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Issue 3 April 2017

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Editors note

Ravi Kumar P
HR Team

Hello Feedbackers,

I am glad to present you the third edition of namma newsletter Pratibimb.

Thank you for the amazing response shown. The articles in Pratibimb are growing in numbers as we move
along. I hope that we keep up this momentum.

A lot of events happened since our previous issue released back in December. One of the significant event
in India was the successful launch of ISRO PSLV-C37 carrying the 104 satellites. We have dedicated our
cover page to commend this extraordinary achievement of ISRO.

With your suggestions, We have brought in new sections in this edition. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Do continue to share your new ideas, articles and publications over the next couple of months for inclusion
in the next issue.

I would like to thank and express my sincere appreciation to all the contributors for your efforts in making
this third edition a reality. Thank you Satish for proofreading all the articles, Sneha for your efforts in
getting the articles organized.


Ravi Kumar P
Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to
Shankar Khasnis
CEO -Jim Rohn

Fitness is about being Kind to Yourself

Year 1995 I woke up in the morning not feeling too I prefer fish because it brings in Omega 3. I eat chicken
good about myself, something I had never experienced when in a land locked place like Bangalore!
before. A visit to a doctor and a pathologist set it out for
It will take some discipline to get into this routine, but
me. The doctor said I was too close to be kissed by
once it becomes an obsession the body starts enjoying it.
diabetes. The good Samaritan that he was, he chose not
While I say this, I do indulge in excesses once a month!
to put me on medicine but instead asked me to plan my
life, work with my body and make it as immune as it Burning calories is an obsession to me
could get. It has been 23 years since and I got into a
Exercise is the only way food can be processed inside the
regimen that has allowed me to stay the way I want fit,
body. Un-processed food is fat / flab. The best exercises
healthy and enthusiastic. I thought I could share with you
in order of my preference are jogging, swimming and
the three broad themes that I deployed to manage
brisk walking. I do jog and brisk walk between 5-7 kms
every day except Saturdays when I play a full sport. After
There is a science to eating everything having been a very active professional cricketer in the
early part of my life in Bangalore, I could not
Even though educated in food science through high
immediately start all over again when I moved to Mumbai
school biology, I really did not have any idea about what
in 1993. I could not get into the game for 14 years (till
proteins, fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins and oxidants
2007) when I started league cricket in Mumbai. In the 2
were. In fact I had chosen to be ignorant. I had a big
years between 1993 and 1995, my body weight had gone
appetite and could polish off quantities of food at regular
up to 95kgs from the 72 kgs that I always steadily
intervals in a day! I almost ate like a king always.
maintained. I pulled down 23 kgs in 2 years and then
This was the first area I had to address. I said to myself became fit again to play cricket. All this was possible
that I would not deprive my palate of anything that food because of my exercise schedule and discipline.
had to offer but the big mindset change I made was I
It is important that we make exercise a habit like any
would eat small portions of everything and in
other. Just continuously do it for 21 days, and you will
conjunction with the chemistry of food. I went back to
be addicted to it on the 22nd day! With my hectic travel
basics and realized that proteins when broken by fibre
schedule, I cannot exercise every day at a fixed time. If
generated energy, vitamins and vital chemicals help in
I have a late evening meeting, I exercise in the morning.
the system upkeep while oxidants work as cleansing
In case I face a tight morning schedule, I work out during
agents. These 3 ingredients can run a human body
evening. If I am busy all through a day, I steal an hour in
efficiently for over 100 years! People can live without
the afternoon! In the event of traveling and cannot find
potatoes! Human body also has a metabolic rate at which
any time, I carry my running shoes and walk at the
it can break foods. The metabolic rate is at its highest
airport! Exercise to me has become an OCD! Further, I
till noon and then slows down. It was important to
dont allow my body to get used to a particular exercise
understand this.
schedule. I have identified 4 jog/walk tracks and keep
I now eat 4 small meals a day. On a day I just cannot switching between them. Each offers a different
exercise (which is rare), I consume one meal less. I pack challenge to the body.
in a sweet once every 2-3 days. I have stopped on
When I gave up playing professional cricket in 2010-11,
flavored sodas. Club soda makes up for it over the
thanks to Saroj and Sridhar, I got introduced to Golf. It
weekends! I make sure I get all the vitamins that the
became a great physical and mental substitute for
body needs over the full weeks schedule. Vegetables
cricket. I now play the game once a week or 2 rounds a
like carrot, spinach, sprouts, beans and bitter gourd (my

day when on holiday! I believe everyone should play a

favorite) bring in the proteins and vital chemicals, while
sport. It allows for mental conditioning and tactical
fruits like banana (Potassium), apple (Iron), etc. bring in
development. Sport also helps in developing a strategic
the other essentials. I also do have a protein blast once
a week through fish or chicken.
Continued in the next page
Continued Amazing facts about
If big field sports are not possible, then fast sports like
badminton, table tennis and cycling are great too.
ISROs record 104
Playing a sport is critical.
satellite launch
Hate to be a sloth

I believe in staying active always. Brisk walk when there

is a need to crawl, run when there is a need to walk fast
and fly when there is a need to run! A simple example of
this is when the doorbell at home rings, I am usually the
first to reach the door. I clean our home all by myself
once every month. If there is a need to buy small
groceries, I get into my shoes and step out even before
the second request comes in! If I have invited guests over
for a party, I run around, shop, arrange, serve the guests
and help in cleaning up! Rate of metabolism needs Did you know, ISROs 104 satellite launch is the
continuous boost and activation. Staying active helps. highest number launched in a single mission.

Fitness is a continuous journey and an enjoyable one. It

Earlier, the Russian space agency had launched 37
is important to stay connected with your body, your food
satellites in one go in 2014.
and your ecosystem always. There is work to be done,
but finding an hour to exercise after being prudent on
The satellites were released in rapid-fire fashion
what you eat should not be a problem. For all I care, I
every few seconds from a single rocket as it
will go and jog at 2 am
traveled at 17,000 miles an hour.
The launch was high-risk because satellites could
collide with one another if ejected into the wrong

Of the 104 satellites, three are Indian and 101

foreign.714 kg Cartosat-2 was the main cargo; 103
smaller nano satellites weighed a combined 664

Nano sats from countries like Israel, Kazakhstan,

The Netherlands, Switzerland and UAE.

ISRO charges substantially less for launches than its

competitors in Europe and North America.

Cartosat-2 series satellite will send images for

coastal land use, distribution of water, land use
maps etc.

Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) was used for

the launch. The powerful XL variant rocket
earlier used in Chandrayaan and Mars Orbiter
Mission was used
Research is to see what everybody else has seen , and to think what
nobody else has thought.

Vinay HP
Albert Szent
Construction & Infrastructure

Indian Construction Equipment Industry is on a Revival Path

Backhoe loaders in China account for hardly 0.5% of
sales, while those of North America record 8.5% of sales
of their respective construction equipment. Backhoe
loader is the machine of choice as the market shifts from
manual labour to mechanization. Hydraulic excavator is
usually the next machine which most customers graduate
to. The trend seen across most customers is that they
buy a hydraulic excavator within the first 5-6 years of a
backhoe loader purchase.

