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IDEAS Academy

Exhibitions of Learning

May 23, 24, and 25, 2017

John Michael Kohler Arts Center
Jakes Caf
Welcome to IDEAS Academys Spring 2017
Exhibitions of Learning! IDEAS Academy is a public char-
ter high school in the Sheboygan Area School District that
develops critical thinking and 21st century skills in
students through project-based and experimental learning.
During the past semester, all IDEAS students have been hard
at work conducting research, synthesizing information,
writing, revising, and creating. Semester or year-long
projects provide students with the opportunity to not only
explore disciplines that are of interest to them, but to make
a lasting impact on pressing issues affecting their
community and the world at large. Exhibitions of Learning
are the culmination of months of intensive thinking and
doing. The students presenting their knowledge and
creation this week have much to be proud of. The entire
IDEAS Academy staff and student community deeply and
sincerely value your presence, support, and participation.
Tuesday, May 23
JMKAC Theater
1:00 Paris Wolf
Magenta Tuesdays (Dance)
How does Chromesthesia enhance the lives of those
who have it?

1:20 Jerome Wood Jr.
Pure Democracy (Music)
Would the United States be happier with pure

1:40 Madison OBrien

Invisible Physical Illnesses (Drama)
How can making invisible physical illnesses visible
to the eye create a better understanding of what
invisible illnesses are and eliminate the stigma
surrounding them?

2:00 Ashlie Yang

Photophobia (Drama)
Why is photophobia more present today and how
does it affect ones life?

2:20 Sarah Williams

The Science of Captain America (Drama, Visual Art)
What is cryonics, and could it ever be considered
a viable after-death option?

2:40 Jennifer Velasquez

Mexican-American Gang Culture (Writing)
What do the elements of Mexican-American gang
culture do because they arent accepted in society?

Tuesday, May 23
JMKAC Theater
3:00 Xavier Wiegand
Film Criticism and Why You Need to Care (Website)
How does film criticism matter in Sheboygan?

3:20 Michael Cover and Xavier Petry
Generational Discrimination (Film)
How can changes to how we view generations help
us coexist?

3:40 Rayne OMuineachan and Serena Williams
Art for Change (Dance Film)
How can we use art as a vehicle for social change
and having uncomfortable conversations that
exist in society?

4:00 Dinner Break

5:00 Alex Dean and Simon Ulrich

Sleepytime Jams (Music)
How can being aware of your sleeping habits and
dreams help you sleep smarter?

5:20 Hannah Staats

5:40 Vadim Dekker
De-Stress from the Mess (Yoga)
How can we use yoga to help young adults in the
community cope with the daily stresses of life?

Thursday, May 25 Tuesday, May 23
JMKAC Matrix JMKAC Theater
7:00 Issah OConnor 6:00 Myah-Rain Hottenroth
Creative Mind (Video) African-American Culture (Dance)
How can you improve on your mindset when you How has the evolution of African dialects, hairstyles,
come up with creative thoughts and ideas? and traditions defined contemporary African-
American culture?
7:20 Ulices Fierro and Maranda Pintor
6:20 Paige Levisen
7:40 Trinity Garcia and Brianna Pequeo Why are We Terrible to the People We Love?
Hyperthymesia (Writing) (Visual Art)
Does having hyperthymesia affect others? How do toxic elements of our social media culture
affect teenagers and young adults relationships?

6:40 Aureanna Crump, Kaniya Crump, and Jonesha

7:20 Maxim Heinen
Anti-Protest (Music)
How has protest music influenced American culture,
from Vietnam to Trump?

7:40 Sarenna Beltran
Mothers and Children Behind Bars (Dance)
How does a mother being in prison affect a child?

