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All Mining Projects on Hold: Official Iran-India Tiff Over Gas Price Continues

TERHAN (Dispatches) -- Iran has put on hold almost all of its NEW DELHI (PTI) -- Iran wants India to pay more than
mining agreements with foreign investors as companies from Eu- triple the gas price for award of the coveted Farzad-B
rope to Asia fear additional sanctions on the Persian Gulf nations natural gas block to ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL), the
economy, according to the deputy minister of Irans Ministry of In- overseas arm of state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp
dustries, Mines and Trade.
Less than $100 million of projects is moving forward, out of the (ONGC).
$50 billion in potential investment the government is seeking from Iran wants India to buy all of the natural gas to be produced
overseas mining companies by 2022, Mehdi Karbasian said Mon- from the Persian Gulf block at a price equivalent to the rate
day in an interview with Bloomberg. Fearing they might get placed Qatar charges for selling liquefied natural gas (LNG) to
on a blacklist in the wake of the return of sanctions, the companies India under a long-term deal. The rate being sought by Iran
with whom we have made these deals have suspended almost all of is triple of $2.3 per mmBtu rate OVL is willing to pay for the
the agreements and maintained a wait-and-see attitude, he said. gas during low global oil prices.

VOL NO: LV 10322 TEHRAN / Est.1959 Tuesday, May 16, 2017, Ordibehesht 26, 1396, Shaban 19, 1438, Price 15000 Rials

Iranian Iran Bag 5 More Barghouti
By Kayhan Intl Staff Writer
Calligraphy Art Medals at Islamic Warns Against
U.S. Arms Dictate Saudi Exhibition Opens Solidarity Zionist
Policies in Yemen
P. 2 in Ankara P. 3 Games P. 6 Talks P. 8
Qalibaf Throws Weight Behind Raisi:

Principlists Close Ranks Before Election Day

People Across World
Mark Nakba Day
RAMALLAH (Dispatches) -- The official further urged the UK
Palestinians clashed with Israeli forces to apologize for its role in the for his withdrawal.
on Monday as the occupied territories Palestinian catastrophe, beginning by The fight against pseudo-
marked the 69th anniversary of the the infamous Balfour Declaration and revolutionary opportunists has
Nakba, or day of catastrophe when the denial of our national rights. become highly costly, because this
the Zionist regime was forged after the The document issued in November current is gnawing at the roots of
forced removal of more than 750,000 1917 by the then British foreign the Revolution like a termite, the
Palestinians. secretary Arthur Balfour said the statement said.
Injuries were reported in the UK government views with favor The opportunists, Qalibaf said in
flashpoint West Bank town of the establishment in Palestine of his statement, are not only at odds
Bethlehem, where Palestinians threw a national home for the Jewish with the intellectual fundaments of
stones at Israeli forces. Palestinians people, settling the stage for original revolutionaries, but also
also clashed with police near the creation of Israel. represent a current whose material
illegal settlement of Beit El, near the Palestinian survivors of the Nakba interests are at risk.
West Bank city of Ramallah. and their descendants have lived Qalibaf said, Right now, the
Palestinians in occupied Palestine, outside of Palestine since 1948, with main goal of the country and the
the occupied West Bank and the Gaza millions of them still stateless or people is to change the status quo,
Strip were holding rallies, marches languishing in surrounding refugee and to that end, there is no other
and candlelight vigils. camps. way than beginning a genuine fight
Sirens wailed in the West Bank to The occupying regime of Israel has free of slogans against aristocracy
mark the passing of 69 years. Cars prevented them from returning to their and opportunism in order to find a
stopped and pedestrians stood still in homes. Palestinians have cited UN precise and comprehensive solution
commemoration. Resolution 194 that they say preserves to the countrys problems.
Monday also marked the 29th day of their Right to Return to Palestine. Tehrans mayor also stressed
a hunger strike by 1,800 Palestinians Barghouti urged Palestinians to Tehran Mayor Muhammad Baqer Qalibaf, left, asks his supporters to use all their capacity to help Seyyed the importance of preserving the
in Israeli prisons. carry out acts of civil disobedience Ebrahim Raisi, right, win the election. interests of the country, its people
Imprisoned Palestinian leader to commemorate Nakba. He also and the Islamic Revolution.
TEHRAN (Dispatches) Tehran I should take an important jobs in their first term if elected and
Marwan Barghouti, who is a leader appealed to Fatah and Hamas to Qalibaf said a fundamental
Mayor Muhammad Baqer Qalibaf decision to keep the unity of to triple the monthly cash handouts
of the strike, released a statement enter into a national reconciliation decision must be made for forging
quit the Iranian presidential race on revolutionary forces, Qalibaf said to Irans poor.
through his lawyer on Sunday denying agreement. unity within the revolutionary front.
Monday, backing instead Principlist in a statement published in state Rouhani told supporters on
that a recent video released by Zionist Barghouti further warned against Iran will simultaneously hold its
cleric Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi in media. I ask all my supporters Monday he needed a stronger
prison authorities claiming to show the resumption of talks with Israel 12th presidential election and 5th
Fridays vote. around the country to use all their mandate to liberalize Iranian
him eating in his cell was fake, and after Palestinian Authority chief city and village council elections on
Qalibaf, a former Islamic capacity to help my brother, Mr. society.
the cell shown in the video was much Mahmoud Abbas met U.S. leaders in May 19.
Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Ebrahim Raisi, win the election. The day I decided to enter
larger and cleaner than his own. Washington. Other candidates in the race
commander and police chief, was Both men criticized Rouhani over the election despite my personal
I plan to escalate my hunger strike Elsewhere across the world, people are First Vice President Eshaq
one of the main challengers to the unemployment rate, which rose to interests, I was aware that I would
soon. I will stop drinking water, rallied in Berlin in remembrance of the Jahangiri, member of Irans
current president, Hassan Rouhani, 12.4% last year, up 1.4% from the face difficult and dangerous
Barghouti was reported to have said. Nakba Day. Protesters also gathered Expediency Council Mostafa Aqa-
who is seeking a second term. previous year. Raisi and Qalibaf conditions, Qalibaf said in his
There is no backtracking. We will outside the Israeli consulate in the Mirsalim, and former vice president,
In the last election four years ago, promised to create five to six million statement, sounding out his reasons
continue until the end. Canadian city of Toronto in support Mostafa Hashemi-Taba.
Qalibaf finished second. Rouhani

Syria Deploys Troops to Border

Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat of the hunger-striking Palestinians in
averted a second round by winning
demanded an Israeli apology over the Israeli jails.
just over 50%.
Nakba. In the occupied territories, human
This time around, Principlists who

With Jordan
Our nation marking 69 years of rights group Yesh Din released
want to unseat Rouhani are mainly
the Nakba, our national catastrophe, footage showing Israeli forces
placing their trust in Raisi, a jurist
is symbolized in our exile and the watching indifferently while Jewish
and cleric who studied at the feet of
systematic denial of our rights, settlers hurled stones at Palestinians DAMASCUS (Dispatches) -- The base is being expanded Daesh from Dawr al-Zawr, Foreign
Leader of the Islamic Revolution
Erekat said in a statement. in the West Bank. Syria is reportedly moving troops to become a launching pad for Minister Walid al-Muallem warned
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei.
to a desert region near its border operations in the province of Dayr Jordan against getting involved
with Iraq and Jordan amid reports al-Zawr that straddles Iraq, Reuters without Syrias permission.

Awamiyah Under Saudi Siege for 6th Day

that U.S. and allied forces are cited regional intelligence sources If the Jordanian forces entered
consolidating positions in the area as saying. without coordination with the
for a possible ground invasion. Syrian media on Sunday said Syrian government they will be
LONDON (Dispatches) -- A had been shot dead, while the The situations miserable, Militant sources and commanders government forces have made fresh considered as hostile forces,
Saudi town spent its sixth day under Mira al-Jazeera news site claimed a resident told AFP, asking for said Monday their intelligence gains against terrorists in Dayr al- Muallem said.
siege from the kingdoms security two locals had also been killed by anonymity. We think it will take a showed that hundreds of Syrian Zawr. In addition to the large U.S.
services on Monday, with several the security services in the ensuing long time to finish this operation. troops and their allies with tanks Army units clashed with presence on the Jordanian side of
reportedly killed in clashes between clashes. Residents have also reported a and heavy equipment had moved terrorist groups affiliated with the border, U.S. special forces were
police and protesters. A citizen was confirmed lack of water and can only access in the last few days to the town of Daesh in the province, leaving also spotted inside Syria, training a
Saudi security services launched martyred as well as another of electricity from private generators. Sabaa Biyar. a number of terrorists killed and group of militants called Mughawir
a raid in the Eastern Province town Indian nationality after being People from the Almosara The remote town near the strategic their fortifications and hideouts al-Thowra, the Newsweek
of Awamiyah early on Wednesday, shot by Saudi army gunfire, the neighborhood have been asked to Damascus-Baghdad highway was destroyed. magazine reported.
claiming the historic Almosara online newspaper reported on its leave by authorities, while photos captured by the army last week as Last week, about 7,400 troops
neighborhood was being used as Facebook page. The European circulating on social media have they seek to prevent areas left by began conducting military exercises U.S. Airstrikes Kill Dozens of
a hideout for Shia militant groups. Saudi Human Rights Organisation shown special police wearing Takfiri terrorists from falling into known as Exercise Eager Lion in Civilians
The Eastern Province has a large (ESHRO) identified one of the balaclavas and camouflage pants the hands of Western-backed FSA Jordan, in what was described as
Shia population. Another aim men as Ali Abdul Aziz Abu moving residents in armored cars. militants. the largest and most complex of Dozens of civilians, including
of the raid, however, appeared Abdullah. Ameen Nemer, an activist They have sent big reinforcements their kind conducted jointly with scores of women and children,
to be to allow the demolition Dozens have reportedly been originally from Awamiyah, told from artillery, to tanks and armored the U.S. have been reported killed by U.S.
of Almosara to make way for injured. The interior ministry Middle East Eye that most of vehicles, FSA spokesman for the The exercises prompted concerns air attacks in Syria and Iraq, the
a planned renovation project. said 14 people were wounded, the entrances to Awamiyah had so-called Southern Front Issam al- that Washington and its allies UK-based Syrian Observatory for
Activists have posted pictures including two Pakistanis, an now been blocked off so that Reis told Reuters. were attempting to stage a major Human Rights said.
and videos of bulldozers being Indian, a Sudanese and four cars hardly go out or get in and U.S. special forces operate and intervention to undermine recent The air attack killed 23 civilians
accompanied by heavily armored policemen. that there was only around one train FSA militants at the Tanf gains made by the Syrian military on Monday in Abu Kamal, a Syrian
military vehicles towards the site. ESHRO said the entrances to entrance still in use, which was base near the Iraqi border in the against Daesh terrorists. town held by Daesh on the border
Al-Hayat newspaper reported that the town have been blocked by also frequently closed. area which is known as the Syrian As the Syrian military began a with Iraq, it said.
a man wanted by the authorities concrete slabs. (Continued on Page 7) Badia, meaning desert in Arabic. new eastward push to drive out (Continued on Page 7)
2 May 16, 2017 DOMESTIC NEWS

