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Walt Disney

Disney parks around the world have influenced childhoods in many ways. Walt

Disney had a dream and through his determination and perseverance, he made that

dream a reality. The quote if you can dream it, you can do it describes Walt Disneys

creative personality well. Therefore, Walt Disney has positively impacted lives around

the world.

Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 to his parents Elias and Flora

Disney. Even though he was born in Hermosa, Illinois, he spent most of his childhood in

Missouri. In Missouri, Walt Disney began to paint and sold his pictures to his friends

and family. Then, he was a cartoonist for the school newspaper in McKinley High School

in Chicago (Source A). However, Walt Disney dropped out of school to join the army,

but was declined due to being underage. Then, Walt Disney joined the Red Cross

driving ambulances and spent a year in France.

When he returned in 1919, he moved to Kansas City for a newspaper artist job.

With hand drawn cell animation, Walt Disney opened his own animation business. His

laugh-o-grams were screened at a local theater. These cartoons became very popular

and Walt Disney was able to obtain his own studio. However, the studio struggled

financially. He had to declare bankruptcy. After he economically recovered, Walt Disney

moved to Hollywood with his brother Roy where they created Disney Brothers Studio.
Walt Disney hired Lillian Bounds as an artist, who eventually became Walt Disneys wife

and they had two children together.

Walt Disney created the character Mickey Mouse. Plane Crazy and The

Gallopin Gaucho were the first two cartoons with this new cartoon character. They

were silent films and failed to find distribution. It wasnt until Disneys third film

Steamboat Willie when he found success (Source C). This was the first animated film

to have sound as Walt Disney did the voiceover himself. This success led to the Silly

Symphonies in 1929, which added characters such as Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck,

Goofy, and Pluto (Source B). The first full length animated film premiered December 21,

1937 in Los Angeles, California. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a major

success. It produced 1.4 million dollars and won 8 oscars. With the money from Snow

White, Disney was able to continue to produce more films. In 1940, Pinocchio and

fantasia were released. Dumbo was released in 1941, Bambi 1942, and Cinderella

1950. Walt Disney was among the first to use television as an entertainment medium.

His last major success that Disney produced himself was Mary Poppins in 1964, which

combined live action and animation.

In 1932, Flowers and Trees was Disneys first full length color cartoon and first

academy award winner (Source C). in 1950, Treasure Island premieres as the first

completely live action film. One Hour In Wonderland, which was Disneys first show to

air, also was introduced in 1950.

Disney wanted to create a site for children to meet characters, enjoy rides, and

have family fun. He designed Disneyland, which took one year to build. Disneyland
opened July 17, 1955 in Anaheim, California. It took 17 million dollars to build, but

Disneyland was a success as it entertained tourists from around the world.

After the establishment of Disneyland, Walt Disney soon began plans for a theme

park in Florida. While this amusement park was under construction, Walt Disney was

diagnosed with lung cancer. He died on December 15, 1966 at age 65. Roy Disney,

Walts brother, carried out the plans for the Florida theme park and named it Walt

Disney World. Walt Disney World opened 1971.

Walt Disney was an influential and impactful person. He won 22 Academy

Awards during his life. The Disney Company has become very successful. The

company has obtained and controlled many television networks. Overall, Walt Disney

has globally impacted many people from all different backgrounds. Differences are

erased when people come together in unity at Disney parks.

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