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£402 FT 030 GSNNWOS rom 990 Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax Under section 601(c), 527, oF 4947(a)1) ofthe Internal Revenue Code (except black lung Denetit vust or private foundation) 2012 prin tite Headey | “Opento Pub Fecal > me erganzaton may have 1o se a copy of ts retum Tosa state reporting requrements. | Rrapeetion 1A For the 2012 calendar year or tax year beginning snd ending B grag, [CName ot oganzaton 1 Employer identification number jestse’ |_CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS Css. [Tong Business As 68-0005541 CWistin | Number and street (orP.0. box i mais not delivered to street address) [Room/sute | Telephone number Ciger | 6616 suNseT BLVD 323-467-4242 Js" cay, town, or post office, state, and ZP code G ccureaoas 2,673,443 (Ciges |_bos ANGELES, ca 90028 Ha) Is this a group return fentes Te Name and address of principal officer SERENITY MACDONALD for athiiates? Cves ExINo SAME AS C_ ABOVE ‘H(b) Ave all athates mciudes? L_J¥es [_]No ite: > WWW. CCHRINT.. ORG. compt status [X] 501043) [_] soiicy( 4 nsertno) C_] «a7(ay 1) [1 527] °No," attach a ist (c00 structions) Hc) Group exemption number D> 4169 _ Form of erganvavon: [2X] Coporaton [| Tust_[—]Assocanon [— [omer [Part 1] Summary Ti Yeiotocmauon: 198 2 mt Sof es domi CA ¢g] + Buell desenbo the ganuaton'smissen or most opnfcant achutes. TO INVESTIGATE AND EXPOSE $| PSYCHIATRIC ABUSES OF HUMAN RIGHTS. — E| 2 chock ins box BL] the organzation ciscontnved ts operations or disposed of mare than 25% of fs natagaets 3 | 2. Number of ving members ofthe governing body (Part Vine 1a) 3 5 8 | 4 wumoer of ndependentvotng members othe overnng body (Pat Vine 1b) m1 3 3 | 8 Total number ofmndusduais employed in calendar yaar 2012 (Pa V, ne 2a), 5 45 | 6 Totalmmber of volintors (estimate necessary) 6 150 | 7.9 Total unrelated business revenue rom Par Vil, coli (Cine 12 7 Oo. b Net unrelated business taxable mcome from Form 9607, tne 34 P| O. Prior Year “Current Year 4g| © Contrbutons and grants (Part Vl. ine 1h) 2,182,058.| 2,293,186. 2 | 9 Program semce revenue (ar Vil, ine 25) 52,765. 45,855. 2 | 10 investment ncome (Part Vil, column (A), ines 3, 4, and 7c) <4, 16. © | 41, omerrevenue Part Vl column (A), nes 5, 6; 8006-30s-and.23 28,220. 10,485. 42_Total revenue - add ines 6 through 11 (must equal PafiNll/eutGfiy a 2,263,039 2,349,542 13. Grants and simiar amounts paid (Part IX, column (A); bas 1-3)=" 9] 0. 175,774. 14 Bonofts paid to or for members (Part IX, curing ne 4) 0 0. 0. 4g 15 Salares, omer compensation, employee benetts Pit: edt (A ai 969 ,275.| 981,222. 8 | 16a Professional undrassing fees (Part iK, column (A, hae. 13¢). 2 0. O. | Tota tundrasing expenses Part X, column (0), ne S3CS A, 5 5] 47 omerexpenses Pat IX, column (nes 113-116; 11¢2a@) FE 1,181, 468,| 1,125,234. 18. Total expenses. Add ines 13:17 (must equa Par k column (A, ine 25) 2,150, 743.] 2,282,230. 19 Revenue less expenses Subtract ina 18 rom ina 12 112,296. 67,312. eg Begining of Cutet End of Year 3) 20 Total assets (Part X. ne 16) 750,226. 626,664. 2) 21 Total iabines (Pat x, tne 26) 328,868. 137,994. BE] 22 net assets orfund balances Subtract ine 21 from ine 20 421,358. 488,670. [Part [Signature Block Under penaes osu, is return, cluding accompanying schedules and statements, and to the best of my knowledge and bebe, 1s nan ofa 1 based on all novation of which preparer has any knowledge 13s sion tae Here D, TREASURER fier pintaumeun te 7 = Pony renarers rae rs i Oa aT Faw rid WILLIAM D. ESENSTEN [oS 2 pa Milnds [Pe boosas334 Prepaer [fursrane_p» NSBN LLP. mst -95-2399533 Use Only [Famisedsessy 9454 WILSHIRE BLVD., 4TH FLOOR BEVERLY HILLS, CA 90212-2907 Prene no (310) 273-2501. Faye RS discus a alum way to preparer shown above? (se nstuctons Tid] ves [Ino taint ues LHA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the seperate instvtions. Form 980 2012) A oO rm 990 (2012) CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541 Page? Part Ill | Statement of Program Service Accomplishments ° CChacief Schedule O contans a response to any question m this Pat Il Go 4 Brefly descnbe the organization's mssion THE CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS IS _A MENTAL HEALTH WATCHDOG. WORKING TO RESTORE HUMAN RIGHTS TO THE FIELD OF MENTAL HEALTH, TO INCLUDE FULL INFORMED CONSENT REGARDING PSYCHIATRIC DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENTS, PROTECTING CONSUMER AND PATIENT RIGHTS. 2 _ Dud the organzation undertake any signficant program services dunng the year which were not listed on ‘the pnor Form 990 or 990-£2? Coves Ex]No it-Yes,* desenbe these new services on Schedule O 3 _Oxd the organization cease conducting, or make significant changes in how it conducts, any program services? Coves [XI No lW7Yes," descnbe these changes on Schedule O 4 Descnbe the organization's program service accomplishments foreach of ts three largest program services, as measured by expens ‘Section 501(6K3) and 501(e)(4) organizations are requred to repor the ammount of grants and allocations to others, the total expanses, and ‘ovens, any for each program senace reported 43 (Cov Veceees 158,597. RESEARCH: = CCHR CONDUCTED RESEARCH INTO THE MANY DIFFERENT AREAS OF HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES IN THE MENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM INCLUDING PSYCHIATRIC DRUG USE WITHIN THE MILITARY AND THE LINK BETWEEN PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS AND SENSELESS VIOLENCE. rogues Y Gees y CCHR RESEARCHED, PUBLISHED AND RELEASED A 4-PART SERIES ON THE EPIDEMIC QF SUICIDES IN THE MILITARY AND THE CORRELATION TO DRAMATIC INCREASE IN PSYCHIATRIC DRUG PRESCRIPTIONS TO TREAT THE EMOTIONAL SCARS OF BATTLE IT_WAS FOUND THAT FROM 2001 TO 2009, THE ARMY'S SUICIDE RATE INCREASED MORE THAN 150 PERCENT WHILE ORDERS FOR PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS INCREASED 76 PERCENT OVER THE SAME PERIOD. 4B (cose Veena 115,296. maucraranears 1 Genes y INFORMATIONAL CLEARINGHOUSE & HOTLINE: AS_A PUBLIC AWARENESS GROUP, CCHR PROVIDES A TOLL-FREE 800 HOTLINE FOR PEOPLE TO REPORT INCIDENTS OF PSYCHIATRIC ABUSE, FRAUD OR OTHER CRIMINAL CONDUCT AND TO REQUEST FREE INFORMATION. THE CCHR HOTLINE IS. PROMOTED THROUGH ITS PUBLICATIONS, THE MEDIA, PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS, ITS WEBSITE AND THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA. THROUGH THIS HOTLINE CCHR ASSISTED THOSE REPORTING PSYCHIATRIC ABUSES AND FILED COMPLAINTS TO THE APPROPRIATE AUTHORITIES. CCHR ALSO PROVIDED THOUSANDS OF CALLERS WITH ACCURATE INFORMATION OF THE DOCUMENTED RISKS OF PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS AND OTHER DATA THEY NEEDED TO BECOME BETTER INFORMED ABOUT PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENTS. THIS INCLUDED SENDING FREE MATERIALS AND DVDS TO CALLERS THAT REQUEST THEM. 46 (cose (eros 85,417. rencnggurnat® 1) Gioweves y LEGISLATIVE & POLITICAL ACTIVITIES: CCHR'S MISSION IS TO ERADICATE ABUSES COMMITTED UNDER THE GUISE OF MENTAL HEALTH AND ENACT PATIENT AND CONSUMER PROTECTIONS. SINCE ITS FORMATION, CCHR HAS HELPED TO ENACT MORE THAN 150 LAWS PROTECTING INDIVIDUALS FROM ABUSIVE OR COERCIVE MENTAL HEALTH PRACTICES. IN 2012, CCHR, ALONG WITH ADVOCACY GROUPS AND EXPERTS, CONTINUED TO INFORM AND EDUCATE LEGISLATORS AND POLICYMAKERS ABOUT THE INHERENT DANGERS OF PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS, MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENTS AND PRACTICES. GCHR_DID A PETITION CALLING ON THE U.S. GOVERNMENT TO LAUNCH AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE LINK BETWEEN PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS, SCHOOL SHOOTINGS: “44 Other program services (Dascnbe in Schedule O) eens 1,455,733. ncusraguies 175,774.) (reonns 103,353.) “ae Total program service expenses 1,815,043. Form 990 2012) wee SEE SCHEDULE O FOR CONTINUATION(S) 2 “gm 990 2012) CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHT! 68-0005541 _Page3 Part IV [ Checklist of Required Schedules 5 ‘Yea | No 1s the organzation described i section 50163) or 4947(ah) (other than a prvate foundation)? "Yes," complete Schedule A 11x 2 Isthe organzation requred to complete Schedule 8, Schedule of Contnbutor? 2[x 3. Did the exganzation engage n director rect poktical campaign actwies on behalf of orn opposition to candidates for publi ofice? "Yes," complete Schedule C, Part 3 x 4 Section 501(¢)8) organizations. Ord the organation engage in lobbying acts, or have a section SOT) alacton i effect ‘ung the tax year? i"¥es* complete Schedule C, Parti a[x ‘5 Is the organzation a section 501(c)(4),501(cK5), oF 501eV'6) xganation that ecewes membership dues, assessments, oF sumiar amounts as dened in Revenue Procedure 98-192 If Yes," complete Schedule C, Part 5 x {6 Did the organization maintan any donor advised funds or any sia funds or accounts fr wich donors have the right to provide adwce on the dstnbuton or nvestment of amounts in such funds or accounts? IT"Yes," complete Schedule D, Part! |_6 x 7_Did the organzation recive or hold a conservation easement, including easements 0 preserve open space, the envronment, histone land areas, or stone structures? I "Yes," complete Schedule D, Part I z x 18 Did the organcation mantan collections of works ofa, hstoncal treasures, or other similar assets? I Yes," complete ‘Schedule 0, Pati 2 x 19 Did the oxgancation report an amount in Part X ne 21 or escrow or custodial account abity, serve asa custodean for amounts not tad n Part X, oF provide eredt counseling, debt management, cred repar, or debt negotiation serices? "Yes," complete Schedule 0. Part V ® 40 Did the organization, cirecty or through a related organization, ald assets temporanlyrestncted endowments, permanent endowments, or quastendowments? I "Yes," complote Schedule O, Part V 10 x 111 the organzaton's answer to any ofthe flowing questions “Yes,” then complete Schedule D, Parts I Vi Vil, 1X or 1s apptcable 2. Dd the ganization report an amount for land, buildings, and equipment in Part X, ne 107 i "Yes," complete Schedule O, Port vi sa] X bb Did the oganzation report an amount for investments other secures in Part X ne 12 that 5% or more of total assets reported in Part X, ine 167 I "Yes." complote Schedule O, Part Vil sw| | x € id the o;ganzaton port an amount for vestments program related in Part X, kne 13 that 65% or more ot otal ‘assets reported in Part X ne 167 "Yes," complete Schedule D, Part Vil we] |X <4 01d the organization repor an amount for other assets n Part X, ine 15 that i 5% or more of ts otal assets reported in art X, ne 162 Yes," complete Schedule O, Part s14| X «Od the organization report an amount for ater labities in Par X, ne 257 if "Yes," complete Schedule D, Part X ste] X {Dad the organization's separate or consolidated fmancia statements forthe tax year clude a footnote that addresses. the organization’ kabity for uncertain tax postions under FIN 48 (ASC 740}? I Yes," complete Schedule D, Part X a1 x {2a Did the erganzaton obtan separate, ndependent audited fnancal statements forthe tax yer? if Yes," complete ‘Schedule D, Pats XI and x x bb Was the organzaton meluded in consolidated, ndependent audited fnanca statements for tho tax year? Uf "Yes," and 1 the organization answered ‘No* to ine 122, then completing Schedule O, Parts XI and Xil's optional sp| |x 49. Is the orgarizton a schoo! described n soction 170f0\ 1A)? i Yes," complete Schedule E 