Tuesday, May 23 Thursday, May 25
JMKAC Matrix JMKAC Matrix
1:00 Ashton Gordon (Mosaic) 5:00 John Rango, Austin Seegert, and Devin Thill
Cockroaches (Visual Art, Science)
1:20 Abi Shisler (Mosaic) What are the pros and cons of radiation in
1:40 Spencer Kaufmann and Charles Spencer (Mosaic)
5:20 The tude Engineers (Jacob Bartz, Nicholas Carroll,
2:00 Samantha Miller Miranda Kelm, Jeremy Sharp, Brandon Tenpas, Jonah
ADHD (Visual Art, Music) Wood, and Will Zillmer)
What is life like for people with ADHD? The tude Lending Pantries Project (Engineering)
How can we address zone-specific needs in our
2:20 Jared Gill community concerning hunger and poverty?
New and Reused (Engineering, Design)
How can I cut a snowboard into a longboard and 5:40 Tate Tousey
make it durable? Native American Holocaust (Writing)
What is the motivation of people to culturally
2:40 Jordan Vlachos discriminate?
The Dark Side of Natural Remedies (Mosaic)
Are animals being driven to extinction and tortured 6:00 Raenah Jump
due to the use of their body parts in holistic
medicines? 6:20 Milo Cartee and Brianna Mathes

3:00 Kaley Burrows, Annamarie Welnetz, and Alex Ruiz 6:40 Kenzie Kastman
Commitment Issues (Visual Art) Back in My Day (Visual Art, Storytelling)
How do commitment issues affect life? What is the importance of intergenerational
3:20 Isabel Cerda, Sydeny Fetterer, and Caroline Judnic
The Effects Disney Princesses Have on Children
What are the positive and negative effects Disney
princesses have on children?

4 21
Thursday, May 25 Tuesday, May 23
JMKAC Matrix JMKAC Matrix
1:00 Brandon, Christopher, and Skyler (Mosaic) 3:40 Sara Bartol
Facing Falsehood: The Deterioration of Truth in the
1:10 Abby, Derek, and Olivia (Mosaic) Information Age (Writing)
How can identifying and deconstructing the cultural
1:20 Chloe, Hailey, Marisa, and Mimi (Mosaic) shift towards the normalization of false information
create a more effective representative democracy?
1:30 Jordan Collett (Mosaic)
4:00 Dinner Break
1:40 Sarah Torres (Mosaic)
5:00 Samuel Sharp
1:50 Xander Gilbert (Mosaic) How to Create Chain-Mail (Visual Art, Design)
How can I create chain-mail?
2:00 Kylie Tershner (Mosaic)
5:20 Pom Hoffman
2:20 Camille Staats (Mosaic) Adaptive Sports for Our Youth (Visual Art)
How can we adapt sports so handicapped youth can
2:40 Kevin Krentz participate, eliminating the negative stigma about
3:00 Brett Zachow
Concussion Prevention in Pro Wrestling (Wrestling) 5:40 Kade Byrand
How can we minimize concussions in professional Never Again (Visual Art)
wrestling? How can we properly remember genocides?

3:20 Luke Bloise 6:20 Brianna Finley

Differences Between Drug Dealers and Other
3:40 Kyle Bitters Perpetrators (Dance)
What are the consequences of selling drugs, and
4:00 Dinner Break how do they compare to the consequences of
other crimes?

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Tuesday, May 23 Tuesday, May 25
JMKAC Matrix JMKAC Theater
6:40 Arianna Damrow 6:40 Bayden Dassler and Thomas-James Schober
Do You Have a Passion? (Dance, Visual Art, Music,
Engineering, Writing) 7:00 Fiona Collin
How can you find passion, have more than one, and The Emotion of Motion (Visual Art)
be successful? Why does animation instill strong emotions?

7:00 Set up space for upcoming presentation 7:20 Arden Howland

Inspiring Ambition (Drama, Visual Art, Animation)
7:20 Casey Jordi and Bianca Ranieri What inspires people, and what makes people lose
Resistance is Follice (Fashion Show) hope for their ambitions?
How does societys perception of skin conditions
affect how adolescents with skin conditions view 7:40 Diane Jones and Hailey Zschetzsche
themselves? Different Forms of Happiness (Dance, Writing)
Since there is no true meaning of happiness, how
can the different definitions of happiness be
represented through a narrative movement piece?