Iran Not After Tensions

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Tehran Islamic Republic of Iran
The Holy Quran (12.2)

In the Name of the Most High

Noon (Zohr) 13:00
U.S. Arms Dictate Saudi Dawn(Fajr) Tomorrow04:18

Policies in Yemen Sunrise Tomorrow 05:57

Iraq. The smugglers are often the

By: Kayhan Intl Staff Writer
areas Kurds who have networks
and contacts in all three countries.
The United States is seeking to reach billions of dollars in arms sales The length of the Turkish-Iranian
to Saudi Arabia as part of Trumps visit to Riyadh. The White House is border is also used as a route by
very close to the deal, which will amount to over $100 billion in sales. Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi addresses reporters during a weekly news briefing in Tehran migrants seeking to reach Europe.
Details are still emerging, but the plan is for this to set out a series of in this undated photo. The migrants who frequently use
growing deals over the next decade that will involve more than $300 TEHRAN (Dispatches) -- Iran Minister Muhammad bin Salman The PKK and its various regional routes along the Turkish-Iranian
billion going to arms dealers, not just to arm the Saudis, but in extra said on Monday it does not seek recently said, We will work to affiliates have often used the border are usually Afghans,
aid to Israel to ensure their qualitative military edge over the Saudis. tensions with Saudi Arabia, even have the battle in Iran rather than in difficult terrain along the Turkish- Pakistanis and anti-Iran elements.
White House officials say the move would be good for the economy, though it characterized Riyadhs Saudi Arabia. Iranian and Iraqi border to launch Elsewhere in his news conference,
and insist that building Saudi Arabias already substantial military involvement in conflicts in Yemen, Relations between the two raids on Turkish territory. Qassemi urged the United States
Syria, Iraq and elsewhere a countries first soured after a deadly The Iranian news agency IRNA to adopt a pragmatic approach
is essential because of regional problems the problems they
strategic mistake. human crush during Hajj rituals in last week quoted an unnamed as regards the 2015 nuclear deal
themselves have created. Saudi Arabia, of course, spends much of its Foreign Ministry spokesman Mina, near Mecca, in September Iranian official as welcoming the between Iran and world powers.
military budget invading Yemen and trying to affect regime change in Bahram Qassemi called on 2015, which claimed the lives walls construction because it Despite the deal, the U.S. is
Sanaa. Saudi rulers to abandon their of hundreds of Iranian pilgrims would help the Tehran government refusing to give guarantees to
Worse, Saudi Arabia and its partners in crime have been financially misbehavior and instead among others. tackle the rampant smuggling in international banks against punitive
and militarily supporting Takfiri-Wahhabi terror proxies in Syria for answer Irans call for dialog and the area. measures which Washington is
years. They have intentionally bankrolled these terrorist groups whose interaction. Turkeys Border Wall Goods including alcohol, which is likely to mete out for transactions
mission it is to wipe out the Shia communities and ethnic groups in the Our response to the misbehavior illegal in Iran, are smuggled into the with Iran.
Middle East. These unelected regimes first started with Al-Qaeda and and improper remarks of Saudi Qassemi welcomed Turkeys plan country from Turkey and northern (Continued on Page 7)
then bankrolled what became ISIL. authorities is that we do not want to build a 144-kilometer wall along
Given Saudi Arabias Yemen-centric foreign policy, however, U.S. tensions, Qassemi told reporters its border to prevent the movement
during his weekly news briefing, of Kurdish groups hostile to Turkey.
sales are to be heavily on warplanes and bombs to drop on northern
adding Tehran is ready for dialogue The Turkish government
Yemens crowded areas, as the conflict has lasted far longer than
with Riyadh. announced the move late last week,
the Saudis anticipated, and there is little sign they are interested in However, dialogue and with Ergun Turan, the head of
extricating themselves from the conflict anytime soon. understanding does not mean Turkeys public housing authority,
Still, the Saudis are not in a position to dictate policy or be the teacher
For Sale
an endorsement of all the things saying it would be complete by
of democracy in Yemen. They dont support the heart of evolving governments and countries do. October.
humanity and they are not a leader worthy of being followed. They Either at the regional level or Turkey sees these walls as an KAYHAN: Everything has been up for sale during the past four years:
seek authority so that they may impose their policy without limitations. on the issue of Yemen and Iran, effective way to stop logistics
Economic issues, national security, honesty, dignity, fairness and suchlike.
Unsurprisingly, they also have America on board. Saudi Arabia is making strategic transfers and the movement of
mistakes. fighters by the Kurdistan Workers The government told lies to distract public attention from real issues. In the
Saudi officials are aware that their military might is not a force for
Qassemi said Iran is hopeful Party (PKK), which is based in the eyes of the Western hemisphere, the administration of Rouhani is desperate to
good and they cannot turn the tide of opinion in the region. They are
aware they cannot manage the current crisis and that the people of that Saudi Arabia would be ready mountainous terrain of northern sell national rights just like a fervent seller in debt. This is so true. We have
for dialogue with Iran in a fair Iraqs Qandil region bordering Iran to stop this from continuing, else generations after generations will remain in
Yemen, both Shias and Sunnis, do not have any intension to let them
environment. and Turkey. debt.
win the war. While difficult, resisting interventionism wont be futile. We hope they would realize their Qassemi said Iran supported
Within this context, the international community has to reject the
glorification of this latest U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia, before the
mistakes and create an atmosphere any move by Turkey that would
for understanding and negotiation improve security. A New Chance
U.S.-backed, Saudi-led violence in Yemen engulfs the entire region, through making up for their past The wall will not be built right RESALAT: Elections offer the chance to rebuild our national clout and
and before many more civilians die in Syria. The world must force mistakes, he added. on the border. It will be in Turkish security. Its a chance to legitimize our democracy, our establishment. Its a
the Saudis to stop their criminal aggression and accept an immediate Tensions between Iran and Saudi territory. We welcome any move chance to reckon government deeds and promises, and find out whether it
ceasefire in battle-torn Yemen. Arabia have escalated since the that increases the security and delivered them. Its a great chance to start all over again. We can and we must
The unprovoked war by the Saudi bigots, with full-hearted support kingdom executed a prominent stability of the border, he said.
Shia cleric in January 2016. He said Turkish officials had renew our national unity and resolve. We must show off our might to the
of their deranged and blood-drenched allies, is a great test for the
The execution triggered angry shared the idea of a border wall enemy. The problem is, Rouhani is still desperate to stay in power even if that
conscience of the world community. Bombing a poor countrys
protests in many countries, with their Iranian counterparts costs our national resolve or endangers our national security.
infrastructure, murdering its defenseless civilians, blockading its

Four Years of Lies

including Iran. Protesters attacked before the announcement.
ports, and hobbling its struggling economy are hardly ways of ensuring
the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and its The Turkey-Iran border wall is
security for the Arab rentier state. consulate in Mashhad, prompting being constructed with three-meter
The world is duty-bound to stop this criminal foolishness and its own VATAN EMROOZ: Rouhanis biggest false claim has to be the lifting
Riyadh to cut diplomatic ties with concrete blocks, which weigh
political correctness. The world must recognize that the American the Islamic Republic. seven tonnes each topped off with of sanctions regime in light of the nuclear deal. He said as per the deal all
bombs and the Saudi siege of the poorest nation in the Middle East are Saudi authorities have also a meter of razor wire. The wall financial, economic and banking restrictions would be lifted the moment the
a form of collective punishment that violates the Geneva Conventions become increasingly belligerent will have 15 gates to facilitate deal was implemented. The West delayed to lift sanctions, so much so that CBI
and international humanitarian law. in their verbal attacks on Iran. official movement between the two Chief Seif said the deal brought nothing, no economic achievement for Iran.
Deputy Crown Prince and Defense countries, according to Turan. Even Zarif said all sanctions would be lifted, but later did a flip-flop. He said
he made a mistake in trusting the Americans.
Two Police Martyred in Attack in Ahvaz
TEHRAN (Dispatches) The ILNA news agency said a police station in the provinces the Pakistani side. The assailants
Blood-Thirsty Saudis
SIASAT ROOZ: Mass murder and blood-letting is one of the key features
Gunmen have opened fire on the gunmen attacked a police station Hamidiyeh town, martyring three escaped into Pakistani territory of the Saudi regime. It continues to attack civilian areas in Yemen or blockade
police in the southern city of Ahvaz, in Ahvaz on Monday morning, security forces and injuring two immediately after the attack. populated neighborhoods. This proves beyond any doubt that the Saudis are
martyring two policemen. setting off a shootout that also more. The terrorists were arrested Chief of Staff of the Iranian blood-thirsty. The regime continues to murder women and children in cold
Col. Ali Ghasempour, deputy wounded four policemen. within 72 hours and sentenced to Armed Forces Major General
blood. It attacks and destroys houses and mosques. It cuts off water and
police chief of the oil-rich None of the reports identified the hang by a court. Muhammad Baqeri later called
electricity supplies to the besieged populations. Because of its failures in Syria
Khuzestan province where Ahvaz gunmen, who managed to escape Ten Iranian border guards were the perpetrators Saudi-hired
and Yemen, the regime is making sure the defenseless populations are paying
is located, said on Monday the and were said to be at large. martyred last month in the southeast terrorists, who enjoy the U.S.
the price for it. Worse, the international civil society is sitting on its hands,
attack is under investigation. Last year, a terrorist group struck in a border attack originating from endorsement.
doing nothing, absolutely nothing.
Art & Culture May 16, 2017 3

