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“Fine words and an insinuating appearance are seldom associated with true virtue” Confucius

“Reality is the truth impervious to perception yet precisely due to perception” Gallagher

Government members of the Law Societies, Politicians, speech writers and the media all know what
they want to convey to the people, and they give them what they want to hear in exchange for why they

Words come easy to them formally educated and experienced in the political and legal
environment to be successful at what they do, no different than any of us in the private
sector, who know well the consequences of a career not attended.

We now the value of truth coupled with sane thought and reason and when our skills are honed and
effectively applied efficiency is inevitable or look for a new job because that is what it is all about
where profit is the name of the game.

Money to provide the necessities of life which is near and dear to every one of us to provide shelter
from the environment, furniture, utilities and maintenance, transportation back and forth to work, and
food of course which nobody can do without.

Due to circumstance, good or bad, some of us slow to learn and others quicker often makes a
humongous difference in quality of life as does starting at the bottom in poverty or at the top filthy rich
but no matter what we all gotta eat.

Many born with disabilities and many chance upon them as they journey through the days of their time
on earth with us all needing purpose in the same boat paddling our way to an inevitable certainty which
puts one to ponder now and then as to just what the hell life is all about.

We are all human so we understand each other in fundamental ways but with 7 billion people with
unique perceptions and life’s realities we often hear on the news it is clear there are many fundamentals
of life that are incomprehensible especially to us who are distanced from the realities in body, thought
and reason.

We in the private sector generally are harnessed to routine, like when I worked in a bank I pretty much
well knew what was going to happen every day of the week and then there were the reports to get out at
the end of the month, where I suspect computers keep them up to date now on a daily basis.

I know salaries in the bank are much better today than they were in 1963 when I left the bank and the
work is easier now with computers and less people to deal with a great number using the ATM

In my day at the bank the ladies were persecuted with the men quickly promoted through the system
and better paid of course but I suspect they did not need as much, after all they had to watch their
figures and the men were expected to pick up the tab on dates.

Perhaps it all worked out that way but what about the ladies whose calendars were blank, I suppose
their lives were just not as exciting and saved more money not requiring a new outfit for special dates.

Then of course I guess you could say the less dateable men at the time saved lots of money and put
their minds to more important things like making more money and I supposed once accomplished they
make up for lost time with the ladies in the earlier years.

But whatever the circumstance and ones experience I can guarantee that they all had to eat, live
somewhere and have transportation to get back and forth to work.

Life is like that as long as it persists when many having more choices than the rest all due to the many
realities that are “How it is”

Life can be a challenge encountering nobody but seemingly nice sane people of moral thought and

Well that is how my reality went having been born to parents who had the first TV on the street and a
cottage to go to on weekends to get away from things.

I remember always feeling quite proud about these things and having a membership to the YMCA
where we did gymnastics, swimming and crafts and things.

For along time I never gave it much that about the other kids he were not as advantaged as us, me and
my fraternal brother that is, always with company to play with same age and all.

He is dead 5 years now being just “How it is”

These things happen, but not to me or I would not be doing now what I intend to accomplish

We were told not to talk to strangers and the policeman was our friend but that was long ago, sixty
years since I was six years old.

Now that I have growed having four years since retired to give some serious sane moral thought and
reason to many things, passed present and future I expect not in the cards which gives me more time to
work on the most important time in my life, now.

Now, what I am doing is more important to the people who have not yet used most of their years and
yet I have never been involved in anything more important.

Most likely because I was pretty smart at what I did and was completely ignorant of that which has my
full undivided attention.

If I only knew long ago what I know now perhaps things would be a lot different in the world having
more time to apply myself to my present calling however it is imperative that I deal with reality
precisely “How it is”

I mean reality has been “How it is” fundamentally speaking since long before Confucius 551 BC – 479
BC and it will remain that way for who knows how long being “How it is”

Perhaps reality will be gone in a year or five for everyone with or without me until then but one thing
certain “How it is” now as it long ago is absolutely pathetic and illegal being my purpose to share with

you all that I know and have learned before I move on as it is the only fair and right thing to do in this
purported to be democracy where reality is not consistent with the meaning that the word democracy
was assigned.

