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ron 990 ‘A. For the 2012 calendar year, or tax year beginning Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax Under section 501(c), 627, or 4947(aX(1) of the internal Revenue Code 5 ‘(except black lung benefit trust or private foundation) The iganzabon my ve ous a copy of hs eur say tat reporting equremens 72072, and ending SSRSSSSeSSSRS SESE SSESESESSSSESE 7 2012 ‘Open to Public inspection B cwasspacave [© tare counter Applied Scholastica International 1D Enpioyeriencaton Rambo Jscesscrrge | _Dong Busnes As 23-7250829, ae Horr aod tO FORT Ral BA RT TOE Raanteae | E“Yeesone nr lessiretes [11755 Riverview Dr. (314) 355-6355, Jarewesrewn [Saint Louis Mo 63136-3610 |G cuss moor $ 3,95: avo K_Fametagonion Blooper | [rot | [assoasen | [Ooa™ [ExerciFeraton 1972 [Mute sivas omen CA [Partt_[Summary 1 Brely desenbe tre organdaton® mission or mon aigniieant acter education by instructing students and teacher: Fevitalize the field oF Ss 8 PB) 2 Check this box © if the organization discontinued its operations or disposed of more than 25% of its net assets 1S) 3 Number of voting members of the governing body (Part VI, line 1a) - 4 278] 4 Number of independent voting members ofthe governing body (Part Vi, tne 1b) 4 3 SB] Soci nuner ot nameuos employes n coven yeor 2011 av, he 25) 5 Tae | ¢ Wainumes:crrounccs Coane wrecenon} " Le 38 gd] Ys Rte non on Pa sm Grane : [ LI" |_ 7S necuelats ones oe name rm Form 380 Ie 1 = E oe Z | 8 constons nd rants Part Vine 1) | NOV 20-2018 |} Pera 13,650. 3! 2 Program serve revenue (art Vil, ie 25) S [3,329,960.[ 3,718.51 Gf 18 etna es Pat etn tn 8 1p OSDEN, UT 3 n 1/11 Other revenue (Part Vill, column (A), lines 5, 61, 8c, 9c, 10c-as DEN, 118,061. 186,400. 12 Toul revenue © cd nes 8 ough! Gnu eal Por Vi colar 0, ne 12 Ziseeee | 3,916,880 e,,r—C—s—=—S 65.983. e418. oo —C—C . | 15. saereo, ote compensation enpuyes bones Pen corn (9, ines) | Laas saa | Barbas §] 16 rent urs vs a et ne 1) I) t tootendonng oeaes at coum) hw 29) = 21,676. rr 2,308,157.| 2, 065,38 18 Tool eparsce nes 13.17 (stent Pa eum 8, he 28 Sieia-te7| 3.976.362. ———— Siss203,[ “57-482. i orc la tor sees earx ner Se aaa Hla soattnans gota e15,025[ 325,33 [= =—rr—OOOe 4a3.3z1.[ 425,039. [Parti [Signature Block ss rr —“—“‘_iCOs™SSM Beart nse aaa ae RATE F [ZS WeD LA stn Pe 7 ( Here ip Execubyes Director Prarie ars 7 Bae ex Te aia 4 revaat Cl Use Only | rem ssiress Fum’s EN ‘May the IRS discuss ths return with the preparer shown above? (See instructions) = L1ves [Ne x BRA For aperwot Ratarton Rats soe ie sopue newacTons an wa Fa B00 BOTH aN Form 990 @012)_Applied Scholastics International 23-7250829 Page? [Part Il _| Statement of Program Service Accomplishments Chack # Sehecule O contains a response to any question ints Prt g 1” Bialy describe the organization's mission 2 Did the organization undertake any significant program senices Guring the year which were nl listed on he ror Form 990 o 902? (ves fl] wo Ie, deaebe hese new serces ob Schacle O 3. Di the organization cease conducting, or make signifcant changes in how conde, any program services? —[] Yes fk] No If Yes,’ desenbe these changes on Schedule O 4 Descnbe the organization's program service accomplishments for each of ts tee largest program services, as measured by expenses Secon 0V hd) and S01) organtzauons and schon 49470) sts ae requred to rept he amount gran and beans 0 ‘thers, the 15a) expenses, and revenue, i eny, for each program selvce fepored “4a (Code ) Expenses $_ 1,529,896. mcluding grents of 63,418.) Revenwe $__2, 413,232.) 4b (Code ) Expenses $1,641,473, wncluding grants of 0.) Revewe $1,491,680.) Baws ae 327,273. eluding grants of $. represe nll fi ety of “ed Other program services (Descibe in Schedule O) Expenses § including grants of _$ ) Revenue _$ i “e Total program service expenses > 3,698, 642. Baa TEEADIO? OBEN Fon 8 OTD Form 380 @012)_Applied Scholastics International 23-7250829 Pave 3 (Partiv [Checklist of Required Schedules Yes | No 1 Is the organization described in section 501(c)(3) or 4947(a)(1) (ether than a private foundation)? if ‘Yes,’ complete Schedule’ i{x 2_ Is the organization required to complete Schedule B, Schedule of Contributors (see instructions)? 2|x 3. Did the organization engage n director indirect politcal campaign activites on behalf of or in opposition to candidates for pubic ofce? If Ves, complete Schedule G, Part! 3 x 4 Section 501(¢X3) organizations Di the organization engage in lobbying aces, or have a section SO1{h) election imretfect curing ne tax year? If Yes, “complete Schedule Cs Part 4 x 5 Is the organization a section 501(c)4), 501(c)(6), oF 501 ()(6) organiztion thst receives membership dues, assessments, or siflar amounts as defied is Revenue Procedure 98-197 Ir Yes, complete Schedule, Part It 5 x 6 Did the organization mantain any donor advised funds or any similar funds or accounts for which donors have the ght fo provide advice on he cstnbuhon or investment of amounts in such funds ar accounts? I "Yes, complete Schedule D, Baal 6 x 7. Did the organization recewe or hold a conservation eatement, including easements ta preserve apen space, the fenwranment, histori land areas or histone structures? If Yes, complete Schedule D, Part il z x 8 Did the organization maintain collections of works of art, historical treasures, or other surular assets? If Yes, Complete Schedule O, Part It 8 x 9 Did the organzaton report an amount wn Part X, line 21. for escrow or custodial account labiy, serve as a custodian for amounts not listed in Part X: or provide credit counsling, dest management eredk repat, OF debt negotiation services? If Yes, complete Schedule D, Part iV 9 x 10 Did he organization, directly or trough a related organization, ld assis empornlyrestted endowments, permanent endowments, or uast-endowments? If Yes, complete Schedule D. Part V 0 x 11 {tthe organization's answer to any of the following questions 1 "Yes, then complete Schedule D, Parts VI, VI, Vil DK, orXas applicable ‘2 Did the organization report an amount for land, buildings and equipment in Part X, line 10? "Yes," complete Schedule D.Part Vi nal x] » Did the oxganzzaton report an amount for ywestments ~ other securities in Part X, line 12 that 1s 5% or move of ts total ‘sets reported im Part X, ine 16° IF Yes, complete Schedule D, Part Vi ne) | x € Did the exganzzation report an amount for westments — program related in Part X, line 13 that 155% or more of ts total ‘sets reported im Part X, ine 16° IF Yes, complete Schedule D, Part Vil [ne] | x <0 the organaton report an amcunt or le assets p Pat X, tne 15 hat 5% ox more of ft asses reported Part X,line 16? If Yes, complete Schedule D, Part IX Lag] x «De te eranzaton report an aunt or er abies Prt X, ine 257 es,complteScheleD, Pan X [Ma £ Dud the organization's separate or consolidated financial statements for the tax year include 2 footnote that addresses the organizations labilty for unce‘tam