This Day in History

(May 16)
Iranian Calligraphy Art
Exhibition Opens in Ankara
Today is Tuesday; 26th of the Iranian month of Ordibehesht 1396 solar hijri;
corresponding to 19th of the Islamic month of Shaban 1438 lunar hijri; and May
16, 2017, of the Christian Gregorian Calendar.
1432 lunar years ago, on this day in 6 AH, the Battle of Bani Mustaliq occurred
near a place called Muraysi between Jeddah and Rabigh, when on hearing news are outstanding features of
of the intention of pagan Arabs led by Hareth ibn Abi Dirar, to attack Muslims,
Prophet Mohammad (SAWA) led an expedition in order to settle the matter in a the art of calligraphy clearly
peaceful way. The pagan Arabs refused to cease hostilities and heed the call of demonstrated in the works of
Islam. On seeing that the Prophet had only 30 riders amongst his modest group,
the pagan Arabs attacked the Muslims. The hypocrites among the companions of art displayed in this exhibition,
the Prophet, deserted on hearing that most Arab tribes were allied with the pagan said Reza Azizian, Deputy Cul-
warlord Hareth. The true Muslims had no other option but to defend themselves tural Attach of the Islamic Re-
with arms. Imam Ali (AS) led the charge and soon disposed off some of the
leading pagans such as Malik. The Muslims emerged victorious although some public Embassy in Turkey.
descendants of the Prophets grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, were martyred. The The continuance of human
fruits of this victory were the capture of several hundred pagan Arabs, including
the fearsome Bani Mustaliq chief, Hareth, who later, along with many members life will be toilsome and diffi-
of his clan became Muslim. It was during this expedition that God revealed cult without taking the role of
Surah al-Munafiqoun since some of those who accompanied the Prophet art in life into account, Azizian
from Medina and claimed to be Muslims, like Abdullah bin Ubbayy, were
hypocrites at heart, planning to undermine Islam. said.
515 solar years ago, on this day in 1502 AD, Honduras in Central America, The art of calligraphy dates
which was the centre of the Mayan civilization, was occupied by Spain. Spain
subsequently decimated the indigenous Mayan people. In early 19th century, back to Sassanid Empire and
due to the chaotic state of affairs in Spain, Honduras like the majority of the Iranian artists have evolved the
American colonies gained independence from Spanish colonial rule. Honduras visual effects of the art by illu-
covers an area of more than 112,000 sq km. it is a republic and shares borders
with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. minating Quranic verses and
229 solar years ago, on this day in 1788 AD, the German poet and orientalist, texts of letters, he said refer-
Friedrich Ruckert, was born in the city of Hamburg. He was a researcher on
eastern languages and lectured at German universities. He has translated ring to the history of art of illu-
numerous poems from Persian, Arabic, and Chinese to German language. He is minating manuscript.
one of the German poets who have translated the Diwan of poems of renowned The exhibition is underway for
ANKARA (IRNA) The ex- manuscripts was inaugurated in ists and distinguished people in-
Iranian poet, Hafez, to German language, which has been published on several
occasions. hibition of the works of Irani- Ankara Castle Historical Com- volved in cultural activities. ten days in Ankara Castle His-
101 solar years ago, on this day in 1916 AD, the scandalous Sykes-Picot Accord an calligraphy and illuminated plex on Sunday attended by art- Spirituality and innovation torical Complex,Turkey.
was signed by representatives of Britain, France, and Russia in Paris for dividing
up the Arab lands of the Ottoman Empire and limiting the Turkish possessions to
Anatolia or present day Turkey. Even before the formal defeat of the Ottomans
in 1917, lines were drawn on paper to share the spoils by the two principal
European colonial powers. The British took control of Iraq and the Hijaz. Shaam
Aspirin Use and Risk of Stroke
or Greater Syria was split up into four parts, with the British taking Jordan
and Palestine, and the French taking Syria and Lebanon. The main goal of this WASHINGTON (Dispatches) - rin in 4,124 low-risk AF patients
plan was to set up in Palestine, an illegal entity called Israel as a homeland for According to new research, using who underwent catheter abla-
European Jews.
42 solar years ago,on this day in 1975 AD, India annexed Sikkim and abolished long-term aspirin therapy to pre- tion. The study showed that over
the Chogyal monarchy. The Himalayan land of Sikkim was part of the British vent strokes among patients who a three-year period, those who
subcontinent, but in 1947 when India became independent, a popular vote are considered to be at low risk were on aspirin had a significant-
rejected Sikkims joining the Indian Union and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru
for stroke may not be effective as ly higher risk for gastrointesti-
agreed to a special protectorate status for Sikkim. The land, however, came under
the suzerainty of India, which controlled its external affairs, defense, diplomacy previously thought. nal bleeding and genitourinary
and communications, but otherwise retained administrative autonomy. A state The study by researchers at bleeding compared to those on
council was established in 1955 to allow for constitutional government under the the Intermountain Medical Cen- warfarin or who werent treated
Chogyal. Meanwhile, the Sikkim National Congress demanded fresh elections
and greater representation for the Nepalese majority. In 1973, riots in front of ter Heart Institute in Salt Lake at all.
the Chogyal palace led to a supposed request for protection from India. In 1975, City, Utah, in the U.S. found that In both the general and medi-
the Prime Minister of Sikkim reportedly appealed to the Indian Parliament for atrial fibrillation patients who cal communities, aspirin therapy
Sikkim to become a state of India. In April, the Indian Army took over the city
of Gangtok and disarmed the Chogyals palace guards. A referendum was held received a catheter ablation and is perceived to reduce risks, its
in which over 90 percent of the electorate allegedly voted to join the Indian were low risk of stroke didnt easy to prescribe, and its avail-
Union. On 16 May 1975, Sikkim was formally declared the 22nd state of the benefit from long-term aspirin able worldwide over-the-count-
Indian Union.
therapy, but are at risk of higher er. Theres always been little
20 solar years ago, on this day in 1997 AD, the autocratic president of Congo
(formerly Zaire), General Mobutu Sese Seko, fled after the united forces, led by rates of bleeding compared to no studys lead author and director Traditionally, lower-risk AF evidence to support its use for
Lauren Kabila, closed in on the city of Kinshasa. He came to power in the wake therapy at all. of Heart Rhythm Research at the patients have been treated with stroke prevention in AF patients.
of a coup in 1965 and ruled Congo with an iron fist for 32 years. Although he was When AF patients are con- Intermountain Medical Center aspirin without significant sup- This study continues to show that
a violent and ruthless dictator, he was always supported by the Western regimes,
especially the US and France. Congo has always been on the spotlight of the sidered low risk for stroke, phy- Heart Institute. What was un- portive data, he added. aspirin has little to no benefit for
Western regimes, given its strategic position in Central Africa and existence of sicians often treat them with known was if aspirin was a safe Dr. Bunch and his team at the stroke prevention in AF patients
ample copper and diamond resources. A day after the escape of Sese Seko, the aspirin rather than stronger anti- and effective stroke prevention Intermountain Medical Center and when used in low-risk pa-
opposition forces captured Kinshasa; and Lauren Kabila was installed as the
president. A while later, the refusal of Kabila to allow his Tutsi allies a share coagulants to further lower that treatment after an ablation in Heart Institute investigated the tients it significantly increases a
in the government, once again fanned the flames of civil war resulting in the risk, said Jared Bunch, MD, the lower-risk AF patients. impact of long-term use of aspi- patients bleeding risk.
assassination of Kabila on January 16, 2000, by one of his bodyguards.
24 solar years ago, on this day in 1993 AD the researcher, author, and lecturer
of Persian language and literature at Tehran University, Dr. Mahdi Derakhshan,
passed away at the age of 75. For a while, he also researched and lectured at Once Upon
a Time in the
Turkeys Ankara University. He has left behind a large number of valuable
13 lunar years ago, on this day in 1425 AH, Ayatollah Mirza Hassan Ali Morvarid
passed away at the age of 96 in his hometown Mashhad and was laid to rest in the
holy mausoleum of Imam Reza (AS), the 8th Infallible Heir of Prophet Mohammad
(blessings of God upon him and his progeny). Born in a scholarly family tracing
East Goes to
descent from the Safavid-era poet laureate and calligrapher Khwajah Shehab
od-Din Abdullah Morvarid Kermani (865-955 AH), he was nine years when his Indian Film
father Hojjat al-Islam Mohammad Reza Morvarid passed away and according to
the latters will his care was assumed by the famous scholar Shaykh Hassan Ali
Isfahani Nukhadaki. At the age of 13 he started his formal studies in the Islamic
seminary of Mashhad, where his teachers, besides Shaykh Nukhadaki, included TEHRAN (MNA) Once Upon
Allamah Shaykh Hashem Qazvini, and the famous Allamah Ayatollah Mirza a Time in the East by Hamed Ba-
Mahdi Isfahani the leading jurisprudent and scholar of Quranic sciences. He soon
zrafkan has been selected into the
became a leading professor of Islamic Sciences and taught for more than forty years
at the Mashhad seminary, grooming a large number of scholars. Tanbihat Hawl screening program of Pickurflick
al-Mabda wal Maad is the summary of Islamic sciences which he lectured at the Film Festival in India.
Mashhad Seminary. Ayatollah Morvarid founded two Islamic seminaries Besat Bazrafkans short film will com-
and Saadat in holy Mashhad. He used to lead the congregational prayers in pete in the Asian Short Film cate-
the famous mosques of holy Mashhad like Madrasa-e Mirza Jafar, Masjid Hajj gory of the online Indian festival.
Mullah Hashem and Masjid Mullah Hyder. Once Upon a Time in the East
6 solar years ago, on this day in 2011 AD, philologist and Grammarian of the
Persian language, Professor Hassan Ahmad Givi, passed away at the age of 84. managed to win Special Jury
A prominent student of the famous Professor Badi oz-Zaman Farouzanfar, after Award at the 7th Ammar Inter-
obtaining PhD from Tehran University, for over four decades he taught at his national Popular Film Festival in
alma mater as well as other universities. He actively participated as a contributor Tehran. The film reveals the se-
to the Dehkhoda Lexicon (Loghatnameh), accounting for over 20 percent of crets behind terrorism acts, and its
the voluminous project. He compiled over 50 books, including A Comparative synopsis reads: Indeed, right will
Study of Persian and Turkish Literature.
survive and wrong will Perish.
4 solar years ago, on this day in 2013 AD, Takfiri terrorists backed by Saudi
Arabia and the US detonated car bombs in the Shia Muslim neighbourhoods of Pickurflick Indie Film Festival
Baghdad and Mosul, resulting in the martyrdom of dozens of men, women, and (PIFF) 2017 is Indias first unique
children, and injury to scores of others, as part of their failed plot to stir sectarian indie film festival for indepen-
clashes in Iraq. Seven years earlier on this same day in 2006, Takfiri terrorists dent film makers from around the
had raided a parking lot in a predominantly Shia Muslim neighborhood of globe. All accepted films will be
Baghdad, shooting dead several guards, and leaving behind an explosives-rigged The Congregational Mosque of Ardestan is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved Iranian mosques.
screened online on Pickurflick
car that led to the martyrdom of over a score of would-be rescuers. Vestiges of four historical epochs are discernible there.
(Courtesy: IRIB English Radio
network on 19-21 May, 2017.
Courtesy: Tasnim News Agency
4 May 16, 2017 ECONOMIC NEWS

