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Easter Triduum Year C 2013

His state was divine,

Yet he did not count equality with God
as something to be grasped,
but emptied himself, taking the form of a slave,
becoming as human beings are;
and being in every way like a human being
he was humbler yet, even to accepting death,
death on a cross.

And for this God raised him high, and gave him the name
which is above all other names; so that all beings in the heavens,
on earth and in the underworld, should bend the knee
at the name of Jesus and that every tongue
should acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord,
to the glory of God the Father.
Philippians 2:6-11

the Great Liturgy

he Easter Triduum can be likened to a three-act drama, in which the
Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ is played out in
three rituals of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil.
Each ritual is an integral part of the whole Great Liturgy of the Triduum. To treat any of
these solemn days as somehow removed from the other parts of the Paschal liturgy
would be to impoverish our celebration. Without that final gathering of Jesus with his
disciples at the Last Supper, there can be no Passion and without the sacrificial act of
Jesus death, there can be no resurrection. The story of our adoption as Gods sons and
daughters and the sharing of the life of God is realised through the momentous mystery
of Jesus crossing over from death to new life. What we celebrate at the Easter Triduum,
and indeed, every time we gather for Eucharist is the mystery of our intimate
relationship as brothers and sisters of Christ, and children of God.

In preparing music for the Easter Triduum, Liturgy teams and musicians must be
familiar with the ritual. Look in the Roman Missal for the liturgy and its texts and
rubrics. Consult your priest and ask for his assistance he should be included in any
liturgy planning. Also ensure that you use the Lectionary to pray with the readings as
part of your preparation.

Ensure that your lectors are rehearsed and

familiar with the Scripture texts they are to
proclaim. Choose your best lectors for these
days. Schedule rehearsals and prepare brief
notes for all who have specific roles within the
liturgy. As these rituals are only celebrated once
a year, its a good idea for everyone to be clear
about what is expected. Some parishes choose to
have a coordinator for Holy Thursday, Good
Friday, Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday. The
Coordinators meet with the priest and the liturgy team and musicians, and oversee the
practical arrangements for each of the days. It is also very helpful to have a checklist for
Holy Week and the Triduum so that parish liturgy teams can plan and prepare well in

Include your RCIA team is part of your Lenten and Triduum planning. There are several
important liturgies in the last weeks of Lent, and of course, the Preparation Rites on

Holy Saturday morning and the wonderful Sacraments of Initiation at Easter Vigil.
Assist the RCIA team to highlight these rituals so that the entire parish is aware of the
men and women who are journeying to initiation or full reception into the Church.

Above all, let the genius and beauty of the liturgy over these Three Days shine through.

Let the rituals be done simply and well so that gestures, symbols, word and image are
eloquently and beautifully expressed. This is the great dramatic high point of the
Churchs liturgical year, so prepare to be enveloped by sound, smell, music, light,
images, darkness, silence, joy and exultation.

A happy and blessed Easter to you all!

Colours of the Season

Lenten Colours: deep purple are hung from Ash Wednesday to the fifth Sunday of
Lent. Generally there are no flowers in the sanctuary during Lent. The dcor of
the church is minimal and sparse in keeping with the season.

Passion / Palm Sunday: red. Large palm fronds can be used in procession and
laid against the sanctuary wall. Speak to your local Council if there are palm trees
in your locality. They may be happy to cut some branches off for you.

Holy Thursday: white. Keep floral arrangements simple. The time for more
outstanding floral arrangements and dcor is the Easter Vigil and the rest of the
Easter Season.

Good Friday: red. The altar is bare and is dressed with a simple, plain white cloth
for Communion. The altar is laid bare again after the ceremonies. The sanctuary
should be bare and free of flowers and unnecessary adornment. Some parishes
use plain red pennants to good effect. The other areas of devotion in the church
should also be sparse in adornment at this time.

Easter Vigil and the Easter Season: White or white with gold. You may choose to
have a grouping of 5 or 6 large candles at one side of the altar. They can be
encircled by a wreath or fresh circlet of flowers and greenery in season.

Easter Season: continues until Pentecost Sunday. Keep your resurrection

banners up until then.

