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16 208 DEC ¢ Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax [|—~“pnaa rom 990 Under ssctonebieh Se aonalaltanematemuecedioomccanea | 2012 a Benefit trust or private foundation) |-opents Fusie— Sterammaasante”” |p me organisation may have to use a copy of this retum io salty state reporting requremants Tnoyecton ‘A For the 2012 oalendar year, or tax year beginning ‘and ending 8 creag JE Name of oganzaton D Employer identification number Sette |" ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & (Cust |_EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL (ts. [Tong susinass as 95-4188814 Jai, [Number and street (or .0, box mas nol Severed fo seo adress) Foonisute [E Telephone number | 7065 HOLLYWOOD BLVD. (323)960-3530 ‘Gay, town, or post ote, state, and ZIP code @ coneaeet 3,767,910. LOS ANGELES, CA 90028 ia sth group return F Name and address of pnncipal officer JOAN TOFIL for atthates? (ves [Ino SAME AS C ABOVE 4) Aral atiates mottos? Ives L_]No 1 Taxexemot status LX] soveys)_L_ soi (rae) Jase er LTe2r]—1°No" attach ast (200 nstuctons) J Website: > WHW. ABLE. ORG. He) Group exemption number De Form of ganzaton. [| Coporaton [XJ Tost [—[Asoeaion [—] omer Ti Year of formation: 1.98.9] m State of ga domes: CA [Parti Summary _ ‘| 1 Brolly descrbe the organcaton's mssion ormst sgniteantactwies TO RID THE WORLD OF DRUG ABUSE, | cRIME, ILLITERACY & IMMORALITY. = E| 2 creck ims box De [_]utthe oganzation dscontnved ts operations or disposed of more than 25% of nt ansste 2 | 3 Number of votng member ofthe governing body (Part VL. ine 1a} lal 3 8} 4 Number ot nsependent voting members ofthe governng body (Par Vine 16) [al 2 %| 5 Total numberof inaweiuals employed n calendar year 2012 (Par V, ine 2a) [sl 32 | 6 Total umber of volnters (estate f necessary) [el 0 | 70 Total unrutes busnessreverve trom Part Vl column (0), tne 12 ira 0 = | b not united business taxable income from Form 990, ine 34 ___|n Oe Prior Year Gurrent Year g| ® Contnbutons and grants Part Vi tne 1h) 1,069, 417.1 435,422 2 | © Program sence revenue (Part Vl ke 29) 2,578,432.| 2,703,169. 2) 10 Investmentincome (Par Vil, column (A, nes 3 4, and 7 225,280. 156,345. 141 Other revenue (Part Vil, column (A), tnes 5, 6d, Bc, 9c, 10c, and 116) 351,46" 327,791. 42 Total reverus add bnes 8 through 11 (must equal art Vil column (A), ne 12 4, 224,596.| 3,622,727. “3 Grants and similar aroun pad (Parti, column (A) nes 13) 86,108. 210,921. 14. Benetts pac too ormombors Pant X, column tae} 0. 0. | 15 Salaes, ter compensatifn, a 1%, coi nn (nes 5-10) 340,130. 410,539. js ecamureaact camo ES : z Bb Total tundrasing expenses (Rah ix, columa 0), in, 25) 38,411. = 8 a reverses bane vane Het TAT GE | 2g TE 418. Total expenses Add nes 1p (must equal Pat X no 25) 2 140.| 2,836,136. 19 Rovenve less expenses SubtrabrinirT@nap Me 14 [ 1,326,456. 786,591. =e Lwe — Begining of utent eur | Ent $8) 20. Total assets Part X, tne 16) 14,711,161." 13,727,150. 32) 21 Totaliabines (Pan, ine 26) 1,890,030.) 116,635. 22] 22 Not assets orfund balances Subtract ine 21 from ine 20 12,821,131.) 13,610,515. [Parti [Signature Block Under penaies of peru, | dedae thal Ihave eamned is relun, nduding accompanyng schedule and statarent, and to te best my knowedgeand bole, ts ; ieee eee) 2 oe Here JOAN TOFIL, TREASURER Type or prt name and ie Print/Type preparer's name Heparey ye Tate m= ESR CS cra als Prepare [Fonsrame_y. NSBN_LLP Use Only [Femsaddessy 9454 WILSHIRE BLVD., 4TH PLOOR oa CJ] Pre ferme BO0535334 Fan's 95-2399533 BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90212-2907 Prone no. (310)273-2501 May the IRS discuss ths return with the preparer shown above? (s9e structions) [xl ves [Jno ‘23201 1210-2 LHA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the separate instructions. Form 980 (2012) | ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & Form 990 (01 EDUCATION_INTERNATIONAL 95-4188814 Pag Ta lL Check, Schedule O contains a response to any question inthis Par we 7 Brafly deserbe the organization's mission TQ _RID THE WORLD OF DRUG ABUSE, CRIME, ILLITERACY & IMMORALITY. 2 Did the organcaton undertake any agniicant program services dunng the year which were not sted On| ‘the prior Form 990 or 990.627 ves Eno it¥es,* desenbe these new services on Schedule O '9_Dxd the organzation cease conducting, or make significant changes in how #t conducts, any program services? Coves [XINo i1°Yes," desenbe these changes on Schedule O 4 Descnbe the erganzation’s program service accomplishments foreach of ts threo largest program services, as measured by expenses ‘Secton 501(¢}3) and 501(c(4) erganzations are roqured to report the amount of grants and alocatons to others, the total expenses, and revenue, any foreach program sernce reported e (caee ermaen 411,245. ccverggmnas T0001 hooves ) DISTRIBUTION OF THE WAY TO HAPPINESS BOOKLET : ABLE INTERNATIONAL ASSISTED THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL TO DISTRIBUTE THE COMMON SENSE GUIDE TO BETTER LIVING “THE WAY TO HAPPINESS", TO MORE THAN 5.8 MILLION PEOPLE. INTERNATIONALLY, INCLUDING DISTRIBUTION OF 250,000 BOOKLETS IN GREECE TO_REDUCE VIOLENT RIOTS IN THAT AREA. 300,000 BOOKLETS WERE DISTRIBUTED DOOR TO DOOR TO HOUSEHOLDS IN SEVERAL DISTRICTS OF QUITO ECUADOR, BY THE NATIONAL POLICE AS PART OF THEIR COMMUNITY PROGRAM. MORE THAN 90,000 BOOKLETS WERE DISTRIBUTED IN PARIS, FRANCE. THE ABOVE BROUGHT THE CUMULATIVE DISTRIBUTION OF THE BOOKLETS TO OVER 100 MILLION COPIES INTERNATIONALLY. 4B (com Venn 992,227. rosirggnues 149, 430. ) from 2,705,087.) ASSISTANCE TO SOCIAL BETTERMENT CORPORATIONS E INTERNATIONAL CARRIES OUT ITS MISSION TO REVERSE THE SOCIAL DECAY ‘THAT THREATENS OUR SOCIETIES BY ASSISTING 4 MAIN CHARITABLE. ORGANIZATIONS: NARCONON - DRUG REHABILITATION, APPLIED SCHOLASTICS EDUCATION, CRIMINON - CRIMINAL REHABILITATION AND THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL. IT ASSISTS THEM BY HELPING THEM DEVELOP NEW PROGRAMS AND EXPAND EXISTING PROGRAMS THROUGH PROMOTION, FUNDRAISING AND MATERIALS. THERE WERE MORE THAN 500 NEW SOCIAL BETTERMENT GROUPS AND ACTIVITIES FORMED IN 2012 BRINGING THE TOTAL NUMBER OF COUNTRIES TO OVER 60 4 (Gown — )cenanas 437,246. MATERIALS COMPILATION AND PUBLICATIONS ABLE PUBLISHED BOOKS AND OTHER MATERIALS FOR BROAD DISTRIBUTION AND FOR USE BY ITS AFFILIATED SOCIAL BETTERMENT ORGANIZATIONS. THIS INCLUDED THE COMPILATION AND PUBLISHING OF 6 NEW LIFE SKILLS COURSES FOR USE BY STUDENTS AND PARENTS IN NARCONON CENTERS: "CREATING A LOVING RELATIONSHIP, IMPROVING LIFE BY UNDERSTANDING EMOTION, HOW TO SUCCESSFUL MANAGE YOUR MONEY, COMPONENTS OF UNDERSTANDING, MAKING DECISIONS IN LIFE AND SOLUTIONS TO ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS"; AN ABLE PUBLIC RELATIONS CONFERENCE PACK AS WELL AS A CRIMINON FUNDRAISING COURSE. ABLE ALSO ASSISTED APPLIED SCHOLASTICS INTERNATIONAL IN PUBLISHING LEARNING HOW TO LEARN TEEN BOOKS IN SPANISH AND FRENCH AND 3-BARRIERS TO STUDY BOOKLET IN TAIWANESE. “4d Other program servces (Dascnbe in Schedule ©) 60,491. ) (rmees 313,561.) (cera 607,225. ecveraguisets (amore 1 “deTotal prosram service expenses 2,447,943. Form 990 2072}, he SEE SCHEDULE 0 FOR CONTINUATION(S) ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & For 990 (2012) EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL 8814p: (Part IV [Checklist of Required Schedules 7 Yes] Ne 1s the organczation deserved in section 501(6K) or 4947(a() (other than a prvate foundation)? 11 *¥es:* complete Schedule A ax 2s the organzaton requred to complete Schedule B, Schedule of Contnbutor? 21x 201d the axganizavon engage in direct or ndxact pote campaign actives on behalf of orn oppostion to candidates for pubic office? If "Yes," complete Schedule C, Part 1 a x 4 Section 501(0K,8) organizations. Os the organization engage lobbying actwites, or have a section SO1(h) election nofoct clung the tax year? I "Yes," compete Schedule C, Part I! 4 x '5 Is the organization a section 601(c)4), 501(¢XS), or 501(c)(6) organcation that recetves membership dues, assessments, oF ‘similar amounts as defined in Revenue Procedure 98:19? If "es," complete Schedule C, Part I! 5 x 6 Oxi the organzation maintain any donor advised funds or any similar funds or accounts for which donars have the eght 0 provide advice on the datnbution or mvestment of amounts in sue funds or accounts? if "Yes," complete Schedule D, Part! | 6. x Did the organation receve or hold a conservation easement, including easements to preserve open space, the environment, histone land areas, or histone structures” if "Yes," complete Schedule D, Part i! z x {2 Did the organzation maintain collections of works of art, hstoncal treasures, or other srmlar assets? if "Yes," complote ‘Schedule D, Part lt 8 x 8 Did the organzation report an amount Part X, ine 21 for escrow or custodial account abil; sorve as a custodian for amounts not sted m Part X; or provide credit counseling, debt management, clei repar, or debt negotiation seraces? I "¥es," complete Schedule D, Part iv ° x 40 Did the organation, drecty or through a related organization, hold assets n tomporanly restncted endowments, permanent ‘endowments, or quasrendowments? i “Yes," complete Schedule D, Part ¥ 10 x 14 Ifthe organcation’s answer to any ofthe following questions is “Yes,” then complete Schedule D, Parts VI, VI, Vl, IK, orX asapplcable ‘Did the organization report an amount for land, buldngs, and equipment Part X, ine 10? if "Yes," complete Schedule D, Part vi sta] X bb Did tne organization report an amount for investments other secunties a Part X, ine 12 that 1 5% or more of ts total assets reported in Part X. ne 182 f Yes," complete Schedule D, Pat iI 1 x «Did the organization report an amount for vestments - program rlated in Part X,hne 13 thats 5% or more of total assets reported in Part X ine 167 If "es," complete Schedule O, Part Vil ae] | x {Did the organization eport an amount for ether assets in Part X ne 15 that 96 or more of ts total assets reported in Par X, ine 167 "Yes," complote Schedule O, Part IX 41 x ‘@ Dd the organization port an amount for otharkabities m Part X, ine 25? I "Yes," complete Schedule D, Part X fate) x {1 Od the organization's separate or consolidated financial statements forthe tax year include a footnote that addresses the organzation’slabity for uncertan tax postions under FIN 48 (ASC 740)? If Yes,” camplete Schedule D, Part x am | x +28. 