European, Asian Firms Ready IME Ready to Expand Economic

Ties With Iraq
to Fund Plane Purchases
EHRAN (FNA) - The Iran Mer- delegation had several meetings evaluated the economic situation
cantile Exchange (IME) dispatched with Iraqi officials to explore new in Iraq on the ground while visiting
a high-ranking delegation to Iraq to avenues to strengthen economic markets in important cities of Bagh-
pave the ground for the establish- ties between the two countries over dad, Karbela and Najaf.
the state news agency IRNA. ment of an IME office in Baghdad to the platform of Iran Mercantile Ex- Decision-makers in IME are of the
We are in conditions that allow further ease and boost trade with the change. opinion that the IME will rekindle
us to choose our desired financers neighboring country in large scale, The IME delegation also paid a trade of Iranian commodities in Iraq
in a competitive atmosphere that a the IME said on Monday. visit to renowned markets in Iraq. by establishing an office there, the
tender creates. The IME said that its dispatched The IME delegation, meantime, IME said.
Also, Irans media last October
quoted an unidentified governmen-
Official Calls
tal official as saying that Boeing
Over $70mn Worth of Goods
had sealed a deal with an American
for Boosting
bank to provide financing for Irans
Exported Via Chabahar in 1 Year
purchase of airliners in cooperation
with a Japanese bank. No names Industrial
were provided at the time.
ATR Planes Within Days Cooperation
Iran says nine major Asian and European credit companies have
announced readiness to fund the countrys purchases of planes from
Iran says it expects to receive the
first batch of planes from Europe- With Latin
global aviation giants Airbus and Boeing. an aviation player ATR within the
TEHRAN (Press TV) - Iran says chases were underway, adding that next few days.
several major European and Asian tender documents would be sent Affairs Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan TEHRAN (Dispatches) - Ira-
financers have announced readiness out to potential bidders within a told the domestic media that four
nian Deputy Industry, Trade and
to fund the countrys purchases of month. ATR planes would arrive in the
Mine Mehdi Karbasian has called
planes from global aviation giants Last week, he was quoted by country in coming days.
for broadening of bilateral trade
Airbus and Boeing. media as saying that Britains key He told the countrys state news
relations with the Latin American
Irans Deputy Minister of Road export credit agency UK Export agency IRNA that five more planes
and Urban Development for Inter- Finance (UKEF) had informed would be handed over to Iran until
The Islamic Republic of Iran
national Affairs Asghar Fakhrieh Irans Ministry of Roads and Ur- the end of 2017. However, he did
has planned a 50-billion-dollar
Kashan was quoted by the domes- ban Development that it was ready not provide a clear timetable for the
tic media as saying that nine fi- to provide funding for all of Irans deliveries. investment in its mining, and
TEHRAN (Dispatches) - Man- free zone and we had focused on industries sectors and the Latin
nancial institutions from Norway, purchases from Boeing and Airbus. All the planes would be delivered aging Director of Chabahar Free the downstream petrochemical
Denmark, Ireland, Britain, China He emphasized that Iran wanted to Irans national flag-carrier air- American countries participation
Zone Organization Abdulrahim industries and packaging indus-
and Japan had already approached to have an open hand in choosing line Iran Air, IRNA added. Kordi has announced that Iran tries, Kordi told reporters in a in these areas is welcomed, Kar-
Iran to fund the purchases. the best financers and that a tender In April, Iran Air finalized an exported $70mln worth of goods press conference. basian said.
Fakhrieh Kashan did not reveal to the same effect would be held agreement with ATR to buy 20 and petrochemical products He predicted that in the cur- He reiterated that Iran is inter-
the names of the interested financ- soon. planes from the company at an es- through Chabahar in the past Ira- rent year, exports of goods from ested to cooperate with Latin
nian year (ended on March 20). Chabahar will increase 2.5 times America in the economic and
ers. Iran Air is preparing the tender timated cost of above $500 million.
Last year, $70mln of exports compared with the previous
Nevertheless, he emphasized documents so that they would be The planes all ATR 72-600 trade fields.
were carried out in Chabahar year.
that proceedings to hold a tender sent to all credible financers across would be twin-propeller aircraft

G7 Finance Ministers Puzzle Over

to choose the financer for the pur- the world, Fakhrieh Kashan told that can carry 70 passengers.

Oil Exports to South Korea Up 63%

TEHRAN (Dispatches) - South same period a year ago. Islamic treasury bills is in its final Trumps Policies
Korea considerably has increased its Tehran, Seoul to Link Financial stages and would be implemented
BARI, Italy, (Euronews) - The tant political and economical bility .. and at the end of the day
crude oil imports from Iran in April Markets in the near future in case of removal
as compared with the corresponding Meanwhile, Tehran and Seoul of restrictions on exchange and in- different positions of protection- power in the world and the best are truly in everyones interests.
period in the last year. are making all-out efforts to have terbank transactions. ist President Donald Trump and alliance for Europe, he told re- European Economic Affairs
Iran boosted its crude exports the two countries financial mar- He noted that another measure finance chiefs from the worlds porters. Commissioner Pierre Moscovici
to South Korea by 63.5 percent in kets connected to each other, CEO taken by CSDI pertain to coopera- richest countries meant trade was Participants revealed U.S. said he hoped Trump would not
last month (April), Customs Office of Central Securities Depository tion with Greeces Hellenic Central downplayed at the latest meet- Treasury Secretary Steven abandon multilateralism and free
data showed. of Iran (CSDI) Mohammad Reza Securities Depository and Athens ing of the Group of Seven finance Mnuchin was subjected to pleas trade. We can discuss, we can
South Koreas customs data also Mohseni announced on Monday. Stock Exchange (ATHEX Group) ministers and central bankers. from ministers for Trump not to have different appreciations, but
showed that the country imported Negotiations have been held be- aimed at developing a joint operat-
Instead in the two-day meeting weaken long-established poli- we are in the same world and in
1.41 million metric tons of Iranian tween CDSI and South Korea over ing model between capital markets
crude or 344,933 barrels of oil per past two years on linking the two of Iran and Greece. in the southern Italian port city cies on trade and the banking the same boat, he told reporters.
day in April. countries markets, Mohseni said. Head of Central Securities Depos- of Bari they have been focusing regulations designed to prevent Several officials at the G7
The figures showed that the CSDI CEO said that a special itory of Iran (CSDI) also called for on inequality, international tax a repeat of the global financial raised concerns about risks to
worlds fifth-largest crude importer working group has been set up to formation of two working groups to rules and cyber security but Ger- crisis, even as they try to get a global growth from the Trump
shipped in 7.1 million metric tons of connect financial markets of Iran develop a system for payment and manys Wolfgang Schaeuble had sense of how much is rhetoric administrations policy propos-
Iranian crude oil, or 433,659 bpd, in and South Korea. settlement of transactions aimed at a message for Washington. and how much reality. als, including tax reform, a se-
the first four months of 2017 which Mohseni reiterated that the base hedging against risks and joint col-
We need a strong United French Finance Minister Mi- nior U.S. Treasury official said.
was up 86 percent from 3.82 mil- mode for binding financial markets laboration to enhance international
lion metric tons imported during the of Iran and South Korea through relations. States to lead the global econ- chel Sapin said: It is unthink- Trump has vowed to revamp
omy and global politics in a able, and it will not happen, that the U.S. tax code with major

Iranian, Foreign Firms to Participate at Intl sustainable way and the United
States is still the most impor-
one can destroy these collective
achievements that give more sta-
cuts for businesses and ease
business regulatory burdens.

Iran Health Exhibition

TEHRAN (Dispatches) - Hun-
IMF Urges Germany to Invest in
dreds of Iranian and foreign com-
panies will participate in the 20th Infrastructure, Raise Wages
International Iran Health Exhibi- BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany should use its rising tax and structural policies to safeguard its strengths and ad-
tion due to be held on May 16-19, revenues to invest in infrastructure projects that will en- dress remaining challenges, including reducing external
Deputy Industry Minister Moham-
mad Javad Qanbari has said.
hance its growth potential, and encourage employers to imbalances, the IMF added.
Over 600 Iranian and foreign raise wages to help lift euro zone inflation, the Interna- An IMF official told a news conference the Fund saw
companies will attend the Interna- tional Monetary Fund said on Monday. Germanys current account surplus falling to 7.5 per-
tional Exhibition for Medical and The IMF recommendations run counter to the think- cent of national output by 2022 from 8.3 percent last
Laboratory Equipment, Pharma- ing of Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, who last year, adding that a surplus of between 2.5 and 5 percent
ceutical Products and Health Care
Services (Iran Health), Qanbari Thursday announced higher tax revenue estimates for would be appropriate.
told media in Tehran. this year and rejected criticism that Germany was not Germanys current account surplus has been a source
He said that 180 producers of investing enough. of discord for years with the United States, the IMF and
medical equipment from differ- Iran enjoys good potentials and fair which covers Medical, Dental, In a report following its annual Article IV meetings some euro zone peers, which have urged it to do more
ent countries, including Germany, capabilities to develop health tour- Laboratory Equipment, Pharma- with the German authorities, the IMF said Germanys to boost lacklustre domestic demand.
Poland, South Korea, Austria, Ma- ism. ceutical Products and Health care
laysia, Turkey, Ukraine, the U.S., Iran health International Exhibi- Services. large and persistent current account surplus reflected Germany has pushed back, arguing that it is increasing
Britain and Denmark will display tion, which will be held concur- The exhibition will be held at high domestic savings and better investment opportuni- investment and that the surplus is partly due to the at-
their products in the exhibition. rent with several national medical Tehran permanent international ties abroad. tractiveness of German products, for which the country
Qanbari also underscored that workshops, is a comprehensive fairground on May 16-19. Germany should embrace a set of coordinated fiscal should not be punished.
WORLD NEWS May 16, 2017 5

