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Student Name: Date: 5/8/17 Block: F

Mikele Agahi
Ten Commandments for my Future Christian Vocations
Spring 2017

Commandment Rationale Scripture Suppo

I I will love others as I want everyone in Luke 6:31
they would love my life to have the 31 Do to others a
me. feeling of love. you would have
them do to you.
II I will treat everyone I want to be treated Titus 2:7
with respect and with respect and 7 In everything,
kindness. kindness so if I start show yourself to
it others may follow. an example by do
good works. In yo
teaching show
integrity, dignity,
III I will not fall unto I want to live my Romans 12:2
peer pressure. own life and have Do not be conform
independence in to this world, but
whatever I do. transformed by th
renewal of your
mind, that by tes
you may discern
what is the will of
God, what is good
and acceptable a
IV I will find a woman I I want to have a life- Ephesians 4:2-3
truly love and want long companion in With all humility a
to marry. my life where I can gentleness, with
rely on her and she patience, bearing
can rely on me. with one another
love, eager to
maintain the unit
the Spirit in the b
of peace.
V I will start a healthy I want to have kids Ephesians 6:4
and loving family. who can pass on my 4 Fathers, do not
legacy and I can exasperate your
share everything Ive children; instead,
learned in life. bring them up in
training and
instruction of the
VI I will teach my I want my kids to Proverbs 2:1-2
children everything use their upbringing 1 My son, if you
the need to know and everything they accept my words
from me. learn to start their and store up my
lives. commands within
you, 2 turning yo
ear to wisdom an
applying your hea
to understanding
VII I will help others I think people who Galatians 6:2
that need it enough need help just to get 2 Carry each othe
that I can still help them on their feet burdens, and in t
myself. should always way you will fulfil
receive it. the law of Christ.
VIII I will explore the I want to learn Proverbs 16:9
world as much as I different cultures The heart of man
can traveling to and make both my plans his way, bu
different places. family and I very the LORD establis
diverse in our his steps.
understanding of
IX I will buy a home I want a stable and 2 Chronicles 7:15
for my family to loving environment Now my eyes will
grow up in. for my kids where open and my ear
they can call a place attentive to the
home. prayer that is ma
in this place. For
I have chosen an
consecrated this
house that my na
may be there
forever. My eyes
my heart will be
there for all time.
X I will live a life of I want to keep 1 Timothy 4:12
faith, and discover searching for God 12 Dont let anyo
where I am with my and hopefully find look down on you
relationship with where I stand with because you are
God. my faith or religious young, but set an
beliefs. example for the
believers in speec
in conduct, in lov
in faith and in pu