19 x ‘4a. Did the organization manta an ottes, employees o agents outside o he Unted States? ‘wel |X 'b Did the organization have aggrogat ravenues or expenses of more than $10,000 trom grantmakng, fundrassing business, investment, and program service actives outside the Unted States or aggregate foregn rnvestments valued at $100,000 or more? if Yes," complete Schedule F, Parts and aol X 15 Did the organzaton report on Part 1X. column (A), ine 3, more than $5,000 of grants or assistance to any organzation or entity located outside the Unted States? if Yes," complete Schedule F, Pats and lV 16 ra 16 Oi the arganzation report on Part X, column (A ine 3, more than $5,000 of aggregate grants or assistance to ndwaduals located outside the Unted States? i "Yes," complete Schedule F, Parts it and V 16 x 470d the organization epor a total of mare than $16,000 of expenses for professional fundrassng services on Pati, column (A), ins 6 and 1167 If Yes," complete Schedule G, Part a x 48 Did the organzation report more than $15,000 total of tundratsing event gross income and contributions on Pat Vil, nes 1c and 8a? Yes,” compete Schedule G, Pat I |X 419 Od the organization report more than $18,000 of gross income rom gaming aces on Part Vil ine 9a? I "Ys," complete Schedule G, Pert it 19 x ‘20a id the organization operate one or more hesptal facies? I "Yes." complete Schedule H zoa| |x _b_1f"Ves" tone 20a, de the organczation attach a copy of is audited fnancalstatoments tots turn? 20 Form 990 2072) um 990 2012) CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005: Part IV [ Checklist of Required Schedules conavec) 541 page 4 21 Dé the organzation report more than $5,000 of grants and other assistance to any government or organization inthe Unted States on Parti, column (A, tne 1? (f-Yas," complete Schedule |, Parts Vand i! 22 Dé the organeation report more than $5,000 of grants and other assistance to indndvals inthe Unted States on Part I, ‘column (A). ne 27 I "Yes," complete Schedule | Parts !and i 22 Dé the organization answer "Yes" to Par Vil, Section A, ne 3 4 or about compensaton of the o;ganzaton’s curent ‘and former ofieers, duectors, trustees, key employees, and highest compensated employees? if "Yes," complete ‘Schedule! ‘24a, Did the organzation have a taxexempt bond issue with an outstanding principal amount of more than $100,000 as of the last day ofthe year, that was issued after December 31, 2002? if "Yes," answer nes 24b through 24d and compete ‘Schedule K. If No‘, goto ine 25, bb Dis the organzation nvest any proceeds of tax-exempt bonds beyond a temporary pened exception? Dis the organization maintan an escrow account other than a retunding escrow at any time dunng the year to defease any taxexempt bonds? Did the organzation act as an ‘on behalf of 1ssuer for bonds outstanding at any me dunng the year? 25a Section 01(¢X8) and 501(¢)4) organizations. Od the organcation engage man excess benefit transaction wath a ‘equaled person dunng the year? “Yes,” complete Schedule L, Part | b Is the organization aware that it engaged in an excess beneft transaction wth a tsqualfied parson n @pror year, and that the tansacton has not been reported on any ofthe organzation’s prot Forms 990 or 990.62” If "Yes," completo Schedule L, Part! 28 Was aloanto or by a curent or former oficer, director, trustee, key employee, highest compensated employes, or sisqualed| person outstanding as ofthe end of the oxganzaton’s tax year? f“Yes," complete Schedule, Part! 27 Did the erganizatin provide a rant or other assistance o an officer, director, trustee, kay employee, substantial ‘contnbutor or employee there, a grant selection committee member, orto 235% controlled entity oF family member ‘of any ofthese persons? if "Yes," complete Schedule , Part i 28 Was the organzation a party o a business transaction with one ofthe following partes (see Schedule L, Part V instructions for applicable fing thresholds, conditions, and exceptions) ‘8 Acurtent or former officer, director, trustee, or Key employee? if Yes," complete Schedule L, Part IV bb Atami member ofa curent or former ofcer, director, rustes, or kay employee? If "Yes," complote Schedule L, Part V © An entity of which a current or former officer, crectr, trustee, or kay employee (ora family member thereof was an oftcer, rector, trustee, or direct or ndract owner? If Yes," complete Schedule L, Part IV id the organization receive more than $25,000 In noncash contributions? IF "Yes," complete Schedule M id the organization receive contributions of at istoncal treasures, or other similar assets, or qualified conservation contributions? If Yes," complete Schedule M 31. Did the organteation laudate, tormnate, or dissolve and coase operations? "Yes," complete Schedule N, Part | 32 Did the organization sol exchange, dspose of, or transfer more than 25% of ts net assets? "Yes," complete ‘Schedule N, Part it 33 Did the organization own 100% of an entity disregarded as separate from the organzaton under Regulations sections 901.7701-2 and 201 7701-3? if *¥es," complete Schedule P, Part! ‘84 Was the organization related to any taxexempt or taxable entity? if "Yes," complete Schedule A, Pat I il, or IV, and Part Vine 1 352 Di the organization have a controled entty within the meaning of section $12(0\18)? If -¥es" to ine 38a, did the organization recenve any payment fom or engage in any transaction wit a controed entty ‘wit the meaning of secton 512(b)13)? 1 “Yes,” complete Schedule R, Part, ino 2 ‘86 Section 501(0)(8) organizations. Did the organization make any transfers to an exempt non-chartable related organization? "Yes," complete Schedule R, Part V, ine 2 987 Did the organization conduct more than 5% of ts actives through an entity that 1s nota related organization and that's treated as a partnership for federal income tax purposes? if *Yes," complete Schadule R, Part VI 138 Did the organation complate Schedule O and provide explanations n Schedule O for Part Vi ines 11b and 197 [Note ll Form 990 fers are requred to complete Screduls O 8B Yes] Ne a| x ar x 280 x 2 x 26 x 29 |X so | x at by 2 3 4 358 98. x oo | x Form 990 (2072) ‘1m 990 2012) CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541 Page Part V] Statements Regarding Other IRS Filings and Tax Compliance Check i Schedule O contans a response to any question in this Part V el : Yes | No ‘1a Enter the number reported n Box 3 of Form 1098. Enter 0 not appkcable 1a 16 1b Enter the number of Forms W2G included n ine 1a Enter0- not applicable %b 5| {© Did the organization comply with backup wihholsing rues for reportable payments to vendors and reportable garnng {(gambing) vinings to prze winners? te |X 2a. Enter the number of employees reported on Form W3, Transmttal of Wage and Tax Statements, {ed forthe calendar year ending wth or wth the year covered by ths turn 2a 45) bb Hat least one is reported on tne 2a, ci the organization tle all requred federal employment tax returns? a» | x Note, if the sum of ines 1a and 2a i greater than 250, you may be required to e-file (s98 mstructons) ‘3a. Did the organization have unrelated business gross income of $1,000 or more cunng the year? 2a x bb H"Yes,* has @ fled a Form 990-T fortis year? if "No," proude an explanation n Schedule O 3b 44a. At any te during the calendar year, dk the organizaton have an intrest n, ora signature or other authonty over, a ‘nancsal account a foreign country (such as a bank account, secuntes account, o other financial account)? 4a x bb Hf*Yes," enter the name of the feign country De See structions for filng requirements for Form TD F 9022 1, Repo of Foren Bank and Financial Accounts| ‘5a. Was the organization a party to a prohibited tax sheer transaction at any tune dunng the tax year? 50 x 'b Did any taxable party notly the organcation that was or a party to a prohibited tax shelter transaction? es x If ¥es." tone 5a 0” 58, dd the organzation tle Form 8886.77 se. {6a Does the organzation nave annual ross receipts that are normally greater than $100,000, and dis the organzation soit ‘any contributions that were not tax deduchibio as chartable contnbutions? 2 x bb It¥es." aid the organization include with every soletaton an express statement that such contributions or gts wore not tax deductible? es 7 Organizations that may receive deductible contributions under section 170{c) 2 Did the organization raceve a payment in excess of $75 made pat as a contribution and party for goods and servees proved tote pyor?| 7a | X bb 1fYes,* did the organcation notfy the donor ofthe valve ofthe goods or seruces provided? |X ‘© Did the organization sel, exchange, or otherwise dispose of tangible personal property fer which it was required to fe Form 82627 ze| |x 4d. 10s," mdicate the numberof Forms 8282 tied during the year 14 | fe Od the organization recewe any funds, directly or inctectly, to pay premums on a personal benefit contract? 0 x 1 Dd the organization, duang the year, pay premiums, dvectly oF drectly, on a personal benetit contract? it x {9 Ifthe organzation recewves a contnbuton of qualfied intelectual property, dis the organization fle Form 8899 as requed? | 74, fr Ifthe organcation received a contnoution of cars, boats, axplanes, of other vehicles, did the organaation file a Form 1088-0? | 7h {8 Sponsoring organizations maintaining donor advise funds an6 section 09(a)3) supporting organzatins. Oi he supporting organization, ofa donor adwsed fund matarned by aspansonng organzabor, have excess business holdings at anytime ducing te year? | 9 Sponsoring organizations maintaining donor advised funds. ‘8 Did the orgarnzation mako any taxable distributions under section 49667 90 'b Did the organization make a distrbution to a donor. donor advisor, oF related person? 9% 10 Section 501(¢)7) organizations. Enter ‘2 Intianon fees and captal contnbutions mcluded on Part Vl ine 12 $09 1b Gross recepts, ncluded on Form 990, Par Vil ne 12, fr pubic use of cub faciives 100 114 Section 601(¢)(12) organizations. Enter 2 Gross income from memibers or shareholders 10 bb Gross income from other sources (De nat net amounts due or paid to other sources aganst amounts cu or recewed trom them) so +129. Section 4947(8X1) non-exempt charitable rusts. Is the organaation fing Form 890 mle of Form 10817 120 Ife,” enter the amount of tax-exempt interest received or accrued dung the year 12 13 Section 50128) qualified nonprofit health insurance issuers. ‘Is the organcaton teensed to cue qualified heath plans more than one state? [aaa | Note, See the structions for addtional formation the organization must report on Schedule O 'b Enter the amount of reserves the organaation ss required to mamta by the states in which the organization's censed to issue quali health plans 490 © Enter the amount of reserves on hand 136 ‘4a. ad the organization receive any payments for indoor tanning services duning te tax yoar? 14a x 'b_lf-Yes," nas ft filed a Form 720 to report these payments? If ‘No, provide an explanation m Schedule O 140 Form 990 (2012) Form 990 (2012) CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541 _Page6 Part VI] Govemance, Management, and Disclosure For each "Yes" sponse fnes 2 Wvaigh To Blow, nd fore "No"Riponae tolne 6, 8b, or 0b below, desenbe th crcumstances, processes or changes Schedule © Soe stuchons, ‘Crack Schedule 0 contans a response to any question ts Pat ca Section A. Governing Body and Management ‘Yes | No ‘a. Enter the number of votng members ofthe governing body atthe end ofthe tax year 1 5 itthere are materalterences voting rights among merers of he governing ody, oF he governing ody detegated broad authonty to an executive commttee or smiar come, explain m Schedule O. Enter the number of votng member included in ne Ta, above, wh are independent tb 3 2 Dd any officer, director, trustee, or ky employee have a famly relationship ora business relatonship with any other offer, director, trustee, or key empoyee? 