tax positions under FIN 48 (ASC 740)" I'¥es, complete Schedule 0, Part | 114 x ‘12a Did the organization obtain separate, independent aucted financial statements for the tax year? if Yes,” compete Schedule B, Parts XI, and Xt taal X bb Was the organization included in consoliiated, independent audited financial statements for the tax year? if Yes,’ and Ihe organization answered Noo ine T2a, hen compleung Schedule D, Parts Xi and Xil1s optional rao] | x 18 Is the organization @ school desenbed in section 170(0)1)(AY(1)? if Yes," complete Schedule E 13 x ‘4a Did the organization maintan an office, employees, or agents outside ofthe United States? va] x Dad the organization have aggregate revenues or expenses of more than $10,000 from grantmaking, fundraising. business, investment. ang program service aciviies outside the United States, or aggregate foreign investments valued 231 $100,000 or more? IV'Yes, complete Schedule F Paris Nand IV vay] x 15. Did the organization report on Part IX, column (A), ne 3, more than $5,000 of grants or assistance to any organtzaion for entity focal outside the United State? I"Yes,"complate Schedule F, Parts and 6 x 16 Did the organization report on Part IX, column (A), ine 3, more than $5,000 of aggregate arans or assistance to individuals located outage the United States? I Yes," complete Schedule F, Parts I and Iv 16 x 17 Da the organization report ttl of more han $15,000 of expences fr professional unrasing sence on Part X Column (i lines 6 ane 116? If Yes," complote Schedule G, Part (Gee instructions) wv x 18. Dd the organization report more than $15,000 total of funcraising event gross income and contnbutlons on Part Vl, fines Ye-and 8a? "Yes" complete Schedule ©, Part I! 1% x 19. Did the organization report more than $15,000 of cross income from gaming actwtes on Part Vill ine 93? If "Yes, complete Schedule G, Part I 1» x 20.0 the organization operate one of more hospital facies? f "Yes," complete Schedule H 20 x if "Yes' to line 20a, did the organization attach a copy of is audited financial statements to this return? [200] oN Tea ane Form $80 2012) Form 9902012) _Applied Scholastics International 23-7250829 Page 4 [Partiv" [Checklist of Required Schedules (continued) 21. Di the organization report more than $5,000 of grants and other assistance to governments and organizations in the United States on Part Ik, column (A) ine 1? Yes, complete Schedule, Pars! and 22 0d the organization report more than $5,000 of grants and other assistance to individuals inthe United States on Part Tr calum (A), line 2>1I7'Yes," complete Schedule Parts (and il 23 Did the organization answer "Yes! to Part Vil, Secton A, line 3, 4, or 5 about compensation of the organization's current 30 fame oces, cress, trustees, hey employees, and ghestcompersaied employees? Yes, complete 2a Dis the organization have a tax-exempt bond issue with an oustanding principal amount of more than $100,000 as of the last cay ofthe year. and inat was wssue0 ater December 31, 20029 IF Yes, answer hnes 240 Yough 240 and ‘Complete Schedule Kit No, 900 fine 25 bid the organization invest any proceeds of tax-exempt bonds beyond a temporary period exception? € Did the organization maintain an escrow account ether than a refunding eserow at any te during the year to defease ‘ny tax-exempt bonds? 01 the organization act as an ‘on behalf of tssuer for bonds outstanding at any time during the year? 25a Section 01(€X3) and 501(6K4) organizations. Did the organization engage in an excess benefit ansacion with 3 Gi a 18 Section 6104 requires an organization to make its Forms 1023 (or 1024 i applicable), 990, and 990-T (501(@)3)s only) avaiable or public inspection inccate how you make these avaiable, Check all het apply [Own webste [1 Another webste fk] Upon request [[] Other (expla in Scheaue 0) 19 Desee nScefleO whether (ands, how he expanzaton ales is govtrng acumen, cnt of esp, and fanci ststemens aval to the pub dong the yar 20. State the name, physical aédress, and telephone number ofthe person who possesses the books and records of the organization Louis ___MO__s2r3e-a610, (314) 355-6355 Form 980 (2012) BAA Form 9902012) Applied Scholastics International 23-7250829 Page 7 Part Vil | Compensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, Highest Compensated Employees, and fadebendent Contractors xy Employees, Hig Pe ploy: (Chock f Schedule O contains response to eny question in ths Part VI Oo ‘Section A. Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees Ta Complete tis table oral persons required to be hited Report compensation forthe calendar year ending with or win the crgorzahion’s tax year « List all ofthe organization's current officers, rectors, trustees (whether inividuals or organtzations), regardless of amount of comparision Enter Bin colons Oy (rane (tne compensation wos pad ~ he * List al ofthe rganzaton’s current key employees, if any See instructions for dentin of key employee * * List the ocganzation’s five eurent highest compensates employees (other than an officer, director, trustee, or Key employee) who recewed reportable compensaton (Box 5 of Form W.2 andlor Bax 7 of Form 1088-MiSC) of more han $160,000 from te Sxganzaton and any related organzabors * List al ofthe organzaton’s former officers, key employees, and highest compensated employees who received more than $100,000 of reportable compensation rom the organization and any related organizations. * stall ofthe organzaton's former directors ortrustes that recewved, inthe capacity 2s a former crestor of trustee of the cxganizatan, mote than $10,000 of repertabie compensation from the organization and any related organizations, List persons inthe following order incivgal trustees oF dectors; mstitulonal trustees, officers, Key employees, highest compensated employees, and former such persons, Loteck ins nox nether he oranzaton no any read organization compensated any cent ocr, retro taste © a wre \Miee Sessa | nate, seat ees EAE ag 77] mens |e | Rees [ae] e]3]2)28|2 eel coe |e) El 8) a/82/2 Ee Be "ee yg Fe i il Tn iayea soos 1 Director x | 0. 0. @ angelo Hadjeri a | Director x 0 o,f a0 i director i 0. A _@_Laurie Zurn as Trustee 0. 0 a x o.| o Trustee _ x 0. oO.) o. Tor cathy. viney % Pres, Director, CBO x| |x 55,196, , dys Macd = Sec/Treas x a4,o14, o, BAA rexso1o7 nme Form 990 (2012) 7250828 Pag ind Highest Compensated Employees (cont ctors, Trustees, Key Employé e © ”, fee psec | oe | 2 None sree Series eagpststonion | conetteionion | ein’ tre sity Ralaya]a garg| matinee | “araeuner oes EF 8/8 ape aera) [a] 9 ee] be) "|g ‘Tb Sub-total . 100,010. o oO € Tot rom contntn sheet to Par Seton A : d Total (add lines 1b and 1¢) . 