Heavy Gunfire Hits Putin Rules Out Role

Ivory Coast Cities in Global Cyber-Attack BRUSSELS (Dispatches) -- The
EU Monday urged all sides in

Amid Munity Venezuela to abstain from vio-

lence and seek a political solution
as the death toll mounts in clashes
between the government and riot-
resident. Other residents confirmed the ers.
shooting. Protests against leftist Presi-
The soldiers staged the revolt over de- dent Nicolas Maduro demanding
layed bonus payments promised by the early elections have left 38 dead
government after a mutiny in January since April 1, with many hundreds
but not fully paid after a collapse in the wounded and arrested. The EU
price of cocoa, Ivory Coasts main ex- said all parties should work to-
port, caused a revenue crunch. wards a settlement which would
Ivory Coast has been touted as a post- allow the establishment of an
war success story because it emerged electoral calendar. The statement
President Vladimir Putin gestures while speaking to the media after said there were more than 600,000
from a 2002-2011 political crisis as one the Belt and Road Forum at the China National Convention Center on
of the worlds fastest growing econo- European citizens in Venezuela
Yanqi Lake just outside Beijing, May 15, 2017. and the EU was ready to work with
mies under President Alassane Ouat-
tara. BEIJING (AFP) -- Russia had noth- of an international summit in Beijing. the government to help them.
But it remains divided and a wave of ing to do with a massive global cyber- The U.S. has accused Russia in
mutinies that began earlier this year has attack, President Vladimir Putin said the past of mounting several cyber- ****
Mutinous soldiers pose with their weapons in the streets of Ivory Coasts Monday, calling for urgent consulta- attacks. ROME (Dispatches) -- Italy has
exposed the lack of unity in a military
central second city, Bouak. tions on countering the hackers. In March the Justice Department broken up a mafia ring accused
assembled from former rebel and loyal-
Hundreds of thousands of comput- indicted two officials of Russias of infiltrating one of the countrys
BOUAKE, IVORY COAST (Dis- capital Yamoussoukro toward Bouake, ist combatants.
ers in more than 150 countries have Federal Security Service and two largest refugee reception centers
patches) -- Heavy gunfire erupted on saw only a handful of loyalist military In signs of the economic impact of the
been hit by the ransomware attack, criminal hackers whom they alleged- and capitalizing on asylum seekers
Monday in Ivory Coasts two largest cit- vehicles, a day after the head of the crisis, the banking association, the AP-
which has been described as the larg- ly hired to steal data from some 500 with the help of a Catholic associa-
ies of Abidjan and Bouake as the military army said troops were being sent there BEF, ordered all banks to remain closed
est-ever of its kind. million Yahoo user accounts. tion, police said Monday.
said it pressed an operation to quash a to re-establish order. on Monday and many businesses at the The Arena clan, a family belong-
The attack began Friday and struck The fast-spreading malware called
four-day nationwide army mutiny over Most of a large column of troops spot- port in Abidjan from which cocoa is ex- ing to the powerful Ndrangheta
banks, hospitals and government WannaCry, is the first ever detect-
bonus payments, witnesses said. ted on Sunday evening appeared to have ported were also closed. agencies among a variety of other ed to combine both a worm -- which crime syndicate, allegedly made a
Residents also reported gunfire in the withdrawn - suggesting any government Heavy shooting was also heard in targets, exploiting known vulner- enables it to burrow into an entire fortune by supplying services for
port city and major cocoa hub of San operation was not yet fully under way. Daloa, a hub for western cocoa growing abilities in older Microsoft computer network from a single infected com- the center at Isola di Capo Riz-
Pedro. Sporadic gunfire was heard overnight regions. operating systems. puter -- and ransomware, demanding zuto and siphoning off money from
More than 200 commercial trucks in Bouake as well as at military camps All businesses are closed here in As for the source of these threats, $300 (275 euros) in the virtual cur- the state destined for the refugees.
were stranded on the roadside after mu- in Abidjan. Shooting in both cities in- Daloa. The banks are closed and so are Microsofts leadership stated this rency Bitcoin to unlock systems. Over 500 agents overnight ar-
tinous soldiers sealed off the southern tensified before dawn. the cocoa buying businesses, said Aka directly, they said the source of the While there was no significant rested 68 people... accused of ma-
entrance to Bouake, the epicenter of the There was heavy shooting at the Marcel, a farmer cooperative manager virus was the special services of the damage to Russian institutions such fia association, extortion, carrying
revolt, on Monday, Reuters witnesses northern entrance to the city and in the in Daloa. The soldiers are in the streets United States, Putin said. as banks and hospitals, Putin said the illegal weapons, fraud, embezzle-
said. city center. Its calmed a bit but were on foot and on motorbikes. Theyre Putin was referring to a weekend incident was worrisome and war- ment to the detriment of the state,
A Reuters team traveling from the still hearing gunfire, said one Bouake shooting in the air. blog post by Microsoft president ranted immediate talks on a serious (and) theft, police in Catanzaro, a
Brad Smith stating that the U.S. political level. city in Calabria, said in statement.

Experts: N Korean Missile Range

National Security Agency had de- There is nothing good in this and
veloped the code being used in the calls for concern, he said. ****
attack. A protection system from these
Unprecedented This completely doesnt concern
Russia, Putin added on the sidelines
manifestations needs to be worked
PARIS (Reuters) -- Newly inau-
gurated centrist President Em-
SEOUL (Dispatches) -- North Korea said Monday it The North says it needs atomic weapons to defend manuel Macron appointed on
had successfully tested a new type of rocket in its latest
missile launch, as analysts said it showed an unprec-
itself against the threat of invasion and has carried
out two atomic tests and dozens of missile launches Merkel Threatens to Pull Out Monday conservative Edouard
Philippe as prime minister, an
unprecedented move in postwar
edented range that brought U.S. bases in the Pacific since the beginning of last year.
within reach.
Sundays launch was of a new ground-to-ground
Its goal is to develop a missile capable of delivering
a nuclear warhead to the continental United States Troops From Turkey France in the voluntary choice of
a head of government from out-
side the presidents party.
medium long-range strategic ballistic rocket named -- something President Donald Trump has vowed
Philippe, 46, a lawmaker and
the Hwasong-12, the official Korea Central News wont happen.
mayor of port city Le Havre and
Agency (KCNA) said. Tensions between the two reached a peak in recent
a close associate of prominent
Leader Kim Jong-un personally oversaw the test, weeks, with Washington saying military action was
conservative Alain Juppe, is from
it said, and hugged officials in the field of rocket an option under consideration and Pyongyang issuing
the moderate wing of The Repub-
research, saying that they worked hard to achieve a threats of its own, sending fears of conflict spiraling. licans party. He will be a counter-
great thing. Trump later appeared to backtrack on the threat, weight to the former Socialist MPs
The missile was launched on an unusually high tra- saying he would be honored to meet Kim and who have joined Macrons cause.
jectory, with KCNA saying it flew to an altitude of called him a smart cookie.
2,111.5 kilometers and traveled 787 kilometers be- In April the North put dozens of missiles on show at ****
fore coming down in the Sea of Japan (East Sea). a giant military parade through the streets of Pyong-
That suggests a range of 4,500 kilometers (2,800 yang, including one that appeared to be the type of FRANKFURT (Reuters) -- Thir-
miles) or more if flown for maximum distance, ana- device launched Sunday. teen people were injured, four of
lysts said. The test proved to the full all the technical specifi- them seriously, in an explosion
Aside from space launches, Jeffrey Lewis of the cations of the rocket which was capable of carrying German Tornado jet at the air base in Incirlik, Turkey on Monday at a German factory
Middlebury Institute of International Studies in the a large-size heavy nuclear warhead, KCNA said. operated by ball-bearings maker
U.S. told AFP: This is the longest range missile The North could be testing ICBM subsystems in a BERLIN (Dispatches) -- Berlin on many granting political asylum to Schaeffler, German police said.
North Korea has ever tested. low-key manner to hedge against the possibility Monday slammed Ankaras refusal some of its military officials since An explosion at a cleaning facility
On the respected 38 North website, aerospace engi- of U.S. military action, Schilling said. to allow German lawmakers to visit a last years failed coup against Presi- for industrial salts at Schaefflers
neering specialist John Schilling said it appeared to KCNA cited Kim as saying that the U.S. strategy NATO base near Syria and warned it dent Recep Tayyip Erdogan, foreign plant in Eltmann, Bavaria, was
demonstrate an intermediate-range ballistic missile of militarily browbeating only weak countries and could move its troops elsewhere. ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer reported to police in nearby Sch-
that could reliably strike the U.S. base at Guam in nations which have no nukes would never work on The German foreign ministry de- suggested. weinfurt at around 1015 am local
the Pacific. the North. scribed as absolutely unacceptable He said Ankaras reason may be time (0815 GMT), according to an
More importantly, he added, it may represent a If the U.S. dares opt for a military provocation Turkeys latest ban on a visit to the individual decisions of independent emailed statement. More than 120
substantial advance to developing an intercontinental against the DPRK, we are ready to counter it, it Incirlik base in southern Turkey. German authorities in connection firefighters as well as police and
Germany has about 250 military with military members. a large contingent of rescue staff
ballistic missile (ICBM). said.
personnel stationed there, flying Tor- Merkel stressed that, since Germa- were on the scene but police said

