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von 990 + + Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax Under section 501(c), 627, oF 4947(a)1) ofthe intornal Revenue Code (except black lung Benefit trust or private foundation). > The organzation may have use a copy of ths Tetum fo say state reporting requrements cog ng vss 2012 [ Open te Rubi ‘A For the 2012 lender year, + tx year beginning and en Boma tamene fe tomeeonmencr 7 eae Ron (Cases cme NARCONON INTERNATIONAL emcee ES arr maaan came eer Cen ieeasti amen aas) 323-962-2404 Tenet Tir sro ie, i. a Ps (laneatem |_105 ANGELES ca_90027-5408 ecounoges 8,483,722 Ceara [Freres meee ve winapoommeratin ] 10 (Ho Same as above MO) Aw atin ae? Ore Lm Teeaene Ln we tone = 1 wee > Www narconon.. org mo) copeumpnnunee® 2595 i tondeqazn El conse [ta [leon [Tom [x vesrottomun 1970 [= Seeoriguamese CA Parti Summary 11 Brey describe the organzator's mission or most ngricant acts | Narconon International raises public awareness of the dangers of substance $| abuse, delivers effective drug education and abuse prevention services, and é licenses drug-free rehabilitation and drug education centers worldwide 3| 2 checktns box ® [-] tthe organzatonascontiued ts operations or disposed of more than 25% of net assets | 3 Number of voing members ofthe governing body (Part VI, ine ta) 3|3 | 4 Number of dependent votng members ofthe governing body (Pat VI, tne 18) a2 | 5 Total numberof inindvals employed i calendar yoar 2012 (Pat V. he 2a) 3 | 4 36 Total numberof voumeers (estate necessary) 6 | 1100 a ota unrelated busmess revenve from Part Vl column (C), ne 12 Ta 0 Net unrelated business taxable ncome from Form 990-T, ine 34 7 0 Trae cane Ya {8 Contibutons ad grants (Pat Vl, ine 1h) 354,969] 1,091,744 2 | 9 Program serves revenue Pad Vl, tne 29) 5,908;142| 7,230,187 3 | 10 investment income (Part Vil column (A), nes 3,4, and 74) 31, 635| 8,253 | 44. omerrevenue (Part Vil coun (A), ines 5,68, 8,9, 106, and 11¢) 51,060 36,350 42 Tota revenue ~ ad ines 8 through 11 (must equal Pat Vil column (A), ine 12) 345,806] 6,366,534 13. Grants and simdar amounts pad (Part IX, colurn (A), ines 1-2) 408, 458 363,418 14. Benes pad oo or members (art IX col he 4) 0 ¢g| 18 Sslanes, cher compensaon employee benets (Par Ik column (), nes 5-10) 1,354, 661| 1,638,414 £ | s6aProtessiona!undratsing fees (Part X, column (A), tne 11) oO 3} Total undassng expenses (Part IX column (0), ne 25) 27,638 ©! 47 omer expenses (Part x, column (A), nes 112-114, 114-246) 4,570, 701| 12,690,549 Tot epenes igs 12-17 (us equal Pa SU REAR =) 6,334,040 14,692, 381 }9_ Revenue less expenses Subtract Ine 18 from ine 1 IVED 11,766 -6,325,847 E g @| [PE aita4,ee7| 2,702,905 $4.20 Total assets Par X, ne 16) 3 Y $8b21 Totaltabites (Part X. tne 26) | Nov 2 4 2018 8 633, 880) 7,108,045 3322 et assets o fund balances Subtract ine 21 from ie 20 8 1,500,787] _-4,825,060 Parti Signature Block. OGDEN, UT UB peatbes of enury.Sclare that have cram tstconect and compete Deciraon ae TreaSurer stalmeris, and othe best of my krowiedpe and beet is an oficer) based on al information of whch preparer hes any knowledge * ylis|20% i) |D sana sat |} Peren lan Aaken ox LIA Pad Ud) ames Paid Jotand #. Fank, CPA stron Preparer [ress » Roland Fink & Co. CPA rose Use Only 2441 Honolulu Ave., Suite 120 remus _» Montrose, CA__91020 srowee _ 818-249-4577 ay ie TRS cascuss tus et wth the preparer shown above? (eee nstacions) Bel ves | [no For 590 aoa ForPapenwar Reduction Act Noes, she separate nsintns ai om sown nanos aM Fen 990 2012) NARCONON_ INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Page 2 Partill Statement of Program Service Accomplishments Check if Schedule O contains a response to any question in this Part Ill & 71 Billy describe the organzatoris mssin Narconon International raises public awareness of the dangers of substance abuse, delivers effective drug education and abuse prevention services, and licenses drug-free rehabilitation and drug education centers worldwide. 2 dt exganzatonundeake ay aca program senaes diving ha yar wich wer listed on he rex Form 90 or 80-627 Cl ves 1 no Wes descbe these new servens on Schedule O 3 Date egenzoton cease condiingermake afcant charges haw condi, ay rogram servcen? Cl vee no 70s descbe these changes on Scheu 0 4 Desenbe the erganaton’s program seme acompehmets or each of see largest program seraces, 8 mensue by terpenes Sedton S01) nd #01(4) organzaton re equred io ep he amount of ras nd alacaons to obers the toa exenee, and revenue any, eech rogram sence reported “a (Code ViSpenses § 13,203,295 mciuang grant of § ‘350,232 ) Revewe § 7,171,802) Drug Rehabilitation. Narconon International supports and guides a worldwide network of substance abuse rehabilitation and education centers. In 2012 there were 54 residential programs providing Narconon drug rehabilitation services in 5 continents, providing a total of 1811 beds. More than 1825 individuals graduated from the Narconon rehabilitation program during that year. In 2012 there were 4 additional Narconon centers opened, Narconon Moldova, Narconon Israel, Narconon Tijuana and Narconon Ontario (Canada). There were 38 new groups in Mexico and Finland receiving Narconon seminars on how to get alcohol and drug addicts off drugs. Narconon International staff (Continued on Schedule 0) 8 (Code ViEwpenses § 374, 924 wavang garisof § 13,186 ) Revene § 89,375) Drug Education. In 2012, the Narconon network of active drug education centers was comprised of 37 centers and 66 groups, reaching more than 3 million people worldwide through lectures, video presentations and seminars given at schools, community centers, government agencies and other public events giving the attendees information and tools to use. Narconon International made a significant impact on the drug problems in Mexico, spreading drug awareness to rehab centers and prisons throughout Mexico, reaching over 8,700 people. 4 (Cove 7 Expenses § 797,207 wcuang grants of § 7 Revenue § > Raising Public Awareness. Narconon International and its groups distributed over 28 million drug abuse information and solutions in brochures, flyers, newsletters and other educational materials to the public worldwide. Narconon International's informational website is constantly being expanded, resulting in an increased number of visitors from the previous year, rising from over 15,000 visits per week in 2011 up to roughly 30,000 visits per week in 2012. “4d Oer program servces (Descnbe m Schedule O) (expenses. $ including grants of $ ) iReverue $ e Total program sonics expenses 14,375, 426 oe een 990 0% Form 990 2012) NARCONON INTERNATIONAL, 95-2769582 Page 3 PartlV Checklist of Required Schedules Yes | No 1 te the organzation descnted n section 501(c),3) or 4947(a)(1) (other than a povate foundation)? "Yes." complete Schedule A 1|x 2 tathe organzation requred to compete Schedule B, Schedule of Contnbutors (see mnstructons)? 21x Did the organzation engage in drect or narect politcal campagn activites on behal of orm oppostion to candidates for pubic office? "Yes," complete Schedule C, Part | 3 x 4 Section 501(¢)3) organizations. Dd the ocganzaton engage m lobbying aches, or have a section 501(h) ‘lection mefleet dung the tx year? I"Yes," complete Schedule C, Part! 4 x 5 Istheorganzation a section 501(c)4), 501(05), 0 501(6N6) organzation that recewes membership dues assessments, or similar amounts 2 defined n Revenue Procedure 98-197 If"Yes,” complete Schedule C, Pert 5 x {6 Did the erganzation maintam any donor advised funds or any similar funds or account for which donors have the nght to prowde advice on the dstnbuton or westment of amounts in such funds or accounts? If “Yes. complete Schedule. Pat | 6 x 7 Did the organation recetve or hold conservation easement, ncudng easements to preserve open space, the enwonment, sone land areas, or stone structures? "Yes," complete Schedule D, Part I 1 x 8 Dd the organization manta colectons of works ofa, hstoncal easures, or other siméar assets? I Yes,” compete Schedule D, Part Il 2 x 8 Did the organzation report an amount m Pat X, ine 21, for escrow or custodial account abit, serve 8s @ custodian for amounts not sted m Part X, or prove credit counseling, debt management, credit repar, or {ebt negotiation serwoes?If"Yes," complete Schedule D, Part IV 8 x 410 Didthe organcaton,drecty or hrough a related organzation, hold asses ntemporanty restncted endowments, permanent endowments, or quasi-endowments? I"¥es,” complete Schedule D, Part V 10 x 114 tthe organzaton’s answer to any ofthe flowing questions “Yes,” then complete Schedule D, Parts VI IV, Kor as applicable ‘2 Did he organization report an amount for land, bukings, and equipment in Part X, ine 10? Yes," complete Schedule D, Part VI sa] X b_ Da the organzation report an amount for avestments—other secuies n Part X, le 12 that 6 $% or more ‘oft total assets reported m Part X, ine 16? ies,” complete Scheduie O, Pan Vil Lar} | x Ded the oxganzation report an amount for nvesiments—program related in Pat X, ine 13 that 6 % or more ‘oft total assets reported m Par X, ne 167 if"Yes" complete Schedule D, Part Vil te x Da the organcation report an amount for other assets n Part X, ne 15 thats 5% or more of ts loa assets reported m Part X ine 16? "Yes," complete Schedule D. Part IX a4 x ‘¢ Da the organization report an amount for other habites a Past X ine 25? I-Yes.