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When the person does something, there must be an inspiration behind of

doing such work. Particularly I dedicate my work to my Mother from whom I
have received a Great inspiration and boost for doing this important work.
Beside of above, I dedicate this work to my relatives and my Teachers, they
guide me and show their assurance on me and realizes me that I am very
capable of doing this work. I dedicate my efforts to all my friends and
classmates who really help me to perform all this. May ALLAH bless all of

All praise to Allah, the most generous, kind and humanitarian, and the source
of all Information, understanding within and beyond my conception. All
respect and a possible tribute goes to my Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW),
who is forever guidance and knowledge for all human Beings on this earth.
Internship program of minimum six weeks is a compulsory training for
students of UNIVERSITY OF Gujrat Sialkot Campus. In this regard, I am
grateful to my department and specially Mr. Qamar Abbas (General Manager
of Hotel Javson) who provided me the chance to work in Hotel Javson.

I am greatly obliged to Mr. Bilal Ahmed (Finance Controller) for

arranging the training is sales & marketing department of Hotel Javson.
Sincere thanks to Mr. Mohsin (Manager Sales & Marketing) , Mr. Umair Nawaz
(Manager HR), Mr. Fazal Khan (F&B Manager) , Mr. Ali Azhar (Manager Front
Office) ,Mr. Hanan Saddique (Night Auditor) for their cooperation, guidance
and extending every help in the completion of my internship

Thanks to All.

Its compulsory internship report which was allocated to me, for this I have to

do this and I did in Hotel Javson for eight weeks, and I am making this report

on the experience gained with that internship as trainee. This was my

primarily occupied practice

outdoor beforehand this, I

have worked with my

brother, overall it was an excellent experience regarding to learning and face

to face conversation. Hotel Javson is the 4 star hotel in the heart of Sialkot,

its luxurious hotel and handles all type of functions like professional

consultation, marriage gatherings and other social gatherings. Hotel Javson

business mostly revolve around the business employees and executive, there

is a conference rooms, restaurants, luxury rooms, health club, hair and

beauty salon, banquet halls. My job was there an internee is sales &

marketing department, which is making reservation, attending phone calls

and to go in field . But I have learned much more in showing my intention

towards learning the function of other departments , likes finance

department and front office by standing on the welcome. In report, I have

written completely my understandings good and challenges very generously.

Generally, it was a thrilling practice and I have learned a lot from this

internship. And I am looking onward to use this knowledge in my future jobs.


The Hotel Javson is located in the heart of the city Sialkot that is only 25 mints from the Sialkot
international airport and 10 mints from the main city. The hotel has a grand facade, which leads into an
elegantly decorated lobby presenting an eye-catching blend of National and International decor. The well-
trained and highly qualified staff at the front desk to ensures that all guests needs are met instantly.
Hotel has three Banquets, four Traditional Restaurants and has 48 luxurious suites and well-appointed
guests rooms, which provide to all the requirements of the commercial and holiday travelers. These
rooms contain High-level, Executive, Business Complements beside Standard, Deluxe, Executive and
Executive Deluxe and Special Honeymoon Suite.

Depending on the season and their wants, visitors can adore more services and special offers for both
leisure and business activities. Hotel have Crystal Ballroom, boasts of an Events department recognized
as one of the hospitality leaders in the Sialkot-Pakistan, Established in Feb 2013, it have two banquet
halls have total area of 2-9600 Sq. ft. and seating capacity of 800-1200 persons.

Almost 1000 persons can easily be recommodated. Entrance is from the main Defense Road from the rear
with large parking spaces in front and separate parking area in basement. Hotel Banquet Halls have been
built in an elegant style and have been stylishly furnished. Sound arrangement to cater to the wants of
Marriages Events, conferences, seminars and Fashion shows, Concerts & Meeting of all types has been

The Hotel Fitness Centre has the latest in interactive exercise workouts for improved aerobic endurance
and general body toning. Sweat out by using state of the art equipment and trim yourself. A must for
fitness fanatics both. Being away from home need not mean being away from your health and fitness

Fitness Centre services include a gym, swimming pool and a wellness spa, sauna, steam room and


To be familiar as one of the best best hotel in Sialkot and to constantly strive
to improve, allowing us to prosper as a business for the benefit of our guests,
our employees and investors.