Greek Lawmakers Debate Extending Austerity nado surveillance missions over Syria
and refueling flights for partner na-
nys military missions always require
parliamentary mandates, it is abso-
lutely essential that our lawmakers
there appeared to be no danger for
people living nearby.
ATHENS (AP) -- Lawmakers in Greece started a four- lion euros ($95 billion) in total. In return for the money, Chancellor Angela Merkel said are able to visit our soldiers. ****
day debate Monday on whether to approve a new pack- the government promised to enact a series of austerity Turkeys position was unfortunate German media have reported that
age of spending cuts that will extend the number of years measures as well as economic reforms - its progress is and that Germany, while continuing over 400 Turkish military personnel, THE HAGUE (AFP) -- India
Greeks have lived under austerity to more than a decade. continually monitored by institutions from the European talks to resolve the issue, would also diplomats, judges and other officials Monday appealed to the UNs top
Amid confirmation that the countrys battered econo- Union and the International Monetary Fund. search for alternatives to Incirlik, and their relatives had sought politi- court to order Pakistan to suspend
my is in recession again, unions have launched a wave of While the austerity measures has seen Greeces public including in Jordan. cal asylum in Germany.
protests ahead of a general strike Wednesday. finances improve, the draconian spending cuts have seen its planned execution of an Indian
A defense ministry spokesman said They fear being caught up in Tur- national convicted of spying.
The latest round of austerity measures, which form part poverty rates surge to more than 35%, high in relation to Jordan offered the best conditions keys crackdown against those Erdo-
of an agreement between the Greek government and in- the EU average under 24%. In an emergency hearing, law-
after Berlin had also looked at Kuwait gan blames for the coup -- supporters
ternational bailout lenders, will involve additional pen- Delays in negotiations between Prime Minister Alexis yers for New Delhi urged the In-
and Cyprus since Turkey first denied of Fethullah Gulen, a reclusive U.S.-
sion cuts in 2019 and higher income tax in 2020. With- Tsipras left-wing government and lenders have held up ternational Court of Justice to
such visits to German MPs for several based preacher who has denied the
out the new measures, Greece would face the prospect of hopes of a return to growth. Official figures Monday halt the execution of Kulbhushan
months last year. charges against him.
not getting the rescue money it needs to avoid potential from the National Statistical Authority showed the Greek Sudhir Jadhav. Jadhav was ar-
The spokesman cautioned however The vast crackdown has heightened
bankruptcy this summer when it faces a big debt-repay- economy shrinking for the second straight quarter dur- rested in the southwestern prov-
that any move would involve shifting tensions between Turkey and Germa-
ment spike. ing the first three months of the year - two consecutive ince of Balochistan last year and
hundreds of containers of materiel ny, which is home to a three-million-
Greece is currently in the midst of its third bailout quarterly declines is the traditional measure of recession. Pakistani officials claim he has
and would take several months. strong ethnic Turkish population, the
program - the current three-year program expires in Greeces GDP shrank by 0.1% on a quarterly basis in the confessed to spying for Indian in-
Turkey rejected the latest lawmak- legacy of a massive guest worker
the summer of 2018 and could be worth up to 86 bil- first quarter, taking the annual rate of decline to 0.5%. telligence services.
ers visit because of anger over Ger- program in the 1960s and 1970s.
6 May 16, 2017

Iran Bag 5 More Medals at Womens U-23 Volleyball

Team Routs New Zealand
Islamic Solidarity Games also, claimed a bronze medal at
Ganjzadeh Takes Irans the mens 50-meter pistol shooting
Fourth Gold at the event.
The Iranian shooter finished in
TEHRAN (Dispatches) Sajjad third place with 200.9 points.
Ganjzadeh has collected another Yusuf Dikec claimed Turkeys
gold medal for Iran in the 4th Is- 21st gold medal of the Games,
lamic Solidarity Games. scoring 223.0 points.
In Mens Kumite +84kg, Ganjza- Omans Ismail Al Abri won the
deh defeated Turkeys Enes Erkan silver medal with 220.8 points.
5-3 in the final match.
Bronze medal went to Egyptian Khanarinejad Takes Ring
Ahmed Elasfar and Azerbaijans Bronze
Asiman Gurbanli. Hadi Khanarinejad from Iran
Narjes Andevari Emamgholine- claimed a bronze medal in the TEHRAN (Dispatches) - Iran The 2017 Asian Womens U-23
jad in the 10-metre air rifle, karate mens ring of the 4th Islamic Soli- thrashed New Zealand at the 2017 Volleyball Championship is a bien-
fighter Nasrin Dousti and judoka darity Games in Baku on Monday. Asian Womens U-23 Volleyball nial international volleyball tour-
Saeid Mollaei have previously val Ilker Gulduren with an ippon mian took a silver medal at the The Iranian gymnast won the Championship on Monday. nament organized by the Asian
won two gold medals for Iran. in the title challenge of the -81kg games. bronze medal by scoring 13.85.
Sima Sedighis girls defeated Volleyball Confederation (AVC)
Irans Mohadeseh Aghaei won weight class. She lost to Qatari Aldana saad The gold medal went to the Turk-
the bronze medal in the Womens Uzbekistans Davlat Bobonov Ammubarak in the final match of ish participant Ibrahim Colak who New Zealand in straight sets (28- with Thailand Volleyball Associa-
Kumite +68kg after defeating her and Vladimir Zoloev from Kyr- the Womens 25m Pistol. scored 15.25. 26, 25-22, 25-20) in Pool D at the tion (TVA).
Indonesian rival. gyzstan won the bronze medal I am very happy to win the sil- Bence Talas from Azerbaijan seized Mall Nakhon Ratchasimas MCC The tournament will serve as the
Mahsa Afsaneh also seized a jointly. ver medal since it was my first the silver medal with 14.85 points Hall. Asian qualifiers for the 2017 FIVB
bronze medal after defeating her Narjes Andevari Emamgholine- international experience. Its an More than 3,000 athletes from 54
Malaysian opponent Celine Lee jad in the 10-metre air rifle and important success since three countries of the Islamic Solidarity The Iranian team swept past Ma- Volleyball Womens U-23 World
5-0 in womens Kata. karate fighter Nasrin Dousti has Olympics athletes took part in the Sports Federation are competing laysian team in straight sets in its Championship held in Ljubljana
previously won two gold medals event, Rostamian said. in 21 sports at the Games which first match on Sunday. and Maribor, Slovenia with the top
Mollaei Wins Gold for Iran. Tunisias Olfa Cherni won the run through May 22. Iran will play Vietnam on Tues- two ranked teams qualifying for
And also, Saeid Mollaei claimed bronze medal in the event. The Baku 2017 Islamic Solidar-
day in Pool F. the world championship.
Irans third gold medal at the Rostamian Wins Silver ity Games started May 8 and will
Mollaei defeated his Turkish ri-
at 25m Pistol
Iranian shooter Hanyeh Rosta-
Ahmadi Wins Bronze
Mohammad Ahmadi from Iran
last until May 22 in Azerbaijans
capital. Nekounam Shortlisted for
Neymar Hat-Trick Keeps Spanish Title Race Alive Tractor Sazi Hot Seat
Barca remain level on points with Real Madrid, but Madrids 4-1 win at
home to Sevilla means that if they take a point from their visit to Celta Vigo on
Wednesday they will go to the top of the table and be favorites to be crowned
champions next Sunday. Barcelona had an early scare when Lucas Digne was
lucky not to be shown a red card for bringing down Jese Rodriguez when Las
Palmas looked to be clean through on goal, but goals from Neymar and Luis
Suarez in the 25th and 27th minutes put Barca in the driver seat.
Pedro Bigas gave Las Palmas hope in the 63rd minute, but Neymars second
of the game just four minutes later made it 3-1 and his hat-trick with just under
20 minutes remaining sealed the win. Real Madrid also fulfilled their part of
the bargain with a 4-1 win at home to Sevilla. Nacho Fernandez opened the
scoring with a quickly-taken free kick but Sevilla fought back and were un-
Neymar scored a hat-trick for Barcelona in a comfortable 4-1 win at Las Palmas. lucky to see Stefan Jovetic twice send shots against the woodwork. Cristiano
Ronaldo doubled Madrids lead midway through the first half, but Jovetic then
MADRID (Xinhua) - Neymar has scored a hat-trick for FC Barcelona as the gave Sevilla (and Barca) hope four minutes after the break. The game was in
La Liga leaders won 4-1 in Las Palmas to ensure that the race for the title will go the balance for a while before Ronaldo netted his second in the 78th minute
into the last weekend of the season. and Tony Kroos rounded off the victory with six minutes remaining.
Javad Nekounam
Juventus Waste Chance to Clinch Title With 3-1 Loss at Roma TEHRAN (Tasnim) Ex- Naft Tehran 1-0 in the final
Irans football team captain Ja- match of the Irans Hazfi Cup.
ROME (Washington Post) Ju- ized for Roma four minutes later. Since Serie A was founded in Lemina to bang the ball in.
ventus wasted a chance to clinch a With two rounds remaining, 1929, no club has won more than Then De Rossi knocked in a vad Nekounam has been short- Nekounam has been Carlos
record sixth straight Serie A title Juventus lead over Roma was five straight titles. close-range rebound from a head- listed to take charge of Tractor Queirozs assistant for a short
with a 3-1 loss at rival Roma on reduced to four points. Napoli is Set to face Lazio in the Italian er by Kostas Manolas. Sazi of Tabriz football team. time.
Sunday. third, one point further back, after Cup final on Wednesday and Real Juventus goalkeeper Gianlu-
Stephan El Shaarawy put Roma its 5-0 rout of Torino earlier. Madrid in the Champions League igi Buffon appeared confused by The Tabriz-based football He is Irans most capped play-
2-1 ahead early in the second You cant always be at your final next month, Juventus is aim- Lichtsteiners deflection when team parted company with er with 151 matches.
half with a long, low shot that maximum, Juventus coach Mas- ing for a treble. he was beaten by El Shaarawys
Amir Ghalenoei on Friday after Nekounam started his play-
was deflected by Juventus full- similiano Allegri said. We just Perhaps with those fixtures in shot, which deflected in off the far
back Stephan Lichtsteiner. Radja have to stay as calm as possible mind, Allegri rested standout post. he failed to meet the clubs ex- ing career in Irans Pas and has
Nainggolan added another for the and well achieve our goal. playmaker Paulo Dybala. Nainggolan, who had been a pectations. played for Osasuna seven years.
hosts to hand the Bianconeri their It was the third straight match After a strong start from Roma, questionable starter due to a calf
first league loss since a defeat to in Serie A that Juventus failed to Juventus fullback Kwadwo Asa- injury, then traded passes with Tractor Sazi finished in third He has also played for the
Fiorentina in January. win, after draws with Atalanta moah hit the post seven minutes Mohamed Salah before evading place in Iran Professional UAEs clubs Al-Wahda, Al-
Mario Lemina was set up by and Torino. into a fast-paced first half. two defenders including for- League (IPL). Sharjah, Irans Esteghlal and
Gonzalo Higuain to give Juventus Juventus last two matches are Higuain met a long pass from mer Roma teammate Miralem
the lead midway through the first against relegation-threatened Stefano Sturaro at the edge of the Pjanic to beat Buffon inside Under leadership of Ghale- Saipa, Kuwaiti club Al-Kuwait,
half but Daniele De Rossi equal- Crotone and Bologna. goalbox with a volley that enabled the near post. noei, Tractor Sazi also lost to and Qatars Al-Arabi.