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Tuesday, May 25 Wednesday, May 24
JMKAC Theater JMKAC Matrix
3:00 Tyrone Payne
Gallery Walk
3:20 Zoe Farrell
A Bloody Catastrophe (Visual Art, Performance Art, 10:00 - 12:00
Why is there a societal bias against female anatomy Gavin Ahlborg
and menstruation? What can we as a society and as
individuals do to refute this? Alexander Burg
Does History Repeat Itself? (Visual Art, Social Studies)
4:00 Dinner Break How can I prove to the audience that history repeats?

5:00 Kiera Kastman Mary Colvin, Alexis Dittbrender, and Yesenia Lopez
The Value of Childrens Books (Visual Art, Writing)
How can we give children a leg up in life through Cameron Dilbeck
literacy using stories and pop culture elements? Fantasy Writing Piece (Writing)
Why has the fantasy genre become such a popular, large
5:20 Alex Daniels part of our everyday lives?
Debate Night (Social Studies)
How has the increase in political polarization across Robert Fellerer
American affected the way people act every day? Football Helmet Technology (Visual Art, Engineering)
Can I make a helmet that will prevent most concussions?
5:40 Journy Nowak

6:00 Mercedes Alvarez and Sophia Kroening

6:20 Kera OConnor and Astreya Rincon

Solving Deforestation Within Your Home (Science,
Engineering, Graphic Design)
How can we make our community be assertive
about helping trees thrive?

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Wednesday, May 24 Thursday, May 25
JMKAC Matrix JMKAC Theater
Gallery Walk 1:00

Xan Justice
Japanese Gardens (Visual Art)
What influences of Japanese gardens can Americans
10:00 - 12:00 fit into their own gardens to promote a place of
relaxation and aesthetic natural beauty?
Tatiana Fierro
1:20 Chandler Sweetsir
Jacob Folz
Ancient Constellations (Visual Art) 1:40 Brooke De Blaey
How did some cultures view constellations, and how did Humanizing the Badge (Music)
they vary from what other civilizations saw based on their What is the war on cops?
cultural heritage?
2:00 Christina Reinke
Brian Koch Male Body Shaming (Visual Art)
How can we bring the same level of attention to
Alexandra Koopman male body shaming as we do to female body
Green Burial (Visual Art) shaming?
Why is it important for the benefits of green burial to be
recognized? 2:20 Jackson Kloes
If It Aint Broke, Re-Brand It (Drama)
Briana Kraus How can I use different advertising and marketing
A New Systematic Way of Thinking (Visual Art) techniques to improve the participation in Camp
What are the benefits of using systematic epistemology tude activities and IDEAS Academy?
and thinking in family psychology?
2:40 Caleb Klinzing and Destiny Montemayor
The tude Mentoring Program (Education)
How can we as a community build relationships with
younger students as mentors to make the transition
to high school easier?

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Wednesday, May 24 Wednesday, May 24
Jakes Caf JMKAC Matrix
Roundtable Discussions Gallery Walk
2:00 - 3:00 10:00 - 12:00

Hunter Potter Alex Martinez

The Art of Rhetoric (Speech) More Than Race (Visual Art)
How can linguistics affect peoples beliefs? Why is society so focused on racial identity and what you
are instead of who you are?
Brandon Pudwill
Eliminating Ethical Errors (Writing) Taylor McCarthy
How can a journalist use research to eliminate false Dont Breed Crossbreeds! (Visual Art)
information and inconsistencies from journalistic work, use How can we raise awareness of the health issues that come
nuance to implore readers into further investigation, and with crossbred animals?
use both to restore ethical trust?
Samantha Ottman
Sebastian Soerens

Elizabeth Kraus
Nonverbal Communication in the Classroom (Writing)
How do interpersonal communication characteristics
convet emotions in a school environment?