~ complete Schedule D, Part X 110. x {1 Did the organzaton’s separate or consobdated fnansal statements forthe tx year mclude a footnote that addresses the organization’ laby for uncertain tax postions under FIN 48 (ASC. 740)? "Yes," complete Schedule D, Part X a| x 12a Dd the organzaton obtan separate, independent audited finance statements forthe tax year? If"Yes," complete ‘Schedule D, Parts XI and Xi sa] X b_ Was the organzaion nchaded n consoltdated, independent audted rancal statements forthe lx year? I"Yes" nd the organization answered "No" tole 12a, then completing Schedule, Pars X! and Xiis optional so] | x 13. Is the organczaton a school described in section 170(0)(}AKH? I"Yes," complete Schedule E 0 x “14a. 06 the organzaton mantan an offce, employees, or agents ouside ofthe United States? 4a x bd the oxganzabon have aggregate revenues or expenses of more than $10,000 ram grantmaking, fundrateing, business, avestment, and program sennce actwtes outside the Unted Slates, or aggregate {foreign investments valued at $100,000 or more? "Yes," complete Schedule F, Pars | and IV 140] X 18 Did he organtzaton report on Part IX, column (A), tne 3, more than $5,000 of grants or assistance to any ‘organization or entity located ouside the Unted States? If“Yes," compete Schedule F, Parts land 1V 15 | Xx 18 Dd the organzavon report on Pat IX, column (A), ine 3, more than $5,000 of aggregate grants or assistance to mividuas located outside the Unites States? "Yes," complete Schedule F, Parts Il and IV 16 x 176 the organczabon report a otal of more than $15,000 of expenses for professional fundrasing services on Part IX, column (A), nes 6 and 116? "Yes," complete Schedule G, Part I (se structions) 7 x 18 Dé the organzaton report more than $15,000 total of fundrasing event gross income and contrbutons on Prt Villines 1¢ and 8a” if"Yes,” complete Schedue G, Pat 8 x 19 Dd the organcaton report more than $15,000 of gross income from gaming actives on Part Vl, hne 937 1W7¥es," complete Schedule G, Pat I 1 x 20a Dd the organzabon operate one of more hospal faces? I"Yes," complete Schedule H 20a x bb_11"¥e5" tone 209, dd the organzaion stach 8 copy of ts audted fnancial statements to ths retuin? 206 rem 990 2010) Form 990 (2012) NARCONON INTERNATIONAL, 95-2769582 Page 4 Part IV__ Checklist of Required Schedules (continued) Yes | No. 210d the organization report more than $5,000 of grants and oher assistance to any government or organvation ithe Unded States on Part IX, column (A), bine 1? I-Yes," eompete Schedule i, Pants | and I a] x 22. Did the ogganzation report more than $5,000 of gran and cher assistance to indus nthe United States on Part X, column (A), ne 2? "Yas," complete Schedule | Parts and Il 2 x 23 Dud the organzation answer “Yes” fo Part Il Section A, bne 3,4, oF § about compensation ofthe organwaton's curtent and former officer, decors, rustees, Key employees, and highest compensated employees? Il"Yes," complete Schedule 3 23 x ‘24a. Did the oxganzation have a tax-exempt bond issue wth an outstanding pancpal amount of mare than $100,000 as ofthe last day ofthe year, that was issued afer December 31, 2002? If"Yes," answer ines 24b through 244 and complete Schedule K If°No go to line 25 zeal | X 'b Did the organation vest any proceeds of tax-exempt bonds beyond a temporary pened exception? 240) ‘© Did the organization masta an escrow account other than a refunding escrow at any te dung the year to defease any tax-exempt bonds? 24 {6 Did the organization act as an “on behalf oF ssuer for bonds outstanding at any tme dung the year? zed 26a. Section 501(c)(3) and 601(c)4) organizations. Did the organization engage n an excess benef transaction wth a aisquaifed person during the year? If"Yes," complete Schedule L, Part ral | X 1b isthe organzaton aware that engaged in an excess benef transaction wih 2 disqualified perton na por year, and that he transaction has not been reported on any ofthe organization's prior Forms 990 or 990.2? ves” complete Schedule L, Part 2so| | X 26 Was aloantoor by a current or former officer, crector, taste, key employee, hnghes! compensated employee, oF ‘squalid person outstanding as of te end ofthe organzan's tax year? If"Yes, complete Schedule L, Part I 26 x 227 Did he organcaton provide @ grantor cther assistance to an officer, decor, tustee, Key employee, substantial coninbutor or employee thereof, a grat selection committee member, oro a 35% controled entty of famly member of any ofthese persons? If*Yes,” complete Schedule L, Pat Il 2 x 28 Was the oganizabon a party to a business transaction wih one ofthe folowing partes (see Schedule Part V instructions for applicable fing thresholds, condttons, and exceptons) 2 Accurrant or former offcer, directo, trustee, or key employee? I"Yes,” complete Schedule L, Part IV zal |X 1b Aarmiy member of a curent or formar oer, decor, rustee, or key employee? If"¥es,” complete Schedule L, Part V 20| X. © Anently of which a current or former offcer, ctor, tuste, or key employee (or a famly member thereof) was an officer, drectr, trustee, oF drect or mdrect over? I1"Yes, complete Schedule L, Part IV rel | x 28 Did the organzation recewe more than $25,000 m non-cash contributions? I"Yes,” complete Schedule M 2 x 30. Did he organzation receive contnbutons ofa, hstoncal Weasures, or other simr assets, oF qusiied ‘conservation contabutons?If"Yes," complete Schedule M 20 x 31 Did he oxganzation liquidate, terminate, or dissolve and cease operations? f"Yes," complete Schedule N, Pant 3 x 32 Did the erganzation sel, exchange, dispose of, or transfer more than 25% of ts net assets? I "Yes, ‘complete Schedule N, Pat 32 x 38d the organzation own 100% of an entity disregarded as separate from the organzation under Regulations, sections 301 7701-2 and 301 7701-3? Yes," complete Schedule R, Part! 2 x 34 Was the organzation related to any tax-exempt or taxable ently? "Yes," complete Schedule R, Pars II ‘orl, and Part, ine 1 Paes ‘353. sd the organzation have a controlled enty win the meaning of socton 512(0)13)? 358 x 1b I1"¥es"to ine 36a, cd the orgarzation recewe any payment fom or engage m any transaction wath a controled ent witun the meaning of secton 512(b)13)? "Yes, complete Schedule R, Part V, ine 2 3b 36 Section $01(c\.3) organizations. Os the orgaruzabon make any transfers to an exempt non-chantable ‘elated organization? i"Yes," complete Schedule R, Pan, ne 2 Pa x 37 Did he organsation conduct more than 5% of aciutes through an ena thats nota related organzaton ‘and that tested as a parnershep for federal income tax purposes? If"Yes,” complete Schedule R, Pantvi 37 x 38 Did he organzaton complete Schedule O and provide explanations in Schedule O for Part VI, nes 11b and 192 Note, Al Form 980 fle are requred to complete Schedule © so] x Fam 990 0) Form 990 2012) NARCONON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 PartV Statements Regarding Other IRS Filings and Tax Compliance Check if Schedule O contains a response fo any question in this Part V Page 5 Bef co 5a Yes | No Enter the number reported in Box 3 of Form 1098 Enter -0- not aplcable 1a | 25 Enier the number of Forms W-2G ncuded in ine 1a Enter 0- not applicable lo i the organzation comply with backup wiholding rules for reportable payments to vendors and reportable gaming (gambling) winnings to pnze wanners? se] x Enter the number of employees reported on Form W-3, Transmital of Wage and Tax Statements, led fr the calendar year ending wih or withthe year covered by ths retumn za | 44 Hr atest ones reported on ine 2a, dd the oxganuzation fle al eqused federal employment tax returns? 2» | x Note. the sum of ines 18 and 2a greater than 250, you may be requred to ele (see mstructons) ia the organzation have unelaied business gross income of $1,000 or more dunng the year? 3a x 117Yes," has ified a Form 990-T for ths year? I"No," provide an explanation in Schedule © 3. [At any ume durng the calendar year, dd the ogganzation have an interest n, or signature or other authonty ‘over, financial account im a foreign country (auch as a bank account, secuntes account, or other fnancal account)? 