The success of any business is contingent on the ability to meet and exceed
customer expectations. At the Hotel Javson, we are proud of our strong
commitment to both our guests and our team associates. We identify that
the delivery of typical guest service is dependent on a group of caring team
members who share common goals and a true spirit to serve. Those aims
and service spirit are voiced in Our Big Three, which lies at the emotion of
our hotel task statement our hotel is a place where every guest
receives100% satisfaction in the service, foods and atmosphere we proudly

Organization Structure
Mr. Malik Javed
Mr. Malik Shahid
Mr. Malik Rahat
Mr. Malik Zahid


Front office has been described as the hub or nerve center of the hotel. The
department makes a first impression on the guest and one that the guest relies on
throughout his or her stay for information and service. Its duty is to enhance guest
services by constantly developing services to meet guest needs. The functions of
front office are the followings:
To sell and up-sell rooms

The front office will hand over all the expected arrivals and available rooms. The
front office will try to sell out all the remaining rooms to call-in or walk-in guests to
ensure 100%occupancy. In addition, it should apply the yield management that is up
selling the features of a larger area, a advanced floor or a improved view in higher
price for someone booking a room with shortly notice when the demand of room is
To maintain balanced guest account

The office should make use of the property management systems (PMS) and point-
of-sale terminals (POS) to open a guest account for each customer and post all
charges from the sections. This means that visitor charges from the numerous
outlets are directly debited to the guests account and payment can be received on
guest check out or transferred to the company in the case of BTC for company
corporate guests.

To offer service such as administering mails, faxes, communications and hotel info
Customers always approach the front desk with questions so the front desk workers
should have enough knowledge about the hotel. The forward-facing desk is
operated through the twenty-four hours by three shifts to provide facility. Every
alteration has altered responsibilities to fix. Most likely, the front desk need to note
things and check on the log book to see if there is some guests request for room
changes, check on the room position, number of predictable checkouts still to leave
in order to update the forecast of the nights occupancy and handle guest check-ins
and take reservations.

The reservation section is one first contact to the guest making the
reservation for room. In the meantime some visitors may be shopping for the
best value, it is vital to trade the hotel by emphasizing the hotels rewards.
Its main accountability is to trade all of the hotel rooms for the extreme
value and escape guest resentment of being overcharged. The reservation
can be done by a variability of sources such as telephone, corporate
numbers, travel agents, internet and walk-in. The dominant reservations
system edges with the hotels inventory and simultaneously allows
reservations by individual hotel reservation persons. There are two kinds of
reservation that the department wishes to consider.

Confirmed reservation

It is a reservation prepared with enough time for a confirmation slip including

definite dates, types of room reserved, number of visitors and so on. It is to
return to the peoples by mail or fax so that they can carry the slip to the
hotel to validate the booking. If the guests arrive late, the hotel may have
the right to terminate his or her reservation and sell the room to others.

The four major zones of tasks for the executive housekeeper are as follows:

Governance of people, tools, and materials.

Cleanliness and overhauling the visitor rooms and open areas.
Operating the section according to monetary guidelines prescribed by
the general manager.
Keeping accounts of supplies and equipment to switch inventory.

The guest service department is answerable to give the guest positive first
impressions. The staff contains of door assistant, buzzer person and

Door helpers are dressed in inspiring uniforms. They greet visitors at the
hotel forward-facing door, assist in opening or closing automobile doors,
removing bags from the trunk, welcoming taxis, keeping the door
appearance clear of vehicles and giving guest info about the hotel and the
local area in a polite and pleasant way.

Buzzer person is mostly to escort guests and transport luggage to their

rooms. They also essential to clarify the service of the hotel and points out
the geographies of the room to the visitor. For example, TV, air-conditioning,
room facility etc.

Security section is providing guest safety and loss avoidance. And it
comprises four elements.

Security officers make regular circles of the hotel buildings, observing

the doubtful behavior and taking suitable action, investigating events
and cooperating with local law implementation agencies.
Equipment includes mutual radios, closed-circuit TV cameras, smoke
sensors, fire alarms and electronic key cards etc. which can deliver the
guest more protection.
Safety procedures are some guidelines for the workers and the guests
to safeguard their care. For example, security captains should be able
to advance access to visitor room, stock room and office all the
Identification process is to offer ID cards with photos to all workers. The
guests can interaction with name-tagged employees that not only
project a pleasant image for the property, but also useful for safety

Manpower Planning

It includes the planning for the future and outcome that how many
employees will be needed in the future by the business and what types of
skills should they possess.
It depends on the following factors

The number of people leaving the job

The predictable growth in sales of the trade
Technological changes
Productivity level of the workers

Job analysis and Job description

HR Sector is also involved in planning the Job analysis and Job explanation
for the prospective jobs.
A job inquiry is the procedure used to collect data about the duties,
responsibilities, necessary skills, outcomes, and work environment of a
specific job.
Job descriptions are inscribed statements that define the:

Most significant contributions and results desirable from a position,
Required qualifications of candidates, and
Reporting connection and co-workers of a specific job.

