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NALCOOL 2000: Nitrite based Diesel Engine Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor

Tropical coolants are water based need coolant additives for mineral salt suppression that may negatively affect
heat transfer operations and corrode/scale inner walls of cooling systems. The Cooling System is itself a very
aggressive environment and is subjected to a small volume of coolant that is propelled through the system at
very high velocity at extremes of temperatures that can easily cause scaling and corrosion to metal components
leading to equipment failure at any time.

NALCOOL 2000 manufactured by

NALCO is a coolant corrosion inhibitor
blend made from Sodium Nitrite, Sodium
Tetraborate, Sodium Metasilicate, Sodium
Mercaptobenzothiazole that functions as a
protective, film-forming corrosion inhibitor
and scale suppressant to keep engines clean
and free from scale, and reduces downtime
and maintenance costs. The product
protects cooling systems against corrosion,
liner pitting, cavitation-erosion, mineral
scale deposits and electrolysis. In addition,
it helps reduce the effect of oxidizing
agents that are commonly dissolved in most
tropical coolants.

It has been designed for all common engine

cooling systems and is ideal to protect
ferrous metals, copper & its alloys, aluminium etc. as well as rubber gaskets, Orings and non-metallic
components within the cooling system. NALCOOL 2000 is available in liquid form making it easy to use and
apply, fully compatible with water based coolants and Mono Ethylene Glycol antifreeze. It is chromate free and
has been tested internationally to maintain a high degree of heat transfer efficiency & long engine life.

Product Features & Benefits:

Designed to protect cast iron diesel engine cooling systems

Contains additives to protect against sludge and mineral scale formation
Prevents overheating
Effective against liner pitting and cavitation erosion
Liquid, safe & easy to apply formulation
Not harmful to radiator or heater connecting hoses, diesel liner seals and Orings
Recommended and used by major diesel engine manufacturers throughout the world

NALFLEET NALCOOL 2000 is the perfect corrosion & scale inhibitor for all types of heat transfer fluids in
small auxiliary diesel engines containing aluminium components.

ChemEqual is a vast online specialty chemical database and NALCOOL 2000 and equivalent compositions of
coolant corrosion inhibitors can be searched here from among a wide range of global suppliers.