100,010. o o. 2 Total number of indwiduais (including but not Imnited to those listed above) who received more than $100,000 of reportable compensation from the organization > Yes | No 3 Did the organization list any former officer, director or wustee, key employee, of highest compensated employes on line 19? If'¥es,' complete Schedule J for such individual 3 x 4 For ony nda ted on ne 1a the sum of epotaie compensation and oer compensation frm the organization and relatee organizations greater than $180,000” If Yes" complete Schedule J for Such dvi) falls '5 Did any person listed on ine 12 racewe or accrue compensation from any unrelated organization or indwvidual ‘or sernces rendered to tha organization? if "Yes, complete Schedule J for such person 5 x Section B. Independent Contractors _ oe T Complete ths table for your five highest companssisd dependent contactors hal received more than STOO ITT Compensation from the organization ‘Report Compensation for the calendar year ending wih or within te organizations tox year Name and bess aseress Descnptoh otsernces | Completion Total number of méependent contractors Gncluding But nol limited to these listed above) who received more than $100,000 1n compensation trom the organization ™ BAR Tease ava Form 980° GOD) Form 9902012) Applied Scholastics International [Part Vill] Statement of Revenue Check if Schedule O contains a response to any question inthis Part Vil 23-7250829 Page 9 oO a Total fevenve @, Related o ‘exempt function © Unctated ‘business o Revenue lexciudes from tax lunder sections 512,513.07 514 Ta Federaied campaigns Tal bb Membership dues To) « Funcraising events Te d Related organizations Td) Goverment gts conibutons) [Te 1 Al oer contbtons, fs, gras, and miaramaunsntresucedtooe | 1633, 6: 19 Neath conttors lass i ls 1017 —§ bh Total Aa lines Ya-1t ‘CONTRIBUTIONS, GTS, GRANTS [AND OTHER SIMILAR ANOUNTS| 13.650. » Educational training __|611710 28 Program svc fea _____ elmo | 2.284.521] 1,395,807, | 2.284,521| 1,395,807, Bovaltias.._-_._.. 900099 38,184 8 184 1 Rilother program sarvce revere PROGRAM SERVICE REVENU @ 49 Total Ads ines 22-21 3 Investment income (ieluding dividends, nterest and ‘her sian amounts) 4 Income from investment of taxcexempt bond proceeds 5 Royalties 318.) 318 oer ramet 6a Gross rents bb Less rental expenses [ © Rental income or (oss) 1d Net rental income oF (loss) 7. Geass amout from sales of [_O SO od ‘ee ober tan nent 1 Less costo ter bas 2rd sales eoeses «© Gan oF (loss) {4 Net gain or (loss) 8a Gross income from fundratsing events (ot eluding § ‘of contributons reported on ine Te) See Part V, line 18 4 bb Less direct expenses o ‘¢ Net income or (loss) ftom fundratsing events OTHER REVENUE 9 Gross income trom gaming actives See Pat Mine oe a| b Less direct expenses J ‘€ Net income or (loss) ftom gaming actties H10a Gross sales of inventory, less returns «¢ Not income or (loss) from sales of ventory Sd allowances, al__92,102.| b Less: cost of goods sold bl 34.413. 7 7,68: 89 21310 92,342, 92 342 [721310 2,937 32 937. 3.432. 432. Total. Add lines 112-116 [12 Total revenue, See instructions BAR +L ae. 714 + 37918880.) 3,908 12. a8. Form 930 (2012) Form 990(2012)_Applied Scholastics International [Part X_ Statement of Functional Expenses. 23-7250829 Page 10 ‘Secon S01(@)() and 501(2(4)erganszatons must complete all colmnns_Allather organzatons must complete column (A) ‘Check if Schedule O contains a response to any question in this Part IX Tt ®. @ 2) @, 10 not include amounts reported on tines 6b, otal Sidenses rogram service agement an undressing 76,8, and ob of Part Vi oe Posen: | GeneGiespansss | "expenses 1 Grants and other assistance to governments ‘ane organizations in the United Sales See Partiv; tine 2 63,418, 63,418. 2. Grants and other assistance to individuals 1m the United States See Par IV, line 22, 3. Grants and other assistance to governments, organizations, and ineiicuals outside the Otten States’ See Part IV, nes 15 and 16 4. Benetits paid to or for members 5 Compensation of current officers, directors, trustoes, ang key employees 100,010 16,12 1.040 a1 6 Compensation not included above, to slequaliied persons (as Getned uncer Secon ABG8, 3) and persons deserbes In section 4958(0)()08) (Other salaries and wages 7,560, 328.| 1,415,570. 31, 246 13,512 Pension plan accruals and contributions (include Section 40104) anc section 4030) mplayer contributions). 9 Other employee benefits 23,100. 20,203. 2,625. 272. 10 Payroll taxes 164,111. 347, 487.1 15,065. 1,559. 11 Fees for services (non-employees) ‘a Management begal 23,239. 10,596. a3. ‘© Accounting 26,004. 26,804. o. dLoboying _ Profesional funds sores Son Pat, ine 17 f Investment management fees 9 ter ine 19 at exes 10% of re 25 ex tn atte 1g expenses on Sh) 12 Advertsing and promotion 27,983 21,288. 601 6 13. Office expenses 121,338. 109,430 10,977. 931. 18 Information technology = 15. Royaites 42,506. 42,506. On 0 16 Occupancy 33, 56: 9,944 1.407 14 17 Travel 51,591. 41,899. 9,465. 227. 18 Payments of travel or entertainment ‘expenses fer any federal, state, oF local public offeais 19. Conferences, conventions, and meetings 64,094. 64 0 0 20 interest 2 7 on 21 Payments to affikates, 659,864 559) o oO. 22 Depreciation, depletion, and amortization 16,608. 1 i Tse. 23 Insurance 44,290. 39. 4,066. 420. 24 Other expenses itemze expenses not ‘covered above (Lis miscellaneous expenses Inline 2de It ine 248 amount exceeds 10% (of line 25, column (A) amount, Ist ine 286 ‘expenses’ en Schedule O) purchases __ 18,02 18,026, 0 0 > prearam delivery _______ 504, 616,| 504, 616.| ol oO. 221, 923. 221,923. 0. 0. e Alloiher expenses: 2 6,061 5, 669.| 355. 32 25. Total funcional expenses Add hes 1 Urouh 22 3,976,362. 8, 642 256,044. 21, 676. 26 Joint costs, Compete ths line only i Ihe arganzation reported in column (B) Joint costs from a combined educatonal ‘Eampeign and fundrarsing soictation Check here» [_]i following ‘SOP 98-2 (ASC 358.720) aK Form 990 012) Form 990 (2012) Applied Scholastics International 23-7250829 Page 1 [PartX [Balance Sheet (Check f Schedule © contains a response to any question n tis Part, w ® Beginning of year End ot year Gash — nonsanterest bearing 375,843. 349,587. ‘Savings and temporary cash investments Pleages and grants recewoble, net Accounts receivable, net S18, 896.) 310, 402. Loans another recewables om cutet and former otters, decors, gostyes, keyemployess, and hughest compensated employees Complete Barifet Schedule nee 18 6 Loans end other recervables from sther disqualified persons (as defined under sealon 4880) pune desea seston a95519c6), and contra templeyers and spscacring organizations of sector 501(@) voluntary employees" Seneticiery organizations (see mirustons) Complete Part fof Schecule C 7. Notes and loans recewable, net 22.781 {8 Inventories forsale or use 41,039. Prepaid expenses and defected charges ° 10a Land, buildings, and equoment castor other basis > Comalete Pan UH of Schedule D woa|__1,.602, 210 bb Less accumulated depreciation 10b|_ 1,620,604 41,803.| 196 61,606. 11 Investments = publily aged secuntes n 12 Investments ~ otter secunies See Part V, line 11 12 13. Investments ~ program elated See Pat IV ine 11 13 14 Intangibie assets 14 15 Other assets See Part lV, line 11 7a1.a77.15 141,877 16_Total assets. dé lines | through 15 (must equal ne 38) 1.156,346,| 16 951,172. 