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Crpes Gelato

A Nutella lovers artisanal delight
Banana and Nutella
Fior di Latte
Flower of Milk gelato drizzled with
Strawberries and Nutella
Fior di Latte drizzled with Nutella,
Lemon Curd and Seasonal served with a warm espresso shot
Berries to pour on top

Additions: Additions:
$.50 Nutella $1.50 Fresh Fruit $.50 Nutella $1.50 Fresh Fruit
$1.9 Gelato $.50 Whipped Cream $1.9 Gelato $.50 Whipped Cream

The Bakery with Nutella
Nutella Specialties

Fresh Flaky Croissant Steel-Cut Oats

Baked daily and center filled with A cozy bowl of hot, steel-cut oats
Nutella simmered with almond milk, topped with
seasonal mixed berries, a delicious dollop
Warm Demi Baguette of Nutella and toasted hazelnuts
Served with a dollop of Nutella and a
Hazelnut Granola and Yogurt
side of toasted hazelnuts
With blueberries and topped
with Nutella
Grilled Baguette
Crisped to perfection, spread with
Panzanella Fruit Salad
Nutella and sprinkled with toasted
with Yogurt
Silky, unsweetened yogurt topped with
seasonal berries mixed with fresh basil,
orange zest, artisanal pound cake
croutons, finished with Nutella and
Fresh Baked Muffins toasted hazelnuts
A daily selection of fresh, healthy and
seasonal muffins
Liege Waffle
Seasonal Fruit Crostata Caramelized brioche and pearl sugar
An open-faced, rustic pie filled with waffles served with a seasonal warm fruit
seasonal fruit, topped with Nutella and compote, Nutella drizzle and toasted
toasted hazelnuts hazelnuts

Seasonal Fruit Hand Pie Buttermilk Pancakes

Light and fluffy pancakes, stacked and
A light and flaky crust filled with fresh
served with Nutella and toasted hazelnuts
fruit, drizzled with Nutella and toasted
Croissant French Toast
Sliced croissant dipped in a mixture of
eggs and milk, toasted on the griddle
and served hot with a dollop of Nutella,
orange zest and sprinkled with toasted
Savory Specialties Nutella Delights Beverages
Buckwheat Crpe Mocha Shortbread Cookies
Filled with bacon and Gruyre, served with fresh berries Hot Beverages
with a poached egg, arugula fennel single cal double cal
salad, hazelnuts and a calabrese pepper Sandwich Cookies
filled with Nutella and served with Espresso 2.25 980 3.25 980
fresh berries
Bacon and Cheese Strata Macchiato 2.55 980 3.55 980
Layered with bacon, melted leeks, Gruyre Panna Cotta
fresh bread, topped with a poached egg, with fresh berries
arugula fennel salad, hazelnuts and a Hot / Iced* Beverages
spicy pepper tapenade Fresh Fruit Brown Butter Cake
Fresh fruit and brown butter cake-filled tart regular cal large cal
Ham Croissant Panini finished with toasted hazelnuts Americano* 2.55 980 3.25 980
Fresh croissant sandwich layered with
ham, a broken yolk fried egg, melted Brewed Coffee* 1.95 980 2.25 980
cheddar and a touch of whole grain
Cappuccino 3.95 980 4.55 980
Latte* 3.95 980 4.55 980
Mocha Latte* 4.25 980 4.85 980
Paninis, Salads & Soups Family-Style Fondue Cocoa* 3.95 980 4.55 980

Artisanal Paninis Perfect to share Tea* 2.95 980 3.55 980

Black*, Green, Herbal
A selection of freshly prepared
specialty sandwiches made with Nutella with Fresh Fruit
locally baked rustic bread, veggies
and gourmet ingredients, grilled Nutella with Assorted
together to perfection
Shortbread Cookies Customize
Seasonal Salads $1 Add Espresso Shot
A daily selection of freshly made, $.50 2% Milk, Soy Milk
delicious salads using the finest
ingredients and produce $.50 Syrups: Vanilla and Hazelnut
Whipped Cream & Nutella Drizzle
your choice of up to three (3)

Side Portion

Fruit Salad

Fresh Soup of the Day

Served with a slice of bakery bread
Kids Menu
Kids Pancake with Nutella
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
regular $3.95
Sandwich with Nutella
large $5.95

**All menu items contain, or may contain, tree nuts, milk, eggs, soy or wheat **

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