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& GC)

TUNING IN CCP: Graffiti - In table groups, Formative: A3 Butcher paper

Sustainability students have a few minutes Assess students prior Coloured Textas
Explore students to write words, ideas or things knowledge of natural I wonder cards
prior knowledge of GC: they know about natural disasters Book on natural
natural disasters, Critical and disasters. Groups are to swap disasters: Natural
what they want to Creative their papers and repeat the Observation of student Disasters by
learn and Thinking process until each sheet has participation and Andrew Langley
vocabulary to Personal and fully rotated. At the end collaboration with others Internet Resource:
describe a disaster. Social students share and discuss ABC Splash
Capability each sheet, forming the basis Students participation IWB
Literacy of their I wonder cards. and contribution to
Sustainability Students questions will be brainstorm and class
added to the inquiry wall and discussions
categorised into; who, what,
when, why and how Observe discussions to
questions. assess students
Read a book and watch a
video on bushfires and floods Monitor students
from ABC Splash. As a wonderings and their
class, discuss what they effectiveness in guiding
found interesting, in addition student investigation
to words/vocabulary that can throughout the inquiry
be used to describe natural process.

FINDING OUT CCP: Using a variety of resources, Formative: Computers/iPads

Sustainability students will research Assess students ability I wonder questions
Bushfires and floods information about bushfires to summarise information on A4 sheet.
and real life GC:
occurrences in Critical and and floods and respond to to create new Resources including
Australia. Creative their I wonder questions understanding books and websites
Thinking to direct research
Personal and In groups, students research Observation of student ABC Splash -
Social a real life occurrence of a participation and Natural Disasters
Capability bushfire or flood in Australia. collaboration with others Bushfire Education
Literacy Ensure each group focuses - Victorian
Ethical on a different event of choice. Observation of students Curriculum and
Understanding Have a class discussion about participation in class Assessment
Sustainability their opinions on whether they discussion Authority
think natural disasters can be
beneficial or not and how.

SORTING OUT CCP: Based on their research, Formative: A3 paper for

Sustainability students are to sort their Assess students ability timeline/access to
Timeline of events information to create a to summarise information computers to create
and reasons for GC: timeline which demonstrates to create new a digital timeline
disaster. Critical and the order of events that understanding Pens/textas
Creative occurred on the day of their A3 paper for mind
Thinking disaster. The timeline can be Timeline demonstrates map/access to
Personal and written or created using ICT. correct information computers to create
Social a digital mind map
Capability In pairs, students explore Quality of responses on Internet
Literacy reasons for natural disasters their mind map
Numeracy occurring and record their
Ethical responses on a mind map.
GOING FURTHER CCP: Guest speaker (local or Formative: Inquiry books for
Sustainability member from SES/CFA) to Observation of student note-taking and
Different discuss the impact of engagement written response.
perspectives from GC: bushfires and floods, the Computers to write a
those affected and Critical and potential hazards associated Assess students ability digital narrative
reflecting on these Creative and explain how animals, to summarise information story.
through narrative Thinking people and the environment to create new A3 paper, pencils,
story. Literacy might adapt after the understanding pens and textas for
Sustainability occurrence of bushfires and storyboard.
Ethical floods. Summative:
Understanding Narrative story
Referring to the information demonstrates a strong
provided by the guest understanding of the
speaker, students are to write natural disaster through
a narrative story using either inclusion of accurate
written, digital or storyboard information and
format. appropriate reference to
emotions that might be

MAKING CCP: Students research ways to Formative: Computers

CONNECTIONS Sustainability prepare for, mitigate and Observation of student Access to internet
prevent bushfires and floods participation and A3 coloured paper
Preparing for and GC: from occurring in the future. collaboration with others. Coloured
preventing a Critical and Drawing on pre-existing pens/pencils/textas
bushfire or flood and Creative organisations that support Conference with students
utilising Thinking communities to guide in regards to their
organisations for Literacy research. To demonstrate and research to assess
extra support when Sustainability consolidate knowledge, students level of
rebuilding a Ethical students are to complete an understanding.
community. Understanding exit pass that details three
Personal and safety measures to undertake Exit pass responses
Social when preparing for a natural
Capability disaster. Summative:
In groups, students create an organisation/project
organisation/project and provides appropriate
describe how it can help ways of supporting those
support those affected by a affected.
bushfire or flood.

REFLECTION AND CCP: In their groups, students Formative: Computers

ACTION Sustainability create an advertisement for Observation of student iPads
their organisations that participation and Coloured A4 and A3
Moving forward and GC: addresses preventative and collaboration with others. paper
making the public Critical and safety measures to be taken Internet
aware. Creative before, during and after Students reflection on Coloured pens,
Thinking bushfires or floods. This can the unit based on what pencils and textas
Literacy be done through a brochure, they learnt, how they can 30 cards of each
Sustainability poster or iMovie. apply their knowledge, shape: triangle,
Ethical how they feel and any square, heart and
Understanding Students reflect on learning remaining thoughts or circle.
Personal and by recording responses to questions.
Social reflective questions on
Capability thought shapes. These cards Summative:
will be displayed on the Students advertisement
Inquiry wall next to the I includes accurate
wonder cards (SDERA, 2017) information and a key
message that addresses
how to prepare and act
during a disaster.