There were many moments in my 66 years that flashes of inconsistencies with the common sense I had
come to know occurred and in general it was my common sense that was uncoordinated with reality
being just “How it is” with unfamiliar experiences.

Life is like that with the majority of us believing the reality we have come to know is the reality of
“How it is” and why it is “How it is”

When I ponder on this I know some people where skull caps and others turbans and generally I wear no
head paraphernalia at all. I know why I do not but I do not know why they where skull caps and turbans
other than it has something to do with their rearing and spiritual beliefs and perhaps if they were to take
them off they would be shunned by their friends and family.

I do not know as with many things that I have not the interest to find out why because it is not me stuck
with the anomaly that is perfectly normal to them.

I know the turban for example has nothing to do with common sense because not long ago a fellow
argued his religious rights to wear it instead of a hard hat and perhaps there was a similar occasion long
ago that he should have been wearing a hard hat that causes him to think this way.

It should not bother me other than a couple of thoughts that come to mind, having never had anything
drop on my head other rain, sleet or snow and some droppings from a dove flying by.

Many an occasion I have had to wear a hard hat where there was no danger near by and I would have
preferred not to but I must because it is the law and the whole thing seems rather bizarre to me not
understanding the religious belief that would put him in harms way.

Like they who can not receive blood due their beliefs.

It seems to me if you must believe in something why not be a lilt more attentive to sanity.

Of course that is not what religion is all about, something about proving your faith in insanity I
understand which makes it rather difficult to have a common sense discussion on the inanity of insanity
but that is “How it is”

So do not think about it because they certainly will not unless they are made to think about it which is a
strong improbability.

When you consider the hard hat thing if something falls on the fellows head it concerns us all.
We taxpayers pay for hospital services so we are out because someone filled his head with foolish
beliefs from birth, once innocent and empty mind reared to an adult of inane mind not capable of
making a sane decision for his safety and well being, well at least if he could it is still over ridden with
insane belief.

Some people believe we evolved in scientific theory and then there is the religious beliefs, obviously
neither being able to convince the other and what does it matter, what ever will be will be. That is

“How it is” and always been not within our power to stop it but within our power as to what to believe
and it may as well be something beneficial to oneself.

When I think of beliefs I am reminded of charlatans where there is a definite purpose in having one
believe but nobody has to feel obligated to the charlatans benefit.

There are lots of people out there like that not the least bit fair wanting to talk you out of your hard
earned money who do not see why they should have to do it the hard way being very special people
they have led themselves to believe and it is societies responsibility to see that they believe differently
when it is detrimental to their safety and wellbeing.

When one knows of such a person, such as a victim it is their responsibility to themselves as an
individual and to society as a whole to take initiatives to have him mend his ways, and they can only
hope when another person becomes a victim they think the same way being for the ultimate benefit of a
moral society where each perpetrator left unattended to increases the dangers to the people of the moral

So when such incidences occur, who you gonna call, Ghost Busters, Crime Busters….the police?

The police from how I understand it, but I do not understand it because they do not understand it even
when they believe they understand it because that is simply the inherent problem with beliefs.

If the belief is true then it is not a belief but a known fact.

Evidence doesn’t mean anything to the members of the Law Society of Upper Canada when it is
against one of their members, which is not a commonly known fact but well known to me, so how the
hell is that going to help the next person and the next person who becomes victim.

Well I told the police, YRP, OPP and RCMP but they do not give a damn about every individual’s
guaranteed Charter rights anymore than the members of the Law Society.

Police Services Act

R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER P.15

Declaration of principles

1. Police services shall be provided throughout Ontario in accordance with the

following principles:
1. The need to ensure the safety and security of all persons and property
in Ontario.
2. The importance of safeguarding the fundamental rights guaranteed by
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Human Rights Code.
3. The need for co-operation between the providers of police services and
communities they serve.

4. The importance of respect for victims of crime and understanding of
their needs.

I know, it makes one want to believe that they should give a damn but the police do not make the laws
they just enforce them they say, but like with all government personnel they say and write things they
do not mean being just “How it is”

Reality is a whole lot more complicated when you can’t believe what you read and

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