2 x 32D the organzation delegate control over management duties customanly performed by or under the direct supervision Of offcers, dvectos, or trustees, orkey employees to a managernent company or other person? 3 x 4. Did the organzation make any significant changes tots governnig documents since the por Form G90 was fied? 4 x 5 Dd the organcation become aware during the year of a Sgniicant diversion ofthe organization's assets? s x 6 Did the organzation have members o stockholders? 6 x 7a Did the organzation have memivers, stockholders, or other persons who had the power to elector appamnt one or ‘mare members of the governing body? ra| x bb Are any governance decisions of the organization resarvad to (or subject to approval by) member, stockholders, or persons other than the governng body? m| x {8 Did the organation contemporaneousl document the meetings held or waten actions undertaken during the yearby te folowng: ‘a The governing body? ea | x 'b Each committee with authonty to act on behalf ofthe governing body? ao | x 9s thore any offeer, director, trustee, or key employee Isted n Part Vl, Secon A, who cannot be reached at the ‘crganzation’s maiing address? If "Yes," provde the names and aderesses Schedule O 2 x Section B. Policies (7ms Secuon 8 requests formation about pobcies not requred by the intemal Revenue Code) Yes | No 10a. the organzation have local chapters, branches, or atfitates? oa] X 'b If "Yes," did the organzation have wntten polices and procedures governing the actwtes of such chaptors,afiates, land branches to ensure ther operatons are consistent withthe oxganizaton's exempt purposes? soo | x ‘14a. Has the organization provided a complete copy ofthis Form 990 to all members of ts governing body betore fing the form? [44a] X 'b_ Describe in Schedule 0 the process, any, used by the organzation to review ths Form 990 ‘28d the organaation have a wntten contict of mterest policy? If "No," goto line 13 y20| X 'b Wore otters, directors, or tusies, and key employees requved to dsclose annually snterests hat could gue nse to contcts? s0| X €@ Did the organzation regularly and consistently monitor and enforce complance with the poly? I Yes," descnbe 'n Schedule O how ths was cone sze| x 19D the organaation have a wntten whistleblower policy? 19 |X +14 Ox the organcation have a wntten document retention and destruction pokey? [Xx 18 _Oxd the process for determining compensation of the following persons include a revew and approval by independent persons, comparabulty data, and contemporaneous substantiation of the deliberation and decision? 1a The organization's CEO, Executwe Drector, or tp management official 15 bb Other officers or key employees of the organization 15 "Yes" to hne 15a or 15b, descnbe the process in Schedule O (see structions). 16a_Did the oxganzation vest in, contnbute assets to, or participate in a joint venture or similar arrangement with ‘taxable entity dung the year? 163 x bb If"Yes," did the organzation folow a wntten policy or procedure requinng the organization to evaluate its partc;pation sn oint venture arrangements under applicable federal tax law, and take steps to safeguard the organization's exempt status vith respect to such arrangements? 18. ‘Section C. Disclosure 417 List the states with which a copy of this Form 990 1s required to be tied PCA 48 Section 6104 raquires an organization to make its Forms 1023 (or 1024 i applicable), 880, and 890-T (Section 501(e}3}s only) avatlable for pubic inspection. Indicate how you made these available Check all that apply CX] ownwebste — [_J Another's webste — [X] Upon request. [] other (explain Schedule 0) 49 Describe in Schedule O whether (and i 50, now), the organcation made its governing documents, conflict of mterest policy, and financial statements avaiable to the public durng the tax year 20 State the name, physical address, and telephone number of the person who possesses the books and records of the organzation. Be SERENITY MACDONALD -_ 323-467-4242 6616 ISET BLVD., LOS ANGELES, CA 90028 Fae Form 980 (2012) 6 bene Form 990 (2012) CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHT: 68-0005541 Page 7 [Part Vil Compensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, Highest Compensated Employees, and Independent Contractors Creek Schedule O contains a response to any question in ths Pat Vi oO ‘Seaton A Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, ang Highest Compensated Employees "Compete sabe fr al person equedto beled Report compensation cla ya ndng wi o hn Te erganaatn= axe, {stat he xganzaton' curentafcr, recon, tutes (ther nada or epanzaons) regards of nun! of conpeneaton, ‘Grin eoumns (By (9, and (0 tro Sompencation was pa ‘Gxt aloft oraneaton’s current ey employees, any See mstructons fr deft of key employee * * Lit he oroancaton's he cutent hghestcompersted emooyes (te an an oie, cect, use, ey employe) who rezewedeponale ampensaton (xo form W-2 andor ox of Form 1098-MISC) ot mare an $100,000 am he ganz nd any reed geno * List all ofthe ocganzaton’s former fiers, key employees, and highest compensated employees who received more than $100,000 of ‘epontable compensaton fom tre orgatation afd anyveted xgancatons * List al ofthe organcaton's former directors or trustees that received the capacty as afomer vector or see ofthe oganation, ‘more than $10,000 of reportable compensahon rom te rganizahon ang ary ested organcatons. List persons nthe flowng order indhncual tustees or rector, sttutonal trustees, oficers, Kay employees, highest compensated employees; nd former such persons creck ts box: nother he organtion ner any rated organization compensated any cunt ofcer, rector, oc stew Ente “ © © o © # Name and Title average | ennai cee eT nanane | _ Reportable Reportable Estimated ours per [SSSI Ee | compensaton | compensation | amcuntot ‘wook [stinenscarecatenes ‘rom from lated ther (istany [§ the crganatons | compensation hours for ls crganaaton | w2rt099MISc) | "rom the reates | 3] 8 B | | wenosemise) ‘exganzaton loganzatons| #|$| | 2 |E ‘nd related aE eRe. organaatons ali 8|5|ee E (DADE LEAN ‘TRUSTEE x 0. 0. o. (2) BLAINE STEGEL 0.30 i ueree xi jj || 0. 0. o. (3) BGAN SHEELDS 0-30 laial RUSTE x 0. o. O. (4) ISADORE HATE pxnscron x ___o. 0. o. (S). AN EASROATE MEYER DIRECTOR & EMPLOYEE x 37,140. 0. O. (6) FRAN ANDREWS 40.00 Vice PRESIDENT £ DIRECTOR x| |x 37,780. 0. (7) MICHAEL BAYBAK 6.00 pxascroR x | | 0. o. 0. (8) g0xce cates 6.00 prrecton_ x 0. 0. o. (3) BRUGE wise PRESIDENT _| Ix 8,915. 0. O. (20) MARLA PELTDET vice PaEstoewr x 37,780 0. 0. (21) SERENITY NACDONALD 40.007 SREASURER x 36,780. 0. 0 (22) canta WOxOR 40.00 SECRETARY x 15,716. . o {seam Form 890 (2072) Form 990 2012), CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541__ Page8 [Part VII] section A, Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees (continued) 2 e cy ) ) wr) Name and te verse |, 22889", | Reportable reportable | Estimated roureper |Seracsarsrtcet| compensaton | compensaton | amountot week | Sex mde ‘rom ‘tom elated ‘other eatery |e ve opacea || ee eres vost |B ergarasvon | ewanoaaiaise) | “tom tne related |g (W-2/1099-MISC) ‘organization sinato f rd reated iow i crgaratons toe) | E i " E { IEA ‘1b Sub-total > 174,111 _ 0. 0. ‘© Total from continuation sheets to Part Vil, Section A >» 0. Q.| 0. Total (add lines tb and tc) > 174,111. 0.| 0. 2. Toa ube of rca (ncluding but nt ined To those ied above) who rece ore than $160,000 aponaDa conganaaton fom ti organeaton ° Yes [Ne 3 Di the egenzation ist any former fice, decor, or tute, Ky empoyee, or hghest compensated ely ino a? "Ys, complete See for such nda Tee 4 Forany malted on ne Tas the sum of raporatle compensation ander compensaton rom te organization and related ergancatone greater nan $150,000? "Yes," compte Sched Jor such nd! a| tx 8 Dany person ated on ne Ta recone or ace compensation om an unread organzaton onda or serces rendered tothe oganzaton? "es," complte Sched fr sich prton x ‘Section B. Independent Contractors 1 Complate ths table for your fe highest compensated dependant contractors that recewed nore than $100,000 of compensation from ‘the organwation Report compensation for the calendar year ending with or within the organization's tax year “ e) © Name and business address Desenption of senrces Compensation SAM BRUNELLI, 15462 GULF BLVD #508, SAINT PETERSBURG, FL 33708 UBLIC_RELATIONS 212,500. @ Total number of ndependent contractors (ncluding bul net lmted to those sted above) who recewed more than 100,000 of compensation trom the organzation > L Form 980 (2072) Fou 990 2012) CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541 Page Part Vill | Statement of Revenue _Chteck if Schedule © contans a response to any question in this Part Vill oOo rattle | role | onblles [epee revenue. revenue | EO Se b Membership dues tb 53,998. ¢ Fundrassing events te 28,625. Ae : ‘similar amounts not included above |2,210,563.. 9 Noncath corihibubons ncuded in nes 18-18 §, 26,898. h Total, Add lines ta-tt > 293,186. g | 2a PROGRAM SERVICE FEES 541900 45,855. 45,855. les Hs Ble é 1 Allother program service revenue ‘other simiar amounts) > 21. 21. 4 Income from investment of taxexempt bond proceeds > d_ Net rental income or (loss) > 7 a Gross amount from sales of [{) Secunties | (i) Other te tc a Net gain or oss) > <5. <5.> 7 including $ 28,625. of i contnbutons reported on ine 1¢) See ‘ Part IV, tne 18. a st income or (loss) from fundraising events <62,510.| <62,510.> st income or (loss) from sales of inventor 57,498. 57,498. 11a REFERRAL FEES 6,106. 6,106. b PAYROLL TAX REFUNDS 5,059. 5,059. c OTHER INCOME 4,332.) 4,332. @ Total, Add ines 11a-11d > 15,497. 42. Total revenue See instructions. > 42.) 103,353.) 0 46,997.> ‘Fame Form 990 (2012) ox 990 (2012) CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541 Page 10 Part ix] Statement of Functional Expenses ‘Section 601(@)(G) and 501(6)4) organzatons must complete al columns Al other rganatons must complete column (A) Check ¢ Schedule O contans a response to ary queston 1 ths Part IX oI ‘ot include amounts reported on ines @ ©) O, eect acta enous rare on re oo Fata tenses | Progratservme | Managérentand | Fundeleng 7b, 8b, 9b, and 10 of Part Vl “1 Grants and oer assistance to governments and corganaatons nthe Unted States Se Pat Nine 21 175,774.| 175,774. 2 Grants and other assistance to ndiduals in the Unted States See Part IV, ine 22 3. Grants and other assistance to governments, organzatons, and ndduals cutsde the United States See Part IV, ines 16 and 16 4 Bonetts pax to or for members 5. Compensation of curent officers, directors, trustees, and key employens 174,111. 143,691, 18,015. 12,405. {6 Compensation nt nuded above, to tsqualied person (s btned under section #958(t(1)) and persons deseibed in section 4954(e)3)8) Bponses, general expanses expenses 7 Other salanes and wages 707, 683.| 550,514. 93,073, 64,096. {8 Person plan accra and conroutens (nce secton 401K) and 403() employer cantons) 9 Otherempioyes bens 15,187, ii, 815. 1,997. 1,375. 10 Payrol taxes 84,241, 65,532. 