4a x 11°Yes," enter the name ofthe foregn country Pe ‘See instruction for fing requroments for Form TD F 90-22 1, Rept of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts \Was the organzation a party toa prohbted tax shelter transacton at any ime dung the tax year? sa Dd any taxable party nobly the organization thal was or 8a part oa prohited tax shelter ansacton? elo IF"¥es" fone 5a or Bb, did the orgarizaton fle Frm 8886-1? Does the organization have annual gross recep that are normaly greater than $100,000, and dd the ‘organation sole any coninbutons that were not tax deductble as chartable cantnbutons? 6a x U"¥es," did the rganzaton clude wih every sotctation an express slalemen thal such contnbutons oF ts were not tax deductible? ‘Organizations that may receive deductible contributions under section 170(c). (id the oxganzston receive 9 payment n excess of $75 made parly 9s a contnbuton and party for goods ‘and sernces prowded tothe payor? n x "Yes," ds the organazationnoty the donor af the value ofthe goods or services prowded? Did the organzstion sell, exchange, or othermse dispose of tangble personal property for which was, requred to fle Form 82827 re x I1-¥es," nceate the number of Forms 8262 fled dunng the year 1 id the ocganzationreceve ary funds, decty ordre, o pay premuums on @ personal benefit contract” te id the ocganzstion, dunng the year, pay premaums, directly or ntact, on @ personal benefit contract? ee the ccganzaionrecewed a contnbuton of quaifed intellectual propery, di the organzabon tle Form 8899 as requred? 19 Ifthe ecganzaionrecewed a contibuton of cas, boats, aeplanes, or oer vehicles, dd the organization flea Form 1098-C? 7 ‘Sponsoring organizations maintaining donor advised funds and section 509(a)(3) supporting ‘organizations. Did the supporing organzabon or a donor adused fund mamntarned by a sponsonng oxgancation, have excess business holdings at any tme dunng the year? Sponsoring organizations maintaining donor advised funds. id the organztion make any taxable dsiabuttons under secton 49667 id the organzation make a dsinbuton toa donor, donor adwsr, oF related person? 9b Section 501(¢)7) organizations. Ener Inwuaton fees and captal contnbutons inckued on Part Vl, ine 12 408 Gross recep, incided on Form 960, Part Vl, ie 12, for public use of cub facies 10» Section 604(c)(12) organizations. Enter {Gross moome fiom members or shareholders ta Gross mcome fom other sources (Do not net amounts due or paid to other sources against amouns due or recewed trom them ) ab Section 4947(a}(1) non-exempt charitable trusts. Is the o;ganzaion fing Form 990m leu of Form 1041? 120 lt-¥es-" enter the amount of tx-exemp interest recewed or accrued dunng the year $2 Section 501(¢)(28) qualified nonprofit health insurance issuers, Is the erganzation licensed to sue qualfed health plans m more than one state? a Note. See the instruetons for adetona formabon the organzation must report on Schedule O Enter the amount of reserves the organization is requred to mannan bythe states m which the ergantzation i icensed to ssue qualifed heath plans 130 Enter the amount of reserves on hand Be Did the organization recene any payments for indoor tanning serweoes during the tax year? 14a, x es," hast fled a Form 720 to report these payments? f°No,* prowde an explanation n Schedule O erry Foon 880 07 Form 990 2012) NARCONON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Page 6 Part VI Governance, Management, and Disclosure For each "Yes" response to lines 2 through 7b below, and for a" response to line Ba, 8b, or 10b below, descnbe the excumstances, processes, or changes in Schedule O. See mstructions Check if Schedule contains a response to any question in ths Part VI ce Section A Governing Body and Management Yes [Wo ‘1a. Enterie numberof votng members of the goverrang body athe endo the tx year [21 3 Uther are mata dferences in votng age artong members of te govern boy, oF {the governng nod delegated brosd auory to an execute commie or iar cammitee, examin Schedule O © Enier he number of voing members cluded ne 1, above, who are independent w]2 2d anyofcer, director, tute, okey employee have a amy relatorahp or a busness rlatonip wth any oer offer director, trustee or key employee? 2 x 2._Didtheorganzaton delegate contol over management tes culomarly pero by or under the dec supervision offices, reces,ortustes, okey employees fo @ management company or ahr person? 2 x 4 Date organzaton make any sgnfcant changes fo ds governing documents sce the poor Frm 990 was led? 4 x 5 Did he organization become aware dunng te year ofa sgnfcan diversion ofthe oganzatoisaseets? 5 x 6 Didi organization nave members or stocxnolies? . x 7a Didtheorganzaton nave members, slockoider, orate persons whohas he power to elec or apomnt ore or more members of he goverang boty? 70) Ave any govemance decsons of he organzaton reserved tor suyect to approval by) members, sloclders of persons ater han the governing body? |x {Did me orgnzaton contemporaneous document the meetngs held or wntlenactons undertaken cing he year bythe folowing ‘4 The governng body? tal x Each commie wih auheny to acon behalf he governing boy? ae] x 9 ts there any offer, director, rule, or key employee Int mPa VI, Section A, who cannot be reached a the osganzaton's maing adores? "es, provde the names and addesses n Schedule © o| [x Section B. Policies (This Section B requests information about polices not required by the Internal Revenue Gode ) Yes] No 103 pid the organzaton have local chapters, branches, or ais? wa] X "Yes" de the organzaton have writen pokoes and procedures govering the ates of such chapters, attates, and branches to ensue er operations are consistent vt he erganzatorts exempt purposes? sop| X ‘a Has the organzaton provded a complete copy os Form 990 to al members ole governing body bear fg te fom? 1a] X bDeserde Schedule O me process any, used by he organzation to reve ths Farm 990 124. Date rgunzaton havea witlen conti of terest olay? HN goto ne 19 za] x Were offcere, decors, or trustees, end key employes equred to cclse annvaly meres that could genset confics? “zo| X €. Di the erganzation regulary and conasterly mentor and enfore complance wih the pokey? "Yes" dscrbe m Schedie O how the was done s2e| x 13 Ode egenzaton ave a nen whstediover pokey? [x 14 Od te epanzaton have awnten document etnton and desructon poy? va [X 18 Did he process fr determing compensation of he fotowng persons eke 8 review and approve by «dependent persons, comparably dala, and contemporaneous substation of he deibecaion and decion? The oganaatens C£0, Execute Oreco,r top managemen otal ssa] x 1 Other oficersorkey employees ofthe egenzaton ssp] X 17 Yes" one 15a 0¢ 15, desenbe the process in Schedule O (eee structions) 18a. Othe organzaton nvestn, contnbutesssets oof parpae m ayont venture or sear erengement etn 8 taxable ny dunn he year? sa] | x Yes” ese egenzaton flow a wate polcy a pred reqiang the orgsnztono eat ds parbopaton mon vente arrangements under appheale federal ax aw, and take sep osaleuard the ongnzaton's exempt sats wh esto such aangements? sp Section C. Disclosure 47 Usthe states wih which a copy of tus Form 990 requred ioe fed ® CA 48 Section 6104 requres an organzaton to make ts Forms 1023 (or 1024 appleable), 980, and 990-T (Secton 50%(eK.3}8 ony) avaiable for ube mspectonInecate how you made these avalabie Check al that apply Ll ownwetste [] Anothers webste [) Upon request —[_] other (expan in Sched 0) 49 Desenbe m Sched © whether (and fs, how), he organization made xs governng documents, cont of teres poly, and financial statements avaéabe tthe pubic dung the tax year 20 Sate he name, physical adress, and telephone number of the person who possesses the books and records of he organcaton ® Peter Van Auken 14652 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90027-5408 323-962-2404 ona Form 890 um sm ror 0 AM Form 990 (2012) NARCONON INTERNATIONAL, 95-2769582 Page 7 Part Vil Compensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, Highest Compensated Employees, and Independent Contractors Check if Schedule © contains a response to any question in this Part VII x ‘Section A. Officors, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees. ‘1a Complete ths table fo all persons requred tobe listed Report compensation or the calendar year ending with or with the cofganzations tax year ‘List all ofthe organazaton’s current ofcers, directors, rustees (whether ndiaduals or organzatons), regardless of amount of ‘compensation Enter -0-n columns (0), (E), and (F) fo