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Scientech 2502A

Advanced Optical Fiber Communication

Scientech TechBooks are compact and user friendly learning platforms to Scope of Learning
provide a modern, portable, comprehensive and practical way to learn Setting
l up Fiber Optic Analog & Digital link
Technology. Each TechBook is provided with detailed Multimedia learning
material which covers basic theory, step by step procedure to conduct the AM system
l using Analog & Digital input signals
experiment and other useful information. Frequency
l Modulation system and Pulse Width Modulation system
Scientech 2502A Advance Fiber Optic Communication TechBook Study
l of Propagation Loss, Bending Loss & measurement of Numerical
demonstrates Full Duplex method of transmitting information from one Aperture
place to another by sending pulses of light through an Optical fiber. The light
l of Fiber Optic communication link
forms electromagnetic wave that is modulated to carry information.
Scientech 2502A is an Advanced Fiber Optic TechBook designed to learn the Setting
l of Fiber Optic voice link using Amplitude, Frequency & PWM
communication techniques in Fiber Optics. The TechBook demonstrates Modulation
properties of Fiber Optics Transmitter & Receiver, characteristics of Fiber Study
l of Switched Faults in AM, FM & PWM system
Optics Cable, different types of Modulation / Demodulation techniques and Full Duplex
l Computer Communication using RS232 ports and software
PC to PC communication via fiber link using RS232 interface. It can also be
V-I characteristics
l of LED ( E - O converter)
used to demonstrate various Digital Communication Techniques via Fiber
Optic link using Scientech Digital Communication TechBooks. Study of Eye Characteristics
l of Photo Detector
pattern and experiment of BER measurement can be perform in conjuction with Experiments with Eye pattern and BER measurement module
addon module. Measurement
l of Bit Error Rate
Features Study
l of Eye pattern
}Full Duplex Analog & Digital Trans-receiver
Technical Specifications
}Single module covering large number of experiments including
experiments with Optical Power Meter Transmitter : 2 nos.,Fiber Optic LED having peak
}660 nm & 950 nm Fiber Optic LED channel with Transmitter & wavelength of emission 660 nm & 950 nm
Receiver (Optional LASER source)
}LASER Source (optional) in lieu of LED Source Receiver : 2 nos., Fiber Optic Photodetector
}AM-FM-PWM modulation / demodulation Modulation Techniques : AM, FM, PWM.
}PC-PC comm. with RS232 ports & software Drivers : 1 no. with Analog & Digital modes
}On board Function Generator AC Amplifier : 2 nos.
}Crystal controlled Clock Clock : Crystal controlled Clock 4.096 MHz
}Functional blocks indicated on-board PLL detector : 1 no.
}Input-output & test points provided Comparator : 2 nos.
}On board voice link Filters : 2 nos. 4th order Butterworth, 3.4 KHz cut-off
}Built in DC Power Supply frequency
}Numerical Aperture measurement jig and mandrel for bending loss Analog Band Width : 350 KHz
measurement Digital Band Width : 2.5 MHz
}Data Generator with selectable clock (64/ 128/ 256 KHz) Function Generator : 1 KHz Sine wave (Amplitude adjustable)
}Noise Generator with variable gain 1 KHz Square wave (TTL)
}Eye pattern observation and Bit Error Rate measurement
}Four digits Bit Error Counter
}Switched faults on Transmitter & Receiver
}2 Year Warranty
Scientech 2502A
Advanced Optical Fiber Communication

Voice Link : Fiber Optic voice link using microphone & Dimensions (mm) : W 326 D 252 H 52
speaker (built in) Weight : 2.4 Kg approximately
PC-PC Communication : Using 2 channel RS232 Power Supply : 110 -220 V, 10%, 50 / 60 Hz
Port : RS232 (9 Pin) Power Consumption : 4.5 VA approximately
Baud Rate : 19200 Operating Condition : 0-40oC, 80% RH
Switched Faults : 4 in Transmitter & 4 in Receiver Product Tutorial : Online (Theory, procedure, reference
Fiber Optic Cable : Connector type standard SMA results, etc).
Cable Type : Step indexed multimode PMMA plastic Included Accessories : Numerical Aperture measurement jig,
Core Refractive Index : 1.492 Mandrel, Fiber Cables, Microphone,
Clad Refractive Index : 1.406 Headphone, Set of Patch Cords, PC-PC
Numerical Aperture : Better than 0.5 communication Software, Eye pattern and
Acceptance Angle : Better than 60 deg. BER measurement module, TechBook Power
Fiber Diameter : 1000 microns Supply.
Outer Diameter : 2.2 mm Optional : Optical Power Meter, 5 meter fiber cable,
Fiber Length : 0.5m & 1m 10 meter fiber cable, LASER Source.
Test Points : 50 nos. (Gold plated)
Inter connections : 2 mm sockets

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Optical Fibre Communication System Principle of operation of Optical Fibre


Total Internal Reflection Acceptance Angle

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