Holy Thursday of the Lords Supper
28th March 2013

Ritual Outline



LITURGY OF THE EUCHARIST including Reception of Holy Oils




GATHERING Use a well known gathering Song of the Body of Christ (GA/AOVI)
song. We Should Glory in the Cross
Glory in the Cross (GIC)
Praise to You O Christ Our Saviour
(GA/AOVI) Lift High the Cross (TIS)
Table of Plenty (AOV2)
You Are the Ones (Boniwell)
Lord have mercy is This is the first time in 6 weeks Use one of the Australian settings
omitted that we sing the Gloria. recommended by the Australian
Catholic Bishops.

1 The Last Supper. Stained glass window, St Patricks Cathedral, Bunbury,WA. Image: Sophy Morley.

The Gloria will be sung again at
Gloria Easter.

LITURGY OF THE Exodus 12: 1-8,11-14 Psalm settings (Ps 116)

WORD The Lord instructed Moses and The Cup We Bless (GA 67)
1st Reading Aaron about the Passover meal The Name of God (GA 68 / G342)
Our Blessing Cup:
Several Settings in GA 48, 69, 347;
GP2- 29; AOV1-7; CWB 245
Responsorial Psalm Psalm 116: 12-13, 15-18 This Blessing Cup (Andersen, RM 73)
Our blessing cup is a communion
in the blood of Christ (response If its not possible to sing the whole
from 1 Cor10:16) psalm, at least trying singing the
2nd Reading I Cor 11:23-26 I Give You a New

Gospel Acclamation Gospel Acclamation Gospel Acclamations

Glory & praise to You Lord Jesus See the Sacramentary or the Holy
Christ. I give you a new Week Book for easy chant settings
Gospel commandment: love one another
as I have loved you. Glory & CWB 246, 562-570
praise to You Lord Jesus Christ. GA 92 A-D, 145 148
Lenten Acclamation (RR; TH)
John 13: 1-15 The Last Supper Lenten Gospel Acclamation (AOV1-
and Jesus example of service 75)
Homily Praise and Honour to You (SPS)
Praise to You O Christ (GA/ AOV)

Washing of Feet Ensure that your parish liturgy Washing of the Feet
includes this important ritual in the Ubi Caritas (GA 324, 319)
liturgy tonight. Foot washing may This Is My Will (GA 465 / CWB 842)
not be a comfortable ritual but This Is My Commandment (CWB 248)
that is exactly why it is so A New Commandment (GA/CWB 264,
significant. Not only are we called 615) The Servant Song (AOV2/G)
to be servants to one another, but An Upper Room (GA 187)
also, like Peter, to accept that
service gratefully from others. The
Be Still & Know (GA/ AOVII)
action of hand washing to replace Jesus Remember Me (GA/AOVI)
foot washing is just not the same No Greater Love (GA/G)
The element of humble either ritually or symbolically. So You Must Do (UFW)
service has accentuated There is no restriction on how The Lord Jesus (GP3)
the celebration of the foot many people may have their feet The Summons (GA)
washing riteit has washed, nor is there a restriction Where There is Charity & Love
become customary in on gender. Jesus came to call all to (GA/CWB)
many places to invite both service, not just his 12 apostles! Where Charity and Love Are Found
men and women to be
participants in this rite in Tip: before Mass, fill your jugs with
(RM 38)
recognition of the service warm water. Add a few drops of Where True Charity & Love Are
that should be given by all essential oil or lemon essence. Found
the faithful to the church Have one small towel (hand-towel) (GA)
and to the world. The per person. Wash and dry the feet.
liturgy is always an act of
ecclesical unity and
Christian charity, of which
the Holy Thursday foot-