01d the organzation obtan separate, ndependent audited franca statements forthe tax year? If Yes,” complete ‘Schedule D, Parts XI and X01 saa| X bb Was the organization chided n consokdated, dependent austed franca statements forthe tax yoar? I1*¥es," and Wf the organzaton answered "No" to ine 122, then completing Schedule O, Parts XI and XI!1s optional 12 x 18 Is the organization a school desenbed in section 170(0K1}AI()? If "Yes," complete Schedule E 13 x “4a Oid the organzation mantain an office, employees. or agents outside ofthe Unted States? saa | X 'b_Did the organization have aggregate revenues or exoenses of more than $10,000 fm grantmaking, fundraising, business, Investment, and program service actvtes outside the United States, or aggregate foregn investments value at $100,000 for more? if “Yes,” complete Schedule F, Parts | and IV sao | X 15 Dad the organzation report on Part DX, column (A ine 3, more than $5,000 of grant or assistance to any organization cor entity located outaide the United States? if "Yes," compete Schedule F, Parts Wand IV ss |x 46 Dd the organzation report on Part x, column (A) ine 3, more than $5,000 of aggregate grants or assistance to indonduals located outside the Unted States? if Yes," complete Schedule F, Parts Il and IV 16 x 17 Dad the organization report a total of more than $15,000 of expenses for professional fundrassng services on Part X Ccolumna (A), ines 6 and 1187 If "Yes," complete Schedule G, Par! ” x 48 04 the organwation report more than $15,000 total of fundrassng event gross come and contributions on Part Vl, ines te and 6a? If*Yes," complete Schedule G, Part I! |x 401d the oxgarwzavan report more than $15,000 of gross income from garnng actwites on Part Vl, ne 93? If Yes,” ‘complata Schedule G, Par I 0 x 202 Did the organization operate one or more hospital facies? “Yes,” complete Schedule H 20a x bb If Yes" toline 20a, cc the organzaton attach a copy of ts audited tnancal statements to tis return? 200 Form 990 (2012) ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & 4 Form 990 (2012) EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL 95-4188814 page 4 [Part IV Checklist of Required Schedules contnvec) : Yes [No 21 Od he orginzaton report more than $5.000 of grants and other assistance to any government or organaton a he Unted States on Pat kot (A hn 171 “Ye, complete Seneca ani alx 220 the organaaton renort mere than $5,000 of grants and other assistance to ncvals nthe Unted States on Pat column (A) ne 2711 "Ys, complete Schedule | Parts andi w| |x 23 Dd te organzaton answer "Yes" t0 Pa VI Sacton A, kne3, 4, 8 about compensation of the organization’ cuet and tomer aces, decors, rustes, kay amployees, nd hghest compensated employees? if ¥6," complete Schedule J al |x 24a. the organzaton have a tax exempt bond ssve wih an oustanding petal amount of more than $100,000 a8 of he last cay ofthe yoar, hat was e2ve@ after December 21, 20027 "Yes," answerines 240 trough 24 and complete ‘Schedule Kf No", go 0 ine 25 zal | x » Did the ganization vest any proceeds ofaxexempt bonds beyond a temporary parad exception? 2b «Did he ogaraton mamta an escrow account other than a refunding escrow at any te dung the yoartocetease any taxexerpt bonds? 240 4 id tne organization act as an“on tena of ver or bonds outstanding st any ene dunn the yer? ie 260 Section 60 {e¥9} ond 601(cK4) organizations. Ox the organzation engage man excess bene transaction wh & disqualted person dueng the yer? "Yes, complete Schedule , Part zo| | x b Isto organzation aware that engaged nan excoxe bone ransacton with a squad persona pnor year, and thatthe transaction has not ben reported on any ofthe organization's pror Farms 950 or 99027 Wf "Ya," complete Soneduie Pat zoo| | x 25 Was aloan to orby a crent r former acer, rector, tte. kay employee, hahest compensates employee, ordsauatiog] | person oustanding ofthe ond ofthe organaaton' ax year? If Yes," complete Scheie, Pat | |x 27 Dud the oranzation pronde a grantor ther assistance to an attce, rector, tte, Key employe, substantal contnbutoror employee thereot grant selection commits member, ort 835% contobe ett ofa member of any of these persons? I-Yes, compete Schedue L Part I! a|_ |x 23 Was tho organzaton a party to a busnesstraneacton wrth one ofthe flown partes (ee Sched. Par snstrections for appcaba tig tveshols, conditions, ane exceptons) 4 Acurent or tomer otter, dvectr, triste, orkeyempiaye6? Yes” complete Schedule L Part V ze | x & Afamiy meme of curentor fone fcr, director, trusts, orkey employes? i"Yes, complete Scheauie Party [zae| LX «An entty of which a cent or fomar otter, deter, tusto, or Kay ompoye ofan mame hago was an ofc, or beet or meet owner? If Yas," complete Schedule, Part iY zec| | x 29 Du the organcaton recewe more tha $25,000%n nneash contnbutons? "Yes," complete Schedule M as | [x 30. Di the eranaaton receve connote of an, natncel Yeasures, or other sma assets, or ualiied conservation contrbutons "Yes," competeSonedue Mt wo| |x 31a the organcaton iqudat,temnae, or ssoNe and cease operations? 10 "Yes- compete Scheie N, Pat a| |x 32 Da the organation sl exchange, dispose for anser more than 25% of tenet assets? "Yes" compte ‘Senecl N Prt w| |x 33D the organaston own 100% of an enty dsregadad a separate fom te egsraton under Regulations sections 201 7701-2 and 201 770137 I Yes, complete Seneaue R, Part o| |x {4 Was the organzation relate to any tax-exempt or table entity? -Yes,"complate Schedule R Par I, oF and Part Vine 1 loo [x {360 id te organaston have a controled ety within he meaning of secton 512104157 aso] 1X. ® If*¥es" tone 35a, did the oganzaton recive any payment rom or engage m ary traneacton with a controled ety sth the maanng of secon 5120117 "Ye," complte Schedule, PatV, ne 2 38 36. Section $01(¢(@) organization, Ded the ocganzation make any ransfertoan exempt nonchartab'e read organization? it-¥es, complete Schedule R Part V, ne 2 36 51 Od he ogenzaton conduct more than 5% of acts rough an ently that not a lated organization and thats treated as a partners for federal come tax purposes? If Yes," complete Schedule Part w| |x 38 Did the opanaaton complete Schedia O and prove exslanatonsin Schedule OforPart Vi. ines 11band 18? Note, All Form 99 ters ave requred to complete Scnedue O mlx Form 990 2013) ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & Form 990 (2012) EDI \TION INTERNA‘ 5-4188814 [Part V] Statements Regarding Other IRS Filings and Tax Compliance Check Schedule O conta a response to any question nthe Pat V a Yes] No ‘Ja Enter the number reported in Box 3 of Form 1096 Enter 0- if not apphcable ta 24) 'b Enter the number of Forms W:2G included in line 1a Enter 0: f not applicable tb | Did the orgnzation comply wth backup wiholéng rules fr reportable payments to vendors and repenbie gaming {g2mbing) wnnngs to prze winners? se| x 2 Enter he number of employees reported on Form W, Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements, {tea forte calenda year ending wi or win the year covered by ts return 20 34 b tatleas one reported on ine 2a, did the organzatn le ll equed federal employment tax returns? » | x Note Ifthe sum of ines 1a and 2a is greater than 250, you may be require to e-fie (see structions) 3a. Did the organization have unrelated business gross income of $1,000 or more dunng the year? 'b Ife," has tied a Form 990° fo this year? If "No, provide an explanation n Schedule O ‘4a. Atany tne during the calendar year, cd the organization have an interest i, ora signature or other authonty over, & ‘inanciat account n a foreign country (euch as a bank account, secunties account, or other nancial account)? 4 | X 'b If-Yes," enter the name of the foregn country PP CANADA, DENMARK, UNITED KINGDOM ‘Seo instructions for fing requements for Form TOF 60:22 1, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts 2 Was the organization a paty to a prohibted tax shelter transaction at any time dung the tax year? bb Did any taxable party notify the organization that i was or isa party to a prohibited tax sheer transaction? © I1*¥es." to ine 5a oF 8, did the organization te Form 8886-7? 6a_Does the organzation have annual gross receipts that are normally greater than $100,000, and dh the ocganizaton sotet le fe ‘any contnbutions that were not tax deductible as chartable contributions? 6a x b IfYes, did the exganzation include with every soistation an express statement that such contnbutions or gts were not tax deductible? > 7. Organizations that may receive deductible contributions under section 170(¢). ‘9th organzaton ecewe @ payment in excess of $75 made pry as acontrbuton and part for goods and serwes provded tothe payor? | 7a x bb 1f-¥es," dd the exganization natty the donor ofthe valve of the goods or serices provided” 2 {© Dis the ergancation sel exchange, or otherwise depose of tangible personal property fr which was requred toe Foxm 6282 70 x d-f°Ye5," ncicate the number of Forms 8282 fled dang the year 7 | €@ Da the organization receive any funds, directly or indirectly, 1 pay premums on a personal benefit contract? te x Dd the organization, dung the year, pay premums, drectly or ndrecty, on a personal bene contract? m x @ "the organzation received a contnbution of qualified niellectual property di the organcation fle Form €899 as requred?” [7g {| fh ifthe organation received a contnbution of cars, boats, aplanes, or other vehicles, di the organization fie a Form 1098-07 | Th ‘8 Sponeorng ganizations maintaining donor advised funds and section S09(a(3) supporting organizations Di the supporing organza, or a donar advised fund mamained by @sponsorng ogancation, have excess busmess holdgs al any ime dunng ha yea? |B 9 Sponsoring organizations maintaining donor advised funds. 