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Las Polvaderas, Pitiquito

Las Polvaderas je naselje u Meksiku, u saveznoj dravi Meyer, Michael C., William L. Sherman, and Susan
Sonora, u optini Pitiquito. M. Deeds (2002). The Course of Mexican History
(7th izd.). Oxford U.P..
Prema proceni iz 2014. godine u naselju je ivelo 5
stanovnika.[1][2] Naselje se nalazi na nadmorskoj visini od library/117204365/the-course-of-mexican-history
312 m. Russell, Philip (2010). The history of
Mexico: from pre-conquest to present.
Routledge. ISBN 978-0-415-87237-9.
1 Vidite jo
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Las Polvaderas, Pitiquito Izvor: Saradnici: Dcirovic,
Kolega2357, Dcirovicbot i ProtLinkbot

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main Doprinijeli: This version created by Pumbaa, using a proper partial circle and SVG geometry features. (Former versions used to
be slightly warped.) Originalni umjetnik: SVG version was created by User:Grunt and cleaned up by 3247, based on the earlier PNG
version, created by Reidab.
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Datoteka:Mexico_location_map.svg Izvor: Licenca:
CC BY 3.0 Doprinijeli: own work, using
United States National Imagery and Mapping Agency data
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