Determining wages and salaries

HR Department is also involved in conducting market surveys and

determining the wages and salaries for different position in an institute.
These choices may be taken in discussion with top management and the
Finance department.

Recruitment and Selection

One of the most important jobs HR department is to recruit the best people
for the organization. This is of vital significance as the achievement of any
organization depends on the quality of its workforce.

Performance Appraisal

Once the employees are employed, the HR Department has to review their
performance on a consistent basis through proper performance appraisals.
Performance appraisal is the procedure of gaining, analysing and recording
info about the relative value of an employee. The attention of the
performance appraisal is measuring and improving the real performance of
the employee and also the future prospective of the worker. Its objective is to
evaluate what an employee does.
Based on performance appraisal the HR Department will set up an action
plan for each worker. If the employee wants any training then he provided

Training and Development

HR department is continually keeping a lookout over the employees of the

association. In order to advance the efficiency level of the employees
they have to undergo steady trainings and development programs. This
department carries out all trainings and development requirements. Training
strength include on the job or off the job training.

Employee welfare and motivation

Happy employees mean a fit organization. HR Department conducts

numerous employee wellbeing activities, which might comprise employees,
get together, annual staff parties etc. HR department also analyses
organizational policies and its influence on the inspiration of the employees.


High opposition amongst the hotels, need the capable team of Sales and Marketing
to support the product among the challengers.

Main Responsibilities

- Responsible for construction the image of the organization between the customers
- Responsible for hitting up a effective sales and marketing plan
- Responsible for carrying out market investigation product development promotion
- Responsible for discovery new segment in market
- Responsible for carrying business and helping out funding department to attain the
set targets.


Food and Beverage Department is accountable for the daily operations

of restaurants, bars and others places like galley (kitchen) at the hotel. Handling
and regulating the employees in their tasks and functions like: such as that make
welcome, gives greeting and guide guests to their places and to giving the menus
to them, and taking food and drinks orders and server the beverages during they
staying at the restaurants.
The Food and Beverage Administration Division consist of the following
positions: Food and Beverage Manager/ Director, Assistant Food and
Beverage Manager/Assistant Food Manager, Food and Beverage Manager
Beginner and Food and Beverage Administrative Assistant. The Restaurant
Operations Division offers the following jobs: Restaurant Manager , Head
Waiter/ Waitress , Waiter/ Waitress, Waiter/ Waitress, Buffet Steward /
Stewardess, Restaurant Utility (Cleaner), Room Service Supervisor, Room
Service and Telephone Operator. The Restaurant Operations Division is also
subdivided into five subdivisions - Dining Room(s) Operations, Top Deck
Buffet/ Restaurant Operations, Specialty Restaurants Operations and Officer/
Staff/ Crew Mess Operations.


Key Accountabilities

He prospers the departments Galley, Restaurant, Bars, Provision and

Supervisory effectively, enforce company standards, uphold food cost,
advance and maintain sales and provability implement and keep food
standards and eradicate complaints at Hotel.

The Food and Beverage Manager is the controler of all parts of the food
and beverage operations onboard, including revenues, food costs,
budgets, inventories, sanitation onboard and discipline in his
department of Hotel.

He co-ordinates all the sections.

He Reports to
General Manager

Subordinate Personnel

F&B Controller
Executive Chef
All other workers in the F&B departments


Hotel engineering department supervise the operation, maintenance, and

repair of hotel equipment, tools, and facilities & oversee the work of
maintenance engineers and generally hold at least an associate's degree in
building maintenance or equivalent work experience.

Duties of Chief Engineer

The primary duty of a hotel chief engineer is to ensure the smooth daily
operation and guest claim of the hotel. Inside the hotel, chief engineers may
direct the upkeep staff on small repairs, such as fixing drywall, fixing faulty
wiring, or unclogging drains. Problems that are more compound may need
the chief engineer to check blueprints or product manuals in order to answer
boilers or air-conditioning engines. Chief engineers might also allocate staff
to repair sprinklers or instruct grounds crew to maintain outside landscaping.
Hotel chief engineers may also act as managers of maintenance workers,
and these professionals lease, train, and mentor staff. For example, a chief
hotel engineer might train an employee on how to appropriately install a
faucet. Furthermore, hotel chief engineers may assess a staff member's
collective performance, noting areas for development. Lastly, hotel chief
engineers budget material, labor expenses, and give in to these assessments
to the hotel manager.



