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Unit 1

1.3. How do you spell your last name?

+s -y +ies + s (extra syllabe /iz/ after sounds
/s/, /z/, /d/ & /t /
numbers dollars countries messages
flags euros nationalities phrases
answers names sentences
adjectives dialogs places
opinions questions
pairs turns
letters objects
Plural of nouns
Most nouns take s to form their plural.
book books
teacher teachers

Nouns ending in x, -ch, -s, -ss, or -sh take es.

dress dresses church churches
fox foxes brush brushes

Some nouns ending in f or fe drop f or fe and

take ves to form their plural.
wolf wolves knife knives
Nouns ending in a consonant + y drop the y and take
baby babies
raspberry raspberries

Nouns ending in a vowel +y take s.

boy boys
toy toys
Irregular Nouns

man men
woman women
child children
person people
tooth teeth
foot feet
mouse mice
Write the plural form of the following nouns

1. activity
2. computer
3. berry
4. closet
5. bus
6. scarf
7. sofa
8. half
9. pen
Where are you from?
Whats your name?

Whos she?
Question words
Whens the meeting?

Why are you happy?

How are you?

Question words
Question word Verb be Subject Question mark
What is your name ?
Where are you from ?
When is the meeting ?
Who is she ?
Why Are you happy ?
How are you ?
Practice: Order the words and write questions

1. from / she / is /where/ ?

2. birthday/ ? / is / your / when
3. sad / you /why / are / ?
4. mother / your / ? / how /is
5. he / is / ? / who
6. e-mail / is / your / address/ what / ?
Demonstrative pronouns
Near / with you /here Distant/ with other
people / there
Singular This is my pen. That is her pen.

Plural These are good books. Those are my friends.