17” Aecounis payable and accrved expenses 447,355,117, 266.481 18 Grants payable 18 19. Detered revenue 180,647, 19 173.147 20, Tax-exempt bond abies 20 ‘21 Escrow oF custodial account liabity Complete Part IV a Schedule D 2 2 Loans and ter payables to cient and tamer officers, dectors, ste, y employees, highest compensated employees, and cisquaied persons Complete Pail of Schedule L ‘Secured mortgages and notes payable to unrelated thd parties 45,023. Unsecured notes and loans payable to unrelated thd partes Other habe (eluding federal income tax, payables to related the partes, Sd-ather labiies not included on ines 17:28) Complete Part X of Schedule D “Total abies. Ass ines 17 trough 25 673,025. 2] Organzavions that follow SFAS 117 (ASC 858), check here » fj Jand complete F) tines 27 through 29, and lines 33 and 34 Unrestricted net assets 472,733. 4) Tero rates ETT Permanently restricted net assets 8| organizations that do not follow SFAS 117 (ASC 956), check here + [1] 1 A27. 37,536. 52. R Ree fale [lass 525,333, 419,278, 61. BEY alas and complete lines 30 through 34. Capital stock or tust principal, or eurent funds PPaid-n or capital surplus, oF lané, building, or equipment fund Retained earnings, endowment, accumulated income, or other funds Total net assets of fund balances 483,321. 425,839. Total liabilities and net assetsfund balances 1156346. 954,17: BAR Form 990 2012) eeees ele felels Form 990 2012) Applied Scholastics International 23-7250829, Part XI_Reconciliation of Net Assets Check Schedule O contains a response to any question in ths Part XI Page 12 T Talat evenve (must equal Pat Vil colar (ne T2) [aaa gee. 2. Total expenses (must equal Part IX column (A, line 25) 2] 31976362 43 Revenue les expenses Subtract Ine 2 from ine 1 3 esrrsaz 4. Net asses or fond balances at begining of year (must equal Part X ine 33, column (A) 4 93-321. 5. Netunrealaes gains (ose) on investments 5 6 Donated senaces and use of facies é 7 trvestment expenses 7 8. Pror penod adjustments 9. Other changes in net assets or fund balances (explain in SehedsleO) 10 Net asses or find balances ot end ofyear Cambie ines 3 tough 9 (must equal Pat X, he 33, ‘sium 8) 1 425.839, (Part Xil [Financial Statements and Reporting ‘Grec Senedue 0 contans a response to any aveston in ths art xl Q Yes[ No 1 Accounting etiad used to prepare the Form 990 []oash —feJaccrual [Jotner 11 the organastion change ts method of accounting rom a per year or checked ‘Other expan nsesegaeS 2 Were the orinizaton's nancial statements comple or evewed by an independent accountant? zal_| x i¥es, check a box below to ndcate whether the fnancal statements forthe yeor were compiled or reviewed ona Separate bast consoidated bast or bot LJ Sevarate sass [[eonsoicated basis [Both consolidated and separate basis 1 Wore the organzaton's nancial statements aucted by an dependent accountant? 2] x 11-Yes, check» box below to nccate whether the tnancal statements forthe year were audited on separate Mon csnsotaste best ®t ‘Separate basis | |Consoicated basis [[]Botn consolidated and separate bass € "Yes tone 2a 072, dos the organization have a commie tal assumes responsibly fr oversight ofthe a, Ton, x Conasinnan of mans Saemans and selecuon of an pendent aecaurtea 2e| x I the organization changed ether ts oversight process a selection process dung the tx year, exlan in Schedule O° ia yes 3a.As 9 reult of federal aware, was the organzation requred to undergo an audit or aus as se orth nthe Single | ‘ict Ret ns O48 Grclar 1S al |x DbIt'Yes' did the organization underge the required audit or audits? If the organization dd not undergo the required aut | or sol salt Uy Schedla'S ae Seuibe ry Ses kan to ndego Sa adie a0) Ban Ferm $50 TD SCHEDULE A 5 i 7 (Form 990 oF $90-£Z) Public Charity Status and Public Support 201 2 lem resi chon ra Sposwpae ‘Sr Revenoe sevce” » Attach to Form 990 or Form 990-€Z. > See separate instructions. Inspection ane moreno peericeem eens ina [Part_[Reason for Public Charity Status (Al organzalions musi complete Ins parl) See instruchons. The organasten ve not a pate foundation Becase iis For ines TEroogh 1, chek only one box) 1 [_]Acturch, convention of churches of association of churches described in section 170(OXIKAX) 2 [JA school described in section 170(oXXAXID. (Attach Schedule E ) 3] hospital ora cooperative hospital service organization described in section T70(6XTXAXi). 4 [JA medical research organization operated in conjunction with @ hospital described in section T7O(SXTXAXIN) Enter the hospitals ame, city, and state 5 An organization operated for the college or university owned rated by ag Ctsaasaaien sess : : ibis a... i Oerrr—<“‘ ieesmStmsE—rtrtrtrss— In section 1700bx1XAKWD. (Complete Part I) 8 [JA communty rst described in section 170¢6XIXAXWD. (Complete Part II) 9 [J Ancrganzation that normally receives (1) mare than 33-1/3% ots suppor from contnbutons, membership fees, and gross cepts rom actuies ‘elated ots exempt functons ~ subject to certain exceptions, and (2 no more than 33-1/3% of ts suppor from gross investment income end Uresteg basse wxabie come (ess econ 511 fon) om Buoesoes scoured oy he organaaue ae hune 30 1513 See sector SONORA (Compete Parti) nia 10 [An organization organzed and operated exclusively to test for pute saely See section 509=X@). 11 [)trotganization organized andoperated exclusively othe benefit of, perform the functions of, or carry out the purposes of one or more publi Supported ergarizalionsdescibed section S03(2() or section 803(3)@) ‘See section SOB(@K@). Caeck the box tal describes he ype of ubborng ougonoton and complete ines Te twavgh Tin a [Jet & [free [] Type tt —Functonaty ntegrtes od [] Type it - Nonsunvonaly tegrated Dee Rts es an ae an ne Se ay sap Santas Sed tr Sctos SESE or ‘section 509(a)(2) fhe ocganztion recewed a wntten determination from the IRS that 1s 2 Type , Type lor Type Il supporting organzation, ihe xgonzoton recenve a wien dlermingvon rom the RS thats 2 Type I Type or Tye Il supporting organza O Since August 17, 2006, has the organization accepted any gi or contibuton from any ofthe folowing persons? Yes | Re © Aperson wo drecty or narecty conto, ether alone or tgether with persons deserted n (1) and (4 1 Below, te governing body of te supported organization’ 7 O28) Tee (_Atarnly member of a person described in () above? Tee Gi) 4.35% controled ently ofa person desenbed in () oF (0) above? ges h__Provde the following mormaton about the supported argarizaons) oor wissen | Ge. Bosem, | EE. | ener Gore eRe oe Ein esatyaur | amg) fone satus [Sages [SSI | whe Yes | No_| Yes | No | Yes | No “A a a. ® as co} © © = Tota BAA For Paperwork Rediclion Ac alice, S06 the Instructions for Form $89 or 9OEZ ‘Schade & Form 950 & BOLD 218 Schedule A (Form 990 07 990-2) 2012__Applied Scholastics International 23-7250829 Page 2 [Part il Support Schedule for Organizations Described in Sections 170(bX1XAXiv) and 170(bX1KAXvI) (Comlele only # you cheche the box on ine 5,7, or 8 of Part or the arganaston failed to quality uncer Part il I he + Srganiztion Yas fo quay uncer the tess listed below, please complete Patt), Section A. Public Support Catena yer tes yar : : : = Sarendr yest (2008 ©) 2009 ce2010 wan (ane O7otal Te gas mtr ape 24se7.