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do you do?
Woman: B What

Man: I'm a chef in an Italian restaurant

Man: C What's

Woman: I don't feel very well.

Why did you decide to another job?

Man: B look for

Woman: I wasn't happy with the one I had.


Girl: I thought it was a bit boring.

Me too. The other team didn't get the ball very much, ?
Boy: A did they

Man: I'm not going to Peter's wedding.

Woman: Oh why not?
Because I invited.
Man: A haven't

Woman: Why on earth do you want to become a plumber?

Look it's a skilled job and it brings in a lot of money.
Man: B highly

Man: I thought Jack left work early to pick up his daughter from school!
Me too - but apparently to the gym all these weeks
Woman: D he's been going


I an interesting article in the paper this morning.

Woman: C came across

Man: What was it about?

Man: I don't feel very well.

Perhaps you're a cold.
Woman: D getting

Woman: Did they ever discover who hacked into the computer system?
Not exactly there was some doubt the true identity of the
Man: A as to

person responsible.
11 What does the man mean?
I think you should go.
It's odd that you should feel like that.
You should think about this more seriously.

Woman: I just don't know what's the matter with me. My boss has invited me to a Paris
fashion show and I'm struggling to get excited about it.
Man: You'd normally go without a second thought.
12 What does the woman mean?
A I think it's a great idea.

B I think you're unlikely to succeed.

C I don't think you should do that immediately.

Man: I'm going to throw my hat in the ring for the Managing Director job. What do
you think?
Woman: Well, to be honest, I think it's a bit of a long shot.
13 What does the woman mean?
You're being rather pessimistic.
I suppose you're trying to be funny.
You shouldn't joke about such serious matters.

Man: By the time the government wake up to the real threat of global warming, we'll
all have webbed feet.
Woman: What a cheerful man you are!
14 What does the girl mean?
She never sees the boy at the swimming pool.
She always sees the boy at the swimming pool.
She sometimes sees the boy at the swimming pool.

Boy: I really like going swimming.

Girl: Really, but I hardly ever see you at the swimming pool.
Boy: I always go early in the mornings.
15 What does the man mean?
I'm not worried about missing the start of the play.
I need to leave at 8 pm to be on time for the play.
I'm not going to miss any part of the play.

Woman: Don't you need to leave now if you want to see the beginning of the play?
Man: Don't worry about it. It doesn't start until 8 pm.
16 What does the man mean?
It shocked me.
B It didn't last very long.

It was really disappointing.

Woman: Well, was skydiving everything it was cracked up to be?

Man: Pretty much all over in a flash though.

17 What does the man mean by his SECOND comment?

A I'm frustrated by your attitude.

B I'm afraid I can't agree with you.

C I'm finding it hard to believe you.

Man: I see the train drivers are preparing for strike action again next week.
Woman: I don't suppose anything will come of it, though.
Man: I wish I could share your optimism.
18 What does the mother mean?
A I don't want you to do that.

B I'm not saying anything about this.

C Not until we have talked about this.

Son: Mum I've decided I'm going to hitch-hike round Europe!

Mother: Not if I have anything to say about it.
19 What does the woman mean?

I've told my personal assistant exactly why I'm unhappy with him.
I'm not sure if my personal assistant understands why I'm unhappy with him.
I'm unhappy that his performance at work does not meet the terms of his contract.

Man: What's wrong with your personal assistant?

Woman: I'm not happy with his performance at work and I've just let him know in no
uncertain terms.
Man: Well, you don't exactly mince your words, do you?
20 What does the man mean by his SECOND comment?
You don't always say exactly what you mean.
You always communicate precisely and effectively.
You don't always tell people exactly what you think.

Man: What's wrong with your personal assistant?

Woman: I'm not happy with his performance at work and I've just let him know in no
uncertain terms.
Man: Well, you don't exactly mince your words, do you?
21 The woman is ...
voicing her regret.
expressing her surprise.
passing on her good wishes.
Man: Apparently that Head of Department job might finally
be coming my way.
Woman: Well, that's a turn-up for the books!

