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Job Shadowing Career Interest Project

(This assignment is for those students who did not complete Job Shadowing)

Purpose and Genre: The purpose of this assignment is for you to articulate and describe your desired career interest and
illustrate your current path towards achieving this goal. You must present this information using a form of multimedia of
your choice. You may either create a self-contained video or give a speech accompanied by a multimedia visual aid.


(TIME: 3-5 Minutes)

Narration/Speech Components:
(A) NARRATION (50 points):
The spoken portion of your presentation should explain your desired career choice and your potential for success in
todays economy, including:
o Introduction / thesis: describing your desired career choice and future outlook.
o Research: You must include evidence of your research and finding about your career.
o Your research must show the latest trends, wages and current educational requirements for your desired
career choice.
o Evaluation: You must conclude with a detailed description of how you plan on obtaining and succeeding in
your desired career. You must include potential obstacles that may arise.
o Sources should be cited verbally and a Works Cited page should appear at the end of your visual aid.

Presentation Components:
o You must include evidence of at least four credible, reputable sources in your presentation.
o You must have a Works Cited page at the end of your presentation in correct MLA format that documents
the four sources you have used. (You may use more than four sources)
o You must have correct parenthetical citations within the body of your presentation which correspond with
your research.

(C) MULTI-MEDIA (25 points):

o You must use some form of technology to present your multi-media job shadowing project, but there will
be a number of choices.
If you choose to make a self-contained video, you will use your essay as the voice-over.
If you choose to give a speech in class, you will speak the narration while using PowerPoint, Prezi,
or another platform to present your visual aid.
o Photos or Video: If you took photos or videos during your experience, use them here. If you did not take
photos or video, are pictures of the location available online?
o Explain what the visuals you choose to include capture about your experience. Your narration and visuals
should complement each other. They should not seem disconnected from one another.
o Be sure your audio is clear and of sufficient volume without extraneous background noise.
If you choose to make a self-contained video rather than giving a speech in class, you may use one of the following
technologies or you may find one of your own (but be SURE to have resources not on this list approved by me before
you use them!)
o Screencast-O-Matic: Allows you to make a film with audio by simply capturing what is displayed on your desktop.
o Your own video camera: Make a film and use a program such as Windows Movie Maker to edit and narrate.
o PowerPoint with audio: If you know how to add audio to a PowerPoint presentation, simply do so and create a self-
contained video.
o Photo Story: This is a program that is already installed on the computers here at school. It allows you to create a
slide show and easily add audio.
o Adobe Spark: Turn ideas into web stories & videos. This can be done on your computer or iPhone (or both). See
below for a tutorial on registering and using Adobe Spark.
o OR find one of your own! If you find a presentation software or website that is compatible with our computers and
allows you to meet the parameters of the assignment, use it! But again: Be sure you get it approved by me first!

The audience for this presentation is primarily your classmates and teacher.

A successful consideration of audience does the following:

Shares the experience and desired goal(s) for the career choice.
Uses language appropriate for an academic presentation in an English 2 classroom
Makes the visuals/audio appropriate to the room
Leads the audience through a carefully planned, logical explanation and reflection of the desired career choice.

The length of the presentation is 4-6 minutes.

You will be using some sort of multimedia technology. Whether you present it live or narrate within the technology
and play it for the class is up to you.

A successful consideration of the Medium and Design does the following:

Uses proper documentation including the interview and either photos or video.
Incorporates fonts that are legible across the room and consistent
Has a sense of timing that doesnt feel stagnant or rushed during the presentation
Uses enough text to highlight important points without negating the need for a speaker

Explain your desired career interest and illustrate why you chose this career.
English 2, Unit 4b: Rubric for the Job Shadowing Presentation Project

Description (A) Exceptional (B) Skilled (C) Proficient (D) Developing

INTRODUCTION AND - The - The - The presentation - The presentation
JOB SHADOWING DAY presentation presentation demonstrates an may confuse the
(A): (50) clearly and guides the organizational plan audience and/or
Present information, concisely audience through but may contain may demonstrate
findings, and supporting guides the a line of portions that are a clear lack of a
evidence clearly, concisely, audience reasoning that not entirely clear preparation.
and logically such that through a line captures his or to the audience. -One or none of
listeners can follow the line of reasoning her clear - Some of the the questions are
of reasoning and the that perspective, questions addressed in the
organization, development, insightfully purpose, addressed in the presentation
substance, and style are captures his or experience, and presentation.
appropriate to purpose, her clear what was
audience, and task. perspective, learned.
S.L.9-10.4 purpose, - Most of the
experience, questions
and what was addressed in the
learned. presentation.
-All of the
addressed in (39-35) (35-30)

( 50-45 ) (44-40)
EVIDENCE OF - Consistently - Adequately synthesizes - Uses multiple sources. - Uses or relies heavily
RESEARCH (B): (25) synthesizes multiple multiple sources. - Demonstrates an on only one source or
Conduct short as well sources. -Demonstrates a proficient understanding of the none at all.
as more sustained - Demonstrates a understanding of the subject. - Demonstrates a limited
research projects to superior understanding subject. - Inconsistent understanding of the
answer a question of the subject. - Documentation (works documentation (works subject.
(including self- - Accurate cited slide, parenthetical cited slide, parenthetical - Documentation
generated question) or documentation (works citations, verbal citations, verbal citations) (works cited slide,
solve a problem; cited slide, parenthetical citations) of sources of sources used in the parenthetical citations,
narrow or broaden the citations, verbal used in the presentation presentation. verbal citations) of
inquiry when citations) of sources with minor errors. sources used in the
appropriate; synthesize used in the presentation. presentation with
multiple sources on the significant errors or no
subject, demonstrating documentation at all.
understanding of the
subject under (25-23) (22-20) (19-18) (17-15)
MULTIMEDIA(C): (25) - Makes strategic - The presentation The presentation The presentation uses
Make strategic use of digital use of digital media makes use of digital uses digital media digital media
media (e.g., textual, graphical, to enhance the media to enhance the but comprehension inappropriately which
audio, visual, and interactive understanding and understanding and and understanding of takes away from the
elements) in presentations to findings of the job findings of the job the job shadowing overall understanding
enhance understanding of shadowing shadowing experience experience may be of the job shadowing
findings, reasoning, and experience - Multi-media adds lacking. experience.
evidence and to add interest. - Multi-media adds interest to the -Some evidence is -Little to no evidence
S.L. 9-10.5 interest to the presentation. shown, but more is is shown, and/or the
presentation. -Sufficient evidence is needed and/or the presenters lack of
-Superior evidence shown that illustrates presenter still needs preparation is evident
that illustrates that research has been more preparation by the poor
the presenter has conducted and the time. presentation.
researched the presenter was -Some of the images -Images are irrelevant
material and was prepared. correspond with the to the narrative script
fully prepared. -Images correspond narrative script
-Images enhance with the narrative
the narrative script script (17-15)