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Issue: Using ICT

ICT is an area for development within the school. Outcomes of whole school self evaluation using the Becta SRF are:
greater emphasis needs to be placed on the integration of ICT as a cross curricular skill,
skills need to be updated in the light of Revised Curriculum requirements to ensure coverage of the five Es,
CCEA Accreditation scheme to be developed from P4-P7 with appropriate tasks linked to topics.
Baseline Target When How Success Monitoring Who Resources/Fina
Statement Criteria Method ncial
How will we Who will take What resources
What What do we
Where are we Where do we What strategies/inset need know if what we specific will we need?
timescal expect to
now? want to go? to be put into place? have planned is responsibility /What is it likely
e? see?
happening? ? to cost?
Good ICT ICT used Starting Staff meeting to review Teachers Increased use of All teachers Time
infrastructure. more Sept 10 Using ICT statutory familiar with ICT in led by NEELB Five Es
Pockets of good effectively to and requirements and NEELB statutory classrooms Principal/ audit
practice but enhance ongoing Data Handling/Problem requirement observation and Teacher NEELB
inconsistency in teaching and Solving progressions. Staff s -five Es. staff discussion Leader Progressions
use of ICT in learning in review and sharing of Cass support
Numeracy. Numeracy, current practice. Affirm Teachers Teachers using as
further positive. Identify gaps in have greater greater range of appropriate Additional
embedded. provision and staff awareness ICT resources in Resources
development needs. of resources Numeracy ProBots for
available to planning and classroom use
School Based Inset - identify enhance ICT classroom
where software/online in Numeracy observation,
resources support work in and can use PRSD
Numeracy. Teachers with
develop competence in confidence,
using appropriate ICT sharing
resources. websites
and other
Use favourites/Public folder resources
to store and share electronicall
resources. y

NEELB ICT Support Service June 2010

Uneven Progression Starting Staff meetings to audit Skills PRSD targets All teachers Time
progression in in Data Jan 11 current skills development, progressions Samples of led by NEELB
ICT skills Handling and and identify gaps, address in whole pupils work to Principal/ Progressions
development Problem ongoing through above activities. school show evidence Teacher NEELB Skills
Solving Use NEELB Skills records. documents of progression Leader Records
established Begin to adapt NEELB and
progressions to suit school. displayed in

Baseline Target When How Success Monitoring Who Resources/Finan

Statement Criteria Method cial Implications

How will we know

What What do we Who will take What resources will
Where are we Where do we What strategies/inset need to if what we have
timescale expect to specific we need? /What is
now? want to go? be put into place? planned is
? see? responsibility? it likely to cost?
School have been All teachers Starting Review of Numeracy planning ICT Teachers All teachers Time
engaging in plan May 11 to incorporate above activities. embedded in planners led by CCEA tasks and
review of topic appropriately and Review topic planning to Numeracy monitored by Principal/ additional
planning to meet for integration ongoing identify opportunities to planners. Principal/teacher Teacher resources from ICT
Revised of ICT in incorporate data handling and Using ICT in leader. Leader Accreditation
Curriculum Numeracy. other problem solving topic website.
requirements. activities. Choose appropriate planners. Outcomes of
Need to take Further ICT Accreditation tasks to Using ICT tasks.
account of Using integration of support topics from P4-P7. CCEA Tasks
ICT. Planning for ICT through planned for School Portfolio of
ICT Accreditation topic planning. P4-7 and ICT work.
limited to P7. incorporated
CCEA ICT into planning
Accreditation and teaching
into planning
from P4-P7.

NEELB ICT Support Service June 2010