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To explore and identify the communication techniques and leadership styles used in the

movie The Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King, the researcher will use the qualitative
descriptive method. This method of research involves collection of verbal data taken directly
from the movie and its interpretive analysis. According to Mak (2016), the process of qualitative
research in linguistics is as follows

1. Formulate the question that needs to be addressed.

2. Design ways to study the question and think of data collection methods which are
reliable and feasible.
3. Implement the data collection activities and document the collected data safely and
4. Analyze and discuss what has been collected. Explain the characteristics of each
piece of data and observe any patterns that may be found in the data.
5. Finalize the research report by using the IMRC structure;
a. I : Introduction Spell out the research background and research question
b. M : Methodology Explain the data collection procedure
c. R : Results present the data methodology and interpret their meanings
d. C : Conclusion conclude the study by answering the research question

There are five methods of qualitative research which are commonly used, namely
participant observation, interviewing, focus groups, analysis of authentic text and diary study
(Mak, 2016). For this study, the researcher will use the analysis of authentic text method, which
is also known as discourse analysis or text analysis.

The Linguistic Society of America (2012) defines discourse analysis as the analysis of
language beyond the sentence. This differs from other types of analysis more typical of modern
linguistics, which are mainly concerned with the study of grammar and other components of
language (i.e. phonetics, morphology, semantics and syntax). In discourse analysis, language is
studied in larger chunks as they flow together. For this research, the writer will collect relevant
verbal data directly from the movie which ties in with the theme of leadership and will then
analyze its hidden meanings, communication styles and use of colorful and descriptive language.

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