washing rite is an eminent
sign. 2

Prayers of Peoples responses may be said Intercession Responses

Intercession or you may wish to use a simple GA 149/150
music setting

LITURGY OF THE The reception of the Holy Oils has Bring Forth the Kingdom (GA 478
EUCHARIST traditionally been a part of Holy verses 5,6,7 )
Thursday ceremonies but has only
Reception of the Holy recently been re-included in the
Oils liturgy. The Oils are brought up in Father, Lord of Earth and Heaven (GA
Procession of Gifts and presented 314: v 2, 4, 5 or CWB 241. Verse 6 -
The Oil of Chrism (for individually.
Sick; Verse 2 Catechumens; Verse 3
Baptism, - Chrism)
The reception of the Holy Oils may
occur as part of the Introductory
Ordination), The Oil Rites, after the Greeting.
of the Sick, and The (See Ritual below)
Oil of the I Will Go Up (GA 524, refrain only
Catechumens are Oil of Catechumens : carried by sing as a chant)
blessed by the Bishop Catechumen or Catechist /RCIA Adoramus Te Christe (GA/G)
at the Chrism Mass in team member; Come, Lord Jesus (SSSL)
the Cathedral. At this
Oil of the Sick: carried by For texts of the presentation of the
Mass the priests and sick/infirm/elderly or their family
deacons of the diocese Holy Oils
member or a minister to the sick
renew their
ordination promises Oil of Chrism: carried by
to serve their people Confirmation or Ordination
in the name of Christ. candidate or member of the
Baptism Team

LITURGY OF THE After the presentation of the Oils, If you are singing a hymn
EUCHARIST the bread and wine is brought up in I Will Go Up (GA 524 - refrain
the usual way. repeated as a chant) In Perfect
Prep of Gifts Charity (AOV1)
Prep of Gifts: There does not Christians Let Us Love One Another
need to be an extra hymn at (GA/ CWB) Gifts (MIT) One Body
Holy, Holy this point. Instead, hear and (AOV2)
Eucharistic Prayer I pray the beautiful prayers What Wondrous Love Is This (WL)
Blessed are you, Lord God of all

US Catholic Bishops Committee on the Liturgy, Secretariat - 1987)

(insertions for Holy creation Where there is Charity and Love
Thursday) (GA/CWB)

Memorial Holy, Holy (sung) Communion Hymns

Acclamation A New Commandment (GA/AOVI)
Use a familiar setting of the Adoro Te Devote (CWB/GA)
Memorial Acclamation: e.g. An Upper Room (GA/CWB)
Doxology / Amen When We Eat This Bread Bread Broken, Wine Shared (AOV2)
Bread for the World (SS1/AOV1)
Amen (sung) from your usual By Your Priestly Power (CWB/GA)
Lords Prayer Mass setting Communion Song (AOV1)
Do This in Memory (CS)
Lords Prayer can be said or Do This In Memory of Me (CS/AOVK)
sung if sung, use the Eat This Bread (GA/AOVI)
traditional plainchant melody, I am The Bread of Life
which can be sung (AOV1/GA/CWB)
unaccompanied. In Memory of You (MB)
In Remembrance of You (GA)
Lamb of God Sung Lamb of God use a Lead Us to the Table (SS)
familiar Mass setting or use Lord At Your First Eucharist (CWB)
Jesus Lamb of God (GA 132 Lord We Come to Your Table (Herry/
Communion include v9)
0table.pdf )
Love Is His Word (GA/CWB)
No Greater Love (GA/G)
Now We Remain (GA/AOVI/SS)
Our Blessing Cup (AOV1)
Our Supper Invitation (GA/AOVI)
Song of the Lords Supper (GA/G)
Song of the Body of Christ omit v 5
(GA /AOV1) Take and Eat (AOV2)
Taste & See (GA/AOV1 & 2)
The Bread of Life (SHOF)
The Servant King/ From Heaven
(AOV2/TIS) This Body (GA/CWB)
We Come to your Table (MIT)
We Remember (G/GA)
When We Eat This Bread (AOV1)
Worthy Is the Lamb (BTD/SS)
Choral Works: Ave Verum
Panis Angelicus (Franck)
Ecce Panis Angelorum

Transfer of the Holy As well as clergy and altar Adoramus Te Christe (GA/G)
Eucharist servers, the assembly could be Our Darkness/La Tenebre (AOVII)
invited to join the procession. Pange Lingua/ Hail Our Saviours
The procession of the Church lights could be dimmed Glorious Body (HWB/CWB /GA
Holy Eucharist to the when the procession begins. 320/GIC/BTD)
Altar of Repose Similarly, candlelight may be Sing My Tongue/Down In Adoration
sufficient for lighting at the (CWB 252 or 806)
Altar of Repose. At this point Stay Here and Keep Watch (GA)
some parishes pray The Stay With Me (AOVII/GA)
Tenebrae (the Night Office of Wait for the Lord (refrain) (GA/AOVI)
Holy Thursday)

Stripping of the Altar This ritual symbolizes the Silence

stripping of Jesus during his
Passion. Strip altar quietly and
reverently after the Eucharist is
placed in the Altar of Repose.