compensaton was pad '¢Ustal of he organzaton’s current Key employees, any See instructions for defnton of key employee * ‘st the organzaton'sfve current highest compensated employees (other than an officer, director, trustee, or key employee) ‘wh recewed reportable compensation (Box 5 of Form W-2 andlor Box 7 of Form 1098-MISC) of more than $100,000 fom the ‘xgantzation and any related organizations '¢ Lstall of he organzaton’s former officers, key employees, and highest compensated employees who recewved more than $100,000 of reportable compensation from the organization and ary related organzatons ‘List all of he organzaton’s former directors or trustees that eewed, nthe capaciy as a former ductor or trustee ofthe cxganation, more than $10,000 of reportable compensation fom the organzaon ard any related organizabons. Ustpereone the followng order individual Wustees oF dector,insttvional Wusles, officers, Key employees, nghest compensated employees, and former such persons [Check ths boxfnesher the organization nor any related organzatons compensated any current officer, cector, or vustee fe eee ees = fin = om Fy La |! : yl (Clark Carr 40.00 President/Darector 0.00 |x x 74,921! o| oO 40.00 Trustec 0.00 |x 16, 436| o| oO 1.00 Trustee 0.00 |x o| | 0 (Chelsea Zwan Director 0.00 |x o| o| oO {Sta car 1.00 Director 0.00 |x 0 0 oO Sie preven 1.00 (Phil Hart 40.00 Executive Director 0.00 x 79,573] | o (8)Claudia Arcabasdio 40.00 Secretary 0.00 x 63,651) | o Treasurer 0.00 x 49,873) 0! o om Fon 990 2) SEUSS "WhnconoN INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Part Vij__ Section A. Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees (continued) —— = ce ce oe oo leer | | oom ae AOA ry : i 5 g (4) im sfsaeaa TALL) C Tantinnctatinada shuetnParWteteah 2 Total numberof ndwaals (eluding but nol bmied 1 hose lsled above) who recenved more than $100,000 0 reportable compensation from the oiganzanon PO Yes Ne 3 Od the organzaton lst any former offeer, drectr, or trustee, Key employee, or highest compensated ‘employee on ine 1a? “Yes,” complete Schedule J for such indweual 3 x 4. Forany mdwidua sted on ine 1a the sum of portale compensation and other compensation from the rganzaton and rated organzatons greater tan $150,000? If“Yes," complete Schedule J for such snd 4 x 5 Dad any person sted on ne 1a recewve of accrue compensation from any urelated organzaton or nde for servces rendered tothe organzaton? I"Yes,” compete Schedule J fr such person 5 x Section B. Independent Contractors ‘1 Complete this table for your fe Faghest compensated independ contactors thal recewed more than $100,000 of ‘compensation from the organization Repo compensation forthe calondar year ending wah or win the rganzahon’s x year w ©) a ame aa hss nz rene comftinn ‘Chestnut Global Partners, LLC 1003 MEK Dr Bloomington IL 61701 Outcome Study 153,052 2 Total numberof dependent conractors (including but nat imded to those Isted above) who ecewed more than $100,000 of compensation ftom the erganzaton P 2 om Fam S90 RO Form 990 2012) NARCONON_INTERNATIONAL, Part Vil Statement of Revenue 95-2769582 Check if Schedule O contains a response to any question in this Part Vill Page 9 (2 S a 9) Fede canonare [ia 3 wenbernp cues rs 2 ¢ runrang ots te BE ° oremmegeatentid He Fe cwoneora a oom gy | cimrmeaetettee La | 1,001,244 BS) og ncmnanmsosncundnies eit § Sh Total. Aad ines 12-16 > 1,091,744) 3) a Program services fees 900099 7,112, 162| 7,112, 162| @) > training 6 somnare ‘900099 89, 375| 89, 375| | ¢ Ronn contar rentet ancooe [90009 28.650 28,650 §| s| B] 1 aanecorgcam some revenue E| greta nadine 20-21 eee 2 ivesinen neone (nding dens lo ted tar oir are) > 9,252 9,252 4 ncometomesinet ol sventnpbond proceed > Royotes > Grosses tn te Net rental income or (loss) > oe eee 9 Secunia ‘WO toe tance 282] tm wore tent es 1,201] Gamers Ty) 4 Retgonor toss . -29 -999 | 04 exten beng rt z {nat including $ 3] ct conmtors reportage ne te) 8) espa. tet ‘ 3] o tas aretecenes Ql € Netncone or fost tam hincaeng erie a Chet cna gay et SenPatl ce ‘ Lent erect erpntan . € Netncone or fost tom ging ae > 108 Gretel of nin, ese reuma and alorancee o|___s47 096 b Lows couofgoodssod ——-bL_318,907 Net ncomeo os om sis fn > 31,909] a1, 909 Tia coomsaasone 54150 4,361 4,36 ° ¢ Aloberroenes Tota Aides tod > 73a 12. Toalrvene, See mactons > [~a3eecsaqf 7a a7] a Tas T= 986 com Form 9902012) NARCONON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Page 10 Part IX Statement of Functional Expenses. Secon 501(9) and 501(e\4) organzabons must complet al columns Al oder organgatons must complete column (A) ‘Check Schedule O conta a response to ary question mths Part X De not include amounts reported on tines 6b, eee ropes rola 7p, bb, 96, and 10b of Part Vl Senne coer 1 Gran ard oer asstarce to goers ad cwyanuatons nthe US See Par ne 21 51,652 51,652 2. Grants and other assistance to divas n the US See Part IV, bne 22, 3 Grants and other assistance fo governments, organcatons, and indkvduals outside the US See Par IV, ines 15 and 16 311,766 311,766 44 Benefits pa to 0° for members 5 Compensation of curent officers, directors, trustees, ad key employees. 288,941 222, 932! 61, 403 4,606 15 Compensiten not ncluded above to dsquafed parsons (as dtd under secton £958) and raors desorbed in seebon 4858436) 7 Other salanes and wages 1,219,074! 4,112, 318| 92,526 14,230 '8 Penson plan socrals and carrbutens (nce ecb 41() and 40) empioyerconteutons) 9 Other employee benefits 10 Payeol taxes 130,399] 115, 455 13,314 1,630 41 Fees for seme (non-employees) ‘2 Management Legal 362, 761| 337,793 24,254 74a © Accounitag 35,236 35,236] 4 Lobbying ‘ Professonaundrasing seroes See Pat W, be 17 1 Investment management fees 1 Oba (ie 15st ends fn 25cm (Wane, tne 1g exes on See 0) 635| 635 42 Advertang and promotion 632,956 630, 495) 2,395) 66 13. Office expenses 119, 800) 105,143) 13,496 7,161 14 Information teemnology 15 Royates 2, 443| 2,442| 416 Occupancy 267,350) 235,976| 28,043] 3,331 17 Travel 215,059) 214,857 180| 22 48 Payments of avel or entertainment expenses for any federal, stat, or local publ offels 19 Conferences, conentions, nd meetings 52,576 52 ,576| 20 interest 21 Payments to afte 1,895, 803| 1,895,803, 22 Depreciation, depletion, and amortzaton 43,234 38,280 4,414] 540 23 ineurance 32,996 29,215 3, 369| 412 24 Ota expenses Heme expenses not covered shove (st msoalaneous expenses nbn 2 I Ine 24 aount exceeds 10% of ne 25, colina (A) aroun ist ine 24e expenses on Schedule ©) a Legal settlements 6,505, 000| 6,505, 000| b Asst & Supv of Rehab Ctra 1,460,527! 1,460,527] © Bad debts 938, 684) 935,734 2,950] @ Staff training 107, 264| 98,601 7,737) 926 ‘@ Adotner expenses 18,226] 18,226 25 Total untonalenpenees. das 1 gh 282 14, 692,381| 14,375, 426| 289,317 27,638 ‘26 Joint costs. Compote ths ine only the ‘gaat poem colin (ot eas fama cmos eaastenl apg tunrsag sletaton ek ere | Iotowng $00 6.2450 95870) z Foe S80 2, Fom 9902012) _NARCONON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Page 11 PartX Balance Sheot Check f Schedule O conta a response fo any queston n hs Part X TT “ 8) Begg of year End of year 7 Caah—nomierat beanng 316, 977|_ 4 1,059,959 2 Savings and temporary cash vestments 193, 412| 2 98,317 3. Pledges and grants recerable, net 3 4 Accounts recewable net 1,027,330] « 495,171 5 Loane and othr recovablas om euent and former offer, drectors, ‘rstees, key employees, and highest compensated employees Compete Pat lof Schedule L 5 6 Loans and other receables rom other dsquaifed persons (as defined under secton 4958(1), persons desenbed n secon 4958((3)(8), and contnbutg employers and Sponsong erganzations of secton$01(¢\8) velunary employees" benefoary | organzatonsseeinsiucions) Complete Paro Schedule L 6 #7 Notes and oans recewabie, net 99, 968] 7 165,551 18 Inventnes or sale or use 29,403] 6 64,088 8 Prepaid expenses and deferred charges 2 2 40a Land, bulge, and equpment cost or ather bass Complete Part Vif Schedule D 10a 996, 412 Less accumiated depreciation 100] 597,113 429,576] 10 399,299 11 nvestmenis—publey traded secuntes 4 Investments—ather secuntes See Part IV, ne 11 12 Investments—programvelates See Part IV, ine 11 13 Intange assets 14 Other assets See Pat, ne 11 38,003] 15 598 Total assets. Ads hn 1 trough 15 (must equa ine 34) 2,134,667] 16] 2,262,985 "Accounis payable and accrued expenses 586, 981| 7| 7,047,393 Grants payebie 45, 864] 18 59,617 Deferred revenue 1,035] 19 | 1,035 Tax-exempt bond babies 20 Escrow or custodial account habity Complete Part IV of Seheaule © 2 Loans and other payables to curent and former offers, decor, ‘ruses, key employees, highest compensated employees, and ‘isquafed persons Complete