To buy at the right time, right price and right terms

Ensuring the continuity of supply
Assortment and assessment of suppliers/vendors
Alert of long-term and short term possessions
Preservative and improving repute of company
Aware of all supply options
Maintain stock level


Finding and examining quotations of vendors/suppliers

Dialogue agents and correspondence
Determining best buying terms and conditions
Negotiating and checking contracts
Scheduling orders and following up
Work with finance department to obtain discount, matching invoices, confirm
receipt, and purchase journal entry, transient of invoices for payment and
settlement of accounts
Disposing of surpluses
Additional actions like support with preparation of material
expenditure/purchasing budget.

Overall objectives

To be responsible for the hotels accounting and financial management

necessities. Managing the accounting department, locating function and
electronic data handling systems. To deliver the general manager and unit
management team with expressive and timely info on the position of the
hotels performance. To support proactively with cost suppression, revenue
enhancement, profit upgrading chances and maintenance of the
corporations assets.

Main duties

To keep proper and complete accounting records of the hotel. To safeguard

that the accounts, proceedings and transactions of the hotel are correct and
exact at all times.

Safeguarding of assets

To implement all essential controls to safeguard the assets of the hotel.

Financial reports

To make and interpret the financial statements and reports of the hotel.

Management information

To deliver financial information to management as tools for exploiting profits

and planning. Reports, which should inspire management action.

Budgets and forecasts

To gather, organized with the other executives, budgets and forecasts cover
all activities of the hotel. To compile treasury/cash flow predictions for the

Controls and procedures

To confirm that the reputable controls and procedures in respect of the

controllers areas of obligation are being complied with at all times.

Electronic data processing systems

To ensure that the hotels computer systems and their software are fully
used, well safeguarded and properly upheld. To implement future
changes/additions to the electronic data processing systems of the hotel.


To confirm that there are proper measures and controls for the guest cashiers
and other cashiers in the hotel, nevertheless the fact that these areas are
not the direct accountability of the controller. To ensure proper controls for
F&B cashiers.

Purchasing, receiving and stores

To guarantee all times, proper techniques and controls for purchasing,

receiving, stores and requisitioning.

Stock takes

To certify that physical records of all supplies, are being taken on a monthly
basis and of all operating equipment on a quarterly basis.

Credit and collection

To warrant that the hotel fulfils with the established credit and gathering
procedures, with particular thoughtfulness to front office, group and
meetings/banqueting processes.


To check and approve expenditures (via purchase requests, expenditure

approval forms and purchase orders) in agreement with recognized


To approve and sign payments in agreement with established procedures.

Bank accounts

To safeguard that bank account statements are tested on a daily basis. To

ensure that bank accounts are reconciled each month.

Income audit

To guarantee that all income due to the hotel is properly accounted for and


To confirm that all Debtors are collected within the hotels credit periods.

Accounts payable
to certify that payments are complete for all goods and services on a timely
To ensure that all payments are sufficiently supported by documentation,
properly coded and properly approved. To ensure that suppliers accounts are
reconciled to the hotels
records on a regular basis.


To ensure that payments are properly calculated, authorized and paid on a

well-timed basis to employees. To guarantee returns, declarations and
administration are properly handled regarding Inland Income, Pension
Guardians and other related bodies.
Porters five forces
The main strength, Hotel Javson is the only four star property in Sialkot.


According to me the biggest advantage which Hotel Javson have is its

location in the middle of the Sialkot and when corporate comes from outside
city they prefer to stay in this hotel because it is easy to reach to the
meeting point, or location which would probably be in the Defense road area.


I have gained much from the marketing department peoples, by seeing those
making phone calls personal selling meetings and by using their personal
relations, they are doing good job for their hotel.
Hotel Javson also has highly intelligent executives of all departments.


The Hotel Javson is popular for its types of rooms which are 6 types, like
deluxe king, deluxe king interconnected, honey moon suit room, junior suit
room, standard king inter connected, standard twin. This quality
differentiates Hotel Javson from the other hotels.


The hotel Javson has an office in Hotel with transport van and car which is
ready to take customers from airport.


Thats what I have observed that there is some unhealthy professional

jealousy between them. It is affecting the Hotels performance over all I think
there a bit less teamwork amongst workers.