11,073. 7,630. 11. Foes for servcus(non-employees) ‘a Management | b Legal (Ris 10,000.) 753. © Accounting 39,823. 29,867. 9,956. Lobbying Professional undrasngserces. Se Part W, bn 17 {Investment management fees, — ‘9 Other, (ifine 119 amount exceeds 10% ote 25, calumn ()ameurt, it ne 119 expenses on Sch 0) = 42 Advertising and promotion 600,887.| 597,439. 3,408. 19° Office expenses 148,140.| 100,452. 21,683. 26,005. ‘4 tnformaton technology 15 Royalties { 16 Occupancy 90, 457.1 72,608.| 10,064. 7,785. a7 Travel 16,952. 16,861. 54. 37. 48 Payments of ravel or entertainment expenses for any fedora state, orocal publi offeais 19 Conferences, conventions, and meetings 20 Interest 21 Payments to atates 22 Depreciation, deplebon, and amertzaten 62,430. 50,084, 6,961. 5,385. 2a Insurance 15,939. 12,787. 1,777. 1,375. 24 Ofer expenses. temas expenses ne covered bore. (List mscelaneous expenses i ine 24 Ine ee emount exes 10% of ne 25, clue (A) moun, ist ine 2e expenses on Schedule 0) REFERRAL FEES 130,229, 130,229. STAFF TRAINING 9,624. 7,486. 1,266. 872. ‘Alother expences 25 Tota funcional expenses, AdGinas 1though2ae | 2,282,230. 1,615,043.[ 196,589. 270,598. 26 dolnt cost Compete this ine ony he organzaton reported in cola (2) ont costs rom acomibned dete canon nd eg late comets pC) sstewnn so 21 | ao 0.18 Form 990 (2072) 10 Fou 990 201 Ns X [Balance Sheet ‘Check Schedule O contains a response to any quosion inthis Part X Oo ON ON HUMAN R: Page 14. A) @ Beginning of yoar Engi year + Gash-nonimterestbearng 74, 514,[ 4 223,797. 2 Savings and temporary cash investments 420,448.[ 2 229,061. 3. Pledges and grants recowable, net 4,427.1 3 129. 4 Accounts recewable, net 21,592.| 4 19,494. '5 Loans and other recewvables from current and former officers, directors, trustees, key employees, and highest compensated employees Complete Part Ilof Schedule. 5 16 Loans and atherrecewables from other disqualified persons (as defined under section 49581), persons descnbed in section 4958(c(5)(8), and contributing employers and sponsonng erganzations of section 501(¢)®) voluntary employees’ bonefiary organzations (see mst) Complete Part Hof Sch L ‘ | 7 Rots and ican recente, net — : & | © tnvertone fr sae oruse 47,055. | 58,879. 9 Prepaid expenses and deferred charges 2,500.1 9 2,500. 102. Land, buldings, and equipment cost or other basis Complete Part Vif Schedule D wa| 2,035,218. bb Less, accumulated depreciation sop] 2,013,611. 76,579 «| 106 21,607. 11 Invesimonts - publicly traded secures u 12 Investments other securties See Par IV, ine 14 2 13. Investments -programelated See Part IV, ne 11 : 13 14 Intangible assets 1“ 15 Other assets Soe Part, ne 17 109, 112.[ 45 71,197. $6 Total assets. Add ines 1 through 15 (must equal ine 34) 750,226.1 16 626,664. 17 Accounts payable and accrued expenses 323,219.17 133,158. 18° Grants payable 18 19 Detered revenue 5,649.1 19 7,836. Taxexemp bond abies 20, 21 Escrow or custodial account abilty Complete Part IV of Schedule D 2 Loans and other payables to cunent and forme oftear, directors, trustees, key employees, highest compensated employees, and disqualified pereons Complete Part of Schedule. SSocured mortgages and notes payable to unrelated thrd partes Unsecured notes and loans payable to unrelated thd parties Other labites (nctuding federal income tax, payables to related third partes, and other labiives not eluded on lines 17:24) Complete Part X of Schedule O 25 Total ligblities, Ads ines 17 though 25 328,868. ‘Organizations that follow SFAS 117 (ASC 958), check here > LX] and complete lines 27 through 28, and lines 33 and 34. Unvestncted net assats 421,358. 488,670. Temporary restncted net assets Permanently restrcted net assats Organizations that do not follow SFAS 117 (ASC 958), check here > [_] and complete lines 30 through 34, Capital stock or rust pancipal, or current funds Padin or captal surplus, of land, bulding, or equipment fund Retained earnings, endowment, accumulated income, o ther funds Total net assets 0” fund balances 421,358, Total labiines and net assets/fund balances 750,226. fe (8 Bee 3 | 137,994. Bes 55 Net Assets or Fund Balances keRes 488,670. 626,664 Form 980 012) le le fe [e/g 11 Form 980 2012) CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-000. Part Xi] Reconciliation of Net Assets 5541 Page 12 Check Schedule © contans aresponse to any queston tus Part X1 fe 1 Totaravenve (rust equal Pat il cokunn (ke 12) 4 2,349,542. 2 Tota’ expenses (rust equal Par, column (A, ne 25) 2 2,282,230. 3 Revenveless expenses Subtract ine 2 trom hne 1 3 67,312. 44 Net assots o und balances at beginning of year (must equal Part X, tna 29, cok (A) 4 421,358. 5 Net unrealized gans tosses) on investments 5 © Donated seraces and use of facies 6 7 Investment expenses z 8 Por penod adustmants 8 Other changes in net assets o und balances (axlain m Schedule 0) ® a 10 Net assots or fund balances at end of year Combine ines 3 trough 9 (must equal Pat X, ine 39, column (8) 0 488,670. Part Xi Financial Statements and Reporting Check Schedule O contans a response to any question thi Pat Xi @ Yes] Ne 41 Aecounting mothod used to prepare the Form 50° C] cash [J Accral lotner ite organzaton changod ts mathod of accounting fom a pr year or checked “Other explain n Schedule O 2a Wore the organzaton's franca statements compld or reviewed by an dependent accountant? aa| |x IF"¥es," check box below to ndiate whether the franca statment forthe year wore compled or revewed ona separate bass, consobdated bans, or both Cseparatebass — (_} Consolidated basis] oth consotdated and separate basis bb Wore the o;ganaaton’s nancial statements aucted by an ndependent accountant? | x I1*¥es," check a box betow toindieate whather the fnancal statements forthe year were audited ona separate bass, consolidated bass, orboth Separate bass [] Consolidated basis] sot consoidated and separate basis © 11-¥0s" to ne 2a or 20, does he organization have a committe thal asaumes responsi for overeght ofthe aud, revew, oF complain of nancial statements and selection ofan independent accountant? 2e| X tttho organzation changed ethers overaght processor solecton process dung the tax year, oxplan im Schedule O a As aresut ofa federal award, was the organzaton requ to undergo an audit or audits as st forth inthe Single Audt ‘Act and OMB Croular 1397 aa| | x » 1°Yes," dd the exganzaton undergo the requved aust or audits? the oxganazston eh not undergo the requred aus ‘oc audits, expan why n Schedule O and descnbe ary steps taken to undergo euch audts 2» Form 980 2072) 12 SCHEDULE A 7 as : (OMB No 1545-0047 — Public Charity Status and Public Support I 3012 — : Complete the organization 2 eeton £0101) organization oa eecton cere ee “B70 nonosemst charable wus. Open to Pubic eainateoee D> itch to Form 000 Farm 00062. See separate instructions. inapecton ame of he ergntation apr enieaton nora CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541 Part! | Reason for Public Charity Status (al organzations must complete ths part) See natuctons: ‘Te organcation isnot a pave foundation because #1. (For nes 1 trough 11, check only one Box) a 3 5 6 7 8 ° 1" [1 Acchurch, convention of churches, o association of churches described n section 17O(BK KAN). ‘A school descnbed in section 170(0\ IMAM). (Attach Scredule E) E Anospita ora cooperative hospital sevice organzation descnbed in section 70K NANI. ‘A medical research organzation operated in conjunction with ahosptal described n section 17O(o\ WAU). Enter the hospitals name, city, and state [1 Anorganzation operated for the benefit of a college or university owned or operated by a governmental unit described ‘section 170(BNANANiu), (Complete Pat) TZ) Atederal, state, or local government or governmental untt described in section 170(b) 1)(A)(v)- EX] An organization that normally recerves a substantial part ofits support from a governmental unst or from the general public described in section 170(oX1HAK\). (Complete Part!) Z) Acommunity rst descnbed in section 170(b) 1)A)(i). (Complete Part I!) J An organzation that normally eceres (1) more than 33 1/3% of ts support from contributions, membership fees, and gross recerpts from actoives related 10 ts exempt functions - subject fo certain exceptions, and (2) no more than 33 1/3% of ts support from gross investment Income and unrelated business taxable ricome (less section 511 tax) from businesses acquired by the o;ganzation ater June 30, 1975, See section 509(0\(2). (Complete Parti} ‘An organzation organized and operated exclusively to test fr public safety See section S08(aK4). ‘Aa organzaton organzed and operated exclusively for the bene of, to perform the functons of, orto carry out the purposes of one oF ‘move publly supported organcations described section 509{a)t) or section S09(a)(2) See section 609(a)@), Check the Box that i) 03 1% support test - 2011, Ithe organization dé not check abox.on ine 13 or 16a, and ine 1518 3 1/9% or more, check ths box and stop here. The organzation qualities as a publely supported organzation > 17a 10% -facte-and-circumstances test - 2012 Ifthe organzaton didnot check a box on ine 13, 163, or 16D, and line 1418 10% oF more, {and the organaation meets the “acts-and-crcumstances" test, check ths box and stop here. Explain n Part Vow the organization ‘meets the “factsand-crrcumstances" test The organiation qualifies a8 a pubbcly supported organization Ol b 10% -tacte-and-circumstances test - 2011, Ifthe organzation did not check a box on ine 13, 16a, 16b, oF 17a, and ine 15 16 10% or more, and Hf he organization meets the “facts-and-ewcumstances” tet, check this box and stop here. Expian n Part 1V how the ‘organization meets the “facts-and-crcumstances® test, The organmation qualifies a3 a publicly supported organzation > 18. Private foundation Ith osganzaton dd ct check a box on ine 13,163, 16, 174,01 17, check ths boxand seewnstvctons pL) ‘Schedule A (Form 900 oF 060-2) 2012 14 ‘Schedule A (Form 990 oc 9907) 2012 Pages [Part ti |Support Schedule for Organizations Described in Section S0s(a)(2) (Comptete only you checked the box on ine 9 of Part lori the organtation fale to qualy under Part I I the orgarvzation fas to quaity under the tests listed below, please complete Par I ‘Section A. Public Support Calendar year (or fiscal year beginning in) [| __(a) 2008 (0) 2008 12.2010 (a2orr (e201 (oTata 1. Gis, grants, contrbutons, and ‘membership fees recewed (Do not include any “unusual grants.") 