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1.) Please print your application form after clicking the link above. Your PC needs to have a
suitable PDF reader installed such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader
2.) Please only use A4-size paper to print your application form.
3.) Bring the printed application form on the date of your appointment.
4.) Do not sign the application form yet. Your signature should be affixed on site, in the
presence of the passport officer.
5.) Please arrive at your chosen application site at least thirty minutes in advance of your
scheduled time.

If you do not confirm within 72 hours, your provisional appointment will be automatically
cancelled to give way to other applications.

For applicants who can't make it on their appointment schedule date, kindly use the "Cancel
Appointment" feature inside "View Appointment" at least 3 work days before your
appointment to avoid problems in your future applications.

Thank you very much.


Passport Unit
DFA NCR East (Megamall)

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