The promotions etc. are frequently powered by seniors' favoritism or

depends upon their wills and choice. This enhances to the negative factors,
which denominate the employees therefore resulting in affecting their
performance negatively.


Gardens give a new and fresh looks to hotel where u can have seasons
plants growing seasons flowers and gives the broader looks to the hotel. In
addition, may be customers like to have some open air then can use it.


With the growing, needs I think the space of the hotel is a bit less, they
should do something to solve this problem. Open Space provides a good
open looks to the hotel like other big hotels. However, in Defense road area it
is hard to do this.


Smooth sales cannot be stimulated due to unnecessary contribution of

owners in the hotel. Is should rather be just only in finance department
regarding cash.


For growth everyone has to innovate and discover new idea and make new
solutions. Its not cool to make an innovation but just to do anything in a new
way is innovation.


Now a days Sialkot getting good atmosphere, security is tight and with a
more better security plan of a city, that all will attract the visitors to come to
the city and opportunity is to have these guests in to this hotel.


Its a big opportunity for me too because the reason is there are getting high
prices ago hotels rooms but I heard business people asking to make the rates
less. However, all should be done on the basis of person-to-person.


We know that Pakistan is a developing country where business is growing

day by day and as the business grows the need of hotels will increase and
there will be the opportunity, and thats the reason why there many projects
are building in the city.


In that kind atmosphere which our hotel industry is facing one hotel can grow
but increase its affiliation and links is needed, for obvious reasons hotel with
better links with business customers will have more guests and for hotel
keep having guest is very important and no hotel can work without it.



There are three or four new hotels coming with modern facilities & state of
the art equipments. To provide the need of customers as we all know that
customer awareness has been improved.

Pakistani Hotels are very much affected by the deviations in technology. The
Cause is mostly hotel are not rapid to adapt the new technologies and the
techniques so it can effect future progress.


The government instability had affected this business in such a way that
each government has its own rules and regulations concerning to the hotel
industry. And in Pakistan mostly rules can be changed with the change of
new government.


Hotel industry can be disturbed by the lack of tourism in Pakistan, and the
government of Pakistan has never taken important steps to the growth of the
tourism industry, Pakistan tourism industry has the chance of becoming the
largest Pakistani income generated industry.


Hotel industry can be progressed towards downfall by the lack of tourism in

Pakistan due to bomb attacks. These attacks highlight the negative impact in
the mind of tourists. Most of foreign countries do not favor our country for

Suggestions after Findings

The quality of food must be improved in hotel.

Food prices must be according to their food standard and services.
The hotel should follow new technologies.
There should be an appropriate sales and marketing promotion.
There should be good security system to shelter the hotel from any terror attack.
They should surly raise their voice and discuss with government for chalking out
sound policies for the improvement in hotel and tourism industry.
Parking facilities must have plenty of space.
Room services would be according to requirements of customers.
Employees must be sufficiently trained, educated, well behaved and efficient.
Specialization and qualification should have importance in employees selection.
To reduce the cost number of employees must be decreased.
Salary should meet the needs of employees.
Increasing appropriate financial compensation and providing the maximum job security
can minimize the turnover rate.

I would like to conclude that I have been given a great opportunity to do
work in a hospitality sector of this private institute. During learning and
achieving a professional experience, I enjoyed there a lot while doing work
and it was the time when I felt myself independent, confident, responsible
and realized how speedily my decision making power improved.

The aim of my internship was to get a practical experience and exposure the
difference between the theoretical things and the practical application of
them. I have implemented what I had learned during my I have
learned that how organizations are different and how they compete each
other on the cutthroat situation.
Working at sales and marketing department was a bit different and energetic
experience in the completion. Each day I had to interconnect with my clients.
It was a good experience of reconciling the record of customers and to
update the customer remaining balance. I had an experience to lookout and
perceive how to make new customers and how to persuade them to use our
services again. There were times when things were seem to move away from
us and there were times when was taught that whatever the customer say
the customer is always right.

In this 8 weeks of my work I noticed and analyzed my capabilities to cope

stress and my decision making on my observation and took chances to polish
them as my capabilities are originally going to be used after completion of
my program. Hence, while working in this hotel my communicative
skills enhanced and helped me to calculate myself in different situations.


Kotler Philip Principles of marketing 13th edition.
Marketing Management (Philip Kotler).
Brand Management
Sales Management
Marketing Research

Mr. Qamar Abbas (General Manager)
Mr. Assadullah Ghalib (ex Manager sales & marketing)
Mr. Mohsin Mohammad Manager Sales & Marketing