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California State University, Fullerton

Master of Science in Higher Education

Fieldwork Learning Contract

Student Kan Li
Fieldwork Supervisor Traci Lew Associate Director
Office of Admission & Outreach
California State Polytechnic Univeristy, Pomona(CPP) (909) 869-4657
Fieldwork Instructor Dr. Rebecca Gutierrez Keeton
Course/Term EDAD 568-02
Date Feb 13, 2017

I. Description of Fieldwork Site

CPP was founded in 1938 and it is one of 23 campuses in the California State University
system. It currently has over 22,000 undergraduate and 1,500 graduate students. Cal Poly
Pomona is a diverse campus, committing to create more academic, social, and volunteer
opportunities to all the students. Students have more opportunities to learn by doing. As noted
on the universitys website, the mission is to provide practical knowledge and disciplines to
students, developing and supporting their learning in a globalized world. It was ranked as one
of the top colleges and universities in the Western Unites States in Best college 2016 and
Best College 2017.

This fieldwork will be completed under the International Admission and Outreach office.
Collaborating with campus partners, international admission is dedicated to the CPP
application process for international students. The office offers and implements various pre-
arrival information and resources through programs and services for international students all
over the world. Currently, there are more than 900 international students in CPP, including
exceed 200 English learners and 750 degree students. CPP also invites research scholars and
professors from all over the world for collaborate research such as Canada, China, Italy, Dubai,
and South Korea.

II. Skills, Knowledge, and Competencies Brought to the Fieldwork Experience

Studying in the Master of Science in Higher Education program at CSUF equipped me with a
strong understanding of organizational leadership, instructional leadership, college student
characteristics, student development theory, issues of diversity and access, and research
design to better serve and support international students. For example, I worked as a Graduate
Assistant at C-REAL (Center for Research on Educational Access and Leadership) for more
than one year. I have applied student development theories to conduct assessments and
evaluations of current and developing educational programs. Working in C-REAL increased my
knowledge in understanding diversity and access issues.
My strengths that I am bringing to the international admission include my prior education and
experience with working in higher education in China and South Korea. When I worked as a
Chinese marketing coordinator at S.A. Seoul (South Korea) for one year. I inspected Chinas
marketing strategies and operated a series of on-line and off-line company marketing and
promotional activities; Therefore, I mastered the significant marketing skills and knowledge to
advertise CPP and improve the reputation of CPP within international students. Also, I worked
as a coordinator at the International Student Office of Qingdao Binhai University (China) for one
year. I was responsible for overseeing international students recruitments, enrollments, and
immigration documents processes. At the same time, I developed new programs to improve the
education and culture exchanges and communications between Qingdao Binhai University and
the universities in South Korea. My last fieldwork in International Students and Scholars Office
at CSUF improved my advising skills and increased my awareness of current immigration
policies and issues. Therefore, I have a strong understanding and high passion for international
education. I am goal-oriented and strive to ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner and
within budget. Moreover, I am trilingual in Mandarin, Korean, and English so that I can be an
effective communication channel in the outreach process.

III. Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal: Student will be able to broaden understanding and skills in international student admission
and outreach function and operation in the American educational system.

Objective 1: Student will be able to utilize Swails Geometric Model of Student Persistence and
Achievement to inform planning programs.


Be assigned to programs/projects by the supervisor, and then will closely work

with staff and campus partners to develop and implement programs.

Participate/ observe in program implementation for incoming international

students if scheduling allows.

Assist with coordination of student outreach activities.

Conduct outreach presentations.

Assessment: Student will receive immediate feedback from the site supervisor
in the process of program planning through weekly meetings. The student will
assess her own learning outcome based on Council for the
Advanced Standard (CAS).

Objective 2: Student will be able to gain knowledge and understanding of the essential functions
of the International Admission and Outreach office.


Perform ten informational interviews with staff of the International Admission
and Outreach office at CPP and other campus to learn about model programs.
Read year-end reports to date.

Perform informational interviews with administrators of the CPP Admission

Read foundational documents on the birth of the Graduate Resource Center

Attend Admission staff meetings.

Assessment: Student will meet regularly with the site supervisor to reflect on
the knowledge gained by reading necessary documents and conducting
informational interviews with the team and division partners. Also, student will
assess the learning outcome based on CAS for admission program.

Objective 3: Student will be able to gain knowledge and understanding of the admission process
and campus experience for international students.


Observe admission counseling sessions

Assist with reviewing of international transcripts

Facilitate student focus group

Meet individual

Put myself in the shoes of an entering international students at CPP, and see if
the resources are conducive to a welcoming and learning environment.
Assessment: Student will meet regularly with the site supervisor to reflect on
the knowledge gained by attending those activities. Student will assess the
learning outcome based on CAS for admission program.

IV. Project Outcome(s)

Project Outcome: Student will be able to develop and implement various marketing strategies in
regarding to targeted market/counties.


Research current strategies on international students recruitment.

Assess and develop current social media platforms for CPP

Outreach with the target markets for more institutional cooperation opportunities.

Evaluation: The site supervisor will assess and review the marketing plans. The
student will assess the project outcome based on CAS for admission program.

V. Signatures

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