2 Gross recess from admissions, ‘merchandise sols or services por formed, o° facies furished mn any acto thats related to tho organization's tax-exempt purpose 3 Gross recess from actwties that are not an unrelated trade or bus ness under secton 513 4 Tax revenues leved for the organ raavon's benett and ether paid to or expended on ts behalt 5 The value of sernces or facies furrushed by a governmental unt to the organzation without charge 6 Total, Add lines 1 through 5 ‘Ta Amounts cluded on ines 1,2, and 3 received from disqualified persons bb Aneaneincceden nes 2 and 3 ceed ‘¢Add ines 7a and 70 8 Public support isonainereesmines, —[ Section 8. Total Support Calendar year (or isal year beginning in) [__(a) 2008 (@)2008 1e)2010 (ay2ort (e202 in Tora ‘9. Amounts from ine § 402 Gross income from terest, ‘vdends, payments recerved on Secunties loans, rents, royalbes land income trom similar sources ‘ Unrated business taxable ncome (less section 511 taxes rom businesses sequred ar June 30,1975 © Ad ings 10a and 105 11 Net income from unrelated business acivites net nchided line 105, ‘whether or not the business ie regularly caned on 12 Otharincome Do not etude gan for loss from the sale of captal assets (Bxplan in Pat) 13 Total support. cnc ines, 00,1, and 12) [ T 14 First five years Ifthe Form 990 1s forthe organization's tra, second, thd, fourth o fith tax year as @ section S01(0\@) organization, check ns box and stop here pc Section C. Computation of Public Support Percentage: 18. Pubic suppor percentage fr 2012 (ine 8, column () dune by ne 13, coum () 5 % 16. Pubic syppon percentage trom 2011 Schedule A, Pat ine 15 10 % Section D. Computation of Investment Income Percentage "17 Invesiment come percentage for 2012 (ine 10, column () dwided By ne 13, column 7 % 18 Investment income percentage rom 2011 Sched , Par il ne 17 18 % 4198.33 15% support tests - 2012 I the organzation dd ot check he box an ne 14, and ne 158 more than 33 13%, and hae 17 wnat more than 33 1/9%, check the box and stop here. The organzaton quali as a publicly supported organcaton oO 38 1/3% support tests - 2011 he rganzation did not check a box on ine 14 or ine 18a, and ine 16 more than 33 1/3%, and tne 18, not more than 33 1/0%, check hs box and stop here. Te organzaton quaiis as apubiey supported organization >a 20 Private foundation the organization dif not check 3 box on ina 14, 19a, oF 198, check ths box and see structions >C} dates woe ‘Schedule A (Form 890 or 990-E2) 2012 15 ‘Schedule A (Form 990 or 990-E7) 2012 CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541 Pages Part IV] Supplemental information. complet hs pat o prove he explanations requred by Par line 10, Part I e178 0°70, and Part Il ine 12_Also complete this part for any addtional information (See struction). PART II, SECTION B, LINE 10 REFERRAL FEES = 6,106 PAYROLL TAX REFUND - 5,059 OTHER INCOME - 4,332 16 ‘Schedule A (Form 090 or 990-EZ) 2012 SCHEDULE C Political Campaign and Lobbying Activities ove weer (Form 960. 960-£2)} 4, organizations Exempt From Income Tax Under section S016) and section 627 2012 Cepuian atin teuy | PP Complete the organization i described below. D> Attach to Form 990 or Farm 990-E2. | Open to Public ‘tera Reve eee eee ee inspection it the organization anewered “Yes,” to Form 990, Part IV, line 3, or Form 900-EZ, Part V, line 46 (Political Gammpaign Activities), then # Soction 501(¢)3) organzations Compl Parts 1A and B Do not complete Part IC, ‘Section 50'(¢) (other than section 501(c))) organizations Complete Parts 'A and C below Dp not complete Part 8 *# Section 827 organizations. Complete Part LA only {tthe organization answered "Yes," to Form 990, Part I, lin 4, or Form 990-EZ, Part VI, line 47 (Lobbying Activities), then + Section 501(6}3)organzatons that have fled Form 5768 (eloction under section 801(h)) Complate Part IhA. Do not compete Part 8 ‘ Section 501(6}9) organizations that have NOT fied Form 5768 (election under section 501(%) Complete Part I'S. Do not complete Part ILA 'W the organization answered "Yes," to Form 990, Part I, line § (Proxy Tax), or Form 990-E2, Part V ine 88¢ (Proxy Tax), then # Section 5014), 5), oF (6 organzations Complete Part I lame of organzaton Employer Identification number CITIZENS COMMISSION ON_HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541 Part FAT Complete if the organization is exempt under section 501(c) of is a section 627 organization. 1 Provide a desenption ofthe organization's direct and indirect poltical campaign actwtes n Part V 2 Pottcal expenditures bs 3. Volun hour Part -B] Complete if the organization is exempt under section 50i(c)(3). 1 Ener the amount of any excse tax incured by the organeation under section 4985 es 2. Enter the amount of any exc tax ncured by organaaton managers under secton 4955 bs 3 ifthe organaation meurred a section 4955 tax, did it fe Form 4720 for ths year? Tyee Tne 44a Wasa corecton mace? Clves Cine "¥en" cosenbe Par [Partl-C|_ Complete if the organization Is exempt under section SO1(e), except section S01(c)). 1 Enter the amount directly expended by he fg erganaaton for secton 827 exempt function actwtes BS 2. Enter the amount ofthe ting oganation’s funds contrbute to other ergantzations oF secon 627, exempt function actos ms 2. Total exempt uncton expenditures Ade ines 1 and 2 Enter here and on Form 1120POL, tne 179 ms 4 Dic the fing organization fle Form 1120-POL fortis year? Tyee Ine 5 Enter the names, addresses and employer identiication number (EIN) of al section 527 politcal organizations to which the fing organzahon ‘made payments For each organization ksted, enter the amount pad from the filng organization's funds Also enter the amount of poltea! ‘contributions recewed that were promptly and directly delivered toa separate politcal organzation, such as a separate segregated fund ora poltical action commsttee (PAC) If additonal epace s needed, provide information in Part IV. (a) Name (ey Address (en (@ Amount pad from | _(@) Amount of poitical iting organcation’s |coninbutions recewed and funds ifnone, enter 0: | prompt and directly Severed to a separate ‘polical organzston none, enter For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the Inetvuctions for Form 000 or 990-E2. ‘Schedule G (Form 990 or 060-EZ) 2012 HA 21 {election under section 501(h)). 18 Check B LX] ifthe ing organzaton belongs to an affitated group (and ist m Part IV each atfitated group member's name, address, EIN, ‘expenses, and share of excess lobbying expenditures) 8 Check D> LX] tthe fing organzation checked box A and "kmited control” provisions apply Limits on Lobbying Expenses eating] 9 Atta rum {The tem Yexpenctures" means emunt pad or Incurred) ‘a a Total lobbying expenditures to influence public opinon (grass roots lobbying) 21,282. 30,630. b Tota! lobbying expenditures to influence a legislative body (direct lobbying) 63,846. 68,708. ‘¢ Total lobbying expenditures (add lines 1a and 1b) 85,128. eee d Other exempt purpose expenditures 2,586 ,623.| 3,043,584. -e Total exempt purpose expenditures (add lines 1¢ and 1d) 2,671,751.) 3,142,922. {Lobbying nontaxable amount Enter the amount from the following table m both columns. 283,588. 307,146. ithe ameunten ine Te, esuma(aor(b is: | ~The lobbying nontaxable amount: Not over $509000 20% ol he amunton ne Te ver 850,000 but stove $1,000,000 | ~$100,00 pls 18% of re exceas ovr $500,500 ver 1,000,000 ut not ovr $1,500 008 | $15,000 ps 10% of tw excess over 8,000 O00 (Over $1500 000 but not ove $17,000,000 | $225.00 ps 5 ol the excess over 81 500,00, Over $17,000 000 [$1,00,00 ‘9 Grassroots nontaxable amount (enter 25% of hne 1f) 70.897. 6,78 h Subtract line 1g from line 1a If zero or less, enter -O- 0. 0. 1 Svbtactine 1 from ine Te f2e0 ols, ener - 0. O. J itmee ean amount ter han zr n fer ine Thre 1, de the organcation te Form 720 reporing secton 4811 tax for ts year? Cover Fino “Year Averaging Period Unde Section S01) (Some organizations that ase a seston S01 election Go nat hve to complete al othe ve Columns below, See the mstutions fringe 2a through 2 en page 4) Lobbying Expenditures During Year Averaging Period Calendar year . loz To eerocener ey (a)2008 2010 (om (202 (Toa! 2a Lobbying nontaxable amount 356,086. 340,509. 303,593. 307,146.) 1,307,334. Lobbying ceing amount (150% of line 2a, column(e}) 1,961,001. ¢ Total lobbying expenditures 240,770. 123,049 124,731.| 99,338. 587,888. d_ Grassroots nontaxable amount 89,022. 85,127.| 75,898. 76,78 326,834. Grasses cting amount (150% of line 2d, column (e)) 490,251. 4 Grassroots lobbying expenditures| 66,306.) 34,914 34,313. 30,630. 166,163. ‘Schedule C (Form 900 or 990-2) 2012 22 jon is exempt under section 501(c)(3) and has NOT filed Form 5768 (election under section 501(h). For each *Yes," response to ines Ta trough 11 below, prowdlem Part IVa detailed descapton @, @ ofthe lobbying actu Yes | No ‘Amount 71 During the year, cid the fing ergancation attempt to miiuence foregn, national state or local legislation, including any attempt to fluence public opnvon on a legslatve matter forreferendur, through the use o. 2 Volunteers? bb Paid staf or management include compensation n expenses reported on ines 1c through 19? © Media advertsements? 4 Maiings to members, legislators, or the public? {© Publications, or published or broadcast statements? {Grants to other organizations for lobbying purposes? 19 Drect contact with legislators, ther stats, government offical, ora legislative body? h i b Rallies, domonstratons, seminars, conventions, speeches, lectures, or any smiar means?” (Other actwses? Total. Add lines tc through 11 Dd the actos nine 1 cause the organtzation to be not descnbed in section SO1(C}3)? " entor the amount of any tax ncurred under section 4912 es," enter the amount of any tax neurred by organization managers under section 4312 dt the fing organization incurred a section 4912 tax, ded fe Form 4720 for ths year? Part Ill-A] Complete if the organization is exempt under section 501(c)(4), section 501(c)(), or section 501(c)(6). Yes [No 1. Wore substantial al (90% or more) dues received nondeductole by members? 1 2 Dd the organization make only inhouse lobbying expenditures of $2,000 or ls? Dad the organization agree to cary over lobbying and polticl expenditures from the prot year? Part Ill-B] Complete if the organization is exempt under section 501 (c)(4), section 601(c)(), answered "Yes.’ 1 Dues, assessments and simlar amounts from members i 2 Section 162(e) nondeductible lobbying and poltical expenditures (do not include amounts of political ‘expenses for which the section 627(7 tax was paid). 2 Current year 2a 1b Canryover rom last year 2 © Total 20. 3. Aggregate amount reported in section 6099(0)(}A) notees of nondeductible section 162¢) dues 3 4 tfrotces were sent andthe amount enn 2¢ exceeds the amount on ine 3, what porton ofthe exce35 Complete tthe organization answered "Ye," o Form S00, 2012 ee Part IVstine 6, 78,9, 10, 1a, Yb, $96, 14 He, 1,120, or 2b, Ope Senate” Attach o Form 990. > See separate instructions IMepection Name ofthe organization Employer identification number CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541 Part] Organizations Maintaining Donor Advised Funds or Other Simi organization answored “Yas” to Form 990, Part V, ne 6 ir Funds oF AGGOUntS. Complete f tho {a) Donor advised nds 1) Funds and other accounts Total number at end of year Aggregate contnbutons to (dunng year) “Aggregate grants rom (ung yea) Aggregate valve a end of year (id te organization inform a donors and donor advisors n wring that the assets held in donor adsed funds are the orpanzaton’s propery, subject to the organization's exchawe legal conte? Cove Clne © Dad Ue organization info al grantees, donors, and donor adwsos wring that grant funds can be used only for chartable purposes and nat forthe Benet ofthe donor or donor advisor, ofr anyother purpose conternng impermissible prvate benefit? (yes [No [Part _ [Conservation Easements. Complote tthe organization answored "Vos" to Form 690, Part V.lne 7 11 Purposes) f conservation easements held by the organzation (check al hat app) [JPreservaton ofland for pubie use (e9 recreation or educater) [_] Preservation o an htoncaly important an area le retecton ot natural nabtat [ preseration ot certted nstone stcture lereseraton o open space 2 Compete ines 2a through 2d he orgenaaton held a qulied conservation contrbuton i the frm ofa conservation easement onthe ast day of the tax yoar Held atthe End of he Tax Year ‘8 Total number of conservation easements 2a 