| 20,036] 11,970. _47,339.| _13,650.| 110,322. meee Sieceeee a en oan Seneca 6 Public support. Subtract ine 5 feom tine ® 118, 322. ‘Section B. Total Support Calendar year (or fiscal year © ) ot Gatendar yaar ( (@) 2008 &) 2009 ©2010 20 (©2012 Tota! 7 Amounts rom line 4 24,527.| 20,636.| 11, 970.| 47, 339.| 13, 650.| 118,322. 8 Gross income trom interest, lvidends, payments received On Securties loans, rents, foyaltes and income for Similar sources 3,672 0. o. 524. ais] 4,514. 9 Net income from unrelates Business actntes, whether oF not the Business 1 regulary Carried on 0. o. o. o. o. 10 Other income Do not include ‘an of loss from the sale of apita assets (Explain in Paty} 112,338. = 112,338. 11 Total support Aa oes 7 Trou 235,174 12 Gross recep rom related acts, ele Geo nauaeionsy ————SCSCSCSC~S~S*S RL, 08 5 95T 13 Fiat tv years, te Form 990 or he erganzatin’s fst, Second, tht, fut, or Max Yer as 2 secon SOV xgotzan, chess ox ond stp hore = * em “oO Section C. Computation of Public Support Percentage 14 Publ support percentage fo 2012 (ne 6, columa ( dvd by ne 1 orn ul sais 15. Puble support percentage fom 2011 Schedule A, Pat ine 14 1] eas 162 33-13% support test ~ 2012. If the organization aid not check the box on line 12, and the line 14 ss 33-1/39% oF mare, check this box ang stop here, The organization qualies as a publicly supported organzation El 9 33.19% spportest 2011, te organization di ot check a ox on ine 13 or 16a, and ine 15 6 2:12 or moe, heck hs box SSB NERO Feaion asthe ae el sepecd Sohn “oO 17a Wetacteand-creumstanes test — 2012: te orgnzaton dl nol check bot on ie 13, 1600” 16, ad ne 1416 10% He eee ee Ie sa id ee oe a a2 ob ie isla a So Bee ae aa ae Am eis a The Cnn Makes DANE MPP eg “Oo b 10%facts-and-circumstances test - 2011, the organization did not check a box on line 13, 16a, 16b, oF 17a, and ine 151s 10% ‘or more, and ithe organization meats the acts.andcrcumstances’ tes, check this box and stop here. Exalaih 1m Part IV how the ‘organization meets the facts-ond-encumstances’ test The organization qualiies as a publicly supported organization . 18 Private foundation. I the organization did not check a box on ine 13, 16a, 16b, 17a, 0 17b, check ths box and see instructions BAR ‘Schedule A (Form 990 or S90ED 2012 Schedule A Form 990 or 990-62) 2012_ Applied Scholastics International 23-7250829 Page 3 [Part ill [Support Schedule for Organizations Described in Section 509(aX(2) (Carle ony yu chek fe box on ane Sof Pat er ie argaveton fle aualy unde Parti the rgnzaton fas ‘Sauety oat arin below pase conoitsPat i) Section A. Public Suppor Calendar year (or fiscal yr begenning on) 2) 2008 (@) 2003, {2010 (@) 2011 (@) 2012 4 Total WG, gone, conuas Bate Bl hte 2 Goss eal ton aa deren peered, ooctes pater ein tees he eancalons (Seavert eee 2 Goss ecu tom ace, Sol ave nt an uwelted tade SPL trl 2ein 385 | 4 Tacreveues vad rn ether ogo ovegences on wich 5 Theat ot sees ‘noite Shed & Gocemnai’ at fe Spartan wea Ne 6 Tota Aa nes rough 5 9a anole rele ie Sra ea a b Arps ced on es 2 Saal sence fat icles Geter 00 or Scan ca we 2 Pub sppet Soc ine 7c from line 6) : Section B. Total Support sy Corfe tna > [ain —[— HT — ID _[ azo wwe [Ta 9 hous tom he 6 1a Grogs nzome ns Sires ayant aces Pes a ic as Saye Sites segue thet Jae 381975 «A ines 08 a 0b 12 Qherincong, Dare neue Bad cree Boon Raises Cee 13° Total support. caine, 0,1, 00012 1 14. First five years, i the Form 9901s forthe organization's frst, second, thd, fourth, oF fifth tax year as @ secton BOI) Ergansains check this box ond stop here * “oO Section C. Computation of Public Support Percentage 15. Pubhe suppor percentage for 2012 (ine 8, column () ded by Tne T3, column) = 7 16 Puble support percentage tom 2011 Schedule A, Pati ine 15, i Section D. Computation of Investment Income Percentage 7 nvestment come percentage for 2012 (ine 10s. column () ded Bye T3, column CO) i 18 Investment income percentage from 2011 Schedule A, Part Il tine 17 Eet— 198 38-13% support tests — 2012 If the organization didnot check the box online 14, and in 15 6 mote than 33-13%, and ine 17 relic Ren SS tise check th box ane stop here The organization quaittes 2c 9 publely supported oganation 33-13% suppor tests ~ 201. the organization di not check a bor on in 14 oF ine 19a, and line 16 s more than 33-1/3%, and ite 18 nol mre tan S/S, chese ts Box an stop here. The organization quaiies se pubicly supports organzoten 4 20 Private foundation. Ifthe organization didnot check 2 Box on line 14, 198, of 19b, cheek this box and see instructions . AR Teo eae ‘Schedule A Form 950 oF S50EZ) 2012 ‘Schedule A (Form 990 or 990-EZ) 2012__ Applied Scholastics International 23-7250829 Page 4 [Part TSupplemental information. Compete ths part io prove the explanations requred by Part I ine W; Part ll, line 17a or 17b; and Part Ill, line 12. Also complete this part for any additional 1 (See instructions). information Other. Description: Gain on_lease settlement 2908:_112338._ BAR ‘Schedule A (Form 980 or 990EZ) 2012 SCHEDULE D ae (Form 996) « Supplemental Financial Statements 2012 : ~ Complete ifthe organization answered Yes o Form 390, , << per Par Weiines 67.85 tier by testi, ie, ee, oF 2b, ‘Open to Pubic Pare glee i ntiach to Form $90." » See Separate structions Inapecton ier oes por a one applied Scholastics International 23-7250829 [Bent [Organizations Maintaining Donor Advised Funds or Other Sinllar Funds of Accounts Complete the organization answered ‘Yes’ to Form 990, Pat WV, line 6 1 ater ae yo 3) Aggregate grants from (dunng year) Z * ene nuncio este sere gree cma eespeem erento for chertable purposes and not forthe Benefit ofthe conor or donor acvisor, er for Sny otner purpose conferring imapermssibe private beneht? (ves [Jno [Partit_ [Conservation Easements. Complete if the organization answered Yes to Form 990, Part IV, line 7. 