Pat I of Schedule L 2 Secured mortgages and notes payable to unrelated thé pares 23 Unsecured notes and loans payable to unrelated thd partes 24 Cither habits (ncuing federal income tax, payables to elated thd partes, and oterlabites not nuded on ines 17-28) Complete Part X of Schedule D 25 26 Total abilities, Ads ines 17 nvough 25 633, 880| 26| 7,108,045 ‘Organizations that follow SFAS 117 (ASC 966), cheek Here» EX] and $|_ complete lines 27 through 28, and tines 33 and 38. B27 Unvosincted nat assets 1,500,070| 27| _~5,333,679 | 28 Temporary estcted net assets 71 7| 28 508,619 B]29 Permanently restnced net assets 20 | organizations that donot follow SFAS 117 (ASC 868), check here > [] and 5) complete tines 20 through 34 8] 30. Cepia soko st papel ercurent ins ri 231 Pat or capita! suphs rand, building, or equpment ind mM | 32. Retaned eamngs, endowment, aecumiated ncome, o other funds 32 133 Total net assets or und balances 1,500, 7871 33 825, 060 34 Total ibis and net assetahund balances 2,134,667] «| 2,262,985 For 990 012 am 990 gor) NARCONON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Page 12 Part Xt Reconciliation of Not Assots Check i Schedule O contains a response to any question in thes Part X/ 1 1 Total revenue (must equal Part Vill, column (A), line 12), 4 8,366,534 2 Total expenses (must equal Part IX, column (A), line 25) 2 14,692,381 3° Revenue less expenses Subtract line 2 from line 1 3 -6,325,847 4 Net assets or fund balances at beginning of year (must equal Part X, line 33, column (A)). 4 1,500,787 5 Nat unvatzed gans Joses) on rwestments, 5 6 Donated seroes and vse of faces 6 7 Investment expenses 7 8 ror penod asiments ¢ 9 er changes nel asses or fund balances (expan m Sched 0) 2 10° Wot assets or fund balances at end efyear Combine ines 3 trough 9 (i equa Pat X, ke 23, column 1o| _-4,825,060 Part Xi Financial Statements and Reporting CCheckif Schedule O contains a response to any question i ths Part Xl o Yes] no 1 Accouning method used io prepare tne Form 990: [|] Cash (R aconal —[] omer ithe erganzaton changed ds method of accouing Kon a per yea ot checked “Other expla sehadue 0 28 Were he egencstorsfnanca sateen comple orrevewed by an pendent scountnt? aa| |x ies check a box below oat whathar the ancl statements othe year were compe or revved ona separate ban, consohated bas, or both separate basis [] Consoidated basss [] Both consolidated and separate basis Were the organza’ nancalstemetsauated by an dependent scontnt? ao | x 11¥es" check a box blo cate whee the ian statemens ore year wee austeson @ separate bess, consldated bas, o both (Separate bass [-] Consokdated bass [] fot consokated and separate bass «H°¥6s"to ne 2a or 2, does he organcaton hve a commie tet asumes responsi fr overoght ofthe aud renew, or compibon of rancal statement ad selecton of an ndependen accountant?” ae| x ithe organzaton changed eter ts overaght processor selecton process durng he tax year, expan n Schau 0 4 Ava resi ofa fader ward wa ho organcaton equred io undergo an auc or aus asa forth the Single Audit Act nd OMB Cela 1397 ul ix b Yes" die oganizaon undergo th equred autor aude? the organzaton didnt undergo the cox at or ats, expan why m Sods O and descrbe any sep shen to undergo such ats 2» rom 980 20) oer s60192008 AM ‘SCHEDULE A . i i i a 1152007 {Form 990 or 99042) Public Charity Status and Public Support 2012 Complete it the organization is a section 501(c\,3) organization ora section '4947(a\(1) nonexempt charitable trust pm to Pete Speen reer > Attach to Form 990 or Form 990.62. Soe separate instructions. Inspection ‘aot rston Sapo aeatcabon nome A ‘An organaation organized and oper NARCONON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Reason for Public Charity Status (All organizations must complete this part ) See instructions 7 1 at private foundation because ts (For ines 1 through 11, check ony one box ) [A church, convention of churches, or associaton of churches desenbed in section 47(6\ NANO. ‘schoo! desenbed in section 170(B\1)(AN.(Atach Schedule E ) [Ahospial or @ cooperative hosptal service organzaton described n section 170(5) 1HAMI ‘A medical esearch erganzaton operated in conjuncion wih @hosptal described n section 170(b) MAMI) Enter the hosptats name, cy, ond state ‘An organzation operated forthe benefit ofa college or unversty owned or operated by a governmental unt descnbed in section 170(6)HANiv). (Complete Parti) ‘An organization nat normaly recees a sustantal part of supp rom a governmental unt or fom the genera puble descnbed n section 7010) HAN). (Compete Part i) ‘commun st deserted m section 170(0KS¥AKW), (Complete Par} ‘An organcaton iat normaly recenes (1) more tan 39 19% of support tom contnbulons, membership fees, and gross recep tom ates elated to ts exam unctons subject o cata exceptions, and (2) no more than 3 13% of fs support fom gross nvesiment income and unelated business taxable income (ess secton 51 ax om Businesses cqured by the xganzaton ae sue 90, 1975 See section 5082. (Complete Pati) 1 excusvely tel or publ salely See section 5090). ‘nv organzatoncrganzed and operated excluswaly for he benef 1 perform the Anton of, of o cary out he purposes of one of more publ supped rgancatons deserbed m section 809(a(}) or ecton S0(a)2) See section '509(a)2). Check he Box hat cesenbes ihe type of supportng organization and complete nes 1 Owough 1th 2 Chtwet—b L] ten © (Type t-Functonaly tegrated 2 Type m-Nontnctonaty tegrated a g ‘A federal, state. or local government or governmental unit described in section 170(b)(1KAMY). ©] By checks ts box, cert tat ne orgaeaton smo conrofled rector mec by one or more iqualied peor ther than foundation managers and other than one or more publly supported organczatons described m section 508(aM1) ‘or section 509(2)(2) ithe ocganaation received a writen determination fom the IRS thal 1s a Type, Type lor Type Il supperbng ‘organization, check tis box a 9 Since August 17, 2006, has the organaation accepted any git or contnbuton frm any of the foovang persons? (0. Aperson who direct or mrety contol, ether alone or together wih persons described in x) and (1) below, the governing body ofthe supported organvzaton? fren (i A family member ofa person descnibed i () above? tam (ii) A 35% controled enty of person described m (i) or 1) above? stn h___Prowsde the folowing nformaton about the supported organaton(s) hare ot appores wen (1) ypeatammaaion ——|(witecpancatn | (Oden | (white | guyana mere someon (ceereasonime'-o | naa Gna yar | Peagerezonm Jopaain nes sever ‘Gover Re scien Geewetoomene | 22 eto |Overanasd ae (sce natnaton) aoa use a @ oy o © Total For Paperwork Reduction Act Nolice, soe the Instructions for ‘Schedule A (Form 990 or 990-E2) 2012 Form 990 or 990-62. ‘Schedule A (Form 990 or 990.67) 2012_NARCONON INTERNATIONAL. 95-2769582 Page 2 Part li Support Schedule for Organizations Described in Sections 170(b)(TNANiv) and 170(b)(1)(A)vi) (Complete oniy if you checked the box on line 5, 7, or 8 of Part | ori the organization failed to qualify under Part ll Ifthe organization falls to qualify under the tests listed below, please complete Part II!) ‘Section A. Public Support Calendar year (or fiscal year beginning in) > (a) 2008. (2008 (2010 azo 202 (Tata 1 Gifts, grants, contnbutons, and ‘membership fees recewed (Oo not ‘elude any "unusual gras") ex3,745| 265,220 __279,937| __354,969|__1,09,71 2,585,619 2 Taxrovenves eves forthe cxganeaton's benefit and ether pad to or expended on ts Beha 3. Thevatue of semces or facies fumshed by 8 governmental unto the ‘organcation vot charge 4 Tota. Aad nes 1 trough 3 3,703] 205,220] 779,997] 354,969] 1,091,740] 2,585,629 ‘5 The portion of otal contnbutons by ‘each person (other than a ‘dovernmental unt or bly supported organczaton) ncluded on line 1 thal exceeds 2% of the amount ‘shown on ine 11, column () 65,207 6 _ Public support Suita! ne § romtne 4 2,520,432 Section B. Total Support Calendar year (or fiscal year beginning in) ® (ay2008 e200 (200 @2m eae (Tost 7 Amounts from ine 4 613,743] 265,220] 279,937] 354,969] 1,091,744] 2,505, 619 8 Gross ncome fom mterest, ddends, payments receved on secures loans, Seu ee 10,516] 21,271) 7,.153| 31,885) 9,282] 80,075 9 Netincome fom unrated business ‘actives, whether or not the Business {is regularly cared on 40 Other ncome Op notincude gan or {oss from the sale of capa assets (©xplan in Partiv) 4,038] 33,231) 2,314 9,360) 4.261) 39,352 11 Total support. Aa ines 7 through 10 2,705,026 12 Gross receipts fom related actives, ote (see ituctions) 12 | 291235, 526 13. First five years. the Form 990 for he organization's fst, second, thr, fourth o fih tex year asa section 01(2\3) ‘orgarzaton, check this box and