1 Di the organization make any taxable distnbutons under section 49667 20 'b Dis the organaation make a distribution toa doner, donor adwsor, oF related person? ‘b 10 Section 501(cK7) organizations. Enter: . ‘8 Intiaton fees and capital contabutions included on Pat Vil, ine 12, 108 Gross receipts, neluded on Form 980, Part Vi, ne 12, fr public use of club facies 4300 11 Section 601(c)12) organizations. Enter 18 Gross income trom members or shareholders »b Gross income trom other sources (Do not net amounts due or paid to other sources against amounts due or received trom them) 410 128. Section 4947(3)(1) non-exempt charitable truss. Is the organtzation hing Form 980 mn eu of Form 10417 120 'b IfYes. enter the amount of taxexempt intrest recewed or accrued during the year 120 48. Section 501(¢)29) qualified nonprott health insurance issuers. 2 Is the organcation licensed to issue qualified heath plans im more than one state? 198 Note, See the nstructions for adctonal information the organization must repart on Schedule O bb Enter the amount of reserves the organczaton is required to mamta by the states in which the organization ¢keensed to issue quate health plans 130 © Enter the amount of reserves on hand we. ‘4a. Od the organzation recewe any payments for ndoor tanning services dunng the tax year? 14a. x bb tes," nas fed a Form 720 to roport these payments? i! “No,*pronde an explanston 9 Schedule O “140 Fox 990 (2012) ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & : 4188814 _Page6 to ime 8a, 8, or 108 bolow, descnbe the crcumstances, processes, or changes m Schedule O. See instruchons. ‘Check 4 Schedule O contans a response to any question in ths Part Vi iby Section A. Governing Body and Management Yes| No 4 Enter the number of voting members of the governing body atthe end of the tax yoar 12 3 tere are materal dterences in vtng nights among members ofthe governing body, o he governing ‘body delegates broad auhonty oan exscutwe commie or similar comme, expan Schedule O. Enter the number of voting mombers included i ine 1a, above, who ar independent » a 2 Did any officer, crector, trustee, or kay employee have a famiy relationship ora business celatonehip with any other feet, director, nutes, or Key employee? 2 x 3. Did the organczation delegate control over management duties customarly performed by or under the direct supervision | of ofeers, directors, or trustees, or key employees to a management company or other person? 3 x. 4 Did the organation make any signiicant changes tots governing documents since the pror Form 990 was fied? 4 x 5 Did tne organtation become aware during the year ofa significant dwversion ofthe organzation's assets? 5 x {6 01d the organzaton have mombers or stockholders? eo {| [x 7a. 1d tho organcation have mombers, stockholders, or other persons who had the power to elect or appoint one or ‘more members ofthe governing body? za| x Are any governance decisions ofthe organization reserved to or subjeet to approval by) members, stockholders, or persons other than the governing body? m| x {8 Did the organeation contemporaneous document the meetings held or writen actons undertaken during te year by he otowng: ‘8 The governing body? sa | x 'b Each committee wrth authonty to act on behalf ofthe governing body? wo | Xx 9 Isthore any officer, dector, trustee, or key employee stad n Part Vil, Secton A, who cannot bo reached at tho ‘organzation's maling address? i! “Yes,” provide the names and adoresses m Schedule O. s x ‘Section B. Policies (7s Section & requests formation about polces not requred by the Intemal Revenue Code) Yes| No 308. Od the organzation have local chapters, branches, or affiiates? wal x. bb ites," did the organcaton have wntten poles and procedures governing the actwties of such chapter, afates, ‘and branches to enture thew operations are consistent withthe organization's exempt purposes? s00| x. ‘11a Has the organzaton provided a complete copy ofthis Form 990 to a members of ts governing body before fing the form? [ata] XK 'b_Deserbe in Schedule O the process, if any, used by the organization to rewew this Form 980. 42a Did the organzation have a wntten confic of mtrest policy? I"No,” go tone 13 sea] X 'b Wer athcers, decors, or trustees, and key employes requred to dscose annually interests that could gens to cones? [iz x | {© Dis the organzation regularly and consistently mantor and enforce complance with the policy? IfYes," desenbe in Schadule © how ths was done see| X 139 ._Dié the organization have a wntten whistleblower policy” 13 | X 14 Did the organzation have a wntten document retenton and destruction policy? 4X 418 Did the process for determining compensation ofthe folowing persons include a rovew and approval by mdependent persons, comparabity data, and contemporaneous substantiation ofthe deliberation and decision? 12 The organcation's CEO, Executwe Dractor, or top management ofical 30| X bb Other ofters or key employees ofthe organczaton ‘oo | X If*Yes" to ine 18a or 15b, describe the process n Schedule 0 (s0e structions) 116a__Did the organzaton nvestn, contnbute assets to, of partcpate n ajont venture or simar arrangement wih a taxable entty dunng the year? 160. x bb If *Yes,” did the organization folow a wntten potey or procedure requuing the organization to evaluate ts partcpaton In ont venture arangements under appicabie federal tax law, and take steps to safeguard the organzation's exempt status wih respect to such arrangements? 460 ‘Section C. Disclosure 17 Ls the states wih which a copy of thes Form 880 16 required 1 be fied PCA 48 Section 6104 requees an organzation to make ts Forms 1023 (or 1024 f applicable), 80, and 8807 (Section 501(e}}s ony) avaiable for publ nepection Indicate how you made these avalablo Check al that apply. Clown wooste — [_] Another's website LX] Upon request other (expan m Schedule 0) 19 Deccnbe m Schedule O whether (and #0, how), the organization made ts governing documents, confict of interest poey, and fnancial “statements avallable to the puble dunng the tax year. 20 State the name, physical address, and telephone number ofthe person who possesses the books and records of the organization Pe GWENDA BYRNE - 323 960-3530 1065 HOLLYWOOD BLVD., LOS ANGELES, CA 90028 a Form 990 (2072) 4 . ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & . Fo1m 990 201 EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL 95-4188814 Page7 Part Vil] Compensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, Highest Compensated Employees, and Independent Contractors Gneck Sched O contans a response to any question tis Part Vi irl Section A. ‘Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees ‘a Compleis this ale or al persons cequved te liste, Report compensation lor the calendar yer enging with or win the organgatonstaxyea. © Lst allot the organzation’s eurrentofcers, directors, trustees (whether indwiduals or organcations),regarcess of amount of compensation Enter O-in columns (0), (6), and (fine compensation was pad “st allo the organization's current key emplayees, any See netructions for definition of "key employe ‘© List the organization’ ve current gnest compensated employees (other tha an oftcer,drectr, use, or Ky employee) who recewed reportable compensation (Box 5 of Form W-2 andlor Box of Fm 1083-MiSC) of more han $100,00 Wm he crganeaion and any rated organatons List all ofthe o;ganization’s former officer, key employees, and highest compensated employees who raced more than $100,000 of reportable compensation irom the organation and any related organizations ‘ List all ofthe organization's former drectors or trustees that received, the capacity as a former director or trustee ofthe organization, ‘mare than $10,000 of reportable compensation trom the organzation and any related organzations. List porzons nthe folowing order ncaa trustees or rectors: mattustonlrstee,oficer, key employees, hghest compensated employees; and former such pereons. (creck this box: nether the organzation nor any related organdation compensated any current officer, director, of sto, a ® © © © # Name and T verge | cons Pot same | Reportable Repenae | Estmated ours por |S&"sicreereests | compensation | compensation | amount of reek | eietgstreres ‘rom trom rested ner (tary | the crganeatons | compensation nourstor | § cxganaaton | w2/t099MIS0) | fromthe rotted | ¥ wearoseniso) crgarzation Jevancavore| 2) 3) |x and related 2 i e ‘organizations i : er warms DIRECTOR « sNPLOvER _ x 4,002. 0. o. (2) asa78 aoRnoN 0.00 rausree 1x. 0 | o (3) PAUL NOLAN 40.00 ‘TRUSTEE & EMPLOYEE x 3,387.) 0. oO. (A) 8cORT WALDROFE 0.00 ‘TRUSTEE x oO. 0. 0 (5) TMA NOESKE DIRECTOR x On 0. oO. (6) Dow DRADER DIRKETOR x 0. 0, 0. (7) ENA WeTMRERG 40.00 ‘PRESIDENT x 1 3,420.) 0. 0 (8) RUBINA QURESHT 40.00 VICE PRESIDENT x On 0. oO. (9) WENDR BYRD 49.00 ‘SECRETARY x 4,050. 0. oO. (10) gonN FORK 40.00 TREASURER x 5,147.| Oo. oO. freer mre Form 990 2012) ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & 4 Form 9 1 EDUC! L 5-4188814 _ PagoB {Bart Vision otcare Dect Trane Ker Elon. ane ahentGanparatedEnaatoga tind - w @) © o © a Name and tie v0r990 | oe ee ony | Reportable Reportable | Estmated hours per |sSe"SiSreeteessss% | compensaton | compensation | amount of week | Shean Sataraces a eae aa stany |g the crgarizatons | compensation hours for exganzaton | qw2/t099MISC) | from he related | 3/8 w2noae iso) exganzation Proancavone| |] | and lates = Half rganzations “b Sub-total > 20,006. O. Oo. ‘© Total rom continuation sheets to Part Vil Section A > ~ 0.) 