1 Puzpose(s) of conservation easements held by the organzation (check all that apply) Preservation of land for publi use (eg , recreation or education) Preservation of an histoncally important land area Protection of natural habitat Preservation ofa certified nstonc structure Preservation of open space 2. Complete lines 2a through 2d the organization held @ qualified conservation contribution in the form of a conservation easement on the (eat day of fre tox year [Held at the End of the Tax Year 2 Total number of conservation easements Bal _ bb Total acreage restricted by conservation easements, 26) {Number of conservation easements on a certified histone structure included in (2) 2e {dumber of conservation easements included in (e) acquired after 8/17/06, and not on a histone Stcture isteg in the National Regster 3 Number of conservation easements modified, transferred, released, extnguished, or tormmnated by the organization Guang the tax year [Number of States where property subject to conservation easement is located * 5 Does the organization have a writen policy regarding the penoske mantorng,snspecton handing of wolatons, Sd enfocamort ofthe conservation escemarte MAGS? [ves [no {6 Statf and voluncer hours devoted to motoring, mspecing, and enforcing conservation easements ditng the year 7. Amount of expenses incurred in monitoring, inspecting, and enforcing conservation easements during the year °3 18 Does each conservation easement reported on line 2() above sats the requirements of section 170(H(2)(8)0) and sechon 17O0eNE)UN™ Lives [no 9 In Part Xi, cescribe now the organization reports conservation easements ins revenue ang expense statement, and balance shee, and Include, applicable, te tex ofthe footnote fo the orgenmzations financial latements that sescrbes the organization's accounting fo Conservation easement Part i [Organizations Maintaining Collections of Art, Historical Treasures, or Other Similar Assets. Complete if the organization answered ‘Yes’ to Form 990, Part lV, line 8. 1a Ifthe organizaton elected, as permuted under SFAS 116 (RSC 958), not lo report ms revenve statement and balance sheet works of fri, hstoncal beasures, o olher similar assets Relé for pobic exhibivon, edveatn, of research in frtherance of publi service, provide, in Part Xi, the text ofthe footnote to ifs fnancral Statements that describes these vss bit the organization elected, as permitted under SFAS 116 (ASC 958), to report in its revenue statement and balance sheel works of art hustoncal teacures, or ether similar assets held for public exibition, education, or research in furheranee of pubic service, provide the following amounts felating to these Hers @ Revenues included in Form 990, Part Vil, ine 1 +s (Assets cued in Form 990, Part X 3 2 It the organization receved or held works of ar, historical veasures, or other simular assets fr financial gain, provide the Folowng ‘mounts required to be reported under SFAS 116 (ASC 958) relating fo these tems ‘2 Revenves included in Form 990, Part Vil, ne 1 +s bb Assets included m Form 990, Part X rs BAA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, ee the Instructions for Form 980, Tees oman ‘Schedule B (Form 950) 2012 Schedule D Form 990) 2012_Applied Scholastics International Part ml [Organizations Maintaining Collections of Ant, Historical Treasures, or Other Similar Assets (continued) 23-7250829 Page 2 13. Using the organization's acqusiton, accession, and other records, check any ofthe following that are a significant use ofits collection Htems (cheek all rat app) 2 [_]Pubtic exhibtion bb [7] schotary research @ [Jotner € [_]Preservation for future generations 4. Prove a description of the organszavon's collections and explain how they futher the organization's exempt purpose In a As ‘or exchange programs: Pon xi 5. Dung the year, did the organtzation solo recewe donations of at, hstoncal treasures, or other similar assets to-be sold 10 raise funds rather than to be mamtained as part of the organization's collection? Yes [ve Part Iv JEscrow and Custodial Arrangements, Complete ithe organization answered Yes To Form G50, Part IV, Ime, or reported an amount on Form 990, Part X, line 21 "at espana, see csodn, or er miameday x crbutons aber stl net ded Yes ‘on Form 990, Part X° bit Yes, explain the arrangement in PaitXIll and complete the following table One =e] mount «Beginning balance Te Agaions during the year 14] fe Distnbutions during the year Te {Ending balance i 2a Did the organization include an amount on Form 990, Part X, line 217 Lives Wo fart V_[Endowment Funds. Complete if the organization answered ‘Yes’ to Form 990, Part IV, line 10 (@) Curent @)Preryear | (Two ears (@)Tiveeyears | _(@)Fouryears 11a Beginning of year balance bb Contributions. Net investment earnings, gains, andlosses| {Grants or scholarships «© Other expencitures for facies ‘and programs. {Administrative expenses 9 End of year balance 2. Provide the estimated percentage of the current year end balance (ine 16, column (@) Feld as 2 Board designated or quastendowment = bb Permanent endowment» ¢ Temporanily resticted endowment ‘The percentages in lines 2a, 2b, and 2e should equal 100% 3. Are there endowment funds not inthe possession of the organization that are held and administared forthe ‘rgenavon by Yer [No @ unrelated organizations 3a) | 6 tetas organizations sac) b it'¥es to 3a(), are the related organizations iste as requred on Schedule R? ab 4_Describe n Pat Xl the intended uses ofthe organization's endowment funds Part VI TLand, Buildings, and Equipment. See Form 990, Part X, ine 10. Deseraion of property cos oe eas) Conta oter | —@ Reumes | eum vate Ta Land Tt - beulaings C TE € Leasehold improvements dEqupment C 1,620, 604 Si, 606. © Other 7 Total, Add lines Ta through 1e (Column (d) must equal Form 990, Part X, column (B), line 10(c) ) hs 61, 606. Baa Schade B ar 986) 2018 Schedule D (Form 990) 2012_ Applied Scholastics International 23-7250829 Pace 3 [Part Vil [Investments — Other Securities. See Form 990, Part X, line 12. (@) Descnption of secur oF cateoory (©) Book value (@Nethod of valuation Cost or ‘ineloding name of Secuniy) lend of year markel value 1) Financial derwatwes Q) Closely-held equity interests @) Other A 2 O- OQ ea Gn (gl am ks i a) — [Part Vil [Investments = Program Related. Ses Form 990, Parl X, me 13 (e)Detcrpon arevestment Soe Teco aie ‘Waa civanatoy Coster waa yar mart oe o @ ® 7 © © O © 1) 0) Total. Column 0) must equ Farm 90, Part X column (B) ine 13) >| [Part x [Other Assets. See Form 990, Part X, line 15, (@) Description (B)Bock valve () Fine artwork and_antiques 136, 500. @ Collectible 10 volume fiction set 5,377. @ ® ® 6) O ®) ® 00) Total. (Column (6) must equal Form 990, Part X, column (B), ine 15) ia 141,677. (Partx Other Liabilities. See Form 990, Part X, line 25. (@) Description of abil (b) Book value () Federal income taxes ® @) ® ® O) ra) ®) ® oy ay ‘Total (Column (2) must equa Form $90, Part X,elum (8) ine 25 = 2. FIN 4 (ASC 10) Foote In Part XI, prove the text ofthe fount oe eganaton’s ancal salenaris Wat repose egonaaho's baby or rein x posto de FINA (SC 70) Choc href tet fe eat as been pod im at BAR TaN aT SereduE D Farm SB) 2018 Schedule D (Form 990) 2012_Applied Scholastics International 23-7250829 Page & [Par XI [Reconciliation of Revenue per Audited Financial Statements With Revenue per Return, Total revenve, gains, and other support per audited financial statements 4,208,267. 2. Ashounts incluéed on line 1 but not on Form 990, Part Vl, ine 12 8 Net unrealized gains on investments 2al b Donated services and use of facilities 20) 273,000 « Recoveries of prior year grants 2el dOtner (Descrbe in Part Xi!) zal Add ines 2a through 2d 2e! 273,000, 13 Subtract line 2e from ine 1 3 3,935,267. 