'b Total acreage restncted by conservation easements 2 ‘© Number of conservation easements on a certified histone structure cluded n (a) 20 ‘5 Does the organzation have a wntten potcy regarding the penodis montonng, mspection, handing of violations, and enforcement of the conservation easements it holds? Doves (ino Staff and volunteer hours devoted to montonng, inspecting, and enforcing conservation easements dunng the year Pe ‘Amount of expenses incurred in montonng, mspecting, and enforcing conservation easements during tho year D> $ ‘Does each conservation easement reported on line 2(d) above satsty the requirements of section 170(h}(4)8\) and section 170mn)(8)017 Coves Tino 9 InPar Xill, descnbe how the organzation reports conservation easements mits revenue and expense statement, and balance sheet, and include, applicable, the text ofthe footnote tothe oxgancaton's fnancal statements that descnbes the organization's accounting for ‘conservation easements, Part lll] Organizations Maintaining Collections of Art, Historical Treasures, or Other Similar Assets. Complete i the organizaton answered "Yes" to Form 990, Part IV ine 8 ‘a_i the organtzation elected, as permitted under SFAS 116 (ASC 956), not to report i its revenue statement and balance sheet works ofa, histoncal treasures, or other simar assets Neld for public exhibtion, education, oF research in furtherance of pubis service, prowde, in Part Xi, the text of tho footnote tots financial statements that describes these items. b It tne organation elected, as permitted under SFAS 116 (ASC 958), to report i ts revenue statamant and balance sheet works of at, histoncal ‘treasures, or other simlar assets held for public exhibition, education, or research i furtherance of public service, provde the folowing amounts ‘lating to these tems {Revenues included in Form 890, Part Vl, ine 1 ms {) Assets included in Form 990, Part X ms 2. Ifthe organization recewed o held works of at hstoncal treasures, or other simlar assets for nancial gain, provde the folowing amounts required to be reported under SFAS 116 (ASC 858) relating to these items 12 Revenues included in Form 990, Part Vil, ne ms bb Assets included in Form 990, Part ms THA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the Instructions for Form 990. “Schedule D (Form 980) 2012 24 nodule 0 Form 900)2012__CI-TIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541 Page? Part Ill | Organizations Maintaining Collections of Art, Historical Treasures, or Other Similar Assetscontnued) 3 Using ie orjanzatons acquisition, accession, and ether ecorés, check ay ofthe folowng that area sgrfeant use of fs colecton tems (check al hat app 2 (Pubic eshibtion 6 teen orexchange programs » C)serolanyresearcn © Cote Preservation for ute generations 4 Prove a desenption of the organization’ colectons and expan how they futher he organaaton's exempt purpose Par Xi '5 Dung the year, dé the organzation sole or recewve donations of ar, hstoncal teasures, or ther sma assets sold orate funds raver than o be mmtanes os rt ofthe rmanaeton's eolecon? Ove Part IVJ Escrow and Custodial Arrangements. Complete he organzaton answered "Yoo" to Form 990, Par Vino reported an amount on Form 990, Part X, be 21 1a Is the organzation an agent, trustee, custodian or other mlermediary for contnbultons or other assets not mcluded ‘on Form 990, Part x? Dives (Ino bb It "¥es." explan the arrangement in Part Xl and compete the folowng table ‘Anount Beginning balance Addons dunn the year Dstnbutions dunng the year Ending balance 2a Did the organzation melide an amount on Form 990, Par X, ine 21? [Tver Jno "Yes" expla the arangementn Part Xll_ Check here the explanation has Been proved n Part Xi [Part V_ [Endowment Funds. Complete ne organzaton answered "Yes" to Form 990, Part V, ne 10 (aCurent year [_(e)Proryear |e) Twoyeors tac | a) Ties yas bao] (Four yas back ta Beginning of year balance Contrbutions » ‘© Net investment earrings, gains, and losses ¢ Grants oF sehoiaranps Cher expenditures for facies and programs 1 Adminstatve expenses 8 End of yar balance 2. Prowde the estmated percentage ofthe cs 2 Board designated or quasiandowment De Permanent endowment Pe % €Temporariyresteted endowment Be % ‘Te percentages nines 2a, 20, and 26 should equal 100% ‘3a Ave there endowment funds notin the possession of he organization that ae held and admnstered forthe organzation by Yes] No. (0) unvoiated arganzations sen (i) related oxgarzabons fsa] bb if*Yes"to3a(9, are the related organzatons sted as requred on Schedule R? 2 4 _ Deserve n Pat Xil the ntended uses ofthe otganzaton's endowment unds [Part vi [Land, Buildings, and Equipment. Seo Form 990, Part x, ine 10 Desenpton of property (a)Cost orother |] (b)Costorother | (e)Accumulated | (a) Book vale base (nvestmant)_| bass (ther) depreeston nt yearend balance (ino 19, column a) held as 1a Land b Buildings €¢ Leasehold improvements 4 Equipment 1,987,834.| 1,967,363. 20,471. 2 Other 47,384. 46,248. 1,136. ‘Total, Adg ines 1a through 1e (Column (6) must equal Form 990, Part X, column (B), ine 10) >| 21,607. ‘Schedule D (Form 990) 2012 25 Schedule D (Form 990)2012_ CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541 Page3 Part Vil|_ Investments - Other Securities. Seo Form 990, PartX, ine 12 (6) Description of secunty oF cl2g0r prewar rane of sew) (0) Book value [e) Method of valuation Cost or endiotyear market vale (0) Financia denvatwes 2) Closely-neld equity mterests @) Other w © ic) cy a mst equal Form $80, Part, col (B) ine 12) Investments - Program Relat (a) Descnpton of nvesiment type 1. Seo Form 990, Pan X, ine 13, () 00k value [e) Metiod of valuation’ Cost or end otyear market valve o. o @ a oy otal, (ol (0) st equal Ferm 980, Part x, cok (ine 13) > Part IX ‘Other Assets. Soo Form 990, Part: (a) Desenpion (PAYROLL TAX REFUND RECEIVABLE @) FACILITIES' DECOR @ DONATED ASSETS io r ©) fi ‘®) o no) Total 1G sn (rust equal For 990, Pat X, col (6) ine 15) Beck vave 6,554. 4,500. 60,143. > 71,197. iPart'x Other Liabilities. See Form 990, Par X, ine 25 i (a) Description of tabilty (eBook valve : (1) Federal income taxes. 2 @ @ a © o @ @ co an Total. (Column (6) must equal Farm 990, Part X, col (6) ine 25) > 22. FIN 48 (ASC 740) Footnote In Part Xl, provide the Labuty for uncer tax postions under FIN 4 16 740} Check here 26 xt of the footnote tothe erganizahon'sfnancel statements that reports the organvaton’s txt ofthe footnote has boon provided Part XL ‘Schedule D (Form 990) 2012 hedule D (Form99q 2012 _CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS. 68-0005541 Pae4 Part XI_ | Reconciliation of Revenue per Audited Financial Statements With Revenue per Return 1 Total revenue, gains, and other support per audited financal statements 1 | 3,062,959. 2 Amounts nekuded on tne 1 but not on Farm 990, Part Vl, ie 12: ‘2 Not unrealized gans on vestments 2a bb Donates services and use of facies 2 389 ,516.| {© Recoveries of por year grants 20 Other (Describe m Part Xi) 2a 323,901] Add ines 2a though 2 20 713,417. 3 Subtract ine 2e from ine 4 3 | 2,349,542. ‘4. Amounts nchided on Form 990, Pat Vil ine 12, But nat on ne + ‘8 Investment expenses not nctuded on Form 880, Pat Vl, ne 76 4a 'b Other (Descnbe Part Xill) [ap © Add ines 4a and 4 ae oO. Total revenue Add ines 3 and 4e, (Thus must equal Form 990, Part |, ine 12) s | 2,349,542, [Part XII [Reconciliation of Expenses per Audited Financial Statements With Expenses per Return 1 Total expenses and losses per audited fmancal statements 1] 2,995,647. 2 Amounts inckided on ine 1 but not on Form $90, Part IX, ine 25. {8 Donated services and uso of facies 2a 389,516.) bb Pror year agustments 25 © Other losses 20 4. Other (Oesenbe in Part xill) 2d 323,901.| @ Add ines 2a through 26 20 713,417. 8 Subtract ine 2e from ine 4 3 | 2,282,230. 4. Amounts mckided on Form 990, Part X, line 25, but not on ine 4 ‘Investment expenses not included on Form 990, Part Vil ine 7b 4a bb Other (Describe m Part Xi!) 0 © Add ines 49 and 4b 40 O. 5 | 2,282,230. Teal ouperss ad tes’ and (hs mus oq Fom 99, Pat Line 18) [Par xit| Suppiomenta Information Complete tis pant to provide the desenptions requred for Part Il, nes 3, 5, and 9, Pat Il, nes Ta and 4; Part W, nes 1b and 2b; Part V, ine 4, Part X-line 2, Part X, ines 2d and 4b, and Part Xl nes 2d and 4b Also complete this pat to prowde any adctional information. PART X, LINE 2: CCHR HAS EVALUATED ITS TAX POSITIONS AND THE CERTAINTY AS_TO WHETHER THOSE TAX POSITIONS WILL BE SUSTAINED IN THE EVENT OF AN AUDIT BY TAXING AUTHORITIES AT THE FEDERAL AND STATE LEVEL. IT_HAS DETERMINED THAT ALL INCOME TAX POSITIONS ARE MORE LIKELY THAN NOT (GREATER THAN 50% CHANCE) OF BEING SUSTAINED UPON POTENTIAL AUDIT OR EXAMINATION, THEREFORE, NO RECOGNITION OR DISCLOSURE OF UNCERTAIN INCOME TAX POSITIONS IS_REQUIRED IN THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS. a7 ‘Schedule D (Form 990) 2012 Schedule 0 (Form 990) 2012 ‘ITIZENS 1ISSION_ON RI 0005541 Pages Part Xill] Supplemental Information (cantinveo) PART XI, LINE 2D - OTHER ADJUSTMENTS: COST OF GOODS SOLD 8,325. AWARDS & DISSEMINATION DINNER EXPENSE 315,571. LOSS ON DISPOSAL OF EQUIPMENT Se TOTAL TO SCHEDULE D, PART XI, LINE 2D 323,901. PART XII, LINE 2D. OTHER ADJUSTMENTS COST OF GOODS SOLD 8,325. AWARDS & DISSEMINATION DINNER EXPENSE 315,571. LOSS ON DISPOSAL OF EQUIPMENT 5. TOTAL TO SCHEDULE D, PART XII, LINE 2D 323,901. ‘Schedule D (Form 990) 2012 28 ities Outside the United States SCHEDULE F| Statement of Act 7 5 (Form 990) complete te cegpizatin anewered eso Form 20 2012 . ar N, tine 14 1, oF 16. | aac omit ns > Attach to Form 960.” be See separate intuctions. ated Name ofthe erganzaton ‘Employer identifeation number ITIZENS CO N L68-00055¢1_ General Information on Activities Outside 10 Form 990, Part V, ine 14b, 1 For grantmakers. Does the organization mantamn records to substantiate the amount ofits grants and other assistance, ‘the grantoes' eligibilty for the grants or assistance, and the selection cntena used to award the grants or assistance? [XJ Yes [_] No 2. For grantmakers. Describe m Part Vthe organization's procedures for monitorng the use of ts grants and other assistance cutee the 4 Acivams pr Ragen (The flown Pa ine able canbe duped additonal space needed (e}Fegen |) Number] eMunberot | (6 Acivees conducted open | (elecravisea n@) | (Tam Sone | Qasr |gyignstea, naserg: evan | eapegrecnen,” | exttnpes mnowragon | aastacat | lathcat asomensgarinis” | dourbecpectcge | rand. atta’ | cents watdmtinvegen) | ofereatraregon | teen ASSIA mND THE NEWLY INDEPENDENT STATES of 0 PROGRAM SERVICES -UBLIC AWARENESS 15249, reat 4 o_procta sexvrces nize ANEW | sss | | @ Toa fom craton dpowtsto Pa : i Totals (anes 3a modi) ‘ un CTA Fer Paporwark Reduction At Woie, 00a nabuetons or Form 080 SeheaueF Form 00) 2010 2 oe 2102 (066 03) 4 empoueS 1 ‘esreidce ooemeenee: SOURISISSE | uewesingsip Ysed| jUeIB YseD JO ques me, | men eal | ame) | peoanat) one) (ee out Seatac nee ene fur 50 86 e410 pomna vnna wg poebany nis rn os we en m va creomneny ampere [FTE] ce) T¥SS000-89 SITHD1a NYANH NO NOISSINNOD SNAZIIIO et0e (086 wa Pens Te 2102 (066 wi04) 4 ainpaues } | See | tes oe | lone eee sevmsoeee 0 eso 0A Fpucvaiseeg(®) | ownouy pment) eunouyi) | orsaumiia)] “ue sss5010 web ost (8) pT 5 OGRE TOUTES ‘9k 6UN'A Wet 66 WHO, 01 9A, POVOMSUE LOHEZUEEIO eu BtjdWOD "SOLES POHUN OLR BPISINO SIENPINPLI 0} 20UE) Set Part iV Foreign Forms. Form 990) 2012 _ CIT: RIGHT: 68-0005541 ps Was the erganzation a US transferor of