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Configuration for Prepaid Expense Automation

Scenarios in Development
Amount of 20000 bill in December from April16 to November17
12.04.2016 to 12.11.2016-8000 (Entries to be done by Finance team)
12.12.2016 to 12.11.2017-12000

Rent a/c 31313100 dr. 1000 -----------------for 12 months
Prepaid 25550103 a/c 1000 --------------------for 12 months

Process for Prepaid Expense Automation

Here are the settings for recurring entry:

1. Create number range X1 in FBN1. System will take the numbers for your
reference document (created in FBD1) from this number range by default. No need
to assign to any doc type.

2. FBD1 - Enter the recurring original doc / reference doc. Creation of this document
does not post any transaction in the GL accounts. This doc is used as the reference
doc / template for posting accounting docs at the later stage in F.14.

3. F.15 - View the recurring reference documents created for your company code.

4. F.14 Create session for posting accounting documents based on the reference
document created in FBD1

5. SM35 - Run the session and the posting of accounting documents happens.

6. FBL3N - To view the posted documents

7. FB03 To view details of the document

8. Table BKDF to view the Recurring documents

A run schedule can also be used while creating the recurring reference document in

OBC1 to create a run schedule id

OBC2 - enter the specific run dates on which you want to run the recurring docs.

Assign the run schedule in FBD1 in the field "run schedule".

FBN1- X1 Standard No. range for recurring documents

OBA7-Create New Document type (ZA-Prepaid expense auto)

Case 1: Recurring Entries for 12 months without schedule

Document no. 9100000017


Document No. 9300000003

Table BKDF

Case 2: Changes in Recurring Document

FBD2 - Document No. 9100000017 Change in Text field and Last run on field
If you want to change recurring entry data then follow the Path Goto>>Recurring
Entry Data

To see the change log

Case 3: Recurring Entries for 3 days (12.12.2016, 13.12.2016, 14.12.2016)
through Run Schedule TTLP
Run Schedule created
Run Dates maintained

Document no. 9100000019

Table BKDF-Document 9100000019


Document No. 9300000004
Table BKDF-Document 9100000019

Posting of next entry on 13.12.2016


FB03 Document no. 9300000005

Posting of next entry on 14.12.2016

FB03 Document no. 9300000006

Table BKDF
Posting of next entry on 15.12.2016 (Run Date not maintained in run schedule,
hence document should not be created)

Case 4: Put deletion indicator so that the recurring document could not be posted
Table-BKDF Document No. 9100000020(after two runs)

FBD2-Set deletion indicator in the document

Table BKDF


Remove deletion Indicator from the document and check in the table BKDF
Process the session in SM35 and check in the table BKDF
Case 5: Posting Documents from Recurring Documents for batch Input session


Document no. 9100000017

Settlement Period - 12.01.2017 to 12.09.2017

Click Log. The Batch Input: Log Overview screen displays.

Double-click SAPF120 under Sess. name. The Batch Input Log for Session XXXX screen

Review the messages and verify that transactions were posted without error.

Click exit
Click Process
Select Background radio button and Extended Log check box. Click Process.