44 Amounts included on Form 990, Part Vil, ine 12, but nat on tine 2 Investment expenses not included on Form 990, Part Vl line 7 4a Other (escrbe in Part Xl) ab) 16,387 © Add lines da and Ab 4c =16, 387. ‘5 Total revenue Add lines 3 and Ae. (This must equal Form 990, Part le 12) 3 3,918, 680. [Part xil [Reconciliation of Expenses per Audited Financial Statements With Expenses per Return: Total expenses and losses per audited nancial statements 1 4,265,749 2. Amounts included on line 1 but not on Form 990, Part IX, ine 25 rq ' Donated services and use of facies 2a 273, 000.| Prior year adjustments 26] € Other losses 2c] Other (Deserbe in Patt XI) 2al ‘© Add ines 2a through 2d — I 273,000. 3. Subtract line 2e trom ine 1 3 3,992,749. 44 Amounts included on Form 990, Part IX, ine 25, but pot on ine 1: 2 Investment expenses not included on Form 990, Pat Vil, ine 7b | aa Other (Desenbe in Part Xl!) a6] =16, 387,| € Aad ines 4a and 4 4c| =16, 387 5. Total expenses Add ines 3 and Ae. (This must equal Form 990, Part (ine 18) 3 3,376, 362. (Part Xi] Supplemental Information Compete ths part to provige the descriptions requrred for Part I, ines 3,5, and 9, Patil, ines 1a and i Part WV, hnes 1b and 2, Part V, ling & Part, hme 2: Part Xi lines 26 and 4; anc Part Xi, lines 2d ang @& Also complete ths part to provide any additional information| Pt _XI Line 4b ___Cost_of goods_sold. Total other (26,387) BAR ‘Schedule D orm 980) 2012 Schedule D Form 990) 2012_Applied ‘Scholastics International 23-7250829 Pages Part Xil_ [Supplemental Information (continued) BAK TES OTE ‘Schedule D (Farm 580) 2012 ena Statement of Activities Outside the United States t—“s012 : Compete it the exganizton answered. Ye! to Form 99, Pat, ne 1b, 8, or 16 spay team Rfaah to Fon 90. > See separate atactons. | —Spen to Pablie— Daze te epecton one iapopraeconior Applied Scholastics International 23-7250829 Parti_]General Information on Activities Outside the United States. Complete i the organization answered Yes" to Form 990, Part IV, line 14b 1 For grantmakers. Does the organization maintain ecards to substantete the omount af ts rans and oer asastonce, ‘he grantees’ eu for the grnts or assistance, andthe slecbon ener Used o award the grants or susstance?” fx]¥es []No 2. For grantmakers. Describe in Part V the organization's procedures for monitoring the use of ils grants and other assistance autsce the United States 3_Actwites per Region (The following Part |, hne 3 table can be duplicated i adéitonal space is needed ) Region (Number of | Ce) Number of | Actes conducted in [fey actwiy sted im | (0 Total os ‘ices ithe | “employees, | “region oy type) (eg "e%'3 progem” | expsratures tor ‘eon agents, and | ‘findrassing, rogram’ | Seruce,Gesenbe | and investments iRleperdont | sornces, mvesiments, spect type oF wn'regon convactors in | “Grante'o vecpents” | sence) region regen ieated nthe Fegor) () Sub-Saharan Africa rogram services [asst to educ grps 12,976. @ Russia program services asst to educ grps 29,897. @ Europe rogram services [asst to educ grps 149,498. @ Bast Asia and Pacific rogram services [asst to educ grps 15,763. (North America rogram services [asst to educ gps 13,786. © @ © © = ao a a _ | 02 Le aa — ae “3 be 0) 7 on 3a Sub.wlal - » Total from continuation sheets to Part! Total a ines 322d 38) 22, Se {BAA For Paperwork Reduction Act Nolice, ee the Instructions Tor Form 890, ‘Schedule F Farm 956) 2012 Ze (066 wo.) 4 anpeurs wa TAUREIS ie JO HAITIAN 7 soyoy fou noo 40 sae 6 0 ypusrsuaseg | setunouy(e) | yosetueney | sSturouiy(@) woiey unyezvetio o owente) Papaau Si adeds jeuonippe y1 payeaydnp aq ued || eq “000'S$ LEU Siow panlada) oUM UA! “wio4 0) $94, payamsue uoneZive6,0 94) yun aun NUT 40 suoeziuet Tabeg ees0seL-ee TeUOT}eUTeqUT SOTISETOUOS POTTTGY —zi02 WEE we 4 aMPADS 2102 (66 wH0.) 4 omp—KS ww @ @ ww @ w oo © wo o wawesinasip soueysisse yseo-uou | sougjssse yse> "se wes yseo 7 uoidu2saq (@) | -voujownowy () | jo avs (@) | yo iunowy(p) papaeu si aoeds jeuonippe pi payeaiidnp eq ued || Wed “91 Sul Al Wed “066 wuo.J 0} ,Sa4, palaMsUe UONEzIUEBVO aU J! ajaId\WOD “SAIBIS PAIIUN au EPISINO SlenpiNIpul 0} aUEISISSy JUNO pur SjueID [HT Ved| Fwey SewOSEL-EC TEUOTIEUTSIUT SOTISETOUS POT TAG zi0z se wma amRIDS 01604 (@) ‘uppsisse 20 14816 40 Ce) ‘Schedule F (Form 990) 2012_Applied Scholastics International Part IV [Foreign Forms 1 ‘Was the organzation 2 US transferor of property to foreign corporation during the tax year? If Yes,” the ‘organization may be required to file Form 926, Return by a US Transferor of Property to'9 Foreign Corporation (gee Instructions for Form 926) Dic the organization have an interest in a foreign tryst during the tax year? I-Yes, the organization may be ‘equred fo the Form 3220. Annual Retum To Report Transactions wrth Foreign Trists and Reco of Cavan Foreign Git andlor For 3530-A Arua informaton Return of Foreign Trust With 9 U'S Owner (coe Instructions fer Forms 9526 and 2520-8) Dic the organization have an ownership interest in a foreign corporalion curing the tax year? if Yes," the ‘organization may be required to file Form 471, information Return of US Persons Wits Respect To Certain Foreign Corporahons (see Instructions fer Forty 5471) ‘Was the organization a director indirect shareholder of a passive foraign investment company or a qualified electing fund cunng the tax year? If'Yes,” the organization may be required fo file Form B62, Information Return by a Shareholder of a Passive Foreign Investment Compary of Qualified Electing Fund (see Instructions for Form 8621) Dic the organization have an ownership interest in a foreign partnership during the tax year? if Yes," the ‘organization may be required to file Form 8865, Return of US. Persons With Respect To Certam Foreign Pannershyps (see Instructions for Fort 865) Di the organization have any operations in or related to any boycotting counties during the tax year? Ives, the organization may be requred fo hie Farm 5713, Inernatonal Boycott Report (see Instructions for Fim 371 ” a 23-7250829 Page 4 ‘Schedule F (orm 950) 2012 Schedule F Gorm 990) 2012_Applied Scholastics International 23-7250829 Pages [Part V__]Supplemental Information Complete this part to provide the information required by Part I, ine 2 (monitoring of funds): Part |, line 3, column ¢) (acéounting method; amounts of investments vs expenditures per region); Part i, line (accounting method); Part III (accounting methoc nd Part Ill, column (c) (estimated number of recipients), 38 applicable. Also complete this part to provide ary additional information (see instructions) Pt 1 Line_3 Col (£)These expenditures are for providing assistance in the form of training, plied BAK Tea ane ‘Schedule F Form 950) 202 (2102) (066 wos) 1 ampeuas 2108 _soreast ‘066 uo 0} suononsuy au) 295 '2an0N yoy UoHIAPeY YHoModed 104 YE 0 zi SIRE | BUH OU PAIST SUOTEAUEETS