0. 0. Tota add tines tb and tc) > 20,006. o. Oe 2 Total numberof ndwvavale(nckiding but not ited to those ised above) who rcewed more than $100,000 of reportable compensation fom the organzation > 0 Yeu] No 30 the organzaton ist any former ocr, doctor or trustee, key employee, orhighest compensated employee on line 1a? if Yes," complete Schedule J for such mchdual a x 4 Forany mwa! sed on ne ta, 1 the sum o reportable compensation and other compensaton rom the organzation and related organzations greater than $150,000? "es," complete Schedule Jor such nl 4 x '5 Did any person ited on ine 1a recewve or accrue compensation from any unrelated oxgenzaton or mdvcual for serves ered to the organization? I “Yes,” complete Schedule J for such person Section 8. Independent Contactors 1 Complete ts abe for your ive highest compensated indapendent contractor thal recewed more than 100/000 of compensation rom {he organazation Report compensaton forthe calendar year ending with or within the organaton’s tax year a e © Name and busness acces NONE Deserpton of sernces Compensation 2 Total numberof mdependent contactor (aching BUt not inked o those listed above) who recowed more than $100,000 of compensation from the organization Pe 0 Form 990 2012) ‘Statement of Revenue check d Schedule O contans. roan | poaeg. | unites [Masia nal tocon | Steet |S a bers | REE «2 Federated campagne 2 b Memberenip dues apf 11,249, © Fundraising events te ‘ t ‘Remon Related organizations 16 Government grants (contnuvons) |e ‘other contnbutons its, grants, and smilaramounsnot weusesaboe = [wt | 424,173. “otal, Add ines 12:11 p| 435,422. Business Code PROGRAM SERVICE FEES | 900099 [2,703,169.2,703,169.| [Contributions Git, Grants [and Other yam Serwee om Pr ‘other program sornce revenue Total Ads ines 28.21 > ‘3 _Invostment ncome (neluding dividends, terest, and ‘other simar amounts) > 4 Income rom investment of taxexempt bond proceeds De 5 Royaes > 703,169. 156,345. 156,345. (Real | (Personal 1 Gross rents bb Less rental expences © Rental ncome o” (oss) d Not rental neome or (oss) Gross amount from sales of assets other than inventory Less cost or other basis and sales expenses © Gan or oss) Net gan or (oss) > {8 a Gross income from fundraising evens (not incluaing $ of contnoutons reported on ine Te) See Pan WV, hoe 18 41,100. bb Lese direct expanses 28,980. {© Net income oF (loss) from funcrasing events p| 12,120, 12,120. 9.8 Gross income from gaming actwties See Par W, ine 18 2 bb Less drect expanses » 7 {© Net income or (oss) from gaming actwites > 40 a Gross sales of pwentory, le returns ‘and allowances 429,764. 'b Lees cost of goods sold 116,203 -¢ Not income o” oss) trom sales of nventos pb | 313,561.| 313,561. Msscolaneous Revenue, [Busness Coce| REFERRAL FEES 900099 1,918.| 1,918. CURRENCY EXCHANGE GAIN | 900099 192.) 192. Other Revenue ‘Avother revenue Total. Add ines 119116 > 2,110.| T Lie total evenue See mstrucions, » 3,622,727.5,018, 648.1 0. 168,657. foes Foxm 990 (2012) ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & Faum 90 20 EDUCATION. INTERNATION au Part Ix] Statement of Functional Exponos, eee ———r—— Check if Schedule O contains a response to any ge wnthvs Part 1X ey a 7 CI err ts , Bee Sead orrarin 7 S| routines | Programe | amatrsans | futons ‘organizations in the United States, See Part IV, line 21. 167,091. 167,091.) the Unies Sates See Pen Wine 2 2 Gren ae a esetnca goer Uneed Stator Sen Pat hen 16 on 38 a 4 Barts pata tor members 8 Compeneaten of cure fens, Sector trustees, and key employees: 20,006.) 13,348.) 5,473. 1,185. pers ecru cin #58 Nand pao eens nsein E86K310) | 7 Other salanes and wages L 102,719. 81,880. 19,335. 1,504. — 8 Other employes benefits 277,097.| _213,515,| 57,400, 6,182. 10 Payrolltaxes 10,717. 8,220. 2,254. 243. 11 Fees for services (non-employees) Management Legal __38,756.| 31,343. 7,028. 385. » © Accounting 72,389. 7,188.) 65,201. 4 Leboying 1 9 Proessionalundrasing serwces. See Pat V, ine 17 Investment management fees Other Ine 119 amount exceeds 10% of tne 25, column (A) amount, ist ine 119 expenses on Sch 0.) 42. Adverisng and promotion 313, 390.| 310,934, 2,232. 224. 19° Offce expenses 286,393.| 230,329. 41,047, 15,017. 44 nformaton technology 18 Royattes 73,811, 73,811. 16 Occupancy 211,496.| 168,201. 40,034, 3,261. 47 Travel 151,020. 139,751. 10,604. 665. 18 Payments of travel or ontertamnment expenses for any federal, state or local publeoftcials 19 Conferences, conventions, and meetings 20 Intorost 21 Payments to atthates 78,672. 78,672. 22 Depreciation depletion, and amorizabon 94,850. 74,597. 18,826.| 1,427. 23° insurance 5,718. 4,376. 1,210. 132. ‘26 Other expenses. temze expenses not covered above. (List miscelaneous expenses m ine 2, Ine 2te amount exevese Tok o tna 25, column (A) amount ist ine 24e expenses on Schedule 01) a STAFF TRAINING 395,938.| 309,110. 78,642. 8,186. » EDUC BOOKLET DISTRIBUTI 367,406.| 367, 406. © DELIVERY EXPENSE. 124,341.[ 124,341. @ COURSE MATERIAL 496. 496. © Allother expenses Tota functional expenses. Addines 1though2ee | 2,836 ,136.| 2,447,943.| 349,782, 38,411. “ein ext Colts ion ite organaton ‘enor con (8) ant eats rom acombnes tgyatoralampagn and tnd soletaten cresnee> [J vniomnc torn 6s st 20 ian et For 890 Bora) ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & 990 20121 EDI 4188814 rage Part X | Balance Sheet (Check # Schedule Ocontans a response to any question m this Pan X CI @ ® Beginning of year End ot year + Cash noninterest beanng 5,845,232.| 3 | 7,113,830. 2 Savings and temporary cash nvestments 5,689,000.| 2| 3,613,000. 3 Pledges and grant recewable, net 3 4 Accounts recenable, net 424,161. « 282,062. 5 Loans and other recenabies tom curent and former offers, directors, trustees, key employees, and highest compensated employees. Comite Pan ilof Schedule. 5 16 Loans and other recewables from other disquaiied persons (as defined under section 4958(91), parsons deserbed n ston 4958(0\9)@), and contbuting employers and sponsorng organizations of section 501(6(6) voluntary a | ___ employees’ Deneticary organizations (ee st) Complete Part Mo Sch L. ‘ 7) Notas and loans reconablo, nat 5,510.[ 7 5,420. Bo tremors trouser 200,964. 6 273,165. 9 Propad expenses and defered charges 227,250.| 9 174,158. 10a. Land, buicings, and equipment cost or oer basis Complete Part VI of Schedule D soa| 4,646,593. Less accumulated depreciation sop] 2,381,078.| _2,319,044.|10e| 2,265,515. 11 Investments -pubiely traded sacurtios rn investments other secuntes See Part, ne 17 12 Investments - program related Soe Part, ne 11 13 Intangible assats 14 Omer assets See Part Vine 11 16 Total ascot. Add ines 1 tough 15 (must equal ine 34) 4,711, 161.1 | 13,727,150. “Accounts payable and accrued expenses 134,938. 97 110,187. Grants payable 147,152.| 16 0. Detered revenue 6,448.1 19 6,448. ‘Taxexemot bond tabines 20 Escrow or custocal account labity Complete Part IVof Schedule D 2 Loans and other payables to current ane former oficors, directors, ustes, key employees, highest compensated emplayeds, and daqualed parsons Compete Par i of Sehedue L 2 ‘Secured morigages and notes payable to unelated thd partes 1,601, 492.| 23 a. Unsecured notes and loans payable to unrelated thrd partes 24 Other tabites (nciuding federal ncome tax, payabes to related thd partes, and omer lables not included on ines 17-24) Complete Part X of Sched D | 2s | Ad ines 17 through 25 1,890,030.| 26 116,635. ‘Organizations that flow SFAS 117 (ASC 056), check here > LX] ana 3 | complete ines 27 trough 20, nd tines 23 and34, § | 27 Unvestncted not assets 12,435,961.| a7| 13,529,220. J | 22 Temporantyrestncted net assets 385,170.| 28 81,295. § | 20° Permanently rstncted net assots 20 2] organizations that donot fallow SFAS 117 (ASC 956), check here Pe] % | __andcompiete ines 30 through 34 8 [0 Capital stock or rust prnoal or current unds % | 92. Rotaned earnings, endowment, accumulated income, or other funds 32 2 | 59. Totainet assets or fund balances 72, 821,131.|s9| 13,610,515. 24 _Totallabites and net assetstund balance 14,711,161.1 9s] 13,727,150. Form 980 2012) ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & Form 990 20124 EDI AL [Part XI| Recon Check # Schedule O contains a response to any queston mths Par Xi, Total revenue (must equal Part Vl, cokimm (A, ne 12) 1 3 622,727. Total expenses (must equal Part IX, column (A), ine 25) 2 2 836,136. Fovenue less expenses Subtract ine 2 from ine 1 786,591. Not assots or fund balances at begniung of yar (must equal Part X, ine 33, column (A) Net unrealzed gams (osses) on investments |__22,821,131 Investment expenses Por pend adjustments, 2,793. 