stop here. Oo ‘Section C. Computation of Public Support Percentage: 114 Pubhe suppor percentage fox 2012 (ine 6 column () dvded by ine 17, column () 14 338% 15 Pubic suppor percentage from 2011 Schedule A, Part I. ine 14 5 96.13% 16a 33-113% suppor tost-—-2012 Ifthe organization didnot check the box online 13, and ine 141s 33 13% or more, check this = box and stop here. The ganzaton quakes as a publi supported organzaton >& 33 19% support test—2011. Ifthe organtzation dd not check a box on ne 13 oF 16a, and ne 1518.39 119% or more, ‘chock ths box and stop here. The organization qualifies as a publicly supported organization 17a 10%facts-and.clrcumstances test—2012. I the organaaton de not check @ box on ine 13, 16a, oF 16b, andine 1415 10% or more, and the organzaton meets the “facts-and-crcumstances" test, check ths box and stop here. Explan n Part V how the organization meets the Yacts-and-orcumstances" est The organization qualfes as a publcly supported organzation 1b 10%facts-and-circumstances test--2011. Ihe organzaton dd nol check a box on ine 13, 16a, 18b, or 179, and ine 1518 10% or more, and the organization meets the “lacts-and-orcumstances” est, check ths box and stop here. Explain in Part IV how the organization meets the “Yacs-and.crcumstances" test The organzation qualfes 2s publely ‘supported organation 48 Private foundation. ithe organzation didnot check a box on ine 13, 16a, 16, 173, or 17b, check ths box and see instructions >O re >O >O ‘Schedule A (Form 990 or 980-€2) 2012 Schedule A (Form 960 o 99067) 2012_NARCONON_INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Page 3 Part lil Support Schedule for Organizations Described in Section 509(a)(2) (Complete oniy if you checked the box on line $ of Part or ifthe organization failed to qualify under Part I! Ifthe organization fails to qualify under the tests listed below, please complete Part I!) Section A. Public Support Calendar year (or cal yar beginning in) (a) 2008 (8) 2008 (2010 wan 22 (iota 11 Gis gan, conto, and menbrsho fous econed Do notre any uns ans) 2 Gesrecape om ans nahondse ‘trashed many act that sete To the cranzabors tenet purpose 3 Gross eco tom atts that ae nt an eat rade orbesness under secon S13 4 Taxrevenves loved forthe ‘organceaton's bereft and ether paid to or expended on ts behalf 5 The value ofseruces or facibes fused by a governmental unt othe ‘organzation wihout charge 6 Total, Add ines 1 trough 5 Ta Amounts included on lines 1,2, and 3 ‘ecewed from disqualified persons 1b Amounts mused on nes 2 ard 3 ‘cen rom he than dsquaiod persons ha enced the rater of $5000 (haf he arcu on ine 13 rh year © Add ines 7a and 7 ‘8 Public support Subtract ne 7c fom ine 6) ‘Section B. Total Support Calendar year for fiscal year beginning a) > (2008 )2008 (e200 (aot we)2012 Taal 8 Amounts from ine 6 10a Gross meame rom meres nds, payments receved on secures loans, et, ‘oyaies and ncome fom sla sources Unrelated busmess taxable income (ess ‘ecbon 611 taxes) fom businesses acqured after June 30, 1975, © Add ines 109 and 100 11 Netcom fom neato tusness Seivbes not cadsd mine 108, whether (rot he busines regu carned on 412 Other meome Do nat mekide gan or lose from the sale of captal assets (Explain in Pan) 13. Total support. (Add ines 9,106, 11, and 12) +16 First five years. he Form 9901s forthe organzators sk. secord, th, fourth, oF Nh tax year as @ sechon OWENS) rganzaton, check ths box and stop here »O Section C. Computation of Public Support Percentage 45 Pubic suppor percentage for 2012 (ne 8, stun () eed by ine 13, earn (D) 5 % 16 _Pubic suppor percentage rom 2011 Schedule A Pat ine 15 416 % Section D. Computation of investment Income Percentage 417 _investnentincame percentage for 2012 (ne 10c, column ded by ne T3, clan i) 7 % 18 _Invesimenticome percentage rom 2041 Schedule A Par tl, ine 17 18 % 182 22 19% suppor tests—2012 he ergpnizaton dé nol ceck he box on ine 4, and ne 1618 mote han 29 10%, and ine 17 esnetmere hon 331%, check hs box and stp ere. The organzabon gushes aso pubhly suppor oroneaton oO 221% support testa—201. ne organcaton dl no check a Box one 14 or ine 1, andi 1 ore fhan 39 72%, and tne bi notre nan 3 72%, check box ad stop ere The ogenzsion quae asa pbhoy supported oranaaten a 20_Prvate foundation, Wie eganzaton di check tox nine 14, 6,190 check es Dx and ee mucins > Sched A Form 90 or 99052) 2072 ‘Schedule A (Form 980 0 99062) 2012 _NARCONON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 PartlV Supplemental Information. Complete this part to provide the explanations required by Part I, ine 10, Part ll, ime 17a or 17b; and Part Ill ine 12 Also complete this part for any additonal information (See instructions). Part II, Line 10 - Other Income Detail Commissions $ 39,332 Page 4 ‘Schedule A (Form 990 or 990-£2) 2012 ‘SCHEDULE D “* Supplemental Financial Statements [oven eons (Form $80) > Complate ifthe organization answered Yes," to Form 980, 2012 ope any Pan ine 67,879.10. 1h, tbe es Ti, Mer 1h, 120 oF 2b Seca SPST Scariest ‘Rtach to Form 990: See separato instructions. inspection ton ton tale oe NARCONON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Parti Organizations Maintaining Donor Advised Funds or Other Similar Funds or Accounts. Complete f the organvzation answered "Yes" to Form 990, Part IV, line 6 in Goer aoa ra (piri a operas Total number at end of year ‘Aggregate conrbutons to (dung yer) ‘Aggregate grants rom (ng yea) Aggregate vai tend of year ‘id ne organzaton nfo a donas and donor adorn wing thal he asses held donor adsed : ‘ands arene organzatn’ propery, subject tothe organzato's excuse legal conto? Ove 0 no 6D the erganzaton nfm al granees, donors, nd donor adwsorsm wring tha ran funds can be used ony for chartale purposes and ator the beef fhe dnar ar dar adr, oo anyother purpose _confering impermissible pavate benefit?” (0 ves (1) wo Part it Conservation Easements. Complete if the organization answered “Yes" to Form 990, Part IV, line 7 ‘1 Purposela of conservation easements held by te organzaton (check al hal 3pp¥) Preservation oflind for publ use (eg, recreation or educaton) |_| Preservation ofanfsstoncaly mportant and area Protechon of natal habat [1] Preservavn ofa ceifed stone suture (71 Preservation of open space 2 Complete tnes 2a trough 24 he erganaaton held a quafed conservation contnbuton nthe frm ofa consevaton easement onthe tat day of the tx year Held at the End ofthe Tax Year {2 Total numberof conservation easements 2a 'b Total acreage restncte by conservation easements 2b {¢Number of conservation easements on a certified stone structure ncluded (a) 2e 4d Number of conservation easements mcluded mn (c) acqued ater 8/17/06, and not on 8 Instone structure ised inthe Natonal Register 2 3 Number of conservation easements modifed, transferred, released, extingushed, or terminated by the organeztien dung the tax year > ‘4 Number of states where property subject to conservation easement located '5 Does the organzaton have a writen poicy regarting the penodic montonng, nspecton, handling of ‘wolations, and enforcement of the conservation easements it holds? (C1 ves [] no {5 Staff and volunier hours devoted to mentonng, nspecing, and enfoeng conservation easements dunng the year > 7 Amount of expenses ncured mn montonng, inspecting, and enforcing conservation easements duang the year bs 18 Does each conservation easement reported on line 2(d) above satisfy he requrements of section 170(h)4)(8) ()and section 170qn4)(8)07 C1 ves [no 9 nar Xit descnbe now the erganzaton reports conservation easements in is revenve and expense statement, and balance sheet, and include. applicable, the text of the footnee tothe eganizato's franca statements that descnbes the lxganzatin’s accountng for conservation easements Partill Organizations Maintaining Collections of Art, Historical Treasures, or Other Similar Assets, Complete if the organization answered "Yes" to Form 990, Part IV, ine 8 ‘af the organzaton elected, os permitted under SFAS 116 (ASC 968), not orepor i is revenue statement and balance sheet works of at, stoncal treasures, or other sumiar assets held for public exhition, education, or research i furtherance of puble sence, prowde,m Part Xl the text ofthe footnote to ts fnancial statements that describes these tems bf the organzaton elected, as permited under SFAS 116 (ASC 958), to report ins revenue statement and balance sheet ‘works of ar istoncal treasures, o oer sumar assets held for public exhtton, education, oF research n furtherance of public servee, provide the folowing amouns relating to these ems (i) Revenues cluded in Form 990, Pat Vil, ine 4 ms Gi) Assets included m Form 990, Pat X ms 2. ifthe organization recenved or