Complete the text below. Write ONE word only into each space. There is
an example (0) at the beginning.
The Microwave
The first microwave produced for domestic use (0) was launched in 1967. This was after two decades
spent making improvements to the first commercially-used microwave, 22 was tested

in a restaurant in Boston, USA, in 1945. This restaurant machine stood almost two metres high,

weighed 340 kg, and cost $5,000.

The early domestic microwaves were out of this world, says Elizabeth Walter, 23 ran
w ho

a microwave cookery school in London in the 1970s. 'One of the best things was that you could adjust
the power and cooking speed. We 24 to do cakes and demonstrate how to simmer

sauces, and make casseroles. There was hardly anything you 25 not do!' However,

the microwave has 26 considerable criticism from professional cooks, in spite of its

speed and efficiency. Ive always hated them, says a head chef at a well-known London restaurant, I
dont really know 27 I feel that way. Perhaps its 28 microwaves
w hy that

represent speed and a lack of skill. Many chefs still think this way. Nonetheless, the domestic

microwave remains a standard part of the modern kitchen.

29 Two hikers are walking up a hill. They agree to ...

A have a rest.
B stop for lunch.

C take another route.

D return to their hotel.


Two people are talking about a website. What does the man think of the website?
A It's easy to
find your way
around it.
B The advertising
doesn't bother
C You need to adapt it to
suit your own interests.
D It's reasonable that users should pay to see certain pages.


Two people are talking about some female pop singers. What does the woman say about
the singers?
A Some of these singers won't
be popular for very long.
B She prefers to listen to other
kinds of music.
She thinks their music is quite conventional.
They all look quite similar to each other.

Two people are talking about memory. What comment does the man make
about memory?
A Lie-detectors are an effective way of making
people recall past events.
B Our recollection of past events can be influenced
by outside factors.
C Our memories of dramatic events are more vivid
than other memories.
D The long-term memory helps us to recreate events in
our childhood.

Two people are talking about a new flat (apartment). How does the woman feel about her
new home?
A pleased with the location of the flat

B fed up with the noise from the street

C disappointed with the size of the kitchen

D happy that she can spend more time at home


Two friends are talking about homes. Where does the woman live?
A in the countryside

B in the mountains

C on the coast

D in the city


Two business people are discussing foreign trade. Why, according to the man, have
exports of a particular product fallen recently?
A The current version of the product is of
inferior quality.
B Some countries are making their own, similar
C Interest rates in the country of manufacture fell
D The product has become more expensive in key

A man is talking on the radio about a man with a new business idea. Why did the
investors decide to support the man's business idea?
A They thought he had a unique product.
B They felt the risk in backing him was low.

C They found his personality very appealing.

They were impressed by his ambition for his business.

How does the man now view the future of his business?

He is determined to expand his business.
B He is unwilling to change his business approach.

He is realistic about the limitations of his product.
He is worried he won't be able to repeat his first success.

A girl is talking to her father about her homework. For history homework, the girl has
to ...
A do a short project.

B look at some websites.

C read part of a text book.

D read a magazine article.


A woman is talking about the influence her mother had on her. What did the woman learn
from her mother about work?
A a natural ability to work hard

B only to work if she was getting paid

C making money is the most important thing

D work is something you have to accept in life


You will hear a scientist being interviewed about a different way of producing fuel. The
woman argues that making fuel from coal . . .
A is a revolutionary process which is not yet
B will help to solve the energy crisis in the short
C produces a more environmentally-friendly type
of fuel.
D might prove difficult to deal with given the
carbon pollution.


A woman is interviewing a man about a newspaper called Metro. The man thinks the
Metro newspaper is more successful than other free newspapers because ...
A it was the first free newspaper to be
B it has taken more risks than other
C its appearance is different from that of other
D its business methods differ from those of
other newspapers.

Two people are talking at the gym. What does the man think about his gym
The fees are more than he can afford.
Being a gym member fits his life well.
C The money could be better spent on social
D He plans to cancel his gym membership next