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La indolencia de los Filipinos

Rizal as an educator:
Rizal admitted that the Filipinos did not work so hard because they were wise enough to adjust
themselves to the warm, tropical climate.There was a wrong system of education that time , the things
being taught in schools are all about religion.There were no courses in agriculture industry and different
aspects of economy which were badly needed by the Philippines during those times.

To the young women of malolos

Rizal as an educator:

Jose Rizal was greatly impressed by the fighting spirit that the young women of Malolos had shown. In
his letter, he expresses great joy and satisfaction over the battle they had fought. In this portion of Rizals
letter, it is obvious that his ultimate desire was for women to be offered the same opportunities as those
received by men in terms of education. During those days young girls were not sent to school because of
the universal notion that they would soon only be taken as wives and stay at home with the children.
Rizal, however, emphasizes on freedom of thought and the right to education, which must be granted to
both boys and girls alike.

The Philippines a century hence

Rizal as an educator:

For rizal , the spandiards plan to keep the people uneducated and ignorant had failed.
National consciousness had still awakened, and great Filipino minds still emerged from
the rubble.