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Ashes April 2017

to Healing from the past.
Hope for the future.

Dear Friends and Family, Isaiah 60:1-3: Arise, shine,

for your light has come, and
April is here. For many it means taxes. Yet for others, April means the glory of the Lord rises
spring. This year April signals a big change in my age. April 1, upon you. See, darkness
2017 - I had a landmark birthday. I turned sixty years old. covers the earth and thick
darkness is over the peoples,
but the Lord rises upon you
and his glory appears over
you.Nations will come to
your light, and kings to the
brightness of your dawn.

Freed to Lead is the newest

FIC curriculum for leaders.
Leadership is tough. Many Sheryl celebrates former heroin addict
Shannon Gleghorns (top left) graduation
leaders come to ministry from the one year discipleship program
leadership without training at the Mission at Kern County.
and with a gnawing fear
No foolin. Did you know Sheryl and her mother share a mutual birthday on that they cannot really lead and will be found out one day.
April 1? Its Sheryls 60th and Shirley Adkins 85th birthday (left top of photo)
Being grounded in Christ is the foundation for all true Christian
and her sisters, Becki Richter (front left) and Kathy Harrell enjoyed a meal
together in honor of the special occasion. leadership. This God-confidence
concept is essential for leaders to
After conquering stage four-cancer in 2004, each birthday is learn and embrace.
very meaningful. Even as I navigated widowhood and singleness
in 2009, birthdays became occasions to experience. So I am Wont you consider joining us
celebrating in every area. as a financial partner for a $60
one-time gift or a $60 monthly
Celebrate 60 with me! gift? Please see the donation
Wont you partner with information on reverse. Note
me this year to bring more Sheryl Giesbrecht and #86 in
women and men into information line. Thank you so
knowledge of Jesus as their much!
Savior? Please prayerfully Sheryl is praying about a Freedom
consider partnering with Sheryl celebrates her birthday weekend In Christ - Freed to Lead summer Lets arise and shine together,
me through prayer or financ- speaking for a womens retreat for East ministry trip to teach with Grace Sheryl
Rockaway Nazarene Church womens in and Cor Koelwjin in Torroro,
es. Since I am now the ripe Canadensis, PA.
old age of sixty, I ask you to
Uganda. Plans are underway for
a team to teach in June or August
prayerfully consider partnering with me for the amount of $60 2017. Email sherylgiesbrecht@
per month. If you are already supporting me, thank you. If you if you are interested in
are not able to right now, would you please pray for my financial joining the team. We would love
to have you.
needs to be met?