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Myrical Crosby


Explore and explain fundamentals of STEM education and career


STEM is a acronym for science,technology,engineering and math. Stem education brings

together the concepts that are usually taught in different classes. STEM education really focuses

on different solutions to solve real world problems; it's hands-on project based learning. STEM

education can be both interesting and challenging. On the bright side STEM education helps

prepare you for careers and trades that pays well. I am going to elaborate on each of the STEM


The scientific method is fundamental to science. It includes asking questions, making

hypotheses, doing an experiment, compiling results, and drawing conclusions."Science is

important because in science you conduct research. Throughout your research you find

discoveries and disprove false information. In science there are many occupations, the most

popular top ten are: Research scien biotechnologist, hydrogeologist, research scientist, geologist,

meteorologist, research chemist, analytical chemist, quality control (QC) chemist, wildlife

biologist, and chemist.

The fundamentals of technology are communication, solving problems, and completing

research. Technology is important because you gain important skills such as, problem solving,

graphic design and usage of software. Even though nearly every career uses technology some

popular technology careers are : computer and information research scientist, computer network

architect, computer-control programmers and operators.

Myrical Crosby

The fundamentals of engineering are building and designing. Engineering is important

because there will be no houses, cars, shoes, buildings, bridges, or roadways without

engineering. There are many careers in engineering such as architectural engineer, bio-

engineers, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and construction workers.

The fundamentals of math are: equations, time, geometry, weight, ratios, measurements,

statistics, space, and distance. Math is important because its tied to everything we do.

Mathematics offers rationality to our thoughts. It is a tool in our hands to make our life simpler

and easier.

Describe the relationship between Science, Technology, Engineering, and

mathematics as foundation of stem education

Myrical Crosby

Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math are distinct but they are also interconnected.

Science is connected to technology because in order for scientist to conduct experiments with

increased accuracy they use technology.

They have to use some electric ran sources, but not all sources have to be electrical.

Technology such as program readers and computers come to mind when you think of how

scientist use technology, but scientist also use other technology. They use microscopes to study

or analyze specimens, such as bacteria, cells and body tissues. Telescopes are used to help

astronomers find things in space. They use thermometers for measuring temperature. Beakers

are used to measure liquids for science experiments. Scales are used to weight mass. Test tubes

are used in labs filled with chemicals. Petri dishes are used to culture cells such as bacteria or

small mosses. They use goggles for safety, when testing experiments. All of these are considered

a form of technology because they are used in a way to gather, evaluate, and use information for

performing experiments.

In order to develop technology, you would need engineering and engineering is full of

different forms of math. Math is relatively used in everything. Measurements are used for

calculating the size of an object; equations are also used, and they are written statements

indicating the equality of two expressions; geometry is a shape, configuration, or arrangement.

Which is needed in order for engineers to design and build buildings and bridges. Technology

also uses different forms of math, such as coding. Coding is putting languages together to make

it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites.

Recognize the various uses of STEM in everyday life activities

STEM is throughout our everyday lives because there always a problem in the world, that

needs a solution.
Myrical Crosby

For example, the problem that most people had was the changing of the weather, because

you never know from instinct that it's going to rain or the sun is going to shine. Thanks to science

meteorologists now we are able to detect the weather and now people are aware of the

approaching weather for the forecast, that's available on tv, apps, phones. knowing the weather

would help people know how to dress for the day. Also, thanks to science we have improved

methods of fighting dangerous bacteria. Now doctors are able to give vaccinations which fight

the germs.

Technology gives us better access to the world. Because of technology we have better

ways to communicate, travel, and be entertained. Technology is a communication source, we are

able to text, email, and call using technology. Technology helps us travel easily because of GPS

which is a acronym for Global Positioning System. Lastly, because of technology we are able to

have some excitement in my life by watching television.

Furthermore, engineering is applied by taking action artfully. Engineers creativeness

creates all of the beautiful buildings, homes, and parks. We also have cars, thanks to mechanical

engineers and are able to drive place to place. Lastly, math is used in our everyday life because

with math we wouldn't be to calculate. Without the skill of calculating we wouldn't be able to

add or subtract numbers. By that being said, we want be able to read numbers. We wouldn't be

able neither be able to read clocks, timers, watches, and timers. Not being able to read those

things you would be vulnerable to this present world. I say that because this society is moving

and now being mathematically educated would only leave you behind.

Identify career and entrepreneurial opportunities with STEM education

Many careers revolve around STEM. Obstetrician gynecologist falls under the broad

field of health sciences. An obstetrician (or OB/GYN) are medical doctors who specialize in
Myrical Crosby

caring for women during and after childbirth, and women's health. They are related to STEM

because in order to become a medical doctor you have to study a lot of different sciences such as:

biology, chemistry and anatomy, which provide a foundation of education for medical school and

human health.

While doing procedures, Ob/GYNs have to use certain technology such as stethoscopes

to listen to the sounds inside your body. The lungs, abdomen, and heart are the key areas your

doctor listens to during auscultation. In order for OB/GYNs to show the patients there

sonograms in the abdomen they have to use technology called a ultrasound and the transducer

during the womans pregnancy. During childbirth they use many surgery tools some are dilators,

sim speculums, and forceps to deliver babies. They use vagianl dilators to spread the vagina to

see inside the vagina. They also use sim speculums, which is inserted into the body cavity so that

proper vision can be attained and the procedure can be performed easily. Lastly, they use forceps

which look like two large spoons that the doctor insert into the vagina and around the babys

head during a forceps delivery. Also during childbirth, Ob/GYNs have to be able to use their

math skills to know how to give the patient correct dose of medicine. Ob/GYN's is STEM career

and I am ready to step into it in the near future.