property toa foreign corporation during the tax year? I "Yes," the ‘organwaton may be requred to hie Form 826, Retum by a US Transferor of Property to a Foreign Corporation (see Instructions for Form 926) COves Gx] no Did the organcation nave an interest aforegn trust dunng the tax year? If "Yes," the organzaton ‘may be requred to hie Form 3520, Annual Retum to Report Transachons with Foreign Trusts and Receipt of Gertan Foreign Gis, and/or Form 2520-A, Annuel Information Retum of Foregn Trust With US Owner (s0e Instructions for Forms 3520 and 3520-A) Coves Cx] No id the organcation have an ownership interest m a foreign corporation dunng the tax year? If Yes," the organaation may be requred to he Form 5471, Informaton Retum of US Persons With Respect To ‘Certain Foreign Corporations. (see Instructions for Form 5471) Clyes Ck No Was the organization a director ndrect shareholder of a passive foreign mvestment company ora Qualified electing und during the tax year? if *Yes," the organization may be requrred to hie Form 8621, Informavon Retum by a Shareholder of a Passe Foresgn Investment Company or Qualied Ewsctng Fund (ee Instructions for Form 8621) Cves Ci) No (id the organzation have an ownership interest in a foreign partnership during the tax year? If "Yes," {he organcation may be requrred to file Form 8865, Retum of US Persons With Respect To Certain Foreign Partnerships (see instructions for Form 8865) Cves [i] No 1d the organzation have any operations in o elated to any boycotting countnes dunng the tax yoar? if Yes," the organization may be requved to hte Form 5713, Intemational Boycott Report. (se Instructions for Form $713) CVyes LX] No ‘Schedule F (Form 980) 2012 32 ‘Schedule F (form 990) 2012 _ CITIZENS COMMISSION ON RIGHT: 68-0005541 Pages Part V | Supplemental Information Complete this part to provde the informatio required by Part |, ine 2 (montonng of funds); Part | ine 9, column () (accounting method, amounts of vestments vs expenditures per fegon), Part line 1 (accounting method); Patil (accounting method); and Part Il, column (c(eetmated number of reopens) a8 appicabie Also complote ths part to provde any addtional information SCHEDULE F, PART I, LINE 2: THE CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS LAUNCHED A CAMPAIGN IN 2012 TO DISPLAY THE TRAVELING EXHIBIT "PSYCHTATR: AN INDUSTRY OF DEATH", IN DIFFERENT REGIONS AROUND THE. WORLD, WITH THE PURPOSE OF RAISING PUBLIC AWARENESS OF THE HARMFUL ABUSE. AND VIOLATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE FIELD OF MENTAL HEALTH. IN ORDER T0 FULFILL THIS CAMPAIGN, THE CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS PROVIDED ASSISTANCE TO EACH AREA TQ HOST TRAVELING EXHIBIT EVENTS IN THEIR CITIES ACROSS EUROPE, RUSSIA, EAST ASTA AND THE PACIFIC, SOUTH AFRICA AND NORTH AMERICA. EACH AREA WAS REQUIRED TO SIGN AN AGREEMENT THAT THE FUNDS RECEIVED WILL BE SPENT SPECIFICALLY PER THE APPROVED GRANT AND TO TURN IN RECEIPTS FOR ALL EXPENDITURES. THESE RECEIPTS WERE THEN VERIFIED BY CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS TO ENSURE THE FUNDS WERE PROPERLY ACCOUNTED FOR. SCHEDULE F, PART I, LINE 3: EXPENDITURES ARE RECORDED ON THE ACCRUAL BASIS. ors soe ‘Schedule F (Form 990) 20%2 33 SCHEDULE G ‘Supplemental Information Regarding vere wasn (Form 990 oF 890-€2) Fundraising or Gaming Activities 2012 ‘Complete if the organization answered "Yes" to Form 960, Prt tines 17, 18, or 18 Sonnet oe emer ‘or if the organization entered more than $15,000 on Form 980-EZ, line 6s. pasa ipa Sent the organization entered more th z tne Inspection ame of re organization Employer ideniiaton pumber CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541 Fundraising Activities. compete the organzaton answered "Yes" to Form 990, Part WV, ine 17 Form 990-67 fiers are not required to complete this part. 71 Indisate whether the organtation rased funds through any of the followng actives Check althat apply a (2) Mat sotcttations » [J internet and emai solicitations, ¢ [1] Phone solicitations: 4 (J inperson soteitations: ¢ [1 solicitation of non-government grants: 1 [2] sotittation of government grants 9) special fundraising events 2.4 Dd the organization have a ween or oral agreement wath any ndnadual (ncluding officers, duectors, trustees oF key employees iste in Form $90, Par VII or entity n connection with professional fundraiing services? Cves Cine b11"¥es" et the ten ight pad naval or ents (undratsers) pursuant fo agreements under which the fundrase tobe compensated atleast $5,000 by tho rganaton ii) On vy) Amount paid | Amount paid (9 Name and adios of ctl LOE |) cross recoots| i torrtaned oy | (Hy Amount (aciuty ssa oe Slorreranes op) or ety Gunde See | rom actu raver | 0 (orotaned hee i) |corsreuvens? y sted in col. (i) so ~ Yes | No ota > — 3. st alalalosm whch he orgaruzaton w ropeteed or Lensed to soket contnbutons or has been roliied ts exempt rom egtaton oricerang ‘THA Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, ee the Instructions for Form 990 or 990-EZ. (6 (Form 900 or 990-2) 2012 34 "to Form 990, Part IV, bn 8, oF reported more than $15,000 cf fundraising event contnbutens and grass ncame on Form 990-67, ines 1 and 6b List events with gross recerpts greater than $5,000 Ta) Event (ey Event 2 Cl a WARDS {edd co (9) through PLE INNER & AUG 1 eared ‘ (event WPA) (event 9p8) (otarramber 2] 1 Gross ecemts 8,735. 253, 061.| 19,890.|__ 281,686. 2 Less Contnouvons 8,73 19,890. 28,625. 3. Gross ncome (int minus ine 2) 253,061.) 253,061. 4 Cash pres ‘5 Noncash praes 3 §] 6 Renvtacity costs 3 3| 7 Food and beverages I é 8 Entertanment 9 Othor det expenses i 315,571. 315,571. 10 Drect expense summary Add ines 4 through Sin column () > [315,571 Net income summary Combine line 3, column {d), and ine 10 > 62,510 Part I} Gaming. Gorpite tie ogoncaton answered "os" fo Form 800, Par Vine Tor epared ave Wan {$15,000 on Form 99082, ine 63 . Palaatnsant Sy [ta Taal garg a 2 (2) Bingo bingoiprogresswve bingo | (©) Other gamAg — |eoy, fg trough col (e) a 4_Gross revenue | 2 Caan pres 4) 3 Noncatn pase : BY 4 entity costs Other dnect expenses yes 9% Tvee 9% |Tven. % © Vounteer labor (ne no ne 7 Dect expense summary Ade ines 2 trough Si column 8) > 8. Not garg ncome summary Combne ine 1, column and ine 7 > 8. Enter he statls)in whch he organcaton operates garangactwes 21s he organcaton tensed to operate gaming actives m each of these sates? Tves Tre BIt"No explan +100 Were any of the organization's gaming lenses revoked, suspended or terminated dung the tax year? bit-Yes," expian ‘Schedule G (Form 880 or 880-EZ) 2012 35 ‘Schedule G (Form 990 or 9907) 2012 CITIZENS COMMISSION ON 68 1 11 Does the organration operate gaming actwtes with nonmembers? Yes L_Iwo 12 Is the organizabon a grantor, beneficiary or trustee ofa trust or a member ofa partnership or other entity formed to administer chantable gaming? COyes CJ No 13. Indicate the percentage of gaming actwity operated ‘2 The organization's facity 138 * b An outside facity 130 % 114 Enter the name and address ofthe person who propares the organzabon's gamung/special events books and records Name De Address 16a Does the organization have a contract with a third party from whom the organization receives gaming revenue? Cves [Ino bb f-¥es," enter the amount of gaming revenue received by the organation De $ ‘and the amount of gaming revenue retaned by the third party De § ce 1"¥es,” enter name and adress ofthe thed party Name Pe Adaross 16 Gaming manager formation Name De Gaming manager compensation De S Desenption o sennces prowded De 1 Drrectoriotticer employee [7 independent contractor 17 Mandatory distributions 2 Is the organization requred understate law to make chantable distributions from the gaming proceeds to retain the state gaming license? Coves (Ino b Enterthe amount of distroutons required understate lw to be distributed to other exempt organcations or spent inthe lorganzation's own exempt actwties dung the tax year D> [Part IV] — Supplemental Information. Compete ths par to prowde the explanations requvred by Part |, ine 2b, columns a and (¥), and Part nes 9, 9b, 10b, 15b, 15, 16, and 17b, as apptcable Also complete ths part to prowde any adstional mformation (see mstructons) ian oor ‘Schedule G (Form 890 or 880-E2) 2012 36 Le nea (2102) (066 wea) ampayes 066 uo 0 svowangsuy oxy 298 ean0N R9y YononpeY YuoMeded 104 VE < 5 _aemeeen 4 ge | ou 09 u pois suorezueB.0 wou0106 pu RR OPT 7 BSS er TOTHEFELES ~ ce96t x08 of ~ stuuvas - sunore SSARRAY OTT 3 TV COVEOSVaREOST=UE | —COTET WE VIREO = TOSS WAY ST: 5 FES TETCSTTOS TERRE TS TS OST = sst00t x08 of - Sinet “is - suHore ‘ean KO NOISSTIRCD SHTSTO SSRGWAT OTT: 3 TEE TESTES TH STERE-SE THOT WS SITIO 30 | 0m 01> AOOIOLNGIOS 40 KOA | | SERRE OTT t 7 TEC TETTSVTOSTORSF=SE | —FOCTE WORE WOON =F SR ous 0088 - satoNv so1 - saxon TENEWON OPT: 7 we TETTSTTOGCSTRSWT=ES | — ECG WS SORION = SVE STR ATIWA p6t5 - MUNELEY - susiors foes soueisese eauerssse 0 souassse seouou| Weaeidde ns | “eeovoy | we6useo uow9108 0 weidjoesodngiw | soumdoseg @) | "oauowerte® | yo nowy (@ | voveavebojo sssppe pue ewe (6) °F 000 SS TE 8 BIST FT WBGOST ue 0112004 Ye 066 0$ 1.8, pons VoNeENES uusor99 0} eouesiy J8KN0 Pue ARTS DR Jeaveysase 0 suns ag psene 0 ash e019 ooo op 2ovEIEEe 1 LEI 4 0) AND, 59015 ak '2OUE}ESHE 0 sue oo NOW oy BIBE\sgNS Of Spode! UEINEU LONEDUEEIO LN $960_t ‘souesisey pue squerD uo voREWIOIN 05 | 1ued | TySS000-89 SUHSTY NWAIH NO-NOISSIANOD SNAZILIO equ veneoytuep! fou uoneauetio 4 }0 owen wonsedo, Ta UFO WoeRY omens ‘ge 04 wed “220 12 9uN'nI Wed 066 wH0 01 ,50A, pO.ONSUE VORETUEBIO OM oryeWeD emilee zLoz saves pouUun au uslenpIpU pue “sUOWLIORED “suoneZueB sO 0} aoueysissy s9410 Puc sIUCID ee Tees ow ane tamnaaHos SSRRRAAY OTR: 7 TES TETTSTTER SEF TSB0F TT OBNOTHS SAW NTIOORTT HAYOR TLOE STONY asovoUNAIOS 40 KOWMHO souerssse 10 soueissse yseo-uou wobyses | aqgeondde yp 0 asoding (W) yo uoaduosag (6) soqunewy ip) | uonses ou) nae) (ia Toga WET NBeTAR) SATIS paHUN aw UI SUOREAUEEIO puR siUeuIUIENdD oF SSUESTESY JayiO pue sue Fe voNeNURUED [Hed SLHOTE NYADH NO NOISSINNOD SNEZILIO — Woswosrrenpew: Tobe THSS000-89 (2102) (068 we) ainpeues 6E aeae2t zoe “HIia NO Gdau ST HOIHM SGNOT INVES 40 SSN Widows JO NOTLWINENNOOT NI GNSS SHRINVUD ‘@ ENIT "I DUvd "I FINGaHOS DOTEAOTT EUOTPBE THUD ATE BUR TAY HUTIOS WEI PaIbeT VECTOR OT RTR rae DET TORE BURT | AVES ] @) | sounsese uses | weibuses | swedioes sou jo wunoury()| so unowy (0) | yo s2quAN 2oueyssse 10 wesB 0 edhe) ‘pepeou si aoeds jevonppe » peweordnp oq UeD 1) ued ‘A Vee 066 wos 01.804, pasawsue Vonezive6,0 oul e1e18w09 “SaIEIS Paylun ath Ul SIEAPINPUI O} SOUEIEISSY JOUR PUE SIUEID SGHOTY NWADH NO NOISSINNOD SNAZILIO souristse yseo-uou jo uoduased () zo ‘raves THSS000-89 onal mM Noncash Contributions fmvee Ssescoe7 ‘orm > cone tn aan one onFem 2012 Deparment ote Teasty 1990, Part IV, lines 29 or 30. pen to Public ‘steal Revewe Sco attach to Form 990. inspection ‘Name of the organization ‘Employer identification number ITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541. [Part Types of Property @ o @ 1a) check | Numberot | Noncash contribution Method of determnng Jappleable |contnbutons or | amounts reported on | noncash eontnbution amounts tems contnouted| Form 990, Part Vl. ine 19 1 At Works of art x 17] 5,900. RETAIL VALUE 2 At-Histoncal treasures 8. Adt-Fractonal nterests 4° Books and pubieatons ez '5 Clothing and household goods 6 Cars and other vehicles 7) Boats and planes 8 Intellectual property 9 Securities Puble'y traded 10 Secures - Closely hed stock 41 Secuntes Partnership, LLC, oF trust interests 12. Secuntes- Miscelianeous 48 Qualited conservation contnbution Histone structures | 14 Qualiied conservation contribution - Other _ 15. Realestate Residential 16. Realestate - Commercial 17 Realestate Otner ais 18 Collectibies x 93) 20,827. RETAIL VALUE 49 Food ventory T 120° Drugs and medical suppos [— 1 21 Taxdermy 22 Hestoncal attacte 23° Scientite specimens 24 Archeologeal artifacts 25 Other B® ( ENTERTAINMENT) |_X 72\ 54,030. COST COMPARISON 26 ower ( FURNITURE & E) |X 41| 13,619. RETAIL VALUE 27 Other PB ( ) 28_Othor _( ) ‘29 Number of Forms 8283 recewed by the organization dung the tax yea for contributions {for whuch the organization completed Form 8283, Part IV, Donee Acknowledgement 2 0 Yes | No ‘802 During the year, did the organization receive by contribubon any property reported in Par Ines 1-28 that t must hold for at least three years from the date ofthe tal contibution, and which is not requred tobe used for exempt purposes for the entre holding pend? 308 x bb If¥es," desenbo the arangamentn Parti 31 Does the organization have agit acceptance polcy that requses the review of any non-standard contnbuttons? al x 32a Does the organzation hie or use thd parties or related organzations to sole, process, or sell noncash contributions? 