Leave in Silence There is no dismissal this liturgy is part of the overall liturgy which
continues over Easter Triduum (Three Days Holy Thursday, Good
Friday, Easter Vigil). We enter into an intense time of prayer and fasting
as we await the Resurrection.

The Reception of the Holy Oils

It is appropriate that the oil of the sick, the oil of catechumens, and the holy chrism,
which are blessed by the bishop during the Chrism Mass, be presented to and received
by the local parish community. Usually the Holy Oils are received at the Mass of the
Lords Supper on Holy Thursday.

The oils are carried by parishioners during the preparation of gifts. The oils are received
by the priest and are reserved in a suitable place in the sanctuary or near the baptismal
font. Following the presentation of the oils, the bread and wine is carried up in the usual

See the text below for the presentation of the oils. There are sung versions available
from and

Presenter of the Oil of the Sick: The Oil of the Sick

Priest: May the sick, who are anointed with this oil,
experience the compassion of Christ
and his saving love, in body, mind and soul.

People: Blessed be God for ever.

Presenter of the Oil of Catechumens: The Oil of Catechumens

Priest: Through anointing with this oil,
may our catechumens who are preparing to
receive the saving waters of baptism,
be strengthened by Christ to resist
the power of Satan and reject evil in all its forms.

People: Blessed be God for ever.

Presenter of the Holy Chrism: The Holy Chrism

Priest: Through anointing with this perfumed Chrism,

may children and adults who
are baptised and confirmed,
and presbyters who are ordained,
experience the gracious gift of the Holy Spirit.

People: Blessed be God for ever.

Good Friday of the Lords Passion
29th March 2013

Ritual Outline






As we departed last night in
GATHERING silence, so we gather today in
continuation of that quiet.
1. LITURGY OF THE Isaiah 52:13-53:12 The Psalm Settings
WORD Suffering Servant Father, I Put My Life In Your Hands
First Reading (CWB 256) I Put My Life In Your
Psalm 30 (31): Father, I put Hands(GA 30)
Responsorial Psalm my life in your hands Father, I Put My Life In Your Hands

3 Station 12: Jesus is taken down from the Cross, St Marys Cathedral Perth, WA. Image: Sophy Morley.

Hebrews 4:14-16;5:7-9: Be My Refuge (GIC)
Second Reading He learned obedience and See chant settings in the Holy Week Book
became the source of eternal
salvation for all who obey Gospel Acclamations
him. CWB 246, 257, 562-570
GA 92 A-D, 145 148
Praise and Honour to You Lord Jesus
Gospel Acclamation Glory and praise to you, Lord Christ (SPS); Praise to You O Christ Our
Jesus Christ. Christ became Saviour (GA 407/ AOV 28); Lenten
obedient for us, even to death, Acclamation (Mass of Glory & Praise-
dying on the cross. Therefore Paul Mason)
God raised him on high and Lenten Acclamation (RR/TH/GIC)
gave him a name above all Simple Chant settings in Holy Week
other names. Glory and praise Book
to you
It is permissible to intersperse the Passion
narrative with short congregational chants
Gospel John 18:1-19:42: (Jesus Remember Me or the refrain of O Jesus
The Passion of our Lord Jesus Crucified). This allows for more conscious
Christ according to John. participation by all.
A number of readers may be Jesus Remember Me (GA/AOV/G/TIS)
O Jesus Crucified (GA/CWB/TIS)
used for the Gospel. The
We Sing the Saviours Glory (GIC)
Crucifixion account may be
dramatized. General Intercessions
A sung response after each prayer will
General Intercessions allow for more congregational
The Church offers prayers participation in these extended prayers.
for the sake of the whole
world. For the Sake of Your Son (GA 327/ CWB
258) We Beseech You, O Lord (GIC)
Kyrie (Taize) (GA 140/ AOV1/AOV2)
O God Hear Us (GA 150/AOV1)
Through Our Lives (GA 151)
O Lord Hear My Prayer (GA/ AOV1)
Lord Hear Our Prayer (CWB 571-576)
2. VENERATION OF THE The priest carries the cross At each point there is a sung chant with
CROSS in procession. It can be an invitation (Priest/ Deacon or Cantor)
covered in red cloth. The and peoples sung response.
cross is held up high and the
priest stops at three points, See the Missal for chants- use a cantor if
unveiling parts of the cross your priest is uncomfortable about
at each point before finally singing here.
uncovering the cross for
veneration. ml

