintendent Tony Cusimano
Insp. Les Young
5# Markham/Whitchurch-Stouffville
Superintendent Robertson Rouse
Insp. John Burness
Police Services Board
Connie Phillipson
Executive Director
Support services
Superintendent Mark Brown
Insp. Norn Miles
Investigative Services
Superintendent Wayne Kalinski
Insp. Gerry Milne
Insp. Kevin Torrie
Insp. Richard Crabtree

OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino

General Headquarters
Lincoln M. Alexander Building
777 Memorial Avenue
Orillia, On L3V 7V3

Deputy Minister RCMP Commissioner William Elliot already informed by Reg. Mail

Dear Police Services

Over the passed four years I have been providing you irrefutable evidence of government
organized crime that you have refused to deal with due your training by the conspirators,
but now it is time for you to snap out of the spell they have you in and review the
evidence with common sense as they are going down and it is your responsibility to do so
with the least chaos.


The Armed Forces across Canada have been kept up to speed.

I will have e-mailed you prior to you receiving this document via Reg. Mail informing
you of the following link to a document published on my Scribd site where there is document # 153 of pertinent evidence.

This document is to prove that you all are receipt of the evidence and you are demanded
to act appropriately consistent with the Constitution conducive to every individual’s
guaranteed Charter rights who are of the status of the presumption of innocence
mandatory since 1982

These are of the utmost serious nature regarding the safety and wellbeing of every
individual in Canada who due the deliberate negligence of both the federal and Ontario
governments and the legal system deviate propagates of the Law Society of Upper
Canada the people of the Lower Tier are not being equally protected and benefited and in
fact are being ransacked at will.

I will expect a response from each person referenced on page 1 acknowledging that they
will study the evidence provided with open bias mind consistent with democracy, the
Constitution, Charter, rule of law “Wikipedia” and the Police Services Act.

Failure to do so will find you in disrepute.

A PUBLIC INQUIRY is well over due as well as restructuring the legal system
consistent with the democracy, the Constitution, the Charter, the Rule of Law and the
Police Services Act with attentiveness to the removal of all inconsistencies with the

Frank Gallagher
Charter Democracy Force

The following e-mail address are published as the GLIST and are recipients of
irrefutable evidence of government organized crime published on the Charter Democracy
Force web sites accessible via