Summary of growth for the month of January 2017

Overall, January sales grew by 15% across all equipment

categories, clearly indicating that demonetization had
minimal effect on the construction equipment industry.
The industry is likely to reach the 2011 level by the
Average order book across equipment categories also saw
end of March 2017 (FY 2017)
an improvement over the previous quarter. Equipment
Indian Construction equipment industry, traditionally sales growth largely came from north, east and west
seen as bellwether of economic activity, has seen a India regions, whereas it remained flat in south.
strong growth during the first nine months of this Significant government initiatives have put construction
financial year, an indication of optimism in business industry on a recovery path after almost four years of
sentiment and a revival of economic activity. sustained contraction. Old, stuck projects are getting
De-growth in the industry started since 2012-13 and went cleared and new announcements are being made with
on until September 2015. October to December 2015 was roads and highways leading the resurgence.
a period of flat growth. In the last 9 months (April to Demand drivers seen a big flip up with budgets focus
December), the industry has clocked a growth rate of on infrastructure and real estate industries

56,540 machines were sold in 2015-16, of which ~ 37,200

units (roughly two-thirds) were earthmoving machines.
This is largely attributed to the positive movement in
industries such as national highway/roads and coal
mining, which saw a lot of push from the government in
the past 2 years. The key reforms brought in by the
government for the national highways industry has
helped the industry in discussion move beyond what was

Earthmoving equipment is a growing segment. Demand

for the equipment in the third quarter of 2016-17 was
quite significant. First 9 months of FY 2017 saw the
segment grew by 44% compared to the same period of
previous financial year.

However, the industry continues to be sensitive to the

demand for backhoe loaders and hydraulic excavators.
Backhoe loaders segment, currently contributing to 40%
of the overall sales of construction equipment by
volume, is an India specific phenomenon.
Continued in the next page
Continued Industries too, boosting the construction activity and in
Strategies that will lead to increase in use of turn equipment sales.
construction equipment across segments Following are some of the enabling activities that
Going forward, there could be some disruptions in the government could undertake for the industry.
construction equipment industry, both from product and One of the major expectations from the
service perspective. Some likely developments: government is speedy implementation of GST bill.
Growth in pre-fabricated concrete business Differential tax rates and rules in different states need
o This could lead to increased use of concrete to be removed and a uniform structure should be put in
equipment like transit mixers, concrete pump place
and boom placers Land acquisition role has been shifted to the states
o As a result, concrete equipment could see a and more progressive states could benefit by being
spurt in sales proactive here. Ease of doing business at the central
Increase in usage of specialized equipment level through DIPP initiatives, and at the state level
o There could be a movement towards more through regional action could bolster the investment
specialized equipment. This could impact the climate
backhoe loaders business in a small way
through competition from excavators and Like in the case of the coal industry, innovative
wheel loaders under 14 T capacity action is required in Iron ore licensing through
Rising manual labour costs transparent processes
o In spite of considerable mechanization across Quarry blocks need to be allotted once they have
key infrastructure projects, real estate, rural received the required clearances from the environment
roads, etc., the need for the manual labour and pollution boards
will continue to be considerable. Projects will
face inflationary pressures due to the rising Common emission standards and rules need to be
labour costs. implemented for tyre and chain mounted equipment
o The stagnant or low volume sales of products To eliminate financial stress, the construction
like skid steer loader could see increased equipment industry needs a quick and easy access to
demand capital as well as reduction in interest rates for
Digital drive construction equipment.
o Higher penetration of e-commerce is
increasing the acceptance among customers.
This in turn is slowly penetrating to
construction industry also
o There are e-commerce portals providing men
and material for the construction industry
o An exclusive equipment financing institution
which caters to the needs of the entire
ecosystem could very well emerge

There is scope for a few innovative disruptions; it

would be interesting to see what would set these in

The industry is currently in a wait and watch mode. The

sentiments are positive and faith is partly restored with
the recent push in roads and coal mining industries.
There is a hope that more reforms would follow in other
For once you have tasted flight you will walk the
earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you
have been and there you will long to return.
Aditya Ravindran
-Leonardo da Vinci
Energy Power,Oil & Gas

Call of the Sky

A vast majority of us love to fly. Yes, the chic and Even though there is this organised system in place,
sophisticated faade of aviation does attract people to manual intervention is required in the form of Air Traffic
it. But, more than that, humans have this primal urge to Control instructions, communicated to the pilot by Air
defy gravity. No wonder, so many kids want to grow up Traffic Controllers (ATC). The manual intervention by
to become pilots. the ATC helps in streamlining the flow of aircraft traffic,
while maintaining a minimum safe distance of 1000 ft.
I was one such kid who grew up, but never quite grew
vertically or 5 nautical miles laterally between aircrafts.
out of the passion for flight. A weird combination of bad
luck and bad timing vectored my life onto a heading Meanwhile, the pilots working each aircraft are
which didnt intercept the aviation industry. For where I monitoring multiple displays showing the status of the
couldnt make a career out of it, I took it up as a hobby, various systems, and religiously following checklists to
and took a mighty dive into it. Today, I am part of this keep it flying as expected by the ATCs. Sure, in todays
group of aviation enthusiasts who help fulfil each others world, the autopilot does most of the flying, but at the
fantasies. IVAO - the said group provides a platform for end of the day, it is just a tool at the disposal of the
people to live their dreams in the virtual world. People pilots who have trained for years and have flown the
can pilot aircrafts of their choice, be it the run-of-the- aircraft for hundreds of hours. There are at least two
mill Airbus 320s, or the Queen of the Skies Boeing 747s such pilots on each flight.
or even military F-22 Raptors, between airports of their
The technological advancements here have helped these
guys with numerous other tools too. There are radars on
But, I am not writing this piece to tell you about this board the aircrafts that can scan the weather and terrain
secret society of av-geeks. I am writing this to tell you ahead even in the darkest of the nights. There are
why the skies call to me. And in this process, I would like computers and data repositories in the aircraft (called
to teach you a thing or two about the whole aviation an Electronic Flight Bag) that can pull up information
industry. about airways and airports in any part of the world.
There are datalink systems that allow the maintenance
The whole aviation industry runs on the back of an
crews to keep an eye on aircraft performance and
immaculate interplay between numerous processes, and
troubleshoot problems, even when it is mid-flight. ATCs
personnel taking care of every intricate detail. Yes, this
have more accurate information on their screens, thanks
is done through a million calculations going on within
to secondary radars and surface movement radars.
hundreds of computers and brains, located on the
aircrafts, and on the ground. But, the output of all these Where things can go wrong, there are always
calculations put together creates an art the magic of redundancies built into the system. You got an engine
flight, where giant hunks of metal gracefully lift off into failure while flying across an ocean? Dont worry! The
the air, and gently glide down to kiss the ground. aircraft can fly on a single engine for another 2-3 hours,
and routes are planned keeping in mind that at any point
Every aspect of the flight is pre-planned. The routes are
of the flight, there is at least one airport where it can
charted so as to make the best use of winds, and avoid
divert to while flying on a single engine.
any potentially risky airspace. The departing aircrafts
follow a definite path out of the airport (called SIDs) Not sure if your aircraft is carrying enough fuel for the
which separates them from the arriving aircrafts (which flight? Airlines are mandated by the regulation to carry
follow STARs). Once at a safe distance from the airports enough fuel for the trip to your destination. Along with
traffic, the aircrafts are supposed to follow certain that fuel, they are also mandated to carry additional fuel
defined routes, called airways to reach from point A for holding 30 minutes in the air, an aborted landing, and
to point B. On these airways, aircrafts flying towards the a trip to an alternate airport in case of a diversion. Apart

East fly at odd altitudes i.e. at 31,000 ft., 33,000 ft., from this mandated amount of fuel, airlines carry a 5-
35,000 ft. and so on. Alternately, aircrafts flying in the 10% of reserve fuel for any other contingencies.
opposite direction fly at even altitudes i.e. at 30,000
ft., 32,000 ft. and so on. Continued in the next page

Worried about how your aircraft will land in the dense

fog at Delhi? The Instrument Landing System (ILS) can
automatically land in zero visibility. But the regulations
do not allow pilots to land if the visibility drops below
50m. Even when landing automatically, the final
decisions are taken by the two pilots. To keep these
pilots prepared for all possibilities, they are subjected to
training in simulators every 6 months.