Nadal Beats Dominic Thiem to Win Fifth Title

MADRID (Dispatches) - Rafael Nadal has beaten Dominic semi-final, has now won his 30th ATP World Tour Masters
Thiem 7-6 (10-8) 6-4 to win his fifth Madrid Open title and move 1000 title, tying the all-time record with Serbias Djokovic.
into the worlds top four. The former world number one was last inside the worlds
The Spaniard has now won three straight titles, after his Bar- top four in October 2016 and struggled with a wrist injury last
celona Open and Monte Carlo Masters victories, while his year, which forced him to pull out of the French Open and
record on clay this year is 15-0. Wimbledon and end his season early.
Nadal edged the Austrian in the tie-break of a tense first set Nadal told Television Espanola: The truth is I was up
that lasted one hour and 18 minutes. against an opponent who, in the next five to 10 years, will be
He broke world number seven Thiem early in the second set fighting for the most important titles, so Im very happy to
to set up the win. have won.
Nadal will be confirmed as the new world number four, re- It was a very exciting game.
placing 18-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer, when It was a very important final for both of us, for him as it
the new rankings come out on Monday. was the first in the Masters 1000, and for me its always spe-
That will improve his seeding for the French Open, which cial to play here in Madrid, in this unique tournament.
starts on 22 May and where Nadal is a nine-time champion. You never know when it might be the last, so I always try
Nadal, who beat defending champion Novak Djokovic in the Rafael Nadal is a 14-time Grand Slam champion to enjoy it.
MIDDLE EAST May 16, 2017 7

Syria ...
U.S. Plan to Arm Kurdish (Continued From Page One)
Many of those killed were civilians from other areas controlled by

Militants Casts Shadow Over

Daesh, including Dayr al-Zawr, Raqqa and neighboring Iraq, according
to the monitor.
They hit a residential area at 3am while people were sleeping, causing

Trump-Erdogan Talks
the high toll, said the monitors director, Rami Abdel Rahman.
He added that Daesh was using some builidings in the target area as
local headquarters.
The deaths came after another attack by the U.S. in Raqqa province
ANKARA (Dispatches) on Sunday that killed 12 women, the monitor said. It said the afternoon
Angered by a U.S. decision to arm
Kurdish YPG militants in Syria, attack hit vehicles carrying farmworkers coming home from fields in the
Turkeys President Tayyip Erdogan east of the province.
heads to Washington this week for
The monitor said it believed this strike had also been carried out by
talks with Donald Trump seeking
either to change the presidents mind the U.S. The Central Command admitted that it had conducted strikes
or to sort things out ourselves. against Daesh militants in Raqqa and Abu Kamal on May 14.
Trumps approval of plans to
supply the YPG as it advances The statement, however, did not mention the number of militants and
toward the Daesh stronghold of civilians killed by the airstrikes.
Raqqa, just days before his first
The U.S. military said in May that its strikes in Syria and Iraq had
meeting with Erdogan, has cast a
shadow over Tuesdays planned unintentionally killed 352 civilians since it launched operations in
talks between the two NATO allies. 2014. Human rights groups, however, say that the death toll is much
Ankara, a crucial partner in
the U.S.-led coalition allegedly higher.
against Daesh, considers the YPG
an extension of the Kurdistan
Workers Party (PKK), which has
Awamiyah ...
waged an insurgency in Turkeys (Continued From Page One)
mainly Kurdish southeast for Ive seen some videos of people collecting the rubbish inside
three decades and is designated
a terrorist group by Turkey, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attends the Roundtable Summit Phase One Sessions of Belt and Awamiyah, he said. The cleaners are not allowed to go there to
European Union and United Road Forum at the International Conference Center in Yanqi Lake on May 15, 2017 in Beijing, China. collect the rubbish, neither are the firefighters allowed to do the job of
States. extinguishing fires wherever it happens, neither are ambulances allowed
Washington sees the YPG as government Sabah newspaper. Syria policy and Ankaras demands Erdogan welcomed Trumps
distinct from the PKK and as Erdogan was speaking during a for the extradition of U.S.-based election victory last November to enter Awamiyah.
a valuable partner in the fight visit to China, ahead of his trip to Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen. and said he hoped it would lead to Its really hard for people and you can imagine these army vehicles,
against Daesh. Washington for his first meeting Erdogan blames Gulen supporters beneficial steps in the Middle
with Trump. for a failed coup attempt last July East. When Erdogan narrowly they would open fire like 24 hours. People cant sleep. You have these
If we are strategic allies we must
take decisions as an alliance. If the Turkey had hoped that Trumps and has conducted a large-scale won sweeping new powers in vehicles going back to where they come and then you have new ones
alliance is to be overshadowed inauguration would mark a new crackdown on them, drawing an April referendum, Trump come to replace these soldiers.
well have to sort things out for chapter in ties with Washington criticism from Washington. Gulen, rang to congratulate him, unlike
ourselves, Erdogan told reporters after long-running tensions with who has denied involvement in the European politicians who expressed The planned renovation of the historic 400-year old Almosara district
on Sunday, according to the pro- the Obama administration over coup, remains in the United States. reservations about the vote. has been highly controversial. In April, the United Nations called on the
Saudi government to halt the project, warning that it threatened the
Zionist Troops Shoot Dead Palestinian Fisherman Off Gaza historical and cultural heritage of the town with irreparable harm.
Residents have been pressured in many ways, including through
GAZA STRIP (Dispatches) A as six nautical miles off the shore.
young Palestinian man has been The agreement also stipulated that power cuts, to vacate their homes and businesses without adequate
shot dead after Zionist naval forces the regime would expand the area alternative resettlement options, leaving them at best with insufficient
opened fire on several Palestinian gradually up to 12 miles. compensation and at worst, with nowhere to go, said the UN Special
fishing boats off the northern coast Palestinian fishermen, however,
of the besieged Gaza Strip. say the Israeli navy opens fire on rapporteur on the right to adequate housing, Leilani Farha.
Head of the Palestinian them before they reach the agreed Awamiyah was also the home of Nimr al-Nimr, a Shia cleric executed
Fishermens Union Nizar Ayyash limit. About 4,000 fishermen work in January last year, leading to massive protests internationally.
said on Monday that the assault in Gaza, half of whom live below
occurred overnight, when Zionist the poverty line. Nimr was a driving force behind protests by Shia that began in 2011
troops detained four crewmen of Since the beginning of the and developed into a call for equality in the kingdom.
a single boat, including a critically current year, Zionist troops have Since then, scores of activists have been arrested or killed, sometimes
wounded fisherman who has confiscated five fishing boats,
been identified as 28-year-old arrested 14 Palestinian fishermen, due to torture and execution.
Mohammed Majed Bakr. shot and injured five, of whom one Ameen Nemer said the spiraling violence in the town stemmed from
Bakr, however, succumbed to his was fatally wounded, according the governments harsh response to calls for reform.
injuries in an Israeli hospital later to al-Mezan Center for Human
in the day. Palestinian fishermen fix nets on a boat as they start fishing off the Rights. I believe the government has, from the beginning in 2011, dealt with
Zionist naval forces also arrested coast of the Gaza Strip on April 3, 2016. Last year, 135 fishermen were the demands in a military way, in a police way, thats why the thing has
two other crewmen of another boat arrested, 26 were wounded by turned into chaos, he said.
before impounding both fishing designated fishing zone, which is the deadly Israeli war in August direct Israeli gunfire and 43 boasts
boats. practically three nautical miles. 2014, Tel Aviv agreed to were impounded. The repeated He also criticized the Saudi obsession with seeing an Iranian hand
The occupying regime regularly Under a ceasefire agreement immediately expand the fishing assaults damage or destroy a large behind any unrest in the country and accused them of punishing the
shoots and detains Gazan fishermen reached between the Zionist zone off Gazas coast, allowing amount of fishing equipment of the countrys Shias in order to press a proxy war with Iran.
over allegations of crossing the regime and Palestinians following Palestinian fishermen to sail as far Palestinians every year.

Iran ...
Yemeni Sharpshooters Kill 2 Saudi Soldiers in Jizan (Continued From Page 2)
SANAA (Dispatches) Yemeni of the war in March 2015. casualties in the war on Yemen. region, killing a number of them. Qassemi said President Hassan Rouhani, who is seeking re-election,
snipers have killed two Saudi In early April, Arabic-language Senior military officials have said Over the past two years, Yemen
also plans to have the non-nuclear sanctions against the country lifted.
troopers in the kingdoms southern Yemen Watch news agency that they would not release such has been heavily bombarded by
region of Jizan in another retaliatory reported that nearly 120 Saudi information until after the war. Saudi warplanes as part of a brutal We will try to remove these sanctions, which have certain
attack against Riyadhs full-scale troopers had been killed in dozens Meanwhile, Yemens official campaign against the impoverished complications, he said, without explanation.
war on the impoverished nation. of sniper operations carried out Saba news agency, citing an country in an attempt to crush Some of these issues are related to the U.S., and some to other
Yemens Arabic-language al- by Yemeni army soldiers, backed unnamed military official, said the popular Houthi Ansarullah countries, Qassemi said, urging the other side to reciprocate Irans
Masirah television network carried by fighters from allied Popular that a unit of Yemeni forces movement and reinstall the former
goodwill and fairness.
the report, saying the first soldier Committees. It added that most of had attacked a military vehicle president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur
was killed in ambushes by the the operations had been conducted belonging to the Saudi mercenaries Hadi. The spokesman further described an ongoing mass hunger strike by
Yemeni army sharpshooters in in Jizan, where a total of 74 Saudi near the al-Khanjar military base Nearly 3.3 million Yemeni Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails as indicative of their resistance
the Faridhah military base and soldiers lost their lives in 22 in the northern province of Jawf, people, including 2.1 million against Israeli aggression.
the second trooper was fatally encounters. destroying the vehicle and killing children, are currently suffering
He also said in the absence of diplomatic ties with Iran, Canada has
wounded in Dafiniah village later In early May, al-Masirah reported all its crew members. from acute malnutrition.
in the day. that Yemeni sharpshooters had Other reports also maintained that The military campaign, which has been urged through the United Nations to allow Iranian expatriates to
A report by Reuters published in managed to fatally injure as many Yemeni forces launched an artillery claimed over 12,000 civilian lives, vote in the Islamic Republics presidential election on May 19.
April last year said that at least 400 as 64 Saudi troops in April alone. attack against several Saudi has fallen short of its stated aims, Qassemi put the Canadian governments lack of cooperation down to
Saudi soldiers had been killed in The Riyadh regime has maintained mercenaries gatherings in different including obliterating the Houthi
its domestic problems.
the cross-border fire since the start a policy of ambiguity regarding its localities of the kingdoms Asir movement.
Cholera Strikes Yemens Sanaa; State of
Emergency Called
Thought for Today
SANAA (Reuters) Cholera has killed at least 115 people in the Yemeni capital
Sanaa, the local Saba news agency said, after authorities declared a state of Tongue is a beast, if it is let loose, it devours.
emergency over the outbreak and called for international help to avert disaster.
More than 10,000 people have been killed and millions displaced in more than
two years of war waged by Saudi Arabia, which has also destroyed much of the
countrys infrastructure. Amir al-Momeneen Ali (AS)