There is only ONE Cross Procession/Showing of the Cross

used for Veneration. Missal chants (see above)
This Is The Wood Of The Cross (HWB
Regardless of the number of /CWB 259)
worshippers, it is not Veneration of the Cross (GA 328)
permitted to use more than Processional Song Of The Cross (GA
one cross. /AOV)
Tree Of Life (GA /AOV)

(One Cross, one salvation Behold the Wood Refrain only (GA
through one Saviour of all) 333/GIC)

Veneration (some of these are also

appropriate for Communion)
Adoramus Te Christe (GA/G)
All You Who Pass This Way (GA)
At the Name of Jesus (SS)
Be Still & Know (GA /AOV)
Behold The Cross (AOV 1/BTC/SS1)
Behold the Wood (GA/GIC)
Contemporary Reproaches (GA)
Faithful Cross (HWB)
Garden of Gethsemane (MROJ)
Good Friday Hymn/ Wondrous Love
Here Hangs A Man Discarded (TIS)
In The Cross of Christ (UFW)
Into Your Hands (NLP)
Jesus My Lord (RR)
Jesus Remember Me (GA/ AOVI)
Kyrie Eleison (AOV2)
Look at the Cross (RR)
Man More Than Man (TIS)
My People (EW/CWB)
No Greater Love (Herry/SSSL/
O Jesus Crucified (CWB/GA/TIS)
O Sacred Head (CWB/GA/BTC)
Santo/Holy, Holy (AOV2 / TIS)
Song of the Cross (ANG)
Stabat Mater/At the Cross (CWB/GA)
Stay Here (GA/AOV)
Stay With Me (GA/AOV)
The Reproaches (GA 329/CWB/ HWB)
This Holy Cross (MROJ)
Tree of Life (GA/AOV)
We Sing the Saviours Glory (GIC)
When His Time Was Over (TIS)
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
When the Son of God Was Dying
Choral Works: Were You There?
God So Loved the World (Stainer);
3. COMMUNION The priest brings the At The Cross (ANG)
Eucharist from the Altar of Everything I Possess (EW)
Repose. Good Friday Hymn/ Wondrous Love
The Lords Prayer is said. Heal Me, O God (AOV2)
I Know that My Redeemer Lives
The Lamb of God is omitted. (AOVII/SS)
Into Your Hands (NLP)
Communion is distributed Keep In Mind (AOV1/ CWB/GA)
using Hosts consecrated Lift High the Cross (TIS)

during Holy Thursdays Lord Jesus, Lamb of God (AOV1)
liturgy Lose Yourself In Me
Only A Shadow (GP2 Omit verse 4)
No Greater Love (GA/G)
Now We Remain (AOV1/GA/G)
Soul of My Saviour (CWB)
Strong & Constant (EW)
The Power of Your Love (TIS)
The Servant King/From Heaven
This Body (GA/AOV)
This Is My Will (GA / CWB)
Tree of Life (GA/AOV)
Unless a Grain of Wheat (AOV1/GA)
Were You There? (GA/AOV1)
Will You Love Me? (GA/AOV1)
Worthy is the Lamb (BTD/SS)
Leave in silence Following the prayer after Silence, both at the beginning and end of
Communion and the prayer todays commemoration is one of the key
over the people, everyone elements of Good Fridays liturgy and
departs in silence. The altar links it with Holy Thursday and the
is reverently laid bare. Easter Vigil.

Something strange is happening

there is a great silence on earth today,
a great silence and stillness.

The whole earth keeps silence because

the King is asleep.

The earth trembled and is still

because God has fallen asleep in the flesh
and he has raised up all who have slept
ever since the world began.

