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Companies that move quickly are coming out ahead. A NEW ERA OF COMPUTING IS HERE. 2 LIKE IT OR NOT. even as big data growth and mobility are pushing companies to develop new business models. while those that take longer to get applications to market risk becoming obsolete. Industries around the world are experiencing the growing pains that come with massive change. Workloads are running on a mix of traditional and modern application architectures. IT priorities are constantly shifting. F/C° .

Staying on top of this diverse landscape while meeting urgent business REDUCED COST — Minimizing needs is critical — but without the right tools. RELIABILITY — Keeping applications and savings. even when the unexpected occurs Adding to the complexity. reliability. IT must provide needed resources Staying in compliance with on-demand to be able to quickly push new regulatory requirements and applications and updates to market. . public. IT teams also have to manage applications and workloads POLICY-DRIVEN GOVERNANCE — in private. What IT needs is a unified approach for making it all work together. governance. 3 Change brings challenges IT teams need to deliver more The pressure to perform at an increasingly fast pace presents a new set of challenges HIGH-LEVEL SECURITY — for IT. technical debt and lowering TCO it’s a nearly impossible task. while also avoiding data breaches delivering on security. and hybrid clouds with a Properly allocating resources with mix of traditional and modern application total visibility and control architectures. running consistently.

” Dimensional Research. 2016 . A heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments. 4 BEYOND PROVISIONING: In the same survey. IT automation isn’t a new concept. recent Dimensional Research survey* of 348 IT professionals worldwide revealed that: use a hybrid 69% cloud approach 55% plan for automated 64% of companies infrastructure and want a unified solution application deployment that can manage both are currently using a dedicated private and public clouds 55% automation platform in a single interface. nor do they LEAP FORWARD provide a self-service offering. THE TAKEAWAY IS CLEAR: Basic automation many businesses are already putting it to tools simply aren’t enough for managing today’s work and realizing significant benefits. In fact.* * “Multi-Cloud Environments Are Becoming the New Normal for IT. professionals indicated that today’s automation platforms cannot meet the AUTOMATION TAKES A needs of full application automation.

for managing private. Cloud management is evolving into a A cloud management platform powerful platform. beyond simply enabling (CMP) provides a unified platform automated provisioning of IT resources. and An enterprise-ready CMP equips IT teams hybrid cloud environments in with everything they need to efficiently conjunction with conventional and automate and manage the entire application modern application architectures. the initial iteration of a cloud management platform (CMP) addressed the need for faster provisioning. 5 UNIFIED MANAGEMENT IS YOUR KEY TO THE FUTURE Originally associated with automation. but left other problems unresolved. . IT still had to use different management tools to manage resource capacity and performance in on-premises and cloud environments. public. lifecycle in a heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environment. Once provisioning was complete.

. and cost. performance. IT can continuously stay on top of resource health. a CMP must deliver capabilities for both Day 1 and Day 2 operations. capacity. With a high-performing CMP. It begins with meeting immediate needs for provisioning applications and services. 6 MEETING THE NEEDS OF DAY 1 AND DAY 2 OPERATIONS To meet the complex and ongoing needs of the enterprise. and continues by addressing follow-on activities involved in managing and operating hybrid cloud environments.

EXTENSIBLE — Leverage a wide variety of third-party and customer-built solutions across the IT ecosystem. SCALABLE — Manage tens of thousands of objects. network. . and hybrid clouds. HETEROGENEOUS — Manage third-party hypervisors. physical servers. public. HYBRID — Provision and manage across private. and application-level resources across their entire lifecycle. 7 An enterprise-ready CMP is: COMPREHENSIVE — Provision and manage compute. storage.

It also: Enables IT to quickly deliver infrastructure With VMware vRealize. enabling you to automate and manage compute. on-premises and public clouds Watch the video > Organizations that have automated provisioning are not realizing the full benefits of IT automation. 8 MOVING FORWARD WITH A CMP An enterprise CMP is the most efficient way to manage applications throughout their lifecycle. reducing CapEx and OpEx from 6 weeks to under 30 minutes — Provides comprehensive management across while reducing operating costs. . storage. public. and application services across your on-premises and off-premises environments. It’s time to take the next step with a cloud management platform. spanning traditional data centers and private. and hybrid clouds. VMware vRealize® Suite unifies management. network. the Choice and applications with the control IT needs Hotels IT team was able to reduce the Helps IT streamline cloud management time it took to provision an application operations. heterogeneous environments.

you can speed IT service delivery.MAKE THE BEST CHOICE vRealize Suite is purpose-built for hybrid cloud.6% of market share. Market Shares. streamline operations. With vRealize Suite. IDC. unified platform. and lower spending — on a single.* *Worldwide Cloud Systems Management Software. VMware is the leading cloud management software vendor. 2014: Year of Hybrid Cloud. and designed to work seamlessly across heterogeneous environments. June 2015 . improve efficiency. with 21.

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