These complex systems are the reason why flying still

remains the safest mode of transportation. The minute
level of detail, and the way how all of it is organised to
work together fills the engineer in me with awe every
time I dip my feet into the subject. I am not sure if my
ramblings had any effect on you, but I do pray that this
hobby of mine continues to mesmerize me whenever I
turn to it.
Oats are a whole-grain food, known scientifically
as Avena Sativa
Oats have soluble and insoluble fibre
o Soluble fibre helps in lowering cholesterol
and stabilizing blood glucose level, whereas
insoluble fibre helps in improving intestinal
Oats are an easy and balanced breakfast
o A cup of oatmeal contains 150 calories, 4
grams fibre and 6 grams protein
Oats are naturally Gluten free
Oats help in keeping weight under control
Oats help in keeping you full for a longer time
Oats provide important minerals
o Thiamin (Thiamine? It is a vitamin, please
check) Assists the body in converting food
(Carbohydrates) to fuel (Glucose)
o Magnesium Helps in keeping a healthy

immune system, strong bones and steady


heartbeat, regulating blood glucose level,

and production of energy and proteins
o Iron Aids in keeping the hemoglobin up
Oats are a good source of anti-oxidants
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Siddharth Mahanta
Channel & Trade

Virtual Reality Headset:

Your Entry into the Virtual World

VirtualGames and Virtual Videos are the in-things of buying the said VR module, which I believe you should
present time. Since long, we have been watching 3D too.
movies in theaters. It definitely feels amazing and I still
remember watching Avatar in 3D, which had amazing 3D Price: Obviously, you don't want to end-up investing big
affects. Now, we have the 3D TVs to feel the same on something on an experimental purchase. But, this one
experience at home and also the 3D headsets, which I comes easy on pocket.
would reckon is much cheaper for a one time investment.
Warranty: Unlike other brands Zebronics comes with the
Now, for people who are not very much aware of this
gadget, let me give a brief intro.

Virtual Reality Headsets or VR Headsets are modules And we know the brand Zebronics - "Come on, how bad
by using which you can transform your 2D video or movie it can be, after all its Zebronics". This was the theory
watching experience into an exhilarating 3D experience. while buying.
Now, how can you do that?

First of all, you need to have a VR Headset (obviously)

and then you need to have a smartphone preferably with
a screen size between 4.5" to 6". There isnt any problem
with other screen sizes also, but there are a few VR
modules which support these sizes only.

After fulfilling the prerequisites, just insert your phone

inside the module and immerse yourself into the world
of 3D.
Now, the first thing is how to set-up the device. Unboxing
Many a times, I have seen people asking questions about is pretty simple - cut open the box and you will see a
the compatibility of a phone with the module. The device which looks like the picture above.
answer is, there is NO issue of compatibility. For a good
viewing experience, the smart phone should be a decent Clockwise from top to bottom -
one.. THAT'S IT! There are many applications which can
1. Open end where you have to put your phone
be used to integrate your phone and the VR Headset.
2. The cushion which will support your forehead
Further, this is compatible with iOS, Windows and
Android platforms. 3. Straps for holding the headset in place
4. Small circular thing that controls the mobile, when it
There are range of VR Headsets available in the is inside the headset
market, of which some are really good and the rest are
really mediocre. So you have to be a little careful while
Now, to integrate the phone with the headset, you will
buying your first VR Headset. Now, let me help you here have to install an app. There are many apps available
to get your first VR module. and I have used a lot. However, the best one I have used

till date is FULL DRIVE. It is available for download in

The VR Headset which I have chosen to review and have google play store and app store.
been using since last two months is ZEBRONICS ZEB-VR.

There are a couple of things which I had considered while Once you install the app, just open it and insert your
phone into the VR Headset'. Its done!
Continued in the next page
in place. Though once the cover is locked and the phone
does remain in place, I didn't like the way it holds it. They
I have taken a few criteria to review it, which you can
apply to buy other head gears as well. could have provided a strap to hold the phone.

So I rate it 2.5/5 for this.

1. Comfort of wearing the gear
2. Features
3. Viewing experience
4. Impact on the mobile device
5. Aesthetics

1. After wearing the headset you might feel a little

uncomfortable for some time, but is quite normal for the
first timers. There is sufficient support for the gear, so
one need not to worry about it coming out while using.

But the one thing which I didn't like about the headset is
the nose support area; there is no cushioning and also
light can come through that gap which ruins the
experience. That's why to get a quality experience, it is 5. I won't say it is the best looking VR Headset in the
better to keep the room dark or use something to fill the market, but not unpleasant at the same time. Though made
gap in the nose area. of plastic, it is not cheap looking. Zebronics is printed over
it and its feels okay to hold in hand. Given the price it
So it can be given a 3.5/5 for comfort of using it.
justifies the look , I would rate it 3/5 for aesthetics.
2. Now, with this VR Headset you can Watch 3D movies.
So, basically it is an entry level VR Headset. If you want to
Watch movies in theater mode, where it feels like
try Virtual Reality at a reasonably price, you can go for it.
watching a movie in theater and it is really good with this
Overall, it can be rated at 3.4/5, which is decent enough at
this price.
Play 3D games, but for this you will need a Bluetooth
controller (I will post the review for that very soon)

Watch 360 contents online (downloaded or from You


Simulate rides like roller coaster and scuba diving

So you can do pretty much everything with the VR


I will rate it 5/5 for this.

3. The lenses are clear enough to see 3D videos clearly.

There is a knob to adjust the lens spacing according to
individual eye spacing.

The viewing experience is quite OK and the contents can

be seen clearly. But you will need some time to adjust

to it. However, I have experienced that when you use it

for very long, the glasses become foggy. So I would
recommend a break after an hour of use.

I would rate it 3/5 for the viewing experience.

4. The space where the mobile is to be inserted is not

very great. There is no strap or hook to hold the phone
Rinky Sharma
Emerging Sectors

A Drive to Kaza and Back in an i10 Automatic

. Unprepared!
What we did right, what we learnt. Below are some recommended blogs that you can
For those who do not know Kaza, it is the administrative
capital city of Spiti Valley. People mostly confuse it with
Lahaul Valley or they are more or less restricted to only travel/
a visit to Chandratal. Spiti remains practically cut off
from the rest of India for 6 months of the year (November
to March). Even during the warmer months, a trip to the
cold mountain desert of Spiti is not a holiday. Holidays
are about relaxing and forgetting. Kaza is about valley-9-things-to-know.html
perseverance, strong faith and more than anything, a
journey to remember. It is about moving forward against
all odds especially when you decide to do it on your own, What we did: As we wanted to take an unplanned trip,
without an experienced person, without an SUV and we took print outs of hotel contact details of all the
without a hotel booking. That is the way we did it. stops we could be taking (as internet will not be working
there). We also took an Airtel Sim.
After a lot of persuading in September last year, my
brother finally convinced me for this trip to Kaza. I had What we realised: These contact details proved to be
never acquiesced to accompany him before, as a quick utterly useless as not just internet, but phones too did
search on Google about one of the most treacherous not work after Tapri/ Chitkul, so contact details did not
roads in the world was always enough to drive sense into help. Only BSNL Sim cards obtained in Himachal Pradesh
me. So this time, he tricked me into saying yes. ... His worked in Spiti, and that too only in Kaza
exact words were, We will turn back the moment you
want me to.... What we learnt: One should either visit during a season
when the snow has melted i.e. September to mid-
There are plenty of blogs that you could read about October as during this time, the hotels have ample
taking a trip to Kaza. So this will not be a day by day vacancies or go with pre-booking
account of how we fared on the trip, but a brief doze of
what our learning on this trip has been.