God has died in the flesh and hell

trembles with fear.

The Office of Readings for Holy Saturday.

Easter Vigil
Saturday 30th March 2013

There is no darkness where you are

O Jesus Christ, great light serene;
Clouds fold their curtains and depart,
And darkness melts where you are seen.

Fair Morning star, more glorious Sun,

Great Light of lights, your beams display,
Till darkness owns the vict'ry won,
And night is lost in endless day!
Tune: Tallis Canon, Truro

Ritual Outline






THE SERVICE OF Make sure that it is Entry into darkened church

LIGHT dark outside for this Chant: Christ our Light!
ceremony. All: Thanks be to God!

The blessing of the fire The Rite insists that the Preferably this is proclaimed in song. Your
Vigil be started in priest, deacon or Cantor may be able to
The blessing and darkness. It is important sing this most ancient of prayers. It is
lighting of the Paschal that people know why proclaimed from the lectern.
Candle this is happening. It
makes no symbolic sense Exsultet
to rejoice at the presence Please note the revised translation
Solemn procession into of Christ, the Light that
The sheet music and mp3 audio of the
the darkened church. shatters the darkness, if
chant in the new Roman Missal can be
we are still surrounded
accessed from this website:
by daylight!
The Exsultet
This is one of the most The full chant is also found in Become One
ancient and beautiful Body One Spirit in Christ DVD
songs of the Churchs Some parishes are opting to stay with the
liturgy, dating from as chant tone as found in the previous Missal.
early as the 5th century
and appearing in some
sacramentaries in the 7th
century. Also known as
the Easter Proclamation,
it is sung just after the
procession of the Easter
Candle in the church lit
only by candlelight.
THE LITURGY OF THE A minimum of 3 readings Use separate psalm responses after each
WORD from the Old Testament is psalm or use a common refrain with
required. The 3rd reading separate verses following each reading.
from the Book of Exodus is
Common refrains:
compulsory.) There are 7
OT readings in all, each Blest be the God (GA 342) Or On This Most
followed by a period of Holy Day D Schutte (GIC)
silence, responsorial psalm Check the Missal for chant versions of
and a prayer. psalm responses

Reading 1: Gen 1:1 After 1st Rdg: Ps. 103/104: Lord Send Out
2:2 God created the After 1st Rdg: Psalm Your Spirit (HWB/CWB 267/GA 63/RM
world and it was good. 104: Lord, send out your 70/GP III)
Spirit and renew the face OR Ps. 32/33 The Earth Is Full Of The
of the earth Goodness of the Lord (HWB/GA31/CWB
268) All Creatures of Our God & King

Reading 2: Gen 22:1-18 After 2nd Rdg: Ps. 15/16: Keep Me Safe O
After 2nd Rdg: Psalm 16
Abraham offers his son God, You Are My Hope (HWB/ CWB 269/
Keep me safe O God; you
Isaac in sacrifice RM 52/SS 53)

are my hope Centre of My Life (GA 444/ AOV)
After 3rd Rdg: Ex. 15: Let Us Sing to the
Reading 3: Exodus 14: Lord, He Has Covered Himself in Glory
15 15:1 Israel After 3rd Rdg: Psalm (HWB/ CWB 270/GA 340) The Lord Has
marched through the (Ex 15) Let us sing to the Done Great Things For Us (RM 48 /GA) Lift
Red Sea unharmed Lord: he has covered Up Your Hearts to the Lord (GA 416/G
himself in glory 231/GP3)

