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FORWARD PLANNING DOCUMENT: Year 9 Science (Chemistry) Topic Area Acids and Bases

General Capabilities:
Literacy Numeracy ICT Critical and creative Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Intercultural
thinking Competence Understanding

o (include learner diversity)

n Science Understanding Science Inquiry Skills

Chemical Communicate 1. Recognise that Informal Introduction: Intro: iPad or Laptop

reactions, scientific ideas acids and bases can assessment of What is an acid and a base? Go to webpage for Science What is an required by
L including and information be classified as a class activities Webquest and enter Lesson one Acids and Bases. Class example of a each student.
e combustion and for a particular group of chemicals. and student brainstorm using Answergarden see what you know about common
s the reactions of purpose, participation, acids and bases. Discuss answers and talk about common acid/base around Refer to
s acids, are including 2. Define acids and through misconceptions e.g. that all acids are toxic or burnexplain the home? Chemistry
n important in constructing bases. observation some bases can burn skin as well its all about the Cohort
both non-living evidence based (Brainstorm, strength of the acid or base. Give some examples of Main: Webpage for
O and living arguments and 3. Identify some Class common acids and bases around the home. Can you name a links to
n systems and using common acids and Discussion on substance that is activities using
involve energy appropriate bases. acids/bases). Main: acidic or basic? the following
transfer scientific Click on link to online interactive presentation Nearpod resources:
ACSSU179 language, 4. Define acids and Formative students log on with a code run through the presentation What are some of
conventions bases as those that review of with the class and complete the quiz questions embedded the characteristics Answergarden
and dissociate H+ (aq) Nearpod Quiz in the presentation. of acids and
representations and OH- (aq). questions. Go to link for Prezi on chemical formulas for acids and bases? Prezi
ACSIS174 bases get the class to log in and follow the explanation of
5. Relate acids and Formative what happens when acids and bases are added to water. How do you Canva
bases to biological assessment of Teacher to use One note classroom to demonstrate identify chemical
and ecological Acid and Base formulas for dissociation of acids and bases. Students to fill formulas for acids Padlet
functions. definitions on in one note class forms individually and draw the and bases?
Padlet. dissociation of three acids and bases. Nearpod
What happens
Conclusion: when acids and One Note
Finally, to ascertain what has been learned think/pair/share bases are added
with shoulder partner to formulate a definition for acids and to water?
bases look at the Canva link for help and put your
answers into the Padlet with your names attached. Use
drawings and illustrations be creative.

Write on class blog one comment about which definition
you thought best described acids and bases and why?
o (include learner diversity)