What we did: Read all the blogs written about travel to What we did: Got the head lights of our car (i10
Kaza, took print-outs automatic) upgraded to highest watts doable

What we realised: While it was good to read and prepare What we realised: This was the most sensible
mentally for the trip, one did not need all the info on preparation we could have done!
paper... we needed direction boards on the road...and What we learnt: When evening turns to night,
guess what Border Road Organisation (BRO) did not put mountains become pitch black. There is no street
many boards with actual directions on them... they put lighting concept in remote mountainous regions. One
ample with lines expressing admiration for BRO time we lost our way at night in the mountains. Another
What we learnt: Taking a picture of every direction time we stopped short of a herd of blue sheep that have
board that comes your way helps a lot as there are a very a habit of crossing the roads jumping from the higher
few other vehicles that pass through those roads. So if mountain side to the lower. If we did not have strong
headlights, we would have injured a sheep or had an

you are a solo traveler, you could be waiting for a long

time to ask directions or might take wrong route in haste accident
without asking directions. One can also take a drawn up
map of their journey with exact km between various
stops. What we did: Packed dry snacks, knife, bottled water,
sanitizer, toilet paper, 5 litre plastic can of petrol, beer
Continued in the next page...

What we realised: There were long stretches of rocky

But to think back, we would not have found a
mountains without any shops, humans, other vehicles,
mechanic for an automatic hatch back and could
not even a shrub. One needed all the preparation they
have gotten stuck in a really bad situation had
could get. I had never been a proponent of drinking and
something happened
driving, but the stress of driving in those roads required
Inform your loved ones on every step of the way,
one to take a gulp or two from the beer can. Also petrol
tell them that phones will not work: We did not
pumps were not easy to find, so carrying extra petrol in
inform at home that phones will stop working... you
the boot was a good idea.
can imagine the consequences!
What we learnt: For water, we could have also taken a
Wishing you a happy journey for whenever you are
portable filter and used the filtered water from
planning to visit.
waterfalls. Drinking that water is good for health. We
could have also taken more chocolates. We ate all we
had taken really quickly. One does not feel like eating on
those conditions, but a chocolate is a quick energy
source which does not make you feel full.

What we did: Packed rough and tough clothes, sports

shoes, warmers

What we realised: Another sensible choice as there was

a lot of dust in September end when we took the trip
Dry, dusty and warm during the day, bitterly cold at night

What we learnt: There can be two jackets per person,

one light (for day) and one really warm (for night)

Other learnings

Take your medicines: We took medicines, but too

few Vitamin C tablets and nothing for higher
altitudes to help with lack of Oxygen. After Shimla,
there is no promise of stocks in medicine shops.
Vitamin C was something our life depended on as
the dust kept our throats extremely sore. Also, it is
highly advisable to get a check-up done by your
physician and get higher altitude medicines
prescribed in advance. Chewing bulbs of garlic as
suggested by some locals can help with the
heaviness in head, but it can also make you throw-

Take a manual car: While an SUV on any day is

better than a hatch back for such a journey, within
hatch backs, an automatic might not be a great
idea. We were extremely lucky. We did not even
get a flat tyre on the way.
Traveling it turns you speechless, then turns you into a



Travel to Marvel

Is there anyone in the world who likes to ALWAYS stick We all love to have a vacation with family and friends.
to a cosy place? Many of us are not. Comforts forbid Apart from fun and enjoyment, we can have some
adventure. Through travel, well find a new purpose of interesting benefits through our vacations. Taking a
living and it helps us to have a healthy conversation with vacation can lower your risk of heart disease, traveling
our neighbours. We can experience serendipity and increases our knowledge and widens our perspective,
synchronicity of this world. new experience increases our resourcefulness, we can
overcome our fears and challenge your insecurities and
Many people complain and worry about their business
it disconnects us from our routine life.
travels, but trust me business travels are more enjoyable
than vacations. Assume that you have to travel abroad Rather than waiting until you say I wish I had, live so
frequently; youre not just seeing the world, but getting you can say Im glad I did
paid for experiencing this. You may hone your adapting
skills, you can meet different people and sometimes you
can find valuable business partners in flights though. Of
course, youll receive more passport stamps Its totally

According to a research conducted by the Global

Commission on Aging and Transamerica centre for
Retirement Studies, people who travel more are as
healthy as non-travelers. And yes, researchers did
account for factors such as income levels and pre-
existing poor health. They proved the fact that traveling
keeps you younger or at least healthier. Along with this,
traveling also improves our problem solving skills.

Meeting people from various countries also helps us to

learn about their cultures and rituals. Many of us have
bad impression about their parenting, but they raise
their children with enough freedom and teach them to
earn their bread and butter. I heard about many
advantages of it through my conversation with a
foreigner. Even when a conversation gave a better
understanding about their culture, why dont we try and
meet their culture directly.

Lets have short insight on advantages of traveling within

our country. We can learn about polytheism and it helps
us to overcome our fake stereotypes about our
neighbours race. While traveling through our cities, we
can learn about the technology and infrastructure which
we have in these days. In Chennai, Kathipara junction is
the best example of infrastructure improvement while
Bangalore city acts as a great proof of technology

development. We will experience it only by the way of

visiting it directly. Sometimes, we may get an
opportunity to have trip to small towns and villages, and
through that, we can meet the native lands and people
besides experiencing their dialect.
The purpose of art is washing the dust of
daily life off our souls.

-Pablo Picasso Priyamvada Raman

HR Team

Paper Quilling Jhumka Tutorial

Here is the step-by-step tutorial on making beautiful If you dont have 3D mold, you can make it using fingers.
multi-colored Jhumka using paper strips. You can try Slowly push the coil from one side to another side to get
any color combination for this Jhumka. the structure. Apply a layer of diluted glue on the inner
surface of the cup to secure the structure.
Making Time: 10 minutes

Materials Needed:

1. Paper strips
2. Slotted quilling tool
3. Quilling mini mold
4. Crimper tool
5. Quilling comb Now your Jhumka cups are ready.
6. Quilling form
7. Cutter Step 4:
8. Plier
Insert an eye pin from the bottom of the cup. Then,
Step-by-Step Process: insert a bead spacer on the top. Make a small loop at
the top using pliers. Insert a jump ring and attach the
Step 1: hook.

Take four quilling papers, say for example - three red

colored and one yellow. Glue them one by one in the
order - red, yellow, red and red.

Step 2:

Take a slotted quilling needle. Insert the paper strip into Repeat the steps for another earring. Your
the quilling slot and keep quilling until you get a tight paper quilled Jhumka is ready. Now you can waterproof
coil. your Jhumka To use as a sealant, either dip your brush
into some PPA (Perfect Paper Adhesive) or squeeze some
PPA onto your brush from your glue bottle. Paint the PPA
onto your quilling piece on one side. You will notice that
it is white looking. But don't worry, it dries perfectly
clear and also soaks into the paper, so it won't leave
clumps. This will give an additional protection and a
glossy look to your jewelry.
Step 3:

Remove the coil from the quilling tool and fix the edge

using glue to secure the coil.

Then, take your 3D mold and put the coil in the

appropriate slot. Gently press the coil to get
the Jhumka cup.
Rekha Shrinivasan
HR Team

Enga Ooruku Periya Whistle Adinga

(Whistle Aloud for Our City)
Chennai was not always on top for any news or activities. My friends from other states developed new interest in
But last one year, Tamil Nadu is on top for all Right and knowing about happenings in Tamil Nadu. They even
Wrong reasons. started following Tamil news channels to know what is
happening around Jallikattu or high end drama for
December 2015 and 2106 Chennai and other nearby
electing the new CM. These were hot topics of discussion
districts were affected by flood Vardha. Again in
whenever they spoke to me !
December 2016, the Iron Lady of Tamil Nadu passed
away and all the events collectively post the demise was We, Chennaites, always stand together while facing a
no less than a drama. problem, may it be a natural calamity like Tsunami /
flood like Vardha or any social / political issue. This
When Chennai was about to recover from the twin blows,
reminds our Thaliavans dialogue Naan Yaanai Illai
came the JalliKattu Protest. JalliKattu, a traditional bull
Kudhirai...Summa Taknnu Endhiruppen (Not an
taming sport in Tamil Nadu, is held during Pongal. The
Elephant but Horse, Takes Hardly Seconds to Raise).
main reason for the protest was against Supreme Court's
order banning the sport citing cruelty to animals based Thats the spirt of Tamil Nadu and the spirit of Chennai
on a lawsuit filed by various NGOs.