16 9
Wednesday, May 24 Wednesday, May 24
JMKAC Matrix Jakes Caf
Gallery Walk Roundtable Discussions
1:00 - 3:00 1:00 - 2:00

The tude Engineers (Jacob Bartz, Nicholas Carroll, Madilyn Cabella

Miranda Kelm, Jeremy Sharp, Brandon Tenpas, Jonah Wood, Going Vegan With GERD (Visual Art)
and Will Zillmer) How can veganism affect someone with gastroesophageal
The tude Lending Pantries Project (Engineering) reflex disease (GERD)?
How can we address zone-specific needs in our community
concerning hunger and poverty? Alexander Ruppel and Brooke Sheraski
The tude Caf (Business, Science, Culinary Arts)
Toby Bursinger What are the neurological affects of coffee and caffeine?
Gunpowder Art: Destruction vs. Construction (Visual Art) What are the legalities of starting a student-run caf and
How does pyrotechnics produce destruction and how can we implement it to raise funds and build a school
construction? community?

Belen Garca-Flores Braeden Scheele

Chicano Culture (Visual Art) Depression Crosses the Line (Writing)
How do cultural appropriation and stereotypes lead to a How can we influence society to solve the issue of
biased reflection of Chicano(a) culture, which leads to the depression?
culture not being taken seriously in the United States?
Lex Theune
Cassie Grande and McKenna Shimkoski The NEW Home Economics (Visual Art, Writing)
Anonymous Figures (Dance, Visual Art) How can Home Economics be popularized in order to
How can opening up to an anonymous figure provide make students become successful adults?
comfort and benefit a persons overall well-being?

Alexander Heiberger

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Wednesday, May 24 Wednesday, May 24
Jakes Caf JMKAC Matrix
Roundtable Discussions Gallery Walk
11:00 - 12:00 1:00 - 3:00

Connor West Hope Houseye

Cheating and Society: How Do They Correlate? (Science)
Is cheating a historical issue, or a modern phenomenon? Sierra Mayeur

Julie Krentz Samuel Lohse

Crossing Color Genetics of Rabbits (Science, Mathematics) Soldiers Need More Respect and Help (Visual Art)
Is is possible to transfer the Harlequin rabbits pattern How can we help serving soldiers and veterans?
to the Netherland Dwarf rabbit, while conforming to the
breed standard of the Netherland Dwarf? Jaime Lopez
Stress and Depression (Visual Art)
Paxton Allison Can pysical exercise be better and healthier for treating
Grassroots Politics (Social Studies, Political Organization) stress and depression than medicine?
How can we get grassroots politics back into the mindset
of the younger generation? Mayka Romero
Stress: Hurtful or Helpful? (Visual Art)
Michael Kraemer How can I help the students at IDEAS Academy reduce
Drowning in Financial Aid (Social Studies) their stress?
Should we have to worry about financial aid as much as we

14 11
Wednesday, May 24 Wednesday, May 24
JMKAC Matrix Jakes Caf
Gallery Walk Roundtable Discussions
1:00 - 3:00 10:00 - 11:00

Aeris Severson Keira Collin

College Tuition (Visual Art) Walt Disney Room
How can I use visual art to improve peoples awareness of Creating Humanity (Visual Art, Writing)
college tuition? How does Creative Nonfiction encourage people to form
connections and bring people out of isolation?
Tayler Spoden
The Road to Productivity (Visual Art) Anthony Houseye
What daily changes can be used to improve productivity? Sloth Room

Lydia Waniorek Sefrent Manyvanh

NYC Room
Veronica Williams Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Visual Art, Engineering)
Who Owns the Media (Visual Art) How can we design new medical devices specifically for
How does the media manipulate the information it gives to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
its viewers for personal gain?
Jessica Bloise and Alexis Rowe
Pineapple Room
Cat Cafs (Design)
What is the reason for having cat cafs, and how can we
help have more cat cafs in the Unites States?

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