Reading 4: Isaiah After 4th Rdg: Ps. 30: I Will Praise You Lord,
54:5-14 Gods love and After 4th Rdg: Psalm 30: for you have rescued me(GA 29/CWB 271 /
peace will keep the I will praise you, Lord, for RM 26/ HWB/ SS 57)
people safe you have rescued me
After 5th Rdg: Is 12: You Will Draw Water(
Reading 5: Isaiah After 5th Rdg: Psalm (Is HWB/ GA 341/CWB 272 /GP III) Springs of
55:1-11 Come to the 12) You will draw water Salvation) (EW 24) Springs of Living Water
water, all who are joyfully (Michael Herry)
After 6th Rdg: Ps 18/19: Lord, you have the
Reading 6: Baruch 3:9- After 6thRdg: Psalm 19 words (HWB/ CWB 273/ GA 21)
15, 32 4:4 All who Lord, you have the words Your Words Are Spirit and Life (SS 56)
cling to Gods law will of everlasting life The Precepts of the Lord (CWB 425)
After 7th Rdg: Ps 41/42: Like a Deer (HWB/
After 7th Rdg: Ps 41/42
Reading 7: Ezekiel CWB 274/ GA 37, 38/AOVI 120/AOVII
Like a deer that longs for
36:16-28 God will give running streams
97/GA 524 verse 1.) Come to the Water
his people a new heart (EW refrain only/GP 2)
Use Psalm 50 (51) if Ps 50/51: Create a Clean Heart (GA 41/ 42/
there is a Baptism G 31/ CWB 275, 596b) v 6,7,9. or 664)
Psalm 51 Create a clean Grant To Us O Lord (CWB 698/ GA 303
heart in me, O God /AOV) Create A New Heart (FIWS)

Gloria settings: use your most festive and

Gloria: On this night of joyful setting .
Gloria nights, the Gloria should CWB / GA / G/ AOV etc
be sung. Use your most Or use Roman Missal Chant
Opening Prayer joyous setting for this
holy night.
Epistle Rom 6:3-11
Christ died once, for all. Psalm 118 (117): Easter Alleluia
Traditional Plainchant (HWB/CWB 277)
Gospel Acclamation Psalm 118 is sung to Celtic Alleluia GA 141 (Easter verses 7-9)
(Psalm 118) welcome the Gospel: : Easter Alleluia (CBL)
Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia! Easter Alleluia (AOVK/SYJ)
Gospel Luke 24:1-12 Melchizedek Alleluia (GP II)
Why look among the This Is the Day (BTC)
dead for someone who is Other settings: CWB 289a,b/GA 70, 356.
alive? Other choral settings of Ps 118 are available

THE LITURGY OF Settings for Litany of the Saints:
BAPTISM Roman Missal Chant
Use simple chant
settings of the Litany of HWB/CWB 280/ GA 343 /GA 552/SS 47;
Litany of the Saints Saints. Litany of the Saints (Chris Willcock in God
Here Among Us)
God of Abraham (GA/AOVI)
-Blessing of the Water Various short Blessing of Water:
-Renunciation of Sin & acclamations Roman Missal Chant
Baptismal Promises
GA 344/ CWB 281, 282
-Baptism of
Springs of Salvation (EW) Water of Life (GA)
Catechumens /
Song Over the Waters (GA)
Reception of
Candidates There Is One Lord (AOV2-use refrain)

Baptized in Water (GA 179)
Blessed Are You (GIC)
Blessed be God (CWB 283 a -f/HWB/GA)
You Have Put on Christ (CWB 283 c-f /GA
345) New Life (GP 2)
Rite of Reception (GA 346)
People of God / Celtic Alleluia (GA 178)
There Is One Lord (AOV2/GA)
Up From the Waters (UFW)
Within This Community (CS)
We Are Gods Work of Art (WL)

Confirmation Anointing with Chrism (GA 347)
Bring Forth the Kingdom (GA/AOV2 v1,7
For the whole assembly
Renewal of Baptismal (The Creed is omitted) Sprinkling
Promises (Assembly) CWB 286 a-c/ HWB / GA 348 ;
The assembly is Springs of Salvation (EW)
Sprinkling with sprinkled with the Water of Life (GA 176)
Baptismal Water blessed water River of Glory (GIC)
Baptized in Water (GA 179)
Blessing and Sprinkling (GA 87)
There Is A Well (SS)
General Intercessions
THE LITURGY OF THE The Neophytes may Prep of Gifts: Play an instrumental piece, or
EUCHARIST prepare the altar or have silence or sing a hymn. If you have had
bring up the gifts of a lot of singing already during the liturgy,
Preparation of Gifts bread and wine. silence may be appropriate. An Easter song
could be used here sung either by
assembly or just by your choir.

Mass Settings
Holy, Holy Sung Roman Missal Chants
Memorial Acclamation Memorial Acclamation

Amen #1 If singing the Lords Prayer use the
Lords Prayer Amen see settings plainchant version which is known by most
Lamb of God people (GA/CWB)

Communion: Adoramus Te Christe (GA) All

Communion That Is Hidden (AOV2)
Any appropriate Alleluia Give Thanks (GA 360)
Communion hymn or Behold the Glory of the Lord (AOV1) Bread
song with the Easter of Life (GA)
message By Your Kingly Power (GA/ CWB)
Christ Be Our Light use Easter verses
(GA/CBL) Come to the Feast use Easter
verses (AOV/GA)
Christ the Lord is Risen Again (GA/CWB)
Easter Alleluia (GA)
Easter People (AOV2/AOVK)
Easter Song (LC)
Goodness Is Stronger than Evil (Iona)
I am the Bread of Life (AOVI/GA /CWB)
In Memory of You (MB)
In Remembrance of You (GA)
In the Lord Ill Be Ever Thankful (GA/AOV)
Laudate Dominum (GA)
Lift Up Your Hearts to the Lord (GP 3/
GA/AOV1) Now the Green Blade Rises/
Love is Come Again (CWB /GA/ AOV2) Now
We Remain (GA/AOV)
O Sons & Daughters (CWB /GA)
Regina Caeli (CWB /GA) Risen Today (LC)
Sing to the Mountains (GPI/GA/ AOV) Song
of the Body of Christ (AOV1/ GA / SS)
Surrexit Christus (GA /G)
The Light of Christ (AOV 1)
There Is a Light (SS)
This Body (GA) This Day Was Made (AOV1/
GA) Through the Red Sea(NLP)
We Are Gods Work Of Art (SS/WL)
We Have No Other Boast (GA)
Worthy is the Lamb (BTD)
Choral Works:
Jerusalem (The Holy City); Praise the Lord,
You Heavens Adore Him (GA)
Blessing and Your priest may try
Dismissal singing the traditional Blessing & Dismissal
solemn Easter Dismissal.
Ensure that you have a See the Roman Missal Chant
Cantor/Choir who can
lead the singing of the
Assemblys response
Thanks be to God
Alleluia, Alleluia!

Sending Forth The music of Easter calls Sending Forth
for festive settings of the Bring All You Dear Bought Nations (CWB)
Mass, joyous Alleluia By Your Kingly Power, O Risen Lord
settings and exultant (CWB/GA/ AOV1)
Easter songs. See if you Christ is Alive! With Joy We Sing (GA /CWB)
can recruit some Christ the Lord is Risen Again (CWB)
additional musicians to Christ the Lord is Risn Today, Alleluia
play flute, clarinet and (CWB) City of God (GP 3/GA/AOV1)
particularly brass. Easter Glory Fills the Sky (GA)
Glory Be to God in Heaven (CWB/GA)
Glory in the Cross Easter Hymn (GIC)
Jesus Christ is Risen Today (GA)
Join in the Dance (GIC)
Let Heaven Rejoice (v. 1-4) (GP 1)
Lord of Glory (GP1)
My Lord He Died for A Kingdom (MMS)
Out Of Darkness (AOVI /GA)
People of God Alleluia (GA)
Praise the Lord You Heavens Adore Him
Shine Jesus Shine /Lord the Light of Your
Love (AOV2)
Sing Alleluia (AOVK) Sing A New Song
Sing to the Lord(AOVK)
Sing to the Mountains (GPI/GA /AOV1)
Sing Your Joy (AOVII/SJ/CL)
Singing Hallelujah! (AOVK)
Siyahamba /We Are Marching (AOV2)
Yours Be the Glory (SNC)

4 Easter Vigil, Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Newborough, Victoria. Image: Sophy Morley



Acts 10:34, 37-43 We have eaten and drunk with him after his resurrection

Resp Psalm 118 (117) This day was made by the Lord: we rejoice and are glad.

Colossians 3:1-4 You must look for the things that are in heaven , where Christ is

OR 1 Cor 5:6-8 Be the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.

Gospel Acc Alleluia, Alleluia! Christ, our Passover, has been sacrificed; let us celebrate
the feast then, in the Lord. Alleluia!

John 20:1-9 Jesus rises from the dead


Use the suggestions given for the Easter Vigil


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