The protest was spontaneous and had no specific

organizers. The protest was initially started by numerous
Leaderless Youth across the state and further bolstered
by people from various sections including IT professionals
(who joined later). The protest was primarily
coordinated using social media like Facebook, WhatsApp
and Twitter.

The protest was largely peaceful and received praise

from all over the country besides inspiring the
legalization movements of several other Indian states'
traditional outlawed celebrations.

The protest went for more than 15 days and finally ended
in violence. Despite violence, Tamil Nadu Police
reported that the violence was caused by "anti-social
elements" and not by students.

On 23 January 2017, the Tamil Nadu legislature passed a

bi-partisan bill, with the accession of the Prime Minister,
exempting Jallikattu from the Prevention of Cruelity to
Animals Act (1960). The legal situation surrounding
Jallikattu is as yet not clearly resolved, but the impact
of this protest has given impetus to similar protest in
Karnataka in support of the now banned buffalo race
called 'Kambala' and banning of PETA.

Traders and a number of colleges in Tamil Nadu have


called for a ban on aerated drinks Pepsi and Coca-Cola,

and revival of home grown drinks, tender coconut water
and fresh juices.
"Success is most often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable."

Coco Chanel.

Rajashree I V
Emerging Sectors

Kitchen Corner
Avakkaya It might feel dry, it is okay. Leave the pickle to rest for
two three days and then open the lid and mix all the
contents. In two to three days mangoes tend to soften
and release water which will give you a gravy like
consistency in the pickle.

Another variant Add peeled garlic pods (1 cup for the

above quantity) to have avakkaya with garlic

Remember Water is the worst enemy. At all times

ensure there is no moisture on the bottle, on your hands
or in any spoon that you use.

Every region in India has its own special delicacy. You The pickle will be ready to eat in 5 days time. Tastes
will rarely fine a Telugu household which does not have best when eaten with hot rice, dal and curd.
the famous avakkaya. Made of raw mango, this pickle
is a must with almost every lunch. Here is the recipe
Kandi Podi

10 raw pickle mangoes ( medium sized 8) - dark

green colour and fibrous
Equal measure of
o Red chilli powder 375 gms
o Mustard powder ( grind the mustard at home)-
375 gms
o Salt around 300 gms
Til oil litre.

Kandi podi / gun powder as it is referred down south
Wash the mangoes and wipe them dry
Dice the mango into 1/ 1.5 inch pieces ensuring This again is eaten with rice and ghee and also with
that the seed is left on the cut pieces. A deseeded rasam rice.
mango piece will reduce the shelf life of the pickle
Clean the mangoes to remove the thin paper like Ingredients
skin that you see on the inner side of the seeds
1 cup thoor dal

In a bowl mix red chilli powder, mustard powder and 2 / 3 teaspoon dry red chillies
salt. Drop a few mango pieces in the powder and mix it, 2 teaspoon cumin seeds (Jeera)
pour a little oil and mix again. This is to ensure that the
pieces get coated with the oil cum masala mixture Salt to taste
evenly. Remove these pieces into a container in which Process
you want to store the pickle. Repeat the process till all
the mango pieces are coated with the masala and oil Dry roast the thoor dal. Grind it coarsely with the cumin.

mixture. This process actually ensures that the oil usage Dry roast the chilli powder for a minute. Mix the two and
is limited. Once all the pieces have been wrapped in this add the salt. Your gun powder is ready.
masala mixture, pour oil into the container, ensuring a
thick gravy consistency.
Deepak H
Off the Shelf

Recipes from Wifes Kitchen

Kadalebele payasa(payasam) recipe Sev/ Oma Pudi/ Muruku stick
Channa dal kheer recipe

Servers 7-8 cups Ingredients:

Ingredients 1 cup gram flour/kadale hittu

1/2 cup rice flour
1 Cup Channa dal/Kadale bele 1 tbsp butter
1 Cup Jaggery 2-3 tbsp hot oil
1 Cup grated coconut 1 tbsp ajwain
2 Elachi Salt as required
10-15 Cashews 1 tsp pepper powder
1 tbsp Khus Khus 1 tsp asafoetida
1 tbsp ghee/clarified butter 1 tsp turmeric powder
Procedure Oil to fry

Wash and soak channa dal for 30 mins, cook it for 20 mins Procedure
in medium flame or also you can pressure cook for 1 Dry roast ajwain and lightly pound it.If you are using
whistle. small holes in the shavige press, powder ajwani in mixer
Meanwhile melt the jaggery in one cup water and sieve by adding 4-5 tbsp of water and filter it (I omitted this
it and keep aside. step). I have added only roasted ajwani.

In the separate pan fry khus khus and grind it with Sieve gram flour, rice flour together, add salt, ajwani,
coconut, elachi add water to make smooth paste. butter (room temperature), hot oil,pepper
powder,asafoetida and turmeric powder(here I have not
Add coconut paste and jaggery to cooked dal and simmer used turmeric).
it for 15-20mins. Do not boil it, stir it in between to avoid
it from burning. Slowly add water and mix it ( if you are using ajwani
extract,it can be added in this step), make sure you get
Roast cashews in ghee and add it finally. Serve it warm. a chapati dough consistency.
Note: Oil the Shavige/ Idiyappam press and fill the dough in
Dont add too much water, water added to melt jaggery press. I used medium holed plate.
and make paste is more than enough. If you feel it is not By this time heat the oil, oil should be heated just right,
getting into kheer consistency then add water little by drop a pinch of dough into it and dough has to raise up
little. immediately.Now press the dough and make circle, make

If you dont simmer payasam for good 15-20mins, it will one circle each batch. Do not worry if it gets
not get into kheer consistency. overlap.Turn over the sev circle carefully and cook till
bubbles ceases, whole process must not take more than
3 mins. Feel the crispiness in ladle and right color, make
sure its not over fried. Drain in paper towel, repeat the

To Walk on the Path

In the city of Savatthi in northern India, the Buddha had Then certainly you must go from Savatth to Rajagaha
a large centre where people would come to meditate and quite often?
to listen to his Dhamma talks. Every evening one young
Yes sir. Many times each year I visit Rajagaha and return
man used to come to hear his discourses. For years he
to Savatth.
came to listen to the Buddha but never put any of the
teaching into practice. Having travelled and returned so many times on the
path from here to Rajagaha, certainly you must know the
After a few years, one evening this man came a little
path very well?
early and found the Buddha alone. He approached him
and said, Sir, I have a question that keeps arising in my Oh yes, sir, I know it perfectly. I might almost say that
mind, raising doubts. even if I was blindfolded I could find the path to
Rajagaha, so many times have I walked it.
Oh? There should not be any doubts on the path of
Dhamma; have them clarified. What is your question? And your friends, those who know you well, certainly
they must know that you are from Rajagaha and have
Sir, for many years now I have been coming to your
settled here? They must know that you often visit
meditation center, and I have noticed that there are a
Rajagaha and return, and that you know the path from
large number of recluses around you, monks and nuns,
here to Rajagaha perfectly?
and a still larger number of lay people, both men and
women. For years some of them have been coming to Oh yes, sir. All those who are close to me know that I
you. Some of them, I can see, have certainly reached the often go to Rajagaha and that I know the path perfectly.
final stage; quite obviously they are fully liberated. I can
Then it must happen that some of them come to you
also see that others have experienced some change in
and ask you to explain to them the path from here to
their lives. They are better than they were before,
Rajagaha. Do you hide anything or do you explain the
although I cannot say that they are fully liberated. But
path to them clearly?
sir, I also notice that a large number of people, including
myself, are as they were, or sometimes they are even What is there to hide, sir? I explain it to them as clearly
worse. They have not changed at all, or have not changed as I can: you start walking towards the east and then
for the better head towards Banaras, and continue onward until you
reach Gaya and then Rajagaha. I explain it very plainly
Why should this be, sir? People come to you, such a
to them sir.
great man, fully enlightened, such a powerful,
compassionate person. Why don't you use your power and And these people to whom you give such clear
compassion to liberate them all? explanation, do all of them reach Rajagaha?