1 2 3 4 6 8 Donated servces and use of facies 7 a 8 Other changes n net assets or fund balances (expan in Schedule O) 10 Net assets or und balances at end of year Combine ines 3 through 9 (must equal Part X, Ine 3, ‘column (8) _ so] 13 610,515. [Part Xil[ Financial Statements and Reporting ‘Check Schedule © contans a response to any questions this Part XiL Ga Yes] No 1. Accounting method used to prepare the Form 980 [_]cash [XJ Accrual [—] other It the organization changed is methad of accounting from a por year or checked “Other,” explain in Schedule O 2a Wore the organization's facial statements compiled or reviewed by an dependent accountant? It Yes." check a box below to mdicate whether the fnancal statements forthe year were compied or reviewed on a separate bass, consolidated bass, or both separate basis [J Consolidated basis. [_] Both consolidated and separate basis bb Were the organzaton’s nancial statements audited by an independent accountant? ites," check a box below to indicate whether the financial statements forthe year ware audited on a separate basis, consolidated bass, or both [x] separatebass — [J consotdated basis (_] Botn consolidated and separate bass © "Yes" to tine 2 oF 20, do0s the organcation have a commuttes that assumes responsibilty for oversight of the aust ‘eve, or compilation of financial statements and selection of an independent accountant? "the organization changed ether ts oversight process or selacton process dunng the tx year, expla in Schedule O ‘90 As a result of a federal award, was the organization required to undergo an audit or audits as set forth nthe Single Aut Act and OMB Greular A133? bb if Yea,’ ek the argancation undergo the requited audit or audits? If the organwaton dd not undergo the required audit 2a x ‘or audits, explain why m Schedule O and descnbe any stops taken to undergo such audits SCHEDULE A 1 to 1545-067 tomoooo 0-2] Public Charity Status and Public Support 3012 : Complete the organization ea section 60129) organization oa section petty “947(0\1 nonoxompt charitable ust Open to Pubic Siennnrvctucbewce > Attach to Form 990 or Form 990-EZ. b> See separate instructions. Inspection Name ofthe organization ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & Enplayer intteationaumbar EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL 95-4188814 jan Tor Public Charity Status (al oganzatons most compte is pat) See naiwctons "The oxganaaton« not prvatefoundaton becavse tm (Fores 1 ough 1. check nly one Dox) + (2) Acnurch, convention of churnes, or assocaton of churches deserbed section 170) 1A). 2 J Ascnoo! descrvedin section 17O(X WANG). tach Schedule E) 23 2) Anosptalora cooperative hospital sree organaationdescrbad n section 170 AV 4] Amecialresearen organaaton peated in corlurcton wit ahosptel descrded n section 170A), Ener he hosp name, ety, and stato 5 (7) Ancrganaton operated for the Benoit ofa colege or unwerety owned or operated by a governmental unt described i ‘section 17O(b\1NAXiu. (Complete Part) 6 () A tederal, state, or local government or governmental unit described in section 170{0)(1KAKV). 7 CX) Anorganzatin that normally receives a substantial part ofits support from a governmental unt or from the general public described im section 170(b) 1HANW). (Complete Part!) 8 (J Acommunty trust descnbed in section 170(b)(1KAKWi). (Complete Part I!) 9 (7) Anorganizaton that normally receives. (1) more than 33 1/9% of its support from contributions, membership fees, and gross receipts from activites related ts exempt functons - subject to certan exceptions, and (2) no more than 33 1/3% of fs suppert from gross investment Income and unrelated business taxable ncome lass section $11 tax) from businesses acqured by the organization after June 20, 1975, ‘See section 609(a)2). (Complete Patil) 10 [] Anorganization organzed and operated exclusively to test for public safety See section 509(3)(4). 11 71 Anorganzation organzed and operated exclusively for the benefit of, to pertorm the functions of, or to carry out the purposes of one oF ‘more publicly supported organzations described in section 509(a(}) or section SO9(aK2). See section 509(=)9}. Check the box that descebes the type of supporting organization and complete ines 11@ though 11h aC] type! oC] Type ce [_] Type it- Functonaty ntegrated 41] Type t- Non unetionaty integrated e) aycnecking ths box, | cert that the organization 1s not controled directly or narecly by one oF more cisqualiied persons other than foundation managers and other than one or moce publely supported organizations described m section 50941) or section 503(aK2) {the organization received a watten determnation from the IRS that «16a Type |, Type lor Type ‘supporting organization, check this box oO 19 Since August 17, 2006, has the arganzation accepted any gt or contribution from any ofthe following persons? (0) Aperson who drectly or naracty contro, ether alone or together with persons descnbed in (i and (u) below, Yes | No the governing body ofthe supported oxganzation? (isa. (0) A famaly member ofa person described in () above? “ati (ii) A359% controted entity ofa person desened i () oi) above? sti hk __Provide the following information about the supported organization(s) iynarectsunpoted | CEN | Guy Topo of xqananon [Wise orpnwato] (you uy he] GH} E® Tay anount monetary aoe (desorbed on nes 1-3. }Co (ised n your] organzaton m ool, |asHzata eat Stover Re sectan [rove docomart| (ot your supp? | ORNS (see instructions) Yes No] Yes Ne You ry Tota \LWA For Paperwork Reduction Act Not Form 900 or 990-E2. $68 the ‘Schedule A (Form 990 or 990-EZ) 2072 ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & lule for Organizations (Complete only you checked the box on ine 5, 7, or 8 of Part or the organzaton faled to qualty under Par Il ifthe organvaton {aie to quaity under the tests listed below, please complate Pat il) Section A. Public Support Calendar year or fica year beginning in) >] (a) 2008 (2008 1e)2010 (201 e012 (a Total 1 Gifts, grants, contnoutions, and rmambershp fees recowved (Dont Include any “unusual grants") 157,949. 150,796.| 1400862.| 1069417.| 435,422.| 3214446. 2 Tax revenues loved for tho organ rzation’s benett and ether pac to or expended ons behalf 3. The value of serces or facies furished by a governmental unt to forganzaton without charge 4 Total, Add ines 1 through 3 157,949.| 150,796.| 1400862. 1069417,| 435,422. 3214446. ‘5 The portion of total contributions by each person (ther than a (governmental unt or publicly supported organzation) inchuded fn ine 1 that exceeds 2% of the column 6 Public support sancti aint I 3214446. Section 8. Total Support Calendar year eayeat begining =) [_fo12008 —] —tey2008 | —eyaore [yao | —qoaov | _ vot 7 Amount fom ine & [457,949.[ 150,796.| 1400862.[ 1069417.| 435, 422,| 3214446, 8 Gross come trom teres ‘wdends, payments recewed on secuntesioans, rents, royalties and income trom simiar sources | 267,551.| 24,990. 248,831.| 225,354. 156,345.| 923,071. 8 Netincome trom uneated business acts, whether onot the business reguiary carred on 10 Otherincome Do not include gan oss tom the sale of capa ts (Explain in Part IV) 16,613.|_ 27,555.|_66,320.| 16,135.) 2,110.| 128,733. 11 Total support. Add lines 7 through 10 4266250. 12. Gross recaps rom related actiis, ot (608 natuctons) (w[ ___14,678, 486. 19. First five year. Ifthe Fotm 990 forthe oigantation’s fst, second, thr, fourth, or ith tax year asa section 501(}8) “organation, check this box and stop here. >o jection C. Computation of Public Support Percentage "4 Puble suppor percentage for 2012 (ine 6, column (9 dwided by tne 17, coum (9) 14 75.35% 15 Puble suppor percentage from 2011 Schedule A, Part ine 14 16 70.33% 163.09 179% support test - 2012. Ifthe oxganizabon did not check the box online 13, and ine 14 6 33 1/9% or mere, check ths box and ‘stop here, The organzation qualifies as a publicly supported organcation > 1b 3 1/2% support test - 2011. Ifthe organization dis not check a box online 13 oF 16a, and ine 15 6 33 1/8% or more, check ths box ‘and stop here. The organzation qualies as a publicly supported organization -O 17a 10% -facte-and-circumstances test - 2012 the organation did not check a box on ine 13, 16a, oF 16, and hne 14 16 10% or more, and the organzation meets the “facte and crcumstancas” test, check this Box and stop here. Expainm Pat IV how the organzation, ‘meets the “facts-and-circumstances® test The organization quabfies as a publcly supported organzaton Ol b 10% -facts-and-ciroumatances test - 2011. Ifthe organzation di not check @ box on ne 13, 16a, 16b, oF 17a, and ine 15 ws 10% or ‘more, and the organcation meets the “acts and-ercumstances® test, check this box and stop here. Expainn Part IV how the ‘organization meets the “facts and-circumstances” test, The organization qualifies as a publicly supported organization -O 48 Private foundation, I the organization did not check a box on line 13, 16a, 16b, 17, of 17, check this box and se0 nstructons: _ 7 ‘Schedule A (Form 990 or 990-E2) 2012 Schedule A Form 990 or 990-7) 2012 Pages [Part iil | Support Schedule for Organizations Described in Section 505(@)() (Complete only you checked the box on ine 9 of Par orf the organization falod to qualify under Part I the organization fats to qualty under the test sted below, please complete Pat I} Section A. Public Support Calendar year or isc year beginning in] (0) 2008 (2008 (e) 2030 (azo 1e)2012 itera! + Gite, grants, contnbutions, and ‘membership fees received (00 not snelude any ‘unusual grants") 2 Gross recaps trom admssions, merchancise Sold or services por | formed, of faites furished in any activity thats related to the ‘organization's tax-exempt purpose 3 Gross receipts trom actwites that are not an unrelated trade or bus: ness under section 513, 4 Tax revenues loved forthe organ rzaton’s benefit and ether pad to | lor expended on its behalf 15. The value of senrces or facies furnished by a governmental unt to the organaation winout charge © Total. Add ines 1 though 5 Ta Amounts incided on ines 1,2, ana 3 recewed rom disqualtied persons Sree | enadnes Ta on To | Bll support nent I Section'b Total Support ‘Galendar year (or fiscal year beginning in) | (a) 2008 (0) 2008 {e)2010 (a)2011 fe) 2012 (Total ‘8 Amouns fom ine 6 a I 108 Gross income from terest Svdends, payments recerved on Secuntis bana, rents, reyates And-income trom semiar sources 1 b Unrelated business taxable come (less secnon $11 taxes) rom businesses anqured ater June 30, 1975, Add ines 10a and 100 111" Netincome from untelated business ‘cts not ncliged in ine 100, ‘whether ornot the business 15 . : regularly eaed on 42 Other ncome Do not nclude gan Dt loss fom the sale of captal ‘cote Expan n Patt) 418, Total suppor asiner 0 0,11. 