320 b if¥0s," desenbe mn Part ih {33 fhe oxganzaton didnot report an amount m column (cor a type of property for which column (a) checked, desenbe m Part THA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the Inetuctions for Form 890. ‘Schedule M (Form 990) (2012), 40 SCHEDULE 0 Supplemental Information to Form 990 or 990-EZ_ | “ym “ear — Ferm 90 or 90-2) Complete to provide information for responses to space questions on 2012 a Form 980 or 990-EZ or to provide any additional information. pater tora Been ae Ib Attach to Form 990 or 990-E2. ee Name of the organzaton [Employer identification number CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS. 68-0005541 FORM 990, PART III, LINE 4A, PROGRAM SERVICE ACCOMPLISHMENT: IN JULY 2012, AFTER THE AURORA, COLORADO THEATER SHOOTING INCIDENT. CCHR EXTENSIVELY RESEARCHED AND ASSEMBLED INTERNATIONAL DRUG REGULATORY AGENCY WARNINGS ON PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS CITING EFFECTS OF MANTA, HOSTILITY, VIOLENCE AND EVEN HOMICIDAL IDEATION, AS WELL AS PUBLISHED MEDICAL STUDIES AND DOZENS OF HIGH PROFILE SHOOTINGS/KILLINGS TIED TO PSYCHIATRIC DRUG USE. IT WAS FOUND THAT THERE HAVE BEEN 22 INTERNATIONAL WARNINGS AND 10 STUDIES CITING THE VIOLENCE INDUCING EFFECTS OF PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS. AT LEAST 31 SCHOOL SHOOTINGS AND/OR SCHOOL RELATED ACTS OF VIOLENCE HAVE BEEN COMMITTED BY THOSE TAKING OR WITHDRAWING FROM PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS RESULTING IN 162 WOUNDED AND 72 KILLED. ADDITIONALLY, THERE HAVE BEEN 14,656 REPORTS TO THE U.S. FDA'S MEDWATCH SYSTEM BETWEEN 2004 AND 2012 ON PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS CAUSING VIOLENT SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDING: 1,415 CASES OF HOMICIDAL IDEATION/HOMICIDE, 3,287 CASES OF MANIA AND 8,219 CASES OF AGGRESSION. FORM 990, PART IIT, LINE 4C, PROGRAM SERVICE ACCOMPLISHMENT: AND SIMILAR ACTS OF SENSELESS VIOLENCE, BECAUSE DESPITE INTERNATIONAL DRUG REGULATORY AGENCY WARNINGS ON PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS CAUSING VIOLENT SIDE EFFECTS AND DOZENS OF HIGH PROFILE SHOOTINGS/KILLINGS TIED TO PSYCHIATRIC DRUG USE AND/OR WITHDRAWAL, THERE HAS YET TO BE A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION INTO THIS ISSUE. SINCE PARENTS ARE QUITE SIMPLY NOT BEING GIVEN ACCURATE INFORMATION ABOUT PSYCHIATRIC LABELS (MENTAL DISORDERS) OR THE DRUGS BEING LHA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the Instructions for Form 990 or 990-EZ. ‘Schedule O (Form 990 or 980-EZ) (2072) 41 ‘Schedule O (Form 990 or 9902) (2012), Page 2 Name ofthe organzation| Employer identification number CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541 PRESCRIBED TO "TREAT" THEIR CHILDREN, CCHR CONTINUED TO RAISE AWARENESS ABOUT THE NEED FOR LEGISLATIVE PROTECTIONS FOR CHILDREN AND INFORMING PARENTS OF THEIR RIGHTS TO INFORMED CONSENT TO TREATMENT. FORM 990, PART IIT, LINE 4D, OTHER PROGRAM SERVICES: PUBLIC OUTREACI CCHR CONDUCTS PUBLIC OUTREACH THROUGH ITS WEBSITES (WHICH RECEIVED OVER ONE MILLION VISITS IN 2012) SOCIAL MEDIA, DOCUMENTARIES, VIDEOS, PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS, ITS PSYCHIATRY MUSEUM AT ITS INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS AND 12 TRAVELING EXHIBITS. AS CCHR FOUND, INFORMATION ABOUT PSYCHIATRIC DRUG SIDE EFFECTS IS NOT EASILY ACCESSIBLE OR UNDERSTOOD BY THE GENERAL PUBLIC. COMPLEX MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY CAN DISSUADE CONSUMERS FROM READING DRUG INFORMATION AND AS SUCH, MANY CONSENT TO TAKING THESE MIND-AND BODY-DAMAGING CHEMICALS WITHOUT BEING FULLY INFORMED. CCHR CONTINUED TO PROMOTE AND ENHANCE ITS_"PSYCHIATRIC DRUG DANGERS DATABASE" ON ITS WEBSITE AS A FREE PUBLIC SERVICE. THIS PROVIDES THE PUBLIC WITH A USER-FRIENDLY MEANS TO SEARCH ADVERSE EFFECTS REPORTED TO THE U.S. FDA'S MEDWATCH REPORTING SYSTEM; AS ALL DRUG AGENCY WARNINGS AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES E AVAILABLE IN. SUMMARIZED FORM FOR CONSUMERS TO EASILY COMPREHEND. MORE THAN 2,000 HOURS WERE SPENT COMPILING THE DATA INTO A USER FRIENDLY FORMAT FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC. THE DRUG DATABASE FEATURES 211 PSYCHIATRIC DRUG REGULATORY AGENCY WARNINGS, 223 STUDIES, AND OVER 400,000 ADVERSE REACTIONS REPORTED TO THE U.S. FDA BY DOCTORS, PHARMACISTS, HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS AND CONSUMERS. DURING 2012, THOUSANDS OF INDIVIDUALS, INCLUDING HUMAN RIGHTS. Baa ‘Schedule 0 (Form 980 or 990-EZ) (2012) 42 ‘Schedule © (Form 990 or 690-67) (2012) Page 2 ‘Name ofthe organization ‘Employer identification number CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541. ACTIVISTS, RELIGIOUS LEADERS, LEGISLATORS, DOCTORS, MEDIA, PARENTS ARTISTS AND OTHERS TOURED CCHR'S PREMIER MUSEUM, "PSYCHIATRY: AN INDUSTRY OF DEATH." THE MUSEUM'S GRAPHIC DOCUMENTARY-STYLE EXPOSE PROVIDES VIEWERS WITH AN IN-DEPTH 300-YEAR HISTORY OF PSYCHIATRY INCLUDING 14 STATE-OF-THE-ART DOCUMENTARIES ADDRESSING THE HARMFUL ASPECTS OF PSYCHIATRIC INFLUENCE ON SOCIETY. CCHR'S 12 TRAVELING EXHIBITS, MODELED AFTER THE PERMANENT MUSEUM, IN LOS ANGELES, TOURED IN 14 COUNTRIES THROUGHOUT 2012. TENS OF THOUSANDS QF INDIVIDUALS TOURED THESE EXHIBITS AND WERE ENLIGHTENED ABOUT PSYCHIATRIC ABUSES AND WHAT THEY COULD DO ABOUT THE! CCHR PRODUCED 9 EDUCATIONAL ONLINE VIDEOS TO RAISE PUBLIC AWARENESS ABOUT THE PSYCHIATRIC LABELING AND DRUGGING OF CHILDREN AND SIDE EFFECTS OF PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS, WHICH WERE VIEWED BY HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS ONLINE. CCHR ALSO RAISED PUBLIC AWARENESS THROUGH ITS SOCTAL MEDIA WEBSITES-FACEBOOK, TWITTER, AND YOUTUBE. CCHR POSTED DAILY NEWS UPDATES ON ITS FACEBOOK AND TWITTER ACCOUNTS. CCHR RELEASED ITS LATEST DOCUMENTARY ON DVD, "THE AGE OF FEAR: PSYCHIATRY'S REIGN OF TERROR" AS PART OF ITS PUBLIC AWARENESS ACTIVITIES. THE DOCUMENTARY REVEALED THE SHOCKING NEW FACTS SURROUNDING THE HIDDEN PSYCHIATRIC INFLUENCE BEHIND THE HORRORS HITLER AND HIS HENCHMEN UNLEASHED ON THOSE THEY DEEMED "UNWORTHY OF LIFE" DURING THE THIRD REICH IN NAZI GERMANY. THE INFORMATION THAT CCHR RELEASED IN THIS DOCUMENTARY WAS UNPRECEDENTED AND HAS RECEIVED MANY Bets ‘Schedule O (Form 990 or 990-EZ) (2012) 43 Schedule 0 (Form 990 or 990 £7) 20% Page2 Name of the organization [Employer identification number CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS 68-0005541 POSITIVE REVIEWS AND REQUESTS FOR ADDITIONAL COPIES OF THE DVD BY MANY WHO VIEWED IT AND RECOGNIZED THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS INFORMATION. EXPENSES $ 1,253,977. INCLUDING GRANTS OF § 175,774. REVENUE $ 45,855. PUBLICATIONS: AS_A WATCHDOG ORGANIZATION, CCHR PRODUCES MILLIONS OF EDUCATIONAL PROPERTIES, INCLUDING BOOKLETS, WHITE PAPERS, BROCHURES AND DOCUMENTARIES IN UP TO 17 LANGUAGES COVERING ASPECTS OF PSYCHIATRY'S HARMFUL IMPACT ON SOCIETY. THE PURPOSE IS TO RAISE AWARENESS ABOUT PROTECTIONS NEEDED FOR PATIENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES' CIVIL AND HUMAN RIGHTS, ESPECIALLY THE RIGHT TO INFORMED CONSENT FOR TREATMENT WITH MORE THAN 10 MILLION CHILDREN CURRENTLY PRESCRIBED PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS IN THE U.S. (MORE THAN 1 MILLION UNDER THE AGE OF 5), CCHR PUBLISHED A NEW SECTION ON ITS CCHRINT.ORG WEBSITE FOR PARENTS: “PARENTS-KNOW YOUR RIGHTS." THE PURPOSE OF THIS PAGE IS TO GIVE PARENTS THE FACTS ABOUT MENTAL DISORDERS, PSYCHIATRIC DRUG RISKS AND NON-HARMFUL MEDICAL ALTERNATIVES TO PSYCHIATRIC LABELS AND DRUGS. CCHR ALSO CREATED WEB PAGES SUMMARIZING ALL DOCUMENTED RISKS OF THE MAIN CLASSES OF PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS, SUCH AS ANTIDEPRESSANTS ANTIPSYCHOTICS, STIMULANTS (ADHD DRUGS) AND ANTI-ANXIETY DRUGS. THE SUMMARIES INCLUDED ALL OF THE INTERNATIONAL DRUG REGULATORY AGENCY. WARNINGS, STUDIES AND ADVERSE REACTION REPORTS FILED WITH THE US PDA FROM 2004 TO 2012. THIS INFORMATION IS PROVIDED SO THE PUBLIC CAN MAKE INFORMED, EDUCATED DECISIONS ON PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS. EXPENSES $ 201,756. INCLUDING GRANTS OF § 0. REVENUE § 57,498. Beets ‘Schedule © (Form 980 or 990-E2) (2012) 44 ‘Schedule O (Form 990 oF 990 £2) (2012) Page2 Name of the organization Employer identification number IT: SSI HI RIGHT: 68-0005541 FORM 990, PART VI, SECTION A, LINE 7A: THE ORGANIZATION HAS TRUSTEES WHOSE SOLE FUNCTION IS TO ELECT OR REMOVE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. FORM 990, PART VI, SECTION A, LINE 7B: THE DECISIONS OF THE GOVERNING BODY SUBJECT TO APPROVAL BY OTHER PERSONS ARE SELECTION OF BOARD MEMBER: FORM 990, PART VI, SECTION B, LINE 11: THE CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS IS A 501 (C)(3) CORPORATION THAT FILES ANNUAL 990-TAX FORM RETURNS. THESE RETURNS ARE COMPILED BY THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT AND SUPERVISED BY THE TREASURER OF Tl CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS AND OUTSIDE PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANTS. THE 990-TAX FORM RETURN IS COMPILED AND A COPY IS PROVIDED TO EACH BOARD MEMBER TO REVIEW PRIOR TO FILING. EACH BOARD MEMBER REVIEWS THE FORM AND SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS OF THE 990-TAX FORM RETURN. THE 990-TAX FORM IS THEN FILED PER THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE'S CODES ON FILING. FORM 990, PART VI, SECTION B, LINE 12C: THE CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS IN 2009 ADOPTED THE CONFLICTS OF INTEREST POLICY AND DOCUMENT RETENTION AND DESTRUCTION POLICY. THESE POLICIES WERE REVIEWED BY EACH BOARD MEMBER, VOTED ON AND ADOPTED AS WRITTEN POLICY FOR THE CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS. IN CONNECTION WITH ANY ACTUAL _OR POSSIBLE CONFLICT OF INTEREST, AN INTERESTED PERSON MUST DISCLOSE THE EXISTENCE OF THE FINANCIAL INTEREST AND BE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO DISCLOSE ALL MATERIAL FACTS TO THE DIRECTORS MBERS OF COMMITT! TH RNING BOARD DELEGATED POWERS CONSIDERING Bae, ‘Schedule O (Form 890 or 990-£2) (2012) 45

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