The Buddha smiled and said, Young man, where do you How can that be, sir? Those who walk the entire path to
live? What is your native place? its end, only they will reach Rajagaha.

Sir, I live here in Savatthi, this capital city of the state How can that be, sir? Those who walk the entire path to
of Kosala. its end, only they will reach Rajagaha.

Yes, but your facial features show that you are not from This is what I want to explain to you, young man. People
this part of the country. Where are you from originally? keep coming to me knowing that this is someone who has
walked the path from here to nibbana and so knows it
Sir, I am from the city of Rajagaha, the capital of the
perfectly. They come to me and ask, What is the path
state of Magadha. I came and settled here in Savatthi a

to nibbana, to liberation?' And what is there to hide? I

few years ago.
explain it to them clearly: This is the path. ' If somebody
And have you severed all connections with Rajagaha? just nods his head and says, Well said, well said, a very
good path, but I won't take a step on
Continued in the next page
Shalini B
HR Team


it; a wonderful path, but I won't take the trouble to walk Connect to others
over it,' then how can such a person reach the final goal?
There is nothing more calming than spending quality time
I do not carry anyone on my shoulders to take him to
with another human being who makes you feel safe and
the final goal. Nobody can carry anyone else on his
understood. In fact, face-to-face interaction triggers a
shoulders to the final goal. At most, with love and
cascade of hormones that counteracts the bodys
compassion one can say, Well, this is the path, and this
defensive fight-or-flight response. Its natures natural
is how I have walked on it. You also work, you also walk,
stress reliever (as an added bonus, it also helps stave off
and you will reach the final goal.' But each person has to
depression and anxiety). So make it a point to connect
walk himself, has to take every step on the path himself.
regularly and in person with family and friends.
He who has taken one step on the path is one step nearer
the goal. He who has taken a hundred steps is a hundred Keep in mind that the people you talk to dont have to
steps nearer the goal. He who has taken all the steps on be able to fix your stress. They simply need to be good
the path has reached the final goal. You have to walk on listeners. And try not to let worries about looking weak
the path yourself. or being a burden keep you from opening up. The people
who care about you will be flattered by your trust. It will
only strengthen your bond. But by building and
maintaining a network of close friends you can improve
your resiliency to lifes stressors.

Whether you want to connect with people socially, make

a great first impression, or to build connections for work,
it can be a bit intimidating to find a way to bond with
people, at first. However, if you focus on showing that
you really care about the person youre talking to, make
some meaningful conversation, or work on making
people feel comfortable, then youll be on your way to
connecting with anybody without a hitch.
Tips for building relationships

1. Reach out to a colleague at work

2. Help someone else by volunteering

3. Have lunch or coffee with a friend

4. Ask a loved one to check in with you regularly

5. Accompany someone to the movies or a concert

6. Call or email an old friend

7. Go for a walk with a workout buddy

8. Meet new people by taking a class or joining a club

Do something you enjoy every day. Make time for

leisure activities that bring you joy, whether it be
stargazing, playing the piano, Singing or working on your

bike or Cycle.
Keep your sense of humor. This includes the ability to
laugh at yourself. The act of laughing helps your body
fight stress in a number of ways.
In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes
more real than reality.

Basavraj - Ansel Adams


Through the Feedbackers Lens

A Monkey at Badami Hills An Anthorium

A rock dove at Lalbagh A Fruit Stall at Gandhi Bazaar


A Tiger at Bannerghatta A Squirrel at Lalbagh

It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive.

Vijay Antony
- Earl Warren Energy Power, Oil & Gas

Christmas Eve to remember !!

It was a beautiful evening when the city was shone under We were glad that he was still alive and eternally
the stars. My friends and I were driving to my native grateful to the locals who had rescued my friend and
Thiruvallur, which is 50km away from Chennai. We brought him to us.
decided to halt for refreshments late in the evening.
Once we started from that village, we headed towards
Fortunately (or rather, Unfortunately) , we found a small
my native without stopping anywhere in between. We
shop on the side of the road.
did not inform our families about the incident and spoil
My friends and I wanted to buy a 2 litre cool drink bottle the holiday mood. We were pretty shaken about the
which costs Rs. 75/-. The whole uneventful trip took a incident but tried to cheer ourselves and get back to the
turn for the worse when the shop keeper demanded an festive mood.
extra Rs. 20/- which summed up to Rs. 95/- . This
The open air barbeque worked wonders. The smell of
instantly provoked one of my friends who in turn
burning coals warmed our souls and the aroma of the
questioned the shopkeeper for charging us an extra Rs.
spicy smoked chicken was just enough for us to heal our
20/-. This turned into a quarrel and the shopkeeper,
pain and bring us back to our normal selves. But we still
being an arrogant man, took out a knife to threaten my
couldnt take the fact that our friend was beaten up for
friend as he couldnt withstand the fact that we were
no fault of his and so we decided to notify the police the
bold enough to question him in front of his peers around
next day, so we removed his shirt to take pictures of his
the shop. This made the situation worse and we
wound and we found that his gold chain was missing. One
immediately tried to make peace with the shopkeeper
of our friends sent a message about the incident to the
and managed to get my friend back into the car.
Chennai Commissioners Help Line number at 3:00 a.m.
As we started our car to leave the place, a guy reached Around 6:30 in the morning we received a call from the
in and snatched away the car keys. A group fifteen men commissioners office and we explained about the
had surrounded us and by the looks of it, they were ready previous days incident.
to beat us to pulp. It so happened that they were the
We were advised to get a doctors report from the GH
shopkeepers son and his friends. They were drunk and
and lodge a complaint against the criminal gang. We got
in no state to listen to an explanation from our side. They
the doctors certificate from the GH and rushed to the
started quarrelling with all of us which led to a physical
local police station. By the time we could meet the
altercation. By the time we got away from them we
Inspector; the criminal gang had received word about us
realised that our friend who had quarrelled with the
through the local police and were present there already.
shopkeeper was missing. They had abducted him while
When we were called inside, we were wrongly accused
we were being manhandled. They threatened to burn our
of being drunk and misbehaving on the scene of the
car, if we did not leave the place immediately without
incident, the local police supported the criminal gang
our friend. The locals advised us to move our vehicle
initially. Since we got a doctors report, which included
from that place to avoid further issues but we couldnt
our blood test report proved them wrong. Since we had
leave our friend behind.
informed the Commissioners office and did everything
We tried reaching our friend through his mobile but in as advised, we had enough evidence to acquit ourselves.
vain. We were worried but also forced to move from that This made the inspector to do nothing in favour of
place and so we moved towards the highway. Few criminal gang and we demanded to file an FIR on the
minutes later, we noticed a guy from the same locality shopkeeper but they tried to compromise with us at the
following us in his vehicle. Fearing him to be one of the end they agreed to pay us full value of gold chain which

goondas wed met earlier, we did not stop our car. was 75,000 Rupees and gave us a cheque
Luckily, he was a nice man who followed us only to
I write this article to inform the readers that if you ever
inform us that our friend was rescued from the goondas
find yourself in a similar situation, violence is never the
and that he was being brought to us in another vehicle
answer therefore stay calm and act wisely.
behind us. When our friend reached us, we noticed that
he was beaten to pulp but there was nothing we could Continued in the next page

Lessons from Mahabharata

Continued.. Commitment
Being well informed about the Law and the emergency
Kauravas :
helpline numbers would be of great help in such
situations. The Big 4 had big emotional attachment with the five
Pandavas. Looking further on their commitment.
Few numbers which will be of help during such
situation: Bhisma himself gave away the secret of killing him
to the Pandavas. He prolonged the War by killing only
To find owners name and area of registration -
inconsequential soldiers. He did not fight a warrior like
Sms VAHAN<Space> vehiclenumber in caps to Shikhandi because of his personal bias.
Drona too indirectly gave away his secret, by saying
For Chennai folks (send a text to the number below, if he was invulnerable as long as he held a weapon.
there is no proper action taken by local police) Moreover he abandoned weapons as soon as he knew his
son had died.
Commissioners office helpline number 9500099100.
Karna did not kill Yudhisthira and Bhima when he
got the chance. He gave away his Kavach and Kundala
prior to his war. Karna fled innumerous times from the
War when he was hurt. He didnt save Dushasana when
Bhima was killing him.

