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Magdalena Magana

Kin 425
Spring 2017


To be able to follow simple rules fitness games and demonstrate cooperative skills.
To perform soccer related skills by passing the ball with legs and controlling ball direction.

NASPE National Standards: Introductory activity: 1, 5. Fitness Activity: 1, 4, 6. Lesson Focus:

1, 2, 5. Game: 5.

EQUIPMENT: 4 Main colored cones, 25 small cones, 4 balls, 1 whistle, rules poster,


Children pretend to be airplanes. They take off, zoom with arms out, swoop, turn, and glide. On
signal, they drop to the floor in prone position. To take off again, they must restart their
engines by doing a push up or bring up their knees to chest and jumping up while making a
vroom, vroom engine sound.


Per Group: Locomotor Movements

1. 10 Calf Raises Yellow Cone

a. Stand straight with feet flat on floor. The goal should be to move students through a
b. Stand on toes and hold for a few seconds. number of movements challenges. Emphasis
c. Repeat step a and b. should be placed on starting the fitness activities at
2. 20 Jumping Jacks Green Cone a level where all students can feel successful.
a. Stand feet together, knees slightly bent and
arms to sides.
b. Execute jump, raise arms and separate legs Teach students each challenge and alternation for
to sides. those that cannot meet the performance.
c. Land on forefeet with legs apart and arms
d. Jumps again while lower arms and return Each challenge should be enjoyable to perform.
legs to middle. Repeat.
b. jump up and
3. 10 Lounges per leg Red Cone Encourage students to focus on effort and feeling
a. Upper body straight, with your shoulders successful.
back and relaxed.
b. Always engage your core.
c. Step forward with one leg, lowering your Workloads should be moderate with emphasis on
hips until both knees are bent at about a 90- success for all students.
degree angle. Repeat with opposite leg.
4. 20 Kick butts Blue Cone
a. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Student should move from one station to the other
b. Flex the right knee and kick your right heel when they hear the whistle blow.
up toward your glutes.
c. Bring the right foot back down.
1. d. As the right leg comes down, flex
your left
2. knee and kick your left foot up toward
3. glute. Repeat.


1. Kick the ball across the lane Encourage proper skill performance by using
a. With ball in front try small kicks instructional cues such as:
going forward to keep ball at keep your eyes on the ball
range. kick the ball with the side of your foot
b. Control ball direction by use opposition when passing the ball
approaching ball all the way
down the aisle. Students will practice their kicking speed to
c. Return to begging spot and pass control the ball.
ball to next student in line.
2. Kick ball between cones and back. Students aim to work as a team so that
a. With ball in front try small kicks everyone gets a turn.
going in towards one cone.
b. Continue towards the following Students watch performing student to
cone and repeat all the way down understand how they would need to control
the aisle. the ball by just using their legs.
c. Continue moving through each
cone from one end to the other.
d. Return to beginning point and Goal from one stunt to the next is to increase
pass on to the next student. the difficulty of the challenge.
3. With a partner pass ball between
cones. Encourage student to keep trying and advise
a. Apply movements from activities on how to improve ball control.
1 and 2 above with a partner.
b. Go from one end to the next.
c. Continue with the next two

Supplies: Whistle, Playground
Skill: All basic locomotor movements
Freeze: Students will be asked to perform the listed movements and when whistle is blown they
will freeze in the next position mentioned. Move in direction and/or activity mentioned. Goal is
to challenge students with a variety of movements. Continue to challenge students to hold a
position after being active. Students are challenges with listening and body performance/ body
control skills.
1. Skip- Star Position
2. Kangaroo Hop- Chair
3. Run- Soldier
4. Walk-Free style


1. What muscles did we work on today?

2. When we kick the ball how should we kick it?
3. Why is it important to follow SPORT rules?


2, 4, 6, 8, PE IS GREAT!!!!!!!
Students will repeat the cheer at the end to conclude our Physical Activity Lesson.


Pangrazi, Robert P. Dynamic physical education curriculum guide lessons plans for
implementation. Montreal: B. Cummings, 2010. Print. Pg. 8, 9, 47, 49, 50, and 63.