held works of ar, histoncal treasures, or other sia asses fr fnancil gam, provide the folomng amounts requred io be reported under SFAS 116 (ASC 958) relating to these stems 8 Revenues cluded in Form 990, Part Vi), ine 1 ms b_ Assets ncluded in Form 990, Part X ps For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, sé the instructions for Form 980 ‘Schedule D (Form 990) 2012 Schedule D (Form 990) 2012_NARCONON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Page 2 Part li Organizations Maintaining Collections of Art, Historical Treasures, or Other Similar Assets (continued) 3 Using the eganzaton’s aoqusion, accession, and other records, check any ofthe follwing that are @ sgnticant use of ts ‘olecton dems (check al that 3pp) 2 ) ube exioton 4 [7] Loan or exchange programs b [] Senotany researen © [ Omer (1) Preservation fr tatu generations 4 Prove a descrpion ofthe organization's collectors and exlan how they futher the erganzatons exemp! purpose n Part xu 5 Dung he yar, ds the erganzaton sok or recewe donations of o, hstoncal treasures, or cher samtar assets tobe gold toca Nuns ater than tobe manfaned as pat ofthe organzaton's clacton? Part Escrow and Custodial Arrangements. Complete i he organization answered Ves Ine 9, or reporied an amount on Form 980, Part X, line 21 7a Tee erganzaton an agent, iste, cusodan or other nermedary for coninbuton or oer ares not sncluded on Form 980, Pat X? (ves [] no b 1-Yes” expan he arrangement Part Xl and complete the followng able Cl ves C1no To Form 590, Par IV. “Amount © Beginnng balance rn «4 Aditons dung the year 1 t Dstnbutons dung the year te. Ending balance 4 2a Dad the organization include an amount on Form 990, Part X, ine 21? ves A No b_11-Yes, expian the arrangement in Part Xill Check here if the explanation has been provided n Pat Xi PartV___ Endowment Funds. Complete if the organization answered "Yes" to Form 990, Part IV, ine 10 42 Begining of year balance ' Contnbutons € Netinvesiment eamngs. gains, and losses 4: Grants or scholarships © Other expenatures for facies and programs £ Ramevstatve expenses 9 End of year balance 2 Prove the estimated percentage ofthe current year end balance (ne ¥9, column (a) held as {Board designated or quasi-endownent % Permanent endowment % © Temporaniy restncted endowment % ‘The percentages mines 23,2, and 2c should equal 100% 3a Ave there endowment funds notin the possession ofthe organization that are held and admnstered forthe ‘organization by Yes | No (@) unreated organzatons aq (i) related organzatons sac 1(-Yes" to 3a), are the related organzations isted as requred on Schedule R? 2b. ‘4 Desenbe m Part Xl tne intended uses ofthe organization's endowment funds PartVI__ Land, Buildings, and Equipment. See Form 990, Part X, ine 10 Deere p89) (W)carorcbertae (0) Cos eer to oneoemanes oor a (eee waeoon| 1a Land b Buldngs 900,037, 5i6,0i7| ‘382,020 € Leasehold mprovements 3,870| 3,870| 4 Equpment 87,560 70,281 17,279 e Other 4,945) 4,945] ‘Total, Add ines Ta through Te (Column (2) must equal Form 980, Pan X, column (3), e106 ) > 399,299 ‘Schedule D Form 990) 2012 unr sso, 3001 At ‘Schedule D (Form 990) 2012 _"NARCONON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Page 3 Part Vii__ Investments—Other Securities. See Form 990, Part X, line 12 ( Dseten oar oe (00a Te manasa () Financaldenvatves (2) Closely held equty interests (@) Other “ @ © © © 0 © 0 ‘otal. (Gotan b) must equal Form 890, Par X, col (@) ine 12 > Part Vill__Investments—Program Related. See Form 990. Part X, ine 13 (e)Osrpion teen pe (Beer a (ewer von ) (0 ‘Tota. (Column @) must equal Form 990, Pan X, cal @)ine 13 > PartiX Other Assets. See Form 990, Part X, ine 15 6 m @) 2) G0) ‘otal. (Coun (b) musl equal Form 990, Pan X, col @)ine 16 PartX Other Liabilities. See Form 990, Part X, ine 25. i (o) Derr ty ()Federalincome taxes 2 2) @) 5) © m ®) oO) 0) wi Total (Column (b) must equal Form 90, Par X, cl (B) ine 25 > 2. FIN 48 (ASC 740) Footnote in Part Il rowde te text of the footnote fo the oganaton’sfnancal statements that report the organzation's ‘abit or uncertan tx postions under FIN 48 (ASC 740) Check ner if he text ofthe footnote has been provided n Pat XI TL om ‘SehedteD Form 990) 2012 ‘Schedule D Form 990)2012_NARCONON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Page 4 PartXi__ Reconciliation of Revenue per Audited Financial Statements With Revenue per Return, 1 Totalvevenve, gans, and other support per audited fnancal statements 4 8,463, 440 2 Amounts eluded on ine 1 but nat on Form 990, Pat Vl ine 12 '@ Netunreaized gans on vestments za b Donated services and use of facies 25 {© Recovenes of por yer grants ze Other (Desenbe m Part Xi) 2a 116, 906) Add ines 2a rough 26 20 116, 906 3 Subtract ne 20 rom tne 1 3 §,366,534 44 Amounts meluded on Form 990, Part Vil, ine 12, but not on ine 1 4 Investment expenses nol included on Form 990, Part Vl, ne 7b 4a Other (Deserve m Pat xl) ry Add ines 4a and 4b 4c 5 Total revenue Add nes 3 and 4e. (Ths must equal Form $90, Pat ne 12) 3 8,366,534 Part XIl__ Reconciliation of Expenses per Audited Financial Statements With Expenses per Return “| Total expenses and losses per avsiedfnancal statements 1 | __14, 809,287 2 Amounts meluded on ine 1 bul nat on Form 990, Pat IX, be 25 4 Donated services and use of facies za b Proryear adjustments 2b © Otheriosses 2c 4 Other (Desenbe m Part Xi) 2a 116, 906) © Add ines 2a trough 2a 2 116, 906 3 Subtract ine 20 trom ine 4 3 | 14,692,381 44 Amounts meloded on Form 990, Pat iX, ne 25, but not on ine 4 Investment expenses nol included on Form 990, Part Vl, ne 7b 4a Ofer (Deserve m Part Xl!) 0 © Add ines a and 4b 4c 5 _Total expenses Add ines 3 and 4c This must equal Form 990, Pat | hne 18 5 | 14,692,361 Part Xill__ Supplemental information omplete hs part to pronde the descapiens requred for Par Ii mes 3, 6, and, Parl, ines Ta and & Pan WV, mes Tb and 2B, Part, ne 4, Par X ne 2, Part Xl, ines 2d and 4b, and Pat lines 2a and 4b Also complete ths part to prowde any adsiona information Part X - FIN 48 Footnote NNINT has evaluated its tax positions and the certainty as to whether those tax positions will be sustained in the event of an audit by taxing authorities at the federal and state level. It has determined that all income tax positions are more likely than not (greater than 50% chance) of being sustained upon potential audit or examination; therefore, no recognition or disclosure of uncertain income tax positions is required in the financial statements. Part XI, Line 2d - Revenue Amounts Included in Financials - Other Cost of Narconon Materials Sold Loss on disposition of fixed assets $ 115,907 999 Part XII, Line 2d - Expense Amounts Included in Financials - Other Cost of Narconon Materials Sold $ 115,907 ‘Schedule 0 (Form 990) 2012 ‘Schedule D (Form 990) 2012_NARCONON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Page 5 Part Xiil__ Supplemental Information (continued) Loss on disposition of fixed assets $ 999 ‘Schedule 0 (Form 990) 2012 ‘SCHEDULE F Statement of Activities Outside the United States [xe tetsu (Form 990) > Complete ifthe organization answered "Yes" to Form 980, 2012 cremate > tach to Form 960" See separa instructions. Seense gute NARCONON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Part! General Information on Activities Outside the United States. Complete if the organization answered "Yes" to Form 990, Part IV, ine 145 1 For grantmakers. Does the rganzaton maintain recor io substantiate the amount of ts grants and other assistance, the grantees elghity forthe grants or assistance, and the selection crtera used to award the rans or assistance? 