Shalya kept on insulting Karna while in Battle.


Abhimanyu , a 16 year old kid. Ventured beyond

enemy lines alone. This was suicide mission but he still
went in and took a great part of the army down with him.
It took the combined effort of 7 Maharathis to take him

Ghatotkach even in death, took with him almost

half the army.

Yudhisthira, he knew he couldnt face Karna in

War, but still went in to set an example. Yudhitshira
didn't hesitate to tell a lie or a twisted truth when faced
with the decision of whether to stick to his personal
integrity or welfare of the team.

Krishna took up arms twice and almost entered the

War, inspite of his promise, only to be stopped by Arjuna.

The interests of the Individual should never exceed the

Team interest.

The best man for a Job is not the one with the best
capabilities but one with the greatest commitment.
We hope that when insects take over the world they remember
with gratitude how we took them along on all our picnics
Shilpa Kumar
- Bill Vaghaun BD team

Delhi Office Picnic

This years the picnic had to be different. After years of
mellow get-togethers at farmhouses, it was time to make
a run for the forests!

I had arranged the picnic this year for my office

colleagues and their family members. Few among us
were not available due to prior commitments like travel
plans, meetings or kids exams. But in the end, a group
of 26 people got together to enjoy the trip.

With a voting done in good faith, we decided to visit Jim

Corbett National Park for a one-night and two-day picnic.
It is around 250 km from Delhi and everyone was excited
to visit. Few of us travelled in our own cars with family
members including kids. Rest of us travelled by cars hired
from Zoom car. As the weather was nice at Delhi during
December, we enjoyed the drive a lot.

On the first day of our picnic, which happened to be a

Saturday, we reached the spot at around 12 pm. We
settled down in the rooms allotted to us, we had
delicious and yummy food for lunch. After lunch, we all
went to see our resort The Tiger Grooves, where we
had the stay arranged. The resort was suggested by my
husband Mr. Shailesh Kumar and was booked by me.

Kids went out to play Ludo, Carrom and Tennis, while

other grown-up youngsters played Badminton and
Cricket. However, few of us lazybones slept, as we were
tired of the travel.

We also had a DJ Night with bonfire ready for our

enjoyment. We all had amazing fun on the dance floor
with our drinks and snacks, while the dinner was being
readied. After the dinner, we went for a good sleep.

Early morning, we woke up to a fresh air of the

mountains with a good mood. We went for a nature walk
in the jungle. We went up to a river and the foothills.
River water there was so fresh and sweet, and that was
the perfect place for taking selfies. Trust me, I am an
expert in the selfie game.

I was a bit sad as this beautiful day was coming to an

end. But, on the way home, we could not stop talking

about the fun we had. Most of us were busy browsing

through some of the nicest photographs taken by our
photographer - Aditya. It was a wonderful picnic that we
all thoroughly enjoyed, the memories of which will
always be cherished in the core of our hearts for years to
Sneha Muchandi
HR Team

Chill maadi Bengaluru - Picnic

So, for this years annual picnic, we decided to go to
Ramnagar Camp Fire Circle adventure trip, which
provided us a time filled with adventure and games for
two days. Bangalore office, with strength of about 60,
saw a good response for the picnic slated on 3rd & 4th of
February. The journey to Ramnagar, situated on the
outskirts of Bangalore city, took us about 3 hours. Few of
us boarded the bus on hire and the rest followed us
driving their cars.

On reaching the camp fire circle, we were welcomed

with some hot Chai and Bhajji which got us all refreshed.
When most of us were settling down in our tents, the
guys had already started playing football / volleyball.

Yes, it was party time with cool nights breeze, hot

starters, some wet / cold drinks around the camp fire.
Add to these were dance, music and laughter - a perfect
night to justify the Chill Maadi Bengaluru picnic.
After being exhausted of dancing, everyone were waiting
for some dinner, served in both veg and non- veg. Late
night chatting and some indoor games too were seen
until everyone dozed off to sleep. Spending the night in
tents under the star light sky is a memory to cherish.

By the time we returned, the breakfast was ready with

several activities being lined up. Archery, Zip lining,
Rappelling, Tug- of- War, River crossing and many

Next day, we had planned for an early morning trek. Few

of us went for an early morning trek and others went
Kayaking in the lake beside the camp fire spot. The early
morning sunrise neighbouring the lake was breath-

Continued in the next page...

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

- John C. Maxwell

5 Cs of Leadership

Thanks to all the physical activities, we were famished

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi is one of just 12 female CEOs in
and waiting for lunch. After wholesome lunch, we settled
the Fortune 500 and was ranked the #1 most powerful
talking for some time. We had a photo session with the woman in the world twice by the magazine.
Bengaluru picnic gang. Now for the last but not the least
activity - Rain dance. Rain dance with rocking music wore Impressive. But how did she manage to become such an
out all the exhaustion and every one was ready to dance effective leader?
again. A Perfect ending to an amazing trip.
Nooyi distills her leadership philosophy down to "Five
Overall, it was a great experience for all of us and an C's," which she shared during her recent keynote speech
opportunity to bond with all the colleagues and of course at the the BlogHer '11 conference in San Diego.
to have lot of fun.
Smartblogs blogger Jessica Miller-Merrell was there, and
summarized that part of Nooyi's speech:

Stand out from the pack and be a lifelong learner.
Remain ahead and abreast in your field.

Courage and Confidence.

Speak out. Establish your knowledge base and be
confident in it as a leader.

Over-invest in written and oral communication. Leaders
constantly have to motivate the troops.

Remaining steady, reliable, and determined allows for
credibility and a baseline to measure your successes and


Integrity is critical in this job.

Malathi Ankita Jaiswal
HR Team Channel & Trade

Mumbai Journey To Joy

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape The night brought lots of smiles, story time around
us. Anonymous bonfire, bonding and remembering the good old
moments. The sky was full of stars; even before 8 pm we
Our office trip was planned for 25th February, 2017. We
were able to see the twinkling stars. After living in metro
decided to go to Bhandardara, which is popular holiday
cities full of pollution, such scenery surely brings along a
destination on the western ghats of India. The dam by
relaxing and joyful moment. We didnt realize how late
the same name and the village is located in the
we slept.
Ahmednagar district of the state of Maharashtra, about
185 kilometers from Mumbai. As all of us were excited Next morning, few of us decided to go trekking on the
for the trip, a day before trip also involved lots of nearby hill. The trek path was quite new as it was not
planning about the trip day. visited by many. We had to cross steep paths, small
forest area and grassy land to reach on the top. However
Finally the day arrived, as we had to cover around 4-5
as the path was not clear we had to stop our trek a little
hour journey, we decided to leave early in the morning.
before reaching the top. However the view from the hill
We started from Borivali, and our bus proceeded from
was great as we could see the entire dam area and also
there to collect team at different spots. After all of us
nearby village from the hill. After our breakfast we
boarded the bus, we started our journey from Eastern
decided to go for a swim in the lake. As nobody was in a
Expressway onto Nashik Highway. We took a short break
hurry, we ended up spending more than an hour in the
for breakfast on our way. The journey was filled with lots
of fun activities, singing and dancing. Bhandardara
village offers many mesmerizing sceneries. The dam and As cricket being the favorite sport of most of Mumbai
lake area is covered by hills on all sides. To reach our team, we had brought bats, balls and stumps with us for
venue we went around the lake from the ghat roads that the trip. It was fun to play on the open ground. The
were small but adventurous. organizers have also kept an archery activity for us. All
of us took turn to shoot arrows at the target. It was fun
To beat the heat, we decided to stop near a small lake,
to shoot and most of us nailed the target by putting our
where few of us got down to play in water. Splashing
arrows through. After that as it was already noon we
water, selfies, and lots of poses made it a refreshing
decided to start for Mumbai. On our way we stopped at
break for everyone. We reached our venue around
the village to have homemade food that gave us the
evening, when the sun was about to set.

flavor of traditional Maharashtrian food. We were

Our camping area was selected our by our organizer near surprised to see a village that had mud huts but had all
the dam area. Our tents were set close to the clearing. amenities like electricity, appliances and even set top
To add more flavors to our camping, we had organized a box TV. We sat on the floor in the form of traditional
small party that included bonfire, music, dancing, pangat, but the Bahubali being played on TV gave us a
drinks, barbeque, and village food. feel of open view theatre. It was fun to have our meal
with lots of fun topics.