LO FO ALA IT NSE ieee 2198 | ou au patsy suonezuebio wounsanos pue (EX9)1OS VOIDS Jo JeqUIMA eC} RZ aaancacenmmenan wo Tf) Sees eS co wo | wertttt cena ae w conan w FroaansT.w5H WR ro IOS SEELTSF=S8] B70 WO SSTOBUY SOT TT RTE POOR TTON SEES ~~ Teworreuren eT wa “eae 08 wee wraw a3 @ "papaou si soeds jeu 01,594, palamsue uoneziut ov] PPE 4! par 10 au dnp 2q ued 11 Hea “000'S$ UEU) a:0m paniadas yey) JuAIdIDAL Aue 104 12 @ul| “A) Hed “066 WHOS jSWOD “SAIS PAIUN atN UI suOHEZIUEEID pUE SJUOWOAOD 0} aDLEISISSY 40NNO pu SUED THE] ue “souesisse 40 Sue 24 205 ee0seL-ea ogana vesynp kos | “966 uo or yoeny "2240 Lz BU ‘AI Wed ‘066 UES OF 504, paLOMEUE UoHeDIUeBL0 OW o9,EWOD SaqeiS PaHUN ayp UI sjenp| uy] pue ‘syuaLUUZancS) ‘SuOHEZIUEDI 0} SURISISSY 1ay}O Pue syed 1 aneaHas (2102) (066 w0) 1 2IMPou>5, wa WORT BEIM AES SF STU COV EOTOY AUEAOTSL THO “PUR BCE ATR ~~~ zw rar wosncensncany PRIS POTSE OTITIS TERUOUT TBST BUT ONTSEY *STTNSEY Jo -ITOUNT Uy” pues SwBTUED-- ~~~ —Z SUT TP 4E — “RI EROUTME TEAOISEE TUG “SOY SUA” DST TEROIAISTS ZO “TORS ITE “SUBSET STWR ~~ ETT TT a "ROTI PVBIS BAF JO“ITMMOS VATMOSRE BUT OF POTTVUGKS DIF BITED TP STEM "ZT IT WOT EWOFT TEUOTTDDE Jatyo Aue pue “() uinjoa "iI Wed ‘2 aui "| Yeg Ui pasinbal UONeWHOJUI auy apIRo.d OF Wed SiMp ayaidwoD ‘uoReUUO;UI JeUEWOIddNS | AI Yea wo | teaamin | cmmmram | ttre papaau s| aveds jeuonippe payearidno 6q ued TI Wea ZZ Aull ‘Ni Ved ‘066 UO 0} S94, Pa!oMSUE UONEZIUCELO aUN J BIeIdWCD “SAIEIS PAYUN a4) U! SleNPIAIpUY O} BoUEYSISSY 49INO pue SWueI5 | THEA] zed 6ZB057L-EC 5 : ‘TeUOTaeUTOIUT SOTASETOUDS BOTTA — (202 (ee wea) arBaS pa Transactions With Interested Persons a Eee) Compat i he organization answered 2012 "Yes' on Form 886, Part IV line $a, 2b, 2, 27, 28s, 28b, 28, : ‘or Form 990-82, Par vine 38 or 408 | Open to Paste Sager te eaney + attach ta Form 950 or Form SSU-E2. = See separate instructions "inspection Applied Scholastics International 23-7250829 (Part _JExcess Benefit Transactions (section 501 (@)(3) ang section SOL\( organizations only) Gomplet i the organtaton sreweres Yes" on Form a0, Part Ve 2 or 230, or Pom 80-62, Part Ne 408 Tne ead ao Oana a ‘acer seamen [aco o @ o @ © ©. 2 Ener the amount of tax ncured by the organization managers oF squaliied persons during the year under Secon 2588 bite : aie 23. Enter the amount of tax any, on ine 2, above, reimbursed by the organization s [Part _|Loans to andlor From interested Persons, Complete the organization answered Yes’ on Form $90-£2, Page V, ime 38a or Form $60, Part IV, ne 26; o the argarizavon teperted an amount on Form 880, Pat X, line , 6, or 2 Ginane Tr oe Topreaene | pear | Lane me ee GD . Graig burton omer orccer| coon eovances x 7615. ea] [x [x x @ ® @ o © @, 7 —| co} o - a0, Tovar i ea Partl_| Grants or Assistance Benefiting Interested Persons. Complete f the organization answered "es" on Form S80, Partin 27 (a) Name of interesteg person. | @yReistorshuo between interested person (© Amount of assistance (Type of Assatance | (ey Purpose of assistance ‘BAA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the Instructions for Form 990 or 990-22, ‘Schedule L (Form 990 or S90ED Baie Schedule L Form 990 or 990-£2) 2012_Applied Scholastics International 23-7250829 Page 2 [Part IV_]Business Transactions Involving Interested Persons. Coriplte ifthe organization answered "Yes" on Form 990, Part IV line 28, 28b, or 28. (@)None sinersee pan “eaionne teen Cron ‘Waar aaron ‘Soanaster is|s/3\3/8/3/9/8|2 Pi & 'V] Supplemental information Complete this part to prowde additonal information fr responses to questions on Schedule L (see instructions). ‘Scheie L an 960 oF OED) D012 ‘SCHEDULE O i . ovens 16087 een oul oe Supplemental Information to Form 990 or 990-EZ om En DU or SOUL or provide ony aaéhcrel ifornStns ct of T0889 Open to Public: Deere ttsceee™ * Attach to Form 990 or 990-EZ. inspection rs ob naaton Egle Tao a national l23-7250829 Decis: regarding electing ic g by the full Board with the. ey employees of APS. level of the CEO! _were determined to_be ited {BAA For Paperwork Recon At Noe see the lnruchor fer Form $50 orBD-E2 —_—_—TEEOY 122 Schedule © Form 590 or SBVED 2O1E Fomnstta oe 12019 Page 2 Tt you are fins for an Adalonel (Not Automatio) &-Manth Extension, complete oly Par W and check Bis Bor -o Note. Only complete Par It you have already bean grantad an automate 3-month enansion on a previously fled For 8858 + ityou'are hing fran Automatic & Month Extension, complate only Part (on page 1) ‘Addiional (Not Automatic) 3-Month Extension of Time. Oniy fle thé original (ne Copies nescec)— Entarflers ently number, soe RSPAS CN Eloy Gorfcaton none: ORD print” Applied Scholastics International _ __23-7250829 rrooyine | Nitber, sree, and room oF sui no. Ia .0, BOX sea FGETS, Saar S$ duedaietee 111755 Riverview Drive raveer, [iy tow or post oe, wat, aid ET SSI, OS FSR SITS a RST wawvevors, St. Louis, MO 63138 Enter the Retum code for the return that this application is fr lea separate application for each return) ‘Application le For “Fon 950 or Form $8082 Form 890-6. Form 4720 Gnchidual Form 860-PF_ ‘Form 990-T (see. 40i(6) or 40B(e) rash) Form 990-T frust other than above) ‘STOP! Do not completo Part lf you were not already granted an automatic 9-month extension on a previously fied Form 8868, o"The books ae in he care of Cathy Vinav. br) Return Code: 05, 09, 10, 1 2 TTelophone No. a aad Aan. * ifthe organization does not have an office or piace of business in the United States, check thisbox. oO + If this is tora Group Retum, enter the organization's tour digt Group Exemption Number (GEN) lethis i for te whole group, check this box... > [].IIt\s tor part of the group, check ths box ">. Eland attach a list wth the names and EINs ofall momibers the extension Is for. 4 request an adcttonal 8-month dxtension of tie until _November 15 ..»20_43, 8 Forclendar year_12 or other tax year beginning 20_ and ending ce © ithe tax year entered in ine is for loss than 12 months, check reason: Clinkialretum Cl Finalretum Cichange m accounting period 7 State in detat wry you need the extension Tp corpnlate certified audit and all review of financials. ‘Ga Wiis application Ts Tor Form S80-BL, 8G0-PF, 50-7, 4720, oF GOED, ontar tha tnkative ax, leas any ‘onrefundable credits. See instructions. 2a |S. » Tf this application is for Form 980-PF, 986-7, 4726, oF 6069, ontor any refundable credis and estimated tax payments meds. Include any prlor year overpayment allowed as a credit and sry ‘amount paid previously with Form 8868, e |s ‘© Balance dus. Svbirac ine 8b from line Ba Inelode your payment wi this Torn, I roqured, by wang EFTPS (Gioctrome Federal Tax Payment System). Soe structions. ae |s Signature and Verification must be completed for Part tf only. rts ntl he sar ey jnclucing accompanying schedules and statements, and to the best of my ee ig rata agora propa fom Soren we Li Ts? President oon Torn BBB 9.12055

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