12) 116. First five years If the Form 990 i forthe organtzaion’s Wt, second, thr, fourth, oF fith tax year as a section 501(2}@) organization, cock is box and stop here >ol ‘Section C. Computation of Public Support Percentage 15. Pubic support percentage for 2012 (ine @, col 9 donded by ne 19, coum) 6 % 16. Puble support perconage ftom 2011 Schedule A Pan, ine 15 18 % Section D. Computation of Investment Income Percentage 17 Invesiment come percentage for 2012 (ne 106, oki (9 duced by tne 13, cok) % 18. Investment ncome percentage from 2011 Schedule A, Patil ine 17 % 4192.93 10% support tests 2012. I the organzation dd not check the Hox on hn 14, and ine 15 more than 381/396, and ine 17 wot more than 38 179%, check th box and stop hee, The organization qualifies a8 a publely supported erganzation 33 1/9% suppor tests - 2011. Ifthe organzaton didnot check a box on ine 14 one 199, andine 161 more than 38 1/96, and ine 18 ot more than 221/96, check ts box and stop here. The oxganzaton quafes asa publicly supported organzation oo 120 Private foundation, th organgation didnot check 8 B0xon ine 14,193, of 18D, check ths box and see mstuctons > uors 12002 ‘Schedule A (Form 900 or 090-EZ) 2012 ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & Schedule A (form 990 or 990672012 EDUCATION INTERNATIONA ‘Supplemental Information. Compete this part to prove the explanations required by Par I, no 10, Par I in and Rar Il, ine 12 Also complete tis pant for any adaional information. (See mstructons) PART II, SECTION B, LINE 10 REFERRAL FEES = $1,918 EXCHANGE GAINS FROM NON US BRANCHES _- § 192 Frome awe “Schedule A (Form 900 or 990-E) 2012 SCHEDULE D Supplemental Financial Statements t“Sna0 (Form 990) > Complete: the organization answered "Yes," to Form 990, 2012 a Parti fine 6, 7,8, 9, 10, 49, 1b, 130, 11, 10, 11,120, or 120, Open to Patio Sewaarase” Attach to Form 990. See separate instructions. inspection am oft rganzaion ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & oer ineaton saber EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL, | Erergs- a18ee14 Pari] Organizations Maintaining Donor Advised Funds oF Other Similar Funds or AGGOUnts. Comite he ciganzaton arene "ero Fr 90, Pao (a) Donor advised tonds | _(b) Funds and other accounts Tota qumberat end of year Aggregate coninbutons to (ing yea) Aggregate grans trom (Gunng yea Aggregate vate at end of year 1s the organcton inform ll donors and donor advisors n wing that the assis held a donor adweed fonds are he organization's property, subet tothe xganzation's excise aga canto? Ove Ono {6 Did he orgenastn intrm all grantees, donors nd donor advsore m wntng that grant funds can be used only forchartabe purposes and not forthe ene of the dona or doner advisor, oo any the purpose conten mpermsbie prvate bene? Clves 10 [Part Il” | Conservation Easements. Compate the oranation anawored "Yor" to Form S90, Part Vine 7 + Purpose() of conservation easements held by the organzaton (check all hat apply). Preservation of and for pubie use (eg recreation or education) [__] Presaraton of an hstoneally mponant land ae Fprotecton of natural nabtat CF presoraton ofa certtieg nstone structure [ preservaton of open space 2 Complete ines 2 through 24 the erga hed a quated conservation contsbuton nthe form of a conservation easement onthe lst day of the tax year Held at he End ofthe Tax Ve ‘8 Total number of conservation easements 2a bb Total acreage resncted by conservation easements 2 {© Number of conservation easements on a certified stone structure included (a) 20 2, FIN 48 (ASC 740) Footnote in Pat Xl provide the text ofthe footnote tothe organaalion’s nancial statements that reports the organvatons Iabuty for uncertain tax positions under FIN 48 (ASC 740) Check here i the text ofthe footnote has been provided in Part Xl ‘Schedule D (Form 990) 2012 7 Totalevenu gas, and oe suppor pt auted iene sitenens | 3,770,,703, 2 Amour nebsed one tut nn Farm 860 Pa ne? ee © Donated sees an use faces 2 Ll / ol zal 149-546, Add lines 2a through 2d 2e 149,546. Dl are oe rr—~—~—r—SsSeaCs a F—lrté— Complete it the organization answered "Yes" to Form 280, 2012 Part, ng 140,15, oF 16. |_ 2 te semen nee > Attach to Form 990." Be See separate instructions. pen ig Public Name of te orgaraton Employer ientiioation number ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & EDU 95-4188814 ‘General Information on Acti te Form 990, Par IV, ine 140, 1 For grantmakers. Does the organzation manta records fo substantiate the amount of ts grante and other assistance, tho grantees’ ekg forthe grants or asustance, and the selactoncrtona used to award the grants rasestance? CK) Yes C] no 7Fihe organaaton answered“ 2. For grantmakers. Descnbe n Part V the organization's procedures for monttonng the uso of ts grants and other assistance outside the United States 3. Actwites per Region (The folownng Part | ine Stable can be duplicated i addtional space is needed) _ (a) Region {oy Number of |) Number of | (d)Actwtws conducted:n region | (e)Wachwtyleted (a) | _ () Tota atices | employees, | wytype) (eg. undrasng program | saprogamsorwce, | exPendtres sntnevegon | dependent | serene nverimansgateto” | dtene spretetypo | tS onkscioe | recpentalectedinthereger) | _ ofeeretn regen re ORML awenzca 1 buspnacsrvs an ont auenzca __proota seavice Lie AWARENESS 30.127, wont aweazca OGRAM SERVICE DISTRIBUTION. as27 \SSISTANCE TO SOCIAL NORTH AMERICA PROGRAM SERVICE BVTERMENT. GROUPS 9.560, [NORTH AMERICA HER ENERAL & ADMINISTRATIVE 2.765. EUROPE. | 4 bewmaxsxe 16,263 EUROPE. -ROGRAM SERVICE ;DUCATIONAL MATERIALS 3.206 30 Subtotal 5 47.698 bb Total trom contrwaton shoots to Pat | a6 © Totals (acd ines 2a and 3b) 214 65h. ‘THA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the Instructions for Form 890. ‘Schedule F (Form 990) 2012 ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & fctusiet Camo, EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL 95-4188014 py Patt “Contncatan of cttos par Region Seat Fone Pana ‘orRegot | Nurvero |e Runbect] telAciveescontutednregon | —)asirisodn | _(0Taal ster" |Seoresar| ““aygpagecanaaang” | “upopumamven’ | eptraeane nierogon |"Sgourn” | prartmencan genic | cesabeopectenpa | “eroawe Toor’ | aipemccmnannenpen | shumesennpsn a brooms sevice Deena cree a eee ona sRUICES_ fesse sass a somone messin mu fama, weston o bacon sonvicn eee 1is.00 som nein do baccs sanenen ee sso 2102 (056 we) so1npeWES IS TRATES TS GAT TOT TE ov < Zz < 894 foverennbe ((o)10$ waies © pepioud Sey esuno0 40 89}UEI ou YOM 2010'S OF a ydwoxo.xe 98 pomufoce:knunos uBio) ay Aq snueyo se pezuOoo9! er yelp enoce pais SLOAENUEBIO WDA! FORUM EN WIZ | v WREST ATH TOOT ‘TROGIR aOR 7 WISNT BLA DOT T THORENS TRE WEST HAD sourisse e2ueI885° favewosinasP swes6 eo U0u 363 voU obs) ‘onze yo awen (e) eprdiomeata)—[sotuneany(6)| OER) | |_ Peano) ono9s 09 Se i‘ oer pe » poveaénp oq ued ue 0O0'SS UE s1Ow panace: oY LAIED0) fue 11'51 oun 'N ved ‘086 WHO 0} 824, pevAMsUE LoNEZURELO au » a1dWOD ~SAIEIS PANN aXn epIsINo seRRUG 10 suOREZIIEDLO oj eouEIsSsy ZaWNO PUE WUE [TEED] TWNOIIYNESINI NOTLWoNGa 3 ONIATT BELLE YOd NOTLVIOOSSY VISeeTH-S6 ZIG OSE WET T PTS 2107 (066 uw) 3 einpowos cumecse cers [eer || ec ee ee | eee puouaisseg (®) | ownowyO) Te owen te) se uncut (| jo seaunn (0) ui pe ° sacaelalaaidatadsaddadaaiaadadibaca 91 OU "A Hee 966 WHO OF62A, palansue LoHEZUEBiO oy 9 aie\duIOD "seHeIg PaUUN AXA pIsINO SIeNPIAPU| o} BoURISISSY OYTO PUE SUE. VIsBaly-S6 "AWNOTIVNUAINT NOTLWONGE 3 ONIAIT YELLE YOd NOTLWVIOOSSY Zoe TOSS OTS ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & ‘Schedule (form 990)2012 EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL 95-4188814 pages [Part IVT Foreign Forms. 1. Was,he erganzaton @ US transteror of property to a foreign corporation dunng the tax year? if *Y6s, the ‘organization may be requved to fie Form 926, Retum by a US Transferor of Property to a Foragn Corporation (see Instructions for Frm 926) 2 Dic the organaation have an interest n aforegn ust dunng the tax year? if *Yes,*the organcation ‘may be requred to fle Form 3520, Annual Retum to Report Transactans with Foregn Trusts and ‘Receipt of Certan Foreign Gis, and/or Form 3520-A, Annual Information Retum of Foregn Trust With 12 US Owner (see instuctons for Farms 3520 and 3520-8) ves ne 3. Did the organization have an ownership intrest m aforegn corporation dunng the tax year? “Yes,* the organization may be required to fie Form 5471, Information Retum of U.S Persons With Respect To Certain Forergn Corporations (see instructions for Form 5471) Cves CI No 4 Was the organization a direct or ndrect shareholder of @ passive foregn investment company oF a Aualfied electing fund durmng the tax year? If*Yes,” the organzaton may be required fo ile Form 8621, Informavon Return by a Shareholder of a Passive Foreign Investment Company or Qualified Electing Fund. (ee instructions for Form 8621) ves Ti] No 5 Ox the organization have an ownership terest ina foreign partnership dung the tax year? If Yes,” the organcation may be requred to hie Form 8865, Retum of US Persons With Respect To Certan Foreign Partnerships (see Instructions for Form 8865) Clves Cx) no 6 04 the oxganzation have any operations in or rlated to ary boycotting countnes duning the tax year? if "Yes," the organization may be required fo fie Form 5713, Intemational Boycott Report (s0e Instructions for Form $713) Cves GX] No “Schedule F (Form 990) 2012 ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & Schedule F (form 990)2012__EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL 95-4188814 pages [Part V J Supplemental Information Complete tis par to prowde the information required by Pat | ine 2 (mentonng of funds); Pat, ine 3, column (accounting method, amounts of investments vs expenditures per region); Part ne 1 (accounting method), Par Il accaunting meth, and Pat I, column (c)(estimated number of reopvents) as applicable Also complete ths part to provde any additonal nfocmation SCHEDULE F, PART I, LINE 2: LOCAL REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVES MONITOR USE OF GRANTS AND CONTRIBUTIONS IN THEIR LOCAL AREAS. SCHEDULE F, PART I, LINE 3: BXPENDITURES FROM EACH OFFICE ARE CONSOLIDATED INTO THE CORPORATE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS WHICH ARE REPORTED ON THE ACCRU L_BASIS. fare aoe ‘Schedule F Form 900) 2012 SCHEDULE G Supplemental Information Regarding ane 18000 (Form 90 or 90-€2) Fundraising or Gaming Activities 2012 Complete it the ergarzation answered "Yes" o Form 900, Part Vln 17,18 oF 1, Orpen ot ney "ariftheorgonizain entored more than 16000 onForm S00-E2 ines,” | OPenToPublie areemenetes [P-Attach to Form 990 or Form 990-E2. b> See separate instructions. Inspection None oft onsneaion AGSOCERTTON POR BETTOR LIVING ployer wenction nanber 95-4188814 EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL Fundraising Activities. compete 1 the organzation answered "Ves" to Form 990, Part, ine 17 Form 9902 fers are not requred to complete ths par 1 Indicate wnethr the organaation raised funds through any ofthe Tolowng aciwibes Oheck al hat apply 2 Cima sotctavons @ Lseieration of non government grants > internet and emai soheratons 115 Sotetation of government grants ¢ C)Phone sotetatons 9 () Specal uncaring vents 4 (J inperson soteitations: 2.4 Did the oxganzaton have a wntten or oral agreement with any indwdual (including officers, dractors, trustees or Clves (Jno key employees listed in Form 990, Part Vil or entty in connection wth professional fundraising servces? bb It "Yea, ist the ten highest paid individuals or entities (fundraisers) pursuant to agreements under which the funcraseristo be compensated at eat 5,000 by he organzaton ioe (Amount pact {(W Neme and address of mndnndual ey tv) Gross receipts wlatianed Spdreuntped, rent Gundrase) Fey | om act ‘car ret oe 1 Jeoniroations? = sted in col (i) ‘orgeneat Yes[ no | ee j > Total ‘2. Ust all states in winch the organaabon registered or bcensed to sole contnbutions or has been notiied is exempt from registration cor ieensing HA Paperwork Reduction At Notice, see the Instructions for Form 990 or 990-E2. ‘Schedule G (Form 980 or 90-62) 2012 ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & Fundraising Events. compl cf furdratang event contributions and gross income on Form S90-EZ, Ines 1 and 6b. List events with gross recempts greater than $5,000 (a) Event #1 (ey Event #2 (e) Omer events | areal everta GOLF a (2d cot (9 trough TOURNAMENT pe . (event ype) [event pa) (otalnamber 5 | 1 Grossrecepts 41,100. 41,100. 2 Less? Contrbutions 3_Gross come fine 1 minus ine 2) 41,100. 41,100. 4 Cash praes 5 Noneash pi & B]7 retaneseveaaee © Ententanment 8 Other dract expenses 28,98 28,980. 40 Drect expense summary Add nes 4 through 9:n column (3), > 28,9803 Net ncome summary Combine ine 3, column (and ine 10 > 12,120. jaming. Complete the oganzavon a $515,000 on Form 990.62, tne 6a "990, Pan WV, ine 19, or reported move han ; RTT | pow amy [BORNE 3 (2) 8ngo tingorprogeessve nga | (©) 9am feo) (ay trough col (c) i é 1 stra gle coomn 5 sone snetesewe __ . CT ves, % | Yes. % [Tyee % 6 Volunteer labor [J No (No. mr fsa samenecan may Coes dans ‘ 9 Enter the state(s) in which the organization operates gaming actvtes: 2s the organization icensed to operate gaming actvtws in each ofthese states? Bb I-No," explain +108 Were any ofthe organization's gaming loenses revoked, suspended or temanated dunng the tax year? [ves [Tne bit*Yes," explain ‘aoe rar ‘Schedule G (Form 990 or 990-EZ) 2072 ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & (Form 990 or 990-67) 2012 {TION INTERNATIONAL 8814 Pages 11 Does the organzaton operate garang atte wih nonmembers? Tne 12 ls me oranciton «grantor. benetoay or tee of ate! oa member of parrranp or aha ent fomed toadmterchartale gang? yee Cne 13. Indeat he percentage of gaming act operated n ‘a The organcator's city 7 & An outa fachty i ci 14 Enter the name and adress of te person who prepares the oganzatn's gamangfpecal events books and records Name Adress 150 Ooes the organzaton nave a contrat wth ahd pay from whom the organzatonrecwes gaming ravense? ve Cn ' 1f*Yes" entorthe amount of gaming revenue recened by the arganzation Be § andthe amount (of gaming revenue rotaed by the thd party De S If "Yes," enter name and address ofthe thud party Name De Address 16. Garang manager information Namo De Gaming manager compensation eS Description of services prowded Pe TZ owectorioticer Tl empioyee independent contractor 17 Mandatory distributions 1 Is the organzaton requred understate law to make chartablecistibutions rom the gaming proceeds to retain the state gaming license? Cves [1 no 'b Enter te amount of dstrbutions required under state law tobe diatnbuted to other exempt organzations or spent nthe lorganzation’s own exempt activites dunng the tax year D> $ [Part IV] Supplemental Information, Compete this pan to provide the explanations requred by Parti, ine 2b, columas (a) and (0), and Part I, lines 9, 96, 10b, 15b, 1Sc, 16, and 175, as applicable. Also complet this par to prove any additonal nformation (see mstrctons), om oro ‘Schedule G (Form 900 or 990-EZ) 2072 + (02066 wH0) 1 21NPHIS “096 uH0 440) suoRonAEU| 219 296 “2ONON YOY YoRONpeY woMJeded 104 VHT 7% < HIE, OH OH DBT SIGTERUEBIS TOS YS TOGLIAT RIOT UGC ‘4 ‘jae |. 041 pais suoneaueBo wouuIeRD6 pu (eKo)L05 vonoes yo equ EOL OU Z HOSES TE % TONS TaREBE=SS TROVE WO STEER SOT “ania GoowATION Z59% ‘awoTAVNEBINE KONODENN Tea TE z TET WeeeFOETE TORTS WS FRETS sania axvas “H TEP THOSERS RE v THT TOES OEE FRO xemavous "3 10 InvuoKLWWWSINT SSANTZAWH OL X¥M THE you aaa resterdde ayes st sourissse 10 sounsisse useouou} NESECHE Wes | “eeouou | ues ueeo wouur2%08 10 wei o os0dine (4) yovoydissag (6) | Osh po wnowy ®) 1weBvo Jo sso/ppe pue owen (e) iF 5 aed Te UATE Ye WOTGDRT 8 10442 AVE 066 HOS 0 svonsve uoveauebio au y o}}dW09 "SEIS peNUn ath U SUONEZUEGIO pue HIuoUILIONOD oF souEsissy JeWIO PU SUED [ TaIeG | yes BOHM oo SBOP TIE Si BOTRIOW 1] SOPUOOIT S VOTERVERTO BN VES UT STISCT ONC) SACK) {20uR)1588 10 SUE ax prem} pesN BUDD vorr29}0s oun pur “eoueyssse Jo Sue. oun 10 Kya soaweI oun ‘soueISSEe J0 SUES eu JO UNOWE oY eIEHUEISANS 0} SP10.KI URILIEW LONEAEE OL $200 b Ssaniery pu mH ws oo eG | 1a] VIeBaTy-S6 TIWNOLLYNESINI NOTEVOOGE 2quny voReDunuep! sofoydrg 3 ONIATT YALLAG YOS NOTLWIQOSSY _vorenvebio ou 0 owen, ‘wonsedsuy "pes ny ADEA ‘tang 0} vedo) cL02 1-012 2UN'N Hed “066 U0, 01,59), povOMsUE ONEZUEEIO eu B210w09 Pp NU pue ‘suEWLIDKOD jejsisay sano pue mUeD (066 wo) tatnaatos (02) (096 wH0.) 1 ainpoueS neva ene “STTd NO Lday ST HOTHM SONNE INVES 40 GSN WaAdOUd JO NOIIWINAWNOOd NI GNSS SHaINVUD *@ SNIT "I Tava “I windgHs Be RS RE PS TA TUS TT HRS WH TH BRAT UOVEUOTT BOOT oT HT STSECIOT "VORETIOTT OURS | ATE) | | | | | (ao see nn yea | saueaie wes | weber | apncions coves erounvipvonsionsgu) | “Hintmenectsn bl |vouenrauy | riresyte)_ |e) seuss 0 wet 00h) ou sabes euoHPpe» PEDO o> Yea 220A ue 065 uy 01594, poronsve voueauebn ey a6uNg Neg pa awn seNpMBUI On auEIeEEY ONO pve le! [TORS | Febed PIBEBTH-SE TIVNOILYNYALNI NOTLYONda (210e) 066 WISI) SINDRS: 3 ONIATT MaLLaE YOd NOILWIOOSSY SCHEDULE 0 Supplemental Information to Form 990 or 990-EZ | 9012 — (Form 800 or 980-£2) ‘Complete to provide information for responses to specific questions on ener tne Form 990 oF 990:E7 or to provide any adalttonal information. ‘Open to Pubso ‘Siena revenue ven. (D> Attach to Form 990 or 990-EZ. Inspection, Name of the organaaton ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & Employer identification number EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL 95-4188814 FORM 990, PART III, LINE 4C, PROGRAM SERVICE ACCOMPLISHMENTS ABLE ASSISTED WITH THE TRANSLATION AND PUBLICATION OF "THE WAY TO HAPPINESS EDUCATOR'S KIT" IN DUTCH, CASTILIAN SPANISH, FRENCH AND NORWEGIAN; "THE WAY TO HAPPINESS PRISON FACILITATOR'S GUIDE" IN DANISH DUTCH AND HEBREW; AND "THE WAY TO HAPPINESS PRISON BUSINESS KIT" IN CASTILIAN SPANISH. ABLE ALSO ASSISTED THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION WITH THE TRANSLATION OF "THE WAY TO HAPPINESS" IN 5 LANGUAGES: FIJIAN, MAKASSAR BURGIS, LAOTIAN, MAKASSAR (INDONESIAN/EAST ASIAN LANGUAGES); AND WITH THE PUBLICATION OF THE FOLLOWING BI-LINGUAL BOOKLETS: "THE WAY TO HAPPINESS" IN ENGLISH WITH EACH OF MALAY, LAOTIAN, INDONESIAN, KOREAN FIJIAN, MAORI AND VIETNAMESE. FORM 990, PART III, LINE 4D, OTHER PROGRAM SERVICES: PUBLIC INFORMATION ON THE SOLUTION TO SOCIETAL ILLS EXPENSES $ 607,225. INCLUDING GRANTS OF $ 0. REVENUE. FORM 990, PART VI, SECTION A, LINE 7A: ABLE HAS A BOARD OF THREE TRUSTEES WHOSE FUNCTION IS THE SELECTION AND REMOVAL OF DIRECTORS. FORM 990, PART VI, SECTION A, LINE 7) DECISIONS REGARDING ELECTING OR REMOVING BOARD MEMBERS ARE SUBJECT TO APPROVAL BY THE TRUSTEES. FORM 990, PART VI, SECTION B, LINE 11: THE ORGANIZATION CIRCULATES THE FINAL DRAFT OF FORM 990 TO THE BOARD FOR REVIEW. ANY QUESTIONS OR RRECTIONS ARE ADDRESSED BEFORE FILING. LHA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the Instructions for Form 990 or 990-EZ. ‘Schedule 0 (Form 990 oF 990-E2) (2072) Schedule 0 (Form 990 or 990 £7) 2012) Page Name of ten. ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & Employer identification number EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL 95-4188814 FORM 990, PART VI, SECTION B, LINE 12C: OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, TRUSTEES AND KEY EMPLOYEES ARE SURVEYED ANNUALLY FOR ANY POTENTIAL CONFLICTS OF INTEREST WHICH IS DOCUMENTED IN BOARD MINUTES. EACH OFFICER, DIRECTOR, TRUSTEE AND KEY EMPLOYEE IS AWARE OF ABLE'S POLICY THAT THEY ARE REQUIRED TO REPORT TO THE BOARD ANY POTENTIAL CONFLICTS OF INTEREST AS SOON AS THEY BECOME AWARE QF THEM. IF ANY CONFLICT OF INTEREST ARISES, THE BOARD, EXCLUDING ANY INTERESTED PARTIES, VOTES ON ANY NECESSARY ACTIONS OR RESOLUTIONS FORM 990, PART VI, SECTION B, LINE 15: THE COMPENSATION OF ABLE'S STAFF MEMBERS WHO ALSO SERVE AS OFFICERS, DIRECTORS OR KEY EMPLOYEES WAS SET BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND DOCUMENTED CONTEMPORANEOUSLY. FORM 990, PART VI, SECTION C, LINE 19: ABLE MAKES COPIES OF ITS FINANCIAL STATEMENTS, FORM 990 AND FORM 1023 AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. FORM 990, PART VIT OFFICERS, DIRECTORS AND TRUSTEES WHO ARE ALSO EMPLOYEES ARE COMPENSATED ONLY FOR THEIR DUTIES AS EMPLOYEES AND NOT FOR THEIR DUTIES AS OFFICERS, DIRECTORS AND TRUSTEES. FORM 990, PART XI, LINE 9, CHANGES IN NET ASSETS FUNDS RETURNED FROM GRANTS RECEIVED BASED ON GRANT USE RESTRICTIONS -1,571. UNREALIZED EXCHANGE GAIN 4,364. TOTAL TO FORM 990, PART XI, LINE 9 2,793. Bea ‘Schedule O (Form 990 or 990-EZ) (2012) ‘Schedule 0 Form 990 or 9907) 2012) Page 2 Name of the erganzaton ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & ‘Employer identiication number - EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL 954188814 PART XII, LINE 2C THE PROCESS HAS NOT CHANGED FROM THE PRIOR YEAR. mn “Schedule 0 (Form 880 or 880-2) (2012) ‘9u02 09 "vononpag uodeaIEyNeY JaDzewIOD ‘smUOg ‘eBENES OL» posodsip assy (a) aos "ozs ose tose 07's “00's. 31 "oz | 1S IT/TT/TO | (aa) SuNsKaNCUaAT ONTOTING] 9Ty cipe'st fo ‘tye'st [*tv6'st Pe’ ST = IWLOL OT Bova 066 «| weaag |S alt] a foun = 2 ts| js) a 1NOdaY NOLLYZILUOWY ONY NOLLVIOaHAIO ZO, 9007 09 ‘votvonpeg woneaEHNay FeaIeUALOD ‘enUOg ‘ABENES OU psodsip wesy -(a) “¥50°6 0 vyse’6 psa’ P9se'6 9 no's} 38 Fo/to/co (ANI) swaunaKoo| 69 WodaH NOLLYZLUOWY GNY NoLvioawaaa Zt0z |. 07.09 "voHanpeg YonEZENRaY FacIEUAHOD “sNUOg eBENES “OL. esodsip ee8y- (a) “eget fore "ess a eet’ e 9 00°S ‘is [LI/tt/s0 (unr) swaznanoo|aty “coat toe *ro0'T, -900'r “900°F 9 00'S ‘1s pt/to/or (ar) susznaKoo| Pty commen | soe | omg. | apm | foam ew = = Sa 1u0d34 NOLLYZILMOWY Nv NoUviog¥a3a Zo TREATISE 9 SAREE] warnta + sunuiina| ezy (ar) aweanatnta 5 sunsrmnal ize at) auanarnoa > sunzrinmna| zy (ast) awanarnda > sunzrena| sey ar) awanarnde * gunsiwna| zy icarnda 3 sunutimana|czr warnda sunsziinal eee (arr) aweaaaznda > sunztiinal oy vonssag ow oF 056 FOS 10434 NOLLVZILUOWY ONY NoULvioaaaa Z10z ‘9u02 09 "uononpeg uotezTeunayfetoiounLog ‘smuog BENE “OL. pesodsip sassy (a) 7 rT + THT] 000" TASS THRTY ORTERROW so6 or6 60's sssr's oy [ore] a5 brstoseo (ant) sevaszos|cor vez’e fo vere’e eee’e seza'z [oy fore] 8 bostorte (ant) zevaazos| coe voro’e fo roro’e [rora’e roro’s [aq fore] a5 postoreo (ast) wevnaos] are vorz’s fo sove’s [rove’s rove’s [9 [ove] 25 fostorco (ant eevmaaos|9vz ‘so’s fo *s00’s |'soa’s *soo’s sq |oore] 18 postorco (ar sevaaaos] st ‘us'e fo tuns'e [runs'e suns’c [oq | oore] a5 Fostorco (ary seeaaos]9e toot fo sooe’t oo" rooz’t oq foore] 8 bostortr (ant sevaaaos| se oto sso ['s69 “sev ot foore| 28 fortosso (ann) seenaaos|yy tur't fo vove't |uae’t uaz't | oq fore] 38 postorco (aun suvaaaos|ee tus'ee fo vecs’or [tucs’ee “user = awsos ot s0¥a 066 «| ooo's fo *000’s |000°s sov0’s [of foore] 15 postors0 (ann face Aa88i00 - S791H2N YOLOK vus‘et fo vecs’er [-ucs’er sucs’er [of | oore] a8 postorso ‘kaye ~ sT0THaA wouoK] Te *soe'see fens'er sror’sea |'126’s96. “ts 906 = awsos oF s0¥s 066 «| fo sua"t sf foore| 8 bostorzo ro) eaxatnda » sunumiina’ “st Ise ea"e soe0'e [of fore] as frstovzr | (ant) smakaroda » sunsrimina|ere “ ad 85 “cs sf foore| as krvro/co | (amr) sxanaroda » sunarimuna| try seuo'e [of foore| as pr/avs0 | cant) ananarnoa » zunsrieina| ory Pa ; 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9 > gata wows ainda 5 muna|sor (evo) asanarada 3 sranciwna|z0t sseaananoo| oe swananoo|r92 suaunanoo| 6 srunamana| 99 vas2890 OF GOVE O6e Wa Juouat NOUYZUUOWY GN NOUVIOaudza ZL0z, Fem 4562 Depreciation and Amortization 990 201 2 os (including Information on Listed Property) foe {nisl Revenue Serve 0) > See seperate instructions. _> Attach to your tax return. Seqcenceo 479 Se soon Tones oe Thr TST Teasing none ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL ORM 990 PAGE 10 4188814 [Part | econ To Expense Cenain Property Under Seaton 179 Nile: Ifyou have any listed property, complete Part V before you complete Part | 11, Maximum amount (see instructions) 1 500,000. 2 Toto cost of scion 19 propery ced sree (te nstctons) z 2 Tahoe cout ot sncion 179 propery ber redcton iaton 3 | 3,000,000. 4 Redicton mimtaton Subtract ine 3 ori zr ore ter 0 a 6. eines ensues ee: aca et a 8 cmoone Seatac [emo 7 litod propa Eiri amcant romine 2 G 8 Toa elects cost of ncson 17 propo. Add amounts colin), ne and? a © Tara dodcten nih eraler of nw Sone 8 3 10 Caryover of alowad deduct frm ne 1 ct your 2011 Fm 4562 ‘0 {1 Butieesnconw tan. Enter sa of bans ncome rts han ze) orb rm 12 Secon 170 eens abacton Adns a 10, bu ont rere ane 1 4 12 Carmower ol dealownd deducton 10 2018 Add inws 9nd 0,enea 2-72] Noe: Bont ss Far Pa I Bw or ted propery tnd ae Pa V [Park] speci Depreciation Alowance and Other Deprsition (Do nt nce ed PoP=Ty] "4 Spec depecatonaowance fo uaa propery (ta an sled prope placed m serves dun ] tha tox year | | 18 Prope ed to eoctonTE8) Bcton era 1g. prego nang ACS i 55.40 [Part lil] MACRS Depreciation (Do not nclude listed property) (See structions) Becton A iz {7 AGRE deduchona or anata placod wsorece a os boganng betre 2072 = 18 uaumeninananesaumetnanes arama ones nearenmet nes cranes > (] : Section Assos Placed n Serve Dunng 20% Tex Yor Using the GaneralDepracaton Siem (ioc eto Sr —— Tyee paeTy Sea prope eT yea proper = ¢_tayea rope etSyea ome 1 yeu propery Taser prpen Ear sr z arse [wast Ih _ Rawr tl omy ; zs St i soy, | [8 1 Nowell roperty ; ee Secon Assos Piacedin Serie Dring 2012 Tx Yor Using the Aternatve Depreciation Syiom 0a Gane st. pia year ye st ¢—Abyear 7 oye] am [st [Part IV] summary (See instructions) _ _ 21 Lad propery Ener amount tom ne 28 [a] 22 Tetal.Add amounts tom na 1, Ines ough 17. na 19nd 20 corn (nine 21 Enters and one eppoprate ines your een Panneanps end Scopratons are at 95,405. 29 For assets shown above and placed in service dunng the current yea, enter the Portion ofthe basis attnbutable to section 253A costs 2. PB LHA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see separate instructions. Form 4862 (2012) ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & Listed Property Tok amusement ) ie Note: For any veci for which you are using the standard mileage rate or deducting lease expense, complete only 242, 24b, columns fi) {nvough {cof Section A, a of Seeton 8, and Section C rappteabie, ‘Section A = Depreciation and Other Information (Caution: See the nstructons lor ims Tor passenger automobies ) ‘Do you have evidence 1o support the business/investment use ciamec? [J ves L_] No | 24b if "Ves," is the evidence written? |_] Yes L_J No (a) @, Tx Note. Only complete Part Il you have already been granted an automatic month extension on a previously fled Form 8868, ‘¢ ityou are fing for an Automatic 3-Menth Extension, complete only Part (on page 1) [Part |" Additional (Not Automatic) 3-Month Extension of Time. Only file the original (no copies needed). Enter fler's identifying number, se instructions ‘Type oF | Name of exempt organzaton or other fer, 688 netructons Employer dontiicavon number (IN) or ent ASSOCIATION FOR BETTER LIVING & Fauve EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL 95-4188814 secte' |” Number, soot ana room or suta no Ita PO box, see structons ‘Social secunty number (SSN) cr'See C/O NSBN LLP - 9454 WILSHIRE BLVD 4TH FLR ‘coms | Giy, town ar post ofc, slate, and ZP cade Fora foreign adcress, se9 mstracions EVERLY HILLS, CA 90212 Enter the Return code for the return that this appication i for (lea Separate application foreach return) Application Return [Application Return ls For Code} is For ‘Code Form 990 or Form 99052 ov Form 990.84 (02 | Form 1087 8 Form 4720 (ndiveva 03 | Formaz20 09, Form 900.95 (04 | Form 5027 10 Form 990-T 666 401(@) or 406(@) test) (05 | Form e068 = 1 Form 900-7 tus other than above) (05 | Form 8870 7 ‘STOP1 Do not complete Part iit vou were not already granted an automatic 3-month extension on a previously filed Ferm 6865. ‘GWENDA BYRNE # me books are nthe care of 7065 HOLLYWOOD BLVD. - LOS ANGELES, CA 90028 Telephone No B® 323 96! 530 FAX NO De © It the organzation does not have an office or piace of business in the United States, check this box »>O © thse fora Group Return, enter the oganczaton' four dt Group Exemption Nurber (GEN) 1 he forthe whole group, check the pox b> [tis torgart of the grove, check ths box Pe L_] and attach ast th he nares and ENs of al members the extension for “¢_ lvequesi an addtional month exerson of ime unti NOVEMBER 15, 2013 § For calendar year 201.2 , or one tax year Begining sand ening tthe tax yeor entered nine Ss for less than 12 months checkreason — LJuntalvenum ——LJRnalenm 1 change n accounting pero 7. Staten deta why you nged the extension a ADDITIONAL TIME IS NEEDED TO OBTAIN THE NECESSARY INFORMATION TO FILE A COMPLETE AND ACCURATE TAX RETURN. ‘aif ths applications for Form 990.81, 880PF, 890°, 4720, or 6069, enter the tentative tax, less any onretundable credits See nstruchons eas o bb _ifthis appleatin is for Form 990-PF, 9907, 4720, or 6069, entar any refundable cregta and eatmated tax payments made Include any pror year overpayment alowed as a credt and any amount pad pprowously with Form 8868. ws Oo. © Balance due. Subtract ine 6 from ine Ba Include your payment wih hs form, i requred, By using EFTPS Gectrone Federals nt Systor). Soe structions eels 0. jnature and Verification must be completed for Part I only. ‘Under penattws of peury, | declare hat have examined hs fom, including accompanying schedules and statements, and tote best of my knowedye and belt, iis, cores, an compae, ang that am authored to prepare hs frm Sugature De Tie > CPA Date Form 6868 (Rev. 1.2013)

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