Continued in the next page..

Rekha Srinivasan
HR Team

Chennai Picnic
Chennai Feedback; everyone assumes it as small office Everyone wanted to stay late and roam the entire Pondy,
and less people so not much fun. But, we find but next day kids had school and we had office. So
opportunities to make the office lively and to enjoy the without any choice, we had to depart and promised each
work. Whenever we plan our picnic, it will be a family other that we would plan a better get together next year
event for us. We make sure all the Chennai Feedbackers
and have lots of fun.
are available for the picnic. This year, we had planned
the excursion on 21st and 22nd of January, but the last
minute travel plan (as usual) made us to postpone it to
25th and 26th of January. Our Bengali Babu missed the
fun, but he promised a drink for everyone as his
engagement treat.
As we were hardly 14, we planned to do carpooling. On
25th, we started from the office at around 4 pm. Our
first destination was Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram.
Built in 700728 AD, sailors gave the name Seven
Pagodas to the Shore Temple as the temple probably
acted as a landmark for navigation of their ships. The
tsunami of December 2004 that struck the coastline of
Coromandel exposed an old collapsed temple built
entirely of granite blocks, of which six temples remain
submerged in the sea.
We were exploring the place and everyone tried to click
Selfies and Groupies. Kids and ladies wanted to do
shopping, but as usual men were not willing. As it was
getting late, they preferred to reach the resort early.
We were behind the schedule by 2 hours and by 8 pm we
reached St. James Court Resort at Pondy.
After dinner, all were set for games organised by
Pavithra and Vijay Antony. We divided ourselves into 3
teams, and the first game was Find the Song Hearing
the Antra. Everyone was struggling to find the Mukhda
/ Pallavi of the songs even though various clues were
given by Pavithra. Susai became the Rock Star by
entertaining everyone with his classical jokes and timely
comedies. Next game was to find the Sportsperson
and the last one was tic tac toe. The entire gang had
lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. After
wishing everyone for Republic Day, we slept.
Next day early morning, around 5.30 am, everyone was
at sea shore. Most of us were playing and pulling others
on the beach. Around 7 am, we decided to go for
swimming. People like me, who dont know swimming
also entered into the sea and have fun. After breakfast,
we had planned to visit Auroville, but kids were busy

playing Swings and Slides and guys started to play

Cricket. Ladies had no other choice but to gossip . We
checked out of the resort and started towards
Auroville for sightseeing and lunch. As the day was a
holiday, all places were crowded and we were not able
to roam much in Auroville. After having our lunch, we
decided to depart.
Saroj Sridhar
VC & Chief Mentor

A travelogue
CHENNAI of sorts
On my sons advice, I have been (or at least diligently I get a lot of fresh air. Of course with a little bit of dust
trying to) walk everywhere within 3 kms of my house. & pollution as well, but that is fine.
When did this role reversal happen I wonder? However,
since in this case, all the three kids walk everywhere in My reflexes have improved crossing the road deftly,
their respective cities, they had source credibility and so weaving in and out of traffic.
I 'listened'. I learnt to improvise and be minimalistic. I cannot carry
So when the office shifted fairly close to my home (1.7 anything heavy, so I found ingenious methods of packing
kms), it was a no brainer that I walk to the office. That my lunch light and reducing the clutter in my bag!
this resolution would become an adventure of sorts was
not something I had bargained for. I enjoy seeing all the lovely houses on the way. I take a
different road every day in my effort to find a less
hazardous route!
Consider the following:
The distance of 1.7 kms is not too much, but three
fourths of the way has no pavement and navigating the
balance one fourth is like an obstacle race. You have to
skirt the debris lying bang in the middle of the footpath,
get off the footpath every 50 steps or so to cross a drive
way and climb back up again, carefully avoid the
garbage.... You get the point. I discovered so many new (interesting looking) cafes I
never knew existed.

I enjoy watching & observing other people on the road,

in their cars or on the footpath like me! Little children
getting dropped off at school, dogs going for leisurely
walks, hawkers busy first thing in the morning
The four wheelers and two wheelers whizz by,
dangerously close to you, never mind that you are on the And yes I do feel triumphant when I reach the office!!!
so called footpath. While it does provide a momentary Like I have achieved a major feat! The yellow flowers at
cool breeze, it also makes your heart palpitate every the entrance seem to agree :)
time! I think in India we also have to teach vehicles the
concept of personal space.
The noise pollution from the constant honking everyone
thinks its their birth right to honk the moment they get
behind the wheel. This is the first thing that is taught to
us in our driving schools and that is one lesson none of us
seem to forget.
But most of all, I feel good and maybe just a teeny bit
Enough of whining, lets look at the positives: superior! I feel good about taking the effort to walk and
doing my little bit to reduce pollution and getting back
My vocabulary has increased considerably. I take great to basics.
pleasure in shouting (and yes gesticulating) at everyone

who comes remotely close, is on the wrong side of the I for one plan to continue walking to office and other
road or is driving on the non-existent footpath. places. Never mind the state of our roads, our footpaths
and our traffic!!!
I add on 6000 to 7000 steps which keeps my Fitbit happy.
A gift lovingly given by my family after I had managed to Walking Zindabad!
lose the earlier one. Guess they think I am in dire need
of it.
A Picnic is more than eating a meal, it is a pleasurable state of mind A Picnic is more than eating a meal, it

Successful investing is about managing risk , not avoiding it.

- Benjamin Graham

Play snakes and ladders with your money

As a child, you may have played the game to win. As a young adult, climb the correct ladders and avoid the snakes
to win more money.

Snakes: Ladders:

Small snakes: Small ladders:

Parties every other day Setting a small salary portion aside for emergencies

No track of expenses and income Controlling unnecessary expenditure

Missing EMI payments Multiple sources of income

Long snakes: Long ladders:

Spending more than earning Investing Rs 1,000/month from first job

Simply saving and not investing Increase SIP with every salary hike

Not investing to save tax Investing in Equity and Equity MFs.

Letting credit card bills pile up Source UTI Swatantra

Article referred by I V Rajashree
Start investing in the 50s.

Find the name of the country hiding in the consecutive letters within these sentences.

For example, FRANCE is hiding in, "The runners who lived at the top of the cliff ran centuries ago" (clifF RAN CEenturies).

1. You all must pay it back, or each of you will be in trouble.

2. Was Doctor Dolittles favorite animal a glib yak?

3. A true optimist will never let hope rush away.

4. How often can a daydream come true?

5. Is there a health spa in this hotel?

6. They are going in diametrically opposite directions.

7. Is the county fair a nice place to visit?

8. The foot with which I lead is my left one.

9. He owns a ranch in Arizona.

10. The foods we deny ourselves are usually tasty.

From the previous issue : Complete the storyline contest The winner is Harsha B Construction BU

What is your Key to Success?



Twitter reactions on historic launch of

104 satellites by ISRO