VOL NO: LV 10322 TEHRAN / Est.1959 Tuesday, May 16, 2017, Ordibehesht 26, 1396, Shaban 19, 1438

Barghouti Warns Against Iraqi Forces

Close In on Daesh
Zionist Talks marked every year on May 15, but
Stronghold in Mosul
the occasion this year coincides with
a hunger strike being observed by
more than 1,600 Palestinian prisoners
in the occupying regimes jails.
Barghouti, the leader of the
Palestinian prisoners hunger strike
in Israeli prisons,vowed to continue
the protest action till they achieve
their goals.
I promise to you and to all the
prisoners that we are continuing the
empty stomach campaign and the
campaign for freedom and dignity
until we achieve our objectives,
and that nothing will break the will
or determination of the prisoners
despite the assault on them and the
oppression they are coping with,
Barghouti wrote. A member of Federal police looks at the positions of Daesh terrorists
He added, I stress that all efforts during clashes in western Mosul, Iraq, May 15, 2017.
at blackmail and tough moves
Palestinian women wave their national flags with a picture of jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti during
will only increase the prisoners BAGHDAD (Dispatches) Mosul from dirtiness of Daesh,
a protest to show their solidarity with hunger striking prisoners in the Zionist regimes jails, in Beirut,
determination. Iraqi forces pressed an advance Lieutenant General Othman al-
Lebanon, on May 4, 2017.
Barghoutis lawyer said that his on neighborhoods under Daesh Ghanmi, chief of staff, said in a
WEST BANK (Dispatches) against the resumption of the so- Palestinian-Zionist political process client had lost 13 kilograms (28 control in Mosul on Monday as video distributed by the Defense
Former Fatah leader Marwan called peace talks between the Zionist during ameeting with Abbas atthe pounds) since beginning the hunger they seek to dislodge the terrorists Ministry.
Barghouti has warned against the regime and Palestinians based on the White House earlier this month. strike, adding he would escalate the entrenched in a central mosque He was speaking on a visit to
resumption of talks with the Zionist same principles that have proven Barghouti also urged Fatah and protest and stop drinking water. before the holy month of Ramadan. the frontlines in western Mosul.
regime afterPalestinian Authority unsuccessful in the past. the Palestinian resistance movement Shkirat further said the jailed leader Seven months into the campaign Ramadan is expected to start on
chief Mahmoud Abbas met U.S. The last round of the talks collapsed Hamas to enter into a national denied the authenticity of a video to recapture Mosul, the terrorists May 27.
leaders in Washington. in April 2014, with Israelisettlements reconciliation agreement. prepared by the Zionist regimes are besieged in its northwestern The mosque, where Daesh leader
The jailed Fatah leader met his cited among major reasons behind the He called on Palestinians to carry corner, home to the historic Old Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared
prisons authority last week, which
lawyer Khader Shkirat on Sunday failure. Settlements are considered out acts of civil disobedience to City center and the medieval Grand a caliphate spanning swathes
purportedly showed Barghouti taking
for the first time since he began his illegal under international law as commemorate the Nakba Day, which al-Nuri Mosque, where their black of Syria and Iraq in 2014, has
food in his cell.
hunger strike about a month ago and they are built on occupied Palestinian marks the anniversary of forcible flag has been flying since June symbolic and strategic value for
The Palestinian prisoners entered
2014. Daesh, officials say.
delivered him a letter later published lands. eviction of hundreds of thousands of the 29th day of their hunger strike in If we advance this quickly They hope its capture will deal a
in the media. Barghoutis remarks came Palestinians from their homeland in Israeli jails on Monday, amid reports we can finish it in days, First painful blow to fighter morale and
In the letter obtained by Lebanons afterU.S. President Donald Trump 1948. that many of themare in critical Lieutenant Nawfal al-Dhari told bring an end to resistance in the
al-Mayadeen TV, Barghoutiwarned discussed ways to resume the The Day of Catastrophe is officially conditions. Reuters at a house turned into a city.
temporary base in the western Islah The more they are besieged

UN Restarts Syria Talks With Fresh Format al-Ziraie district, retaken by Iraqi
forces three days ago.
the harder they fight. They have
nowhere to go, soldier Faris Sallal
These are the dying breaths. said at another house in the Islah al-
DAMASCUS (Dispatches) Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, arrived in Geneva with an 18-strong had committed, he said. He said
They are completely surrounded. Ziraie district, where intermittent
Syria talks in Geneva this week backed by Russia and Iran, is keen negotiating delegation empowered the United States was increasingly He said the momentum was with gunfire and the occasional boom of
should prosper from a tighter on discussing terrorism, a term for serious discussions. He denied engaged and interested in the Iraqs elite Counter Terrorism artillery echoed.
format and a recent deal to reduce he uses broadly to describe all the UN was being used as a process, and he hinted at high-level Service (CTS) despite continued Flies swarmed over the charred
the violence, UN mediator Staffan adversaries. Opposition negotiators diplomatic smokescreen for more diplomacy going on behind the resistance from Daesh terrorists in remains of a Daesh terrorist lying
de Mistura said on Monday. have demanded Assads removal, war. scenes. the groups last bastion in Iraq. near a motorbike on a street in the
Previous rounds of talks have something his backers think is If being a mediator and trying Everything is connected. There If you trap a cat in a room, it will district. Parked in the garage of
produced agreement that the fanciful in the face of his recent to find common points (means) are big important meetings taking scratch, he said. another house on the same street
warring sides will discuss a four- military advances in the war, now being used, I would accept that. place, that will be taking place. Military commanders and was an armor-plated car which had
part agenda, but no progress has yet in its seventh year. The alternative is no discussion, There are discussions taking place intelligence officials say they been rigged with a bomb.
been made on any topic. Last week Assad told Belarusian no hope, no political horizon, just in capitals. They do have an impact aim to take control of the mosque In the nearby Ureibi district,
before Ramadan starts at the end which is partially controlled by
Under pressure from international TV channel ONT that the Geneva waiting for facts on the ground on what we discuss. But I am not
of this month even if there are still Iraqi forces, a Reuters reporter saw
backers, the two sides have agreed talks were merely a meeting for to take place, de Mistura told going to elaborate now.
pockets under militant control. thebloodied corpse of a Daesh
to discuss a new constitution, the media and there had been reporters. The Geneva round of talks comes Our advance on a vast front sniper in a childrens room on the
reformed governance, new elections nothing substantial in all the Facts on the ground - UN on the heels of a deal by Russia, has stunned the enemy and, God upper floor of a house. Iraqi forces,
and the fight against terrorism, but Geneva meetings. jargon meaning war - will not Turkey and Iran to arrange and willing, we will achieve victory now using the house as an outpost,
they differ sharply over what those De Mistura countered that Assads produce a political solution to the monitor de-escalation zones in before Ramadan and announce the said the sniper had been targeting
agenda items mean. negotiator Bashar al-Jaafari had intractable conflict which all sides Syria to ease the fighting. liberation of Mosul and people of advancing Iraqi troops.

UN Urges $1.4 bn in Donation for South Sudanese Refugees

NEW YORK (Dispatches) other countries was very dire, UN body to decrease its aid to around two million others have USD 1.2 billion in donation, but people now living in camps there.
The United Nations has urged adding that people were close to famine-stricken refugees, who sought refuge in Uganda, Sudan, they said later that the amount Sudan and Ethiopia are next, with
donor countries to raise their the abyss. have escaped poverty and war in Ethiopia, Kenya, the Democratic would not be enough. each hosting around 375,000
contributions to South Sudanese The suffering of the South South Sudan. Republic of the Congo and the The UN said recently that the refugees.
refugees, saying some USD 1.4 Sudanese people is just Our funding situation forced Central African Republic. number of people who fled to Beasley also lamented that donor
billion would be needed to help unimaginable, said Beasley, us to cut food rations for many South Sudan, the worlds Sudan in March had surpassed nations had become increasingly
people out of famine inside and adding, These are families like refugees in Uganda, Beasley youngest nation which split from the expected figure for the entire distracted from emergencies like
outside the war-torn country. yours and mine, our brothers and said in a briefing with reporters in the north in 2011, has declared year, noting that about 375,000 South Sudan.
World Food Programme sisters, and the world must help Geneva. famine in some areas, warning South Sudanese refugees were Weve got to break through
Executive Director David them now -- not later. A civil war that broke out that one million people are on the now in Sudan. all of the smoke Beasley said,
Beasley said in a statement on Beasley, who was appointed in South Sudan in December brink of starvation. Uganda is hosting the largest adding, People arent receiving
Monday that the situation of WFP chief in March, said that 2013 has left nearly two million The WFP and the UN refugee number of refugees from South the normal information they
refugees in South Sudan and in shortages of cash had forced the people internally displaced, while agency had initially requested Sudan, with an estimated 900,000 receive on international crises.