2 Forgrantmakers. Describe m Part V the organization's procedures fr montonng the use of ts gran and other assistance outside the Unted States 3_Actutes per Region (The folowng Pat |, ine 3 table can be dupicated if adcional space is needed ) ves [no Ream paneer ‘names Tahar aoa iteeaymesn a a ‘om ‘Deseret ‘enareara soem sees, serene pe of SSiestres rene ea Sees prey SSeonemoy Europe o o olgrants 291,225 Europe 2 ol olprogram services _|rech assist drug rhb 97,516 North America fe ol olgrants 17,204 North Amerjca 4) o| Olprogram services {tech assist drug rhb 16,994 ‘South America (5) o| Olgrante 2,750 ‘Sub-Saharaq Africa 6) o| Olgrants 587 ‘Sub-Saharaq Africa om o| Olprogram Services _|rech assist drug rhb 530 @ 3) (10) on 2) 3) 4) 19) 19) on 3a Subsets 426,806 1 st crams © Totals (add lines 3a and 36) 426,806 For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, se the Instructions for Form 980. ‘Schedule (Form 990) 2012 Z02 (066 wio4) 4 empou9s, T 7 THRE SOARES OTS GUT TST ANSE 7 | 491 fovejennb (e(0).05 uorn9s e papinend sey oeuncD 20 aaUelS au AUN 1040'S 9H Aa dusxo-xe) se pamubooss“unea uBiaiy ay Aq soqueyp se panuBoas ae eu) atoge paqsy suonezuesio wed jo aquUNUIEICL ISNA wr cy wit THT ar THT Tair wr w w wr edoang sozquezz 071m |s689T uorsearrrqeyou 6nzq WHEY GION peas, 0x1 |000’9 vorseartrqeyes 6nza | WTS WTON oxquezz, oxtm [y6z'a vorseartrqeyey 6nza edoang wr sexquezy oxtm [265/09 vorseartyqeyer Sra edoang 17 zoxguezy oxtm |6et! Loz uoraeqTTrqeuow Bnza eevene ‘pero ves vouzetio roe) pact) omens) wt cee Tae Papaau st Sei 066 Uuoy 0} ,SaA,, PalaMsue uoHeziUeELO a j2|dwod “SexBIg PayIUN ays epIsiNO sanAUa 40 suO| "TUNOTINNUGINI NONOOWEN Z8S69LE-56 000 SS Uey BIO Tow ya RUE TO, GT SUA VES 12619 0} @OUE}SISSY JONI PUR SUID Wed zie Tose WOH poe ‘Schedule F (Form 990) 2012 _" NARCONON_ INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Page 4 PartiV Foreign Forms 1 Was the organzaton a US ante of rope os ore corporatn ng he x yoo? “Ye,” tne organavon ay be reared to fe Fem 928, Run by aS Tranter ol Property t= Feregn Corporation (ee ieructon fr Foon 926) [ve fino 1a the organization have an erest na foreign ust dunng he tox year? It"Yes,"the organzation ‘may be requved to fie Form 3520, Annual Relum to Report Transactons wih Foregn Trusts and Receipt of Certain Foreign Git, andlor Form 3520-4, Annusl Information Return of Foregn Trust With 8 US Owner (se instuctons for Forms 3520 and 3520-4) (ves [No Dane eganzston have an omerchip erst na org corporation dng tex yr? Ye” the oganzaton maybe equed oa Farm 47, nomatan Ream ofS Person Wi Respect To Certan Fors Corporations (ee Irion fr Fo 8471) Cl ves [i] no Waste organzabn rec orndrect sharhokde of passive forgnmesimen company ora (ali eacig fad rng he ox year "Yes, he ompanzation may be requced 1 fe Ferm 8621 Inlomaton Retumby 9 Streolte of Passe Foren Inesnent Company er Quale ling Fed (ee nstuctone or Form 824) Cvs fi no ia the organzaton have an ownership interest in a foreign parnership dung the tax year? If-Yes,” the organization may be requred o fle Form 8865, Return of U S Persons With Respect Te Certain Foreign Partnerships (see Instructions for Form 8865) Oves No 1d the erganzation have any operations ino elated o any boyeatong countnes dunng the tax year? It “Yes, the ergaization may be requred to fle Form 5773, International Boycott Report (see Instructions for Form 5713) Dives i) no ‘Schedule F (Form 980) 2012 ‘Schedule F (Form 960) 2012" NARCGNON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769562 Page 8 Part Supplemental Information Complete this part to provide the information required by Part | ine 2 (monutonng of funds), Part, ine 3, column (?) (accounting method, amounts of nvesiments vs. expenditures per region), Part Il, ine 1 (accounting method), Part Ill (accounting method), and Pert Il, column (c) (estimated number of recipients) @8 applicable Also complete this part to provide any addtional information (see instructions) Part I, Line 2 ~ Procedures for Monitoring the Use of Grant Funds The Organization reviews reporting from recipients to ensure that the funds were expended in accordance with the purposes and terms of the grant. Part I, Line 3 - Activities per Region Region Expenditures Investments Europe $ 291,225 $ ° Europe $ 97,516 $ ° North America $ 17,204 $ ° North America $ 16,994 $ 0 South America $ 2,750 $ ° Sub-Saharan Africa $ 587 $ ° Sub-Saharan Africa $ 530 § ° Part V - Additional Information Page 1, Part I, line 3, Column (£) - Accounting Method: The expenditures are reported on the accrual basis. ‘Schedule F (Form 980) 2012 (402) (066 wos) omnpouss. o< z< @ w C) ® ” © looser € | wisesv-s6 Torte Ww waaaNswa uotqeonpe Snzq is WrIra 3 729 NoNOOWWN 40 saNaTaa (2) jese7 ve € [oszeast-ec SeeyL IO RUTGYNYD uorgeattrqeyez Bnzq} S Kom 19 OH WHOHWTIO 0 NONOOUWN (1) wouee a ae Twewen0b 0 wei po asoding 4) ee ee naa) vonezue6io jo ssaippe pue owen (e) ' on] on papeau si soeds (066 WO 0} .S2A, pa/amsue UONEZIUEGIO ey) J! ajaIdWOD “SareIS POHUN ou ‘SEIS PAVUT a Ur SPU WEEP aT jyy STOW panisOas JeWy WwAIGIoa AUB 10} Tz aul Aled Z102 0A, pesoMsue UojeZUe6L0 OM J Y0|S\HOD 1 S[ENPIAIPU] pu ‘sUAUIEACD ‘suoneziuebig 0} eoueysissy J8yI0 pur sueID uot 2a) sue counyssse 10 sweu6 au) Jo} aibyo sooqU0L6 aUA ‘soUE|SSSe 40 syUEIB OY JO WNOWE a Guo aut Seog SOUEISISSY Pl 9 Te @BS69L2-S6 "IWNOTLWNUGINI NONODUY! nan wenn 803 ensue a 200 woRedsuy (066 wuOZ Or WDEAY < Ee + 2ugNg oF uedO "22.0 12 OUI 'AL Hed ‘066 WHO (066 wo) 1a1ngaHos (2302) (086 wo4) einpeuas +guez6 ey3 Jo suze; pue sesodind 043 y3TH eoueproooe uT pepusdxe exon spun ey3 3ey3 ernsue 03 squeTdroer wors BuTzz0dex smeTAeT uoTZezTUeSIO CUT spung yuezp Jo esp ey; BuTI0yTUOW X0F serMpeoora - Z OUTT ‘I 37ea woReWioyuT leuonippe seyjo Aue pue *(q) uuunjoo ‘yi! Yed 'Z oul | Weg Ul pasinbou uojeWo}U! ay) epinoud 0} Yed sim BaIdWOD “UOREMUO}U] jeWeWeIddNs A) wed Z Ce Ted souniise yseo-uou jo vousuosed () | e0q) UoReAren Jo POMS (0) eaves WeSUGT 1 unewry (p) Wa ye se wnoury usar 30200 (@) 208-80 1 1018 Jo adh TeRT ZZ 9UII'AI Hed '066 WHOY 01,594, PaLamsuE LOHeZIUeBLO ou) J! ais|dWOD “SerEIS PeH1UN ous UI Z8S69L7-S6 PapeaU st soeds [EUOMIPPE T PST “TWNOLINNUGLNI NONOOUN qaNp oq UES TT Ved JENPIAIpU O} EDUESISSy JOMIO PUE STI] HT WEd TEHOET (06S WOT aITPBLOS uy sia01 1005 AM SCHEDULE L (Form 980 or 980-£2) 2012 epaenet one ay rFor S9862 Pert 308 oF 0 a ‘ama Ream See De aunt Fern otr fom nce" Ses spare tons Seen NARCONON INTERNATIONAL, 95-7769582 Partl Excess Benefit Transactions (section 501(c)(3) and section 507(¢M4) organzabons only) Complete the organation answered "Yes" on Form 990, Part IV. ine 25a oF 25b, or Form 990-E2, Part, hne 40 (2) Ralaerne boon eta poner an (acerca? 1 Mame ot oquuted parson a {0 Deseron of ransacon a a a) 0 5) a 2 Ener the amount of ax ured bythe organization menagers or dequalfod persons dutng the year under econ 4958 ms 3 Enter the amount of tax sf any, on ine 2, above, rembursed by the organwation ms Part Loans to andlor From Interested Persons. ‘Complete the organaaton answered "Yes" on Form 990-2, Part V, tne 38a or Form 890, Prt V,hne 26, or the organization reported an amount on Form 990, Part X, bine 6.6, of 22 Tae eT TR | anaes aOR lores | —Wosneae [enema RS waa fecgecann] "etn riemtel gecyaennrt Droste | spmemen? ae canst? o 2) o 1 oO o ® ® (io) Tota bs Parti Grants or Assistance Benefiting Interested Persons. Complete the rganzation answered "Yes" on Form 990, Part IV. ne 27 [none tote pean (racrnpncucen ines [elanoatotasaee] —()Typataseaee (w)Pupesctasseane mH For Paporwork Reduction Act Natice, see the Instructions for Form S90 oF S00-EZ, ‘Sehedute L (Form 950 oF 950-EZ) 2072 ‘Schedule (Form 990 or 990-E2) 2012 Page 2 Part iV ‘Business Transactions Involving Interested Persons. tenon | ame ese reses ieee =n Geapeneation ; rae es $7 Fae eomtenastion : (Anna Zaucha Alysia Hart PartV Supplemental Information Complete ths pat to provide adetonal nformaton for responses fo questions on Schedule (eee nstuchons) ‘SCHEDULE O Supplemental Information to Form 990 or 990-EZ eae (Form 990 or $90-£2) Complete to provide information for responses to specific questions on 2012 aes Form 880 or 990-22 or to provide any addtional information. arena SeaTac ate auach to Form 990 o 9902 Inapection avast oman payee nae NARCONON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Form 990, Part III, Line 4a - First Accomplishment (Continued from Form 990, Page 2) continues to provide its licensed centers with seminars and promotional materials and on-site technical assistance to forward its purpose of helping its students and graduates reach their goals of a drug free life. Form 990, Part VI, Line 7a - Election of Members and Their Rights The Organization has a Board of Trustees whose function is to appoint or xemove members of the governing body (the Board of Directors). Form 990, Part VI, Line 7b - Decisions Subject to Approval of Members Decisions regarding electing or removing Board members are subject to approval by the Trustees. Form 990, Part VI, Line 11b - Organization's Process to Review Form 990 The Board of Directors reviews and discusses the Form 990 prior to filing. Form 990, Part VI, Line 12c - Enforce nt of Conflicts Policy A survey is conducted annually requiring all directors, officers, trustees and key employees to disclose any conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest. The Board of Directors reviews all significant transactions for conflicts of interest. Form 990, Part VI, Line 15a - Compensation Process for Top Official The Board of Directors has reviewed and approved the compensation For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the Instructions for Form 990 or 890-E2. ‘Schedule © (Form 990 or 880.2) (2012) ‘Schedule 0 (Form $90 or 