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A woman with education may be able to spend more time sitting in a chair instead of

lying on her back said Anne Bishop . This quote illustrates the point that prostitution should not

be legalized .I can prove this with my claims of it endangers women more than they already

are it makes diseases harder to contract if they are caught they will be legally prosecuted.

Prostitution endangers women more than they already are. It makes diseases easier to contract

and easier to spread. If prostitutes are caught they will be legally prosecuted. All prostitution

harms those in it legal prostitution does not protect women from harm .

Women who sell sex reports high levels of physical and sexual violence including verbal

abuse and threats and intimidation UK study found that 63% of women in street and indoor

prostitution had experienced violence . Sexual assault against people who participate in

prostitution in the united states is very high . In phoenix 37% of prostitution diversion programs

reported being raped by the person that they gave their services to. In Miami 34% of street

prostitutes reported several violent encounters with their clients and in New York 46% if indoor

prostitutes reported being forced to do things that they did not want to do . Most prostitutes are

not protected by the rape shield laws in new york or ohio they exclude prostitution to be used as

evidence against rape victims . Prostitutes sometimes are arrested if they call and report violent

acts because to police they are seen as sex traffickers . If a prostitute was a undocumented

migrant they can face deportation .

If they report the crimes they become vulnerable to police crimes such as sexual assault .

Officers can use threats against prostitutes with arrest or staged arrest most likely ending in

sexual assault . A high amount of sex workers reported being sexually assaulted by police ,. In

new york 17% of sex workers interviewed in the new york study said thta they were victims os

sexuall assault in most cases rape and abuse by police .

Some may say prostitution is harmful because it is degrading. Based on research,

seventy-two percent of prostitutes have been victims of acts of violence. These acts of violence

include the following but are not limited to: slapping, punching, kicking, robbing, burning,

biting, raping, and choking. Being introduced to this type of violence clearly gives hints to the

idea that prostitution is dangerous. Exploitation is harmful through the buying and selling of sex.

Prostitution often involves or leads into more exploitation than buying other things such as goods

and services. Exploitation is when someone is treated unfairly in order to benefit from work that

they do.

The feminist critiques of prostitution may say that prostitution is forceful because most

of the time in most situations there is a lot more of male dominance. The idea of male dominance

means that the females are ran and ruled by most males. An example of this is, the idea that

pimps are in charge of prostitutes. Women are earning a living by satisfying mens sexual

desires. Some say that prostitution is like selling ones soul because the females that live the

prostitution lifestyle are giving their deepers values, emotions, and character traits away. They

degrade their own self and give away what is precious to men for money. Another reason why

prostitution can be considered harmful is because it can lead to psychological problems.

Prostitutes can suffer from panic attacks, eating disorders, and in most cases depression.

In low middle income countries HIV prevalence among sex workers is an estimated

12%however there are significant variations between some regions and countries (Wurth). Sex

workers mostly share common things regardless of their background lifestyles that can cause

them to become very vulnerable to transmitting HIV . Sex workers has high numbers of sex

partners compared to the general population but this does not increase their chances of becoming
infected with HIV if they were to use condoms correctly . In most cases sex workers are not

worrying about condoms or they have no access to them . prostitutes also say they get paid more

to not use the condoms . Experts recommend that HIV prevention programs for prostitutes would

result in 3 outcomes which are increased sex worker involvement , consistent and accurate

condom use and control over their working and social conditions and a reduction in the amount

of STDS . Studies have estimated that acknowledging specific key societal factors such as

violence , safer workplaces and sometimes police harassment could make the number of female

prostitutes infected with hiv by 33 % to 46% over the next 10 years . The vulnerability of sex

workers mostly women leads them into HIV infection which then results in physical isolation ,

economic deprivation , and other things . 11.8 percent pooled HIV prevalence among female

prostitutes in 50 countries .in new york city studies by the department of health and mental

hygiene found that many prostitutes reported that not carrying a condom because they fear being

harrassed by the police . between october 2011 and july 2012 the human rights conducted a

mixed method of research in 4 major united states cities on the consequences of police sezuring

of condoms as evidence of prostitution . changing things is very possible since the publication of

the findings of research by the us presidential advisory council they came up with a resolution

recognizing that the use of condom possession as evidence of prostitution related offense

If prostitutes are caught in the act they will be legally prosecuted by law . depending on the state

the solicitation of prostitution can mean either when a prostitute advertises his or her ability to do

sexual acts or when a potential customer pays for sex . Solicitation is when someone uses words ,

actions , or any type of act in a attempt to engage in a act of prostitution . legally the law does

not require you to engage in the intended act and anybody who even offers to have sex for
money or any type of other compensation has comitted a crime of solicitation . Solicitation of

prostitution is most likely charged as a misdemeanor offense even though felony charges are

possible the specific penalty of a court chooses to impose for any conviction on solicitation

of prostitution can differ depending on the state and circumstances of the case . One conviction

can have you doing jail time up to about a year . another conviction for solicitation can be a fin

or fee can range from $100.00 to $10000.00 or more for the felony offenses in addition to the

courts also requiring a person convicted of solicitation to pay court fees and prosecution seeks .

another conviction a prostitute can get is probation which in most cases last up to 12 months .

when on probation they must comply with the court requirements which usually include not

comitting crimes , not associating with any known prostitutes or any known criminals and in

most cases performing community service . if someone was to go against these requirements of

the law they will most likely be sent to or put back in jail . the last conviction a prostitute can

receive is being put into a diversion program which can help them with their life style

If prostitution is legalized it will endanger not only women but society as a whole .

Some people argue that prostitution should be legal, because most women sell their body

for money voluntarily. Sex work is an occupation that many women voluntarily choose. To

deny that prostitution is work not only infringes on womens right to choose their work, but also

on that of men, transgender and gender-diverse individuals. And denying sex workers the right to

do their work legally infringes on other rights, such as their access to legal aid and

recourse(Abel qtd. Gonchar). Making prostitution legal will allow the prostitutes the ability to
get legal help, maybe to escape a pimp or prosecute a violent John. A John is a prostitutes

client, meaning the person that the prostitute has sex with for their earnings . This person pays

for their services with the prostitute some times before of after the job is done .

If prostitution was made illegal a women would spend less time laying on her back

making her earnings and she could most likely get a job making the money she earn legally .

Prostitution will endanger women causing them to be physically and mentally abused by the

profession . It makes diseases mostly HIV easier to contract in the female and male race causing

it to spread because the lack of using protection . prostitution can and will be legally prosecuted

in most cases serving jail time or being put on probation .

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