n Science Science Science as a
Understanding Inquiry Skills Human
Chemical Formulate People 1. Identify the pH scale Informal Core Concepts: Position of Acids and Bases on the pH scale. Intro: iPad or Laptop
reactions, questions or use as a measure of assessment of Indicators as a tool for determining pH. How do we required by each
including hypotheses scientific acidity/alkalinity. class activities know if student.
L combustion that can be
knowledge and student Introduction: something is
e and the investigated
s reactions of scientifically to evaluate 2. Describe the position participation, 1. Whole class Brainstorm using Primary Pad (10 min): Ask key acidic or basic? Primary Pad set up
s acids, are ACSIS164 whether of acids, bases and through questions and have students record their answers on Primary for Class
o important in they neutral substances on observation Pad. Review the answers in a class discussion. How do we Brainstorm
n both non- Plan, select accept the pH scale. (brainstorm, measure acidity
living and and use claims, class Main: or alkalinity? Prezi (pH Scale and
T living appropriate explanatio- 3. Recall that pH<7 = discussion, 1. Prezi presentation(10 min): Explain the pH scale. The pH Indicators).
w systems investigatio ns or acid; pH>7 = base; pH Answer SCALE is used to identify how strong an acid or base is. It Main:
o and involve n types,
predictions = 7 means neutral. Garden). indicates the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution (lower Where is neutral Answer Garden
energy including +
transfer field work
ACSHE160 the pH the more H ions in solution). Explain how UNIVERSAL on the pH
ACSSU179 and 4. Identify the colours INDICATOR is widely used to measure pH. It is a mixture of scale? 3 Test tubes, water,
laboratory of universal indicators Formative different indicators and undergoes a series of colour changes over universal indicator,
experimenta in relation to the pH assessment of a range of pH values (0-14). Where do acids HCl solution and
tion, to scale. completed lab measure on the NaOH solution.
collect protocols and 2. Predict, Observe, Explain activity (10 min): Teacher-led class pH scale?
reliable data hypotheses. demonstration. Three test tubes of water add universal indicator to Popsticks labelled
each (goes green). Ask what colour will the water plus indicator go Where do bases with acids and
when we add a few drops of acid / base? Have students record measure on the bases in colour (e.g.
their responses on Answer Garden to the two questions posed? pH scale? Citric Acid, NaOH)
Ask a student to add HCl to one test tube and NaOH to another.
Students to observe the colour change. Students are to explain What colour will Google Drive:
what pH value each colour represents (Have universal indicator the water plus 10 folders labelled
image available on Webquest). indicator go according to group
when we add a names. Files in
3. Planning activity for Practical Investigation (20 min): Place few drops of each folder:
students in groups of three using labelled popsticks (names of acid / base? Equipment list with
acids and bases). Each group has a designated folder on Google instructions on how
Drive, accessible via Chemistry Cohorts weebly, containing an What pH value to use pH dipsticks,
equipment list and two planning/investigation worksheets. does each Investigation
Investigation - 1: Testing solutions with universal indicator strips. colour Worksheets 1 and
Investigation - 2: Investigation of your self selected samples represent? 2.
(construction of a valid hypothesis).
Students will have time to check what equipment is available, Conclusion: Set of equipment for
answer the scaffolding questions on the online worksheets and Which solution viewing.
plan tomorrows practical investigations. This needs to be tested in the
completed for homework if not finished in class. simulation was PHET online activity
the most https://phet.colorad
Conclusion: acidic/basic, is
PHET simulation activity (10minutes): Exploring the pH Scale. this what you ph-scale-basics
Students to explore the simulation individually. Google doc expected? Google doc
worksheet can be completed for homework. worksheet
o (include learner diversity)

n Science Science Inquiry Skills

Chemical Formulate questions 1. Construct a Informal Introduction: (10min) Intro: iPad or Laptop
reactions, or hypotheses that hypothesis in assessment of Who is the required by each
including can be investigated reference to the class activities 1. Kahoot Quiz reviewing the theoretical material of Kahoot student.
combustion scientifically potential pH of a self and student Lessons One and Two (10 questions on acids, bases, the Champion?
and the (ACSIS164)
s selected sample from participation, pH scale and indicators) Kahoot Quiz
s reactions of
acids, are Plan, select and use home. through Main: https://getkahoot.
n important in appropriate investigati observation Main: (30min) Do you have a com/
both non- on types, including 2. Investigate the pH (group Practical Investigation: protocol Practical
T living and field work and of a number of discussion, 1. Students are to work in their pre-assigned lab groups. prepared? Equipment:
h living laboratory solutions, using pH questioning). 2. Students are to confirm they have a protocol to follow. - Safety glasses
systems and experimentation, to test strips (universal Equipment is to be located in a central area. What is your - Lab coats
e involve collect reliable data indicator). Diagnostic 3. Carry out experimental work (check student protocols hypothesis for - pH dipsticks
energy ACSIS165 review of and guide those students needing assistance). Part 1 part two of the - Kit containing 10
3. Record and Kahoot Quiz involves measuring the pH of the 10 supplied solutions investigation? individual dropper
ACSSU179 Select and use
appropriate tabulate questions. using pH dipsticks. iPads or iPhones can be used to Why do you bottles
equipment, experimental results record the colour change observations (10 total). Part 2 think that? 0.1M HCl
including digital using Google Formative involves measuring the pH of the test solutions students 0.1M NaOH
technologies to collect Sheets. assessment of have brought in from home. Answer worksheet questions What is the 0.1M NaHCO3
and record data completed lab on Google docs. order of the 0.1M Mg(OH)2
systematically and 4. Rank the solutions worksheets. 4. Record whole class results in the Google Sheet set up ten test Lemon juice
accurately from most acidic to on the Chemistry Cohort weebly. solutions from Apple Juice
ACSIS166 least. 5. Discussion of Class Results. most acidic to Vinegar
least? Handwash - soap
Use knowledge of
scientific concepts to 5. Analyse and Extension activity: Those groups who have time can Bleach
draw conclusions that discuss the class construct a Slidely of their pH colour change observation Which of these Shampoo
are consistent results. photos. solutions Water
with evidence would you - Depression tiles
ACSIS170 Consolidation activity (Scootle): Available to reinforce classify as the - Paper towels
the content covered in the past three lessons for students most
Communicate requiring additional support dangerous and Google drive
scientific ideas and why? (Group folders)
information for a
4b11-8acc- Whole class
particular purpose,
including b7d236f82453/1/ Conclusion: results table using
constructing evidence- What real life Google Sheets
based arguments and Conclusion: (10 min) Group students using stickers applications
using 4, 2, 1 activity using Padlet: Individually come up with four can you think Padlet set up for
appropriate scientific uses of acids and bases in real world situations (general or of for the use Conclusion
language, conventions specific). In a pair select the two most important uses you of acids and activity
and representations thought of. As a group of 4 select the most important bases?
ACSIS174 practical use of acids and/or bases. Slidely
o (include learner diversity)

n Science Science Science as a
Understanding Inquiry Skills Human
Chemical Select and Advances in 1. Recall how acid Informal: Core Concepts: The causes and consequences of Acid Rain and Introduction iPad or laptop
reactions, use scientific rain is formed using Anecdotal notes how technological advancements have deepened human What required by each
including appropriate understanding the terms given. focusing on how understanding and therefore mitigation of the effects. compounds form student.
L combustion equipment, often rely on
the students are acid rain?
e and the including developments
s reactions of digital in technology 2. Describe the working in Introduction: (10 min) What is Nearpod
s acids, are technologi and causes of acid rain. groups and rainwaters presentation
o important in es, to technological responses to Nearpod: Discuss with students what they know about acid rain, natural pH? containing:
n both non- collect and advances are 3. Explain the effects questioning how it is formed, and how it is measured using pH. What is the pH Acid Rain formation
living and record data often linked to that acid rain has on throughout the of acid rain? video:
F living systematic scientific the environment. activity and Main: (30 min)
o systems ally and discoveries during the Body cuvl62Vc
u and involve accurately ACSHE158
4. Research solutions discussion 1. Students are to work in groups of 4 assigned by the teacher. Where do the
r energy ACSIS166
transfer People use to acid rain and 2. Students will navigate to the Padlet page using the link compounds Padlet
ACSSU179 Use scientific present the findings. provided in the Nearpod. come from that
knowledge knowledge to Formative: 3. Number allocation of groups by the teacher: 1,2 or 3. form acid rain? Piktochart
of scientific evaluate The quality of 4. Groups will open the Padlet page that corresponds with their How do sulfur Shadowpuppet
concepts whether they the students number being one of the three headings: Causes, Effects or and nitrogen GoAnimate
to draw accept claims, presentations Solutions. enter the
conclusion- explanations displaying depth 5. Using the resources and guiding questions on the Padlet page atmosphere in
s that are or predictions,
of students will select one of three platforms, Piktochart, large doses EducationPerfect:
consistent and advances
with in science can understanding Shadowpuppet or Goanimate, to present their findings to the naturally? https://www.educati
evidence affect peoples of their chosen class. A template will be provided by the teacher for each to save What effect
ACSIS170 lives, including subject area the students time. does acid rain olpanel/#/content/br
generating pertaining to have on wildlife, owse/science/3341
Critically new career acid rain vegetation 5/Chemical-
analyse opportunities (causes, Conclusion: (agriculture), Sciences%7CTypes
the validity ACSHE160 effects, Three groups will be selected and their presentations displayed to and human -of-Chemical-
of primary
solutions) the class on the projector. Discussions will ensue after each with health? Reactions%7C4-
and Values and
secondary needs in brief periods for students to write notes. What is storm Science-as-a-
sources of contemporary tracking and Human-
information society can Homework how has it Endeavour/1534473
and influence the Using the Knowledge acquired from classmates presentations improved
evaluate focus of students are to complete the questions relating to acid rain in the mitigation
the scientific acid rain module on EducationPerfect. measures?
approache- research
s used to ACSHE228
problems What changes
ACSIS172 worldwide have
brought the
issue of acid
rain to light more
Cross Curriculum Priority: Sustainability technological
and social.