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Innovation in Strategic Human Resource Management

Practices in Banking Sectors of Pakistan

A Survey Questionnaire
Dear Respondent,
The present study is a try to distinguish the different inventive Strategic HRM Practices
and their association with different creative thoughts in Banking Sectors. Underneath
different explanations identified with SHRM Practices and developments are noted. It
would be ideal if you express how far these practices and banks advancement are
indicating so as to exist in your bank your level of understanding/contradiction on a five
point scale.
Department Name:..

Bank Name:
Respondent Age: Gender: Male/Female
Working Experience in this Bank:

Innovation: new methods (innovative) of strategic human resource

management practices in banking sector of in pakistan ....
Five ScalarScale: 1:SA= Strongly Agree, 2: A= Agree, 3: N= Neutral, 4: D= Disagree, 5:
SD= Strongly Disagree

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1. Do you see innovation in your Bank each department?

2. Bank updates and maintain E-Attendance System for all


3. Do you see any innovative method in selection of a

person in the Bank entirely?

4. Do you see innovation in evaluation of every employees

performance in bank?

5. Do you see new methods of Training in bank which

develops social aptitudes, general abilities and more
skills through new ideas followed by Management
Trainees of the bank?

6. Employees are encouraged to add innovative ideas

which increases value in this bank?

7. Employees are passionate to be the reason of change

and take an interest in different courses and workshops
sponsored by bank?

8. Do you see any innovation in Training Needs Assessment

in Bank to decide for which employee needs continuous
development for multifunctional professional

9. Sales Employees are encouraged to get benefits other

than incentives in the form of Gifts or Promotions or
Vocations sponsored by bank?

10. Is there any recreational activity provided by bank

to refresh the employees?

11. Every Employee is encouraged to take part in

sports activities, seminars, concert, annual dinners and
other by bank?

12. Do you see any advancement in Human Resource

Information System of Bank?

13. Is HRIS helpful to maintain and record the data of

all employees forever?

14. Total quality management performance in our

bank goes for enhancing worker performance and
reinforcing our occupation abilities creatively?
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Thank you for your time and consideration

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