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Matthew Webb presents

How to be a Rational Voter

March 23, 2017

Why Vote?

When faced with the question of what do we have a

monarchy or a republic, our founding father Benjamin
Franklin answered...

A Republic, if you can keep it!

Voting helps us The People get our

voice out there and let our
representative in the electoral college
know who we are looking at to win.

But with our power to Vote, we cant

just look at who is popular or read and
listen to some summary from a friend,
we need to go and research who is
running, from a city mayor all the way

up to the President of the united states. So how do we do this and become what is
called a Rational voter.

Rational voting
A rational voter is someone who is actively
seeking information out candidates running for
any office. They seek and weigh the pros and
cons of each argument, make an evaluation
based on their own personal merits.

With you knowing so much

information many

rational voters decide who to choose

along party

lines. For example if you are a democrat

you will

most likely vote for the candidate of the

democratic party, but if you are a Republican

then you will vote for someone in the Republican


With news stations taking sides and giving limited information

who do I watch to get all of the story and information I need to be
Rational voter?
One solution would be to
catch up on the Presidential
Watch the rallies that the
candidates are engaging in in
each state or city
Read and watch more
than wtch newspaper of news

program, they have a certain candidate in mid, but this will help you
weed out the fallacies from each program.
And lastly, associate yourself with people who do catch up with
these things said above, talking about the candidates will help you
learn new information and keep you informed about their motives and

But I am too young or too old to have my voice make a difference.

No matter the age we have the privilege of voting, so who
wouldnt want to vote! People who have heard that The Electoral
college does all the voting, so why should I vote if my vote doesnt
have a direct influence?

It is true that the electoral college does vote for the president but
they only vote based on what their constituents vote for so for
example Utah voted for the republican party in the 2012 presidential

election. So if they voted republican then the representative in the

electoral college votes for the republican candidate in the election.

So Remember.

No matter your age, from 18 to 99, your vote matters!
KNowing who is running is very important, from presidential to
city councilman/woman.
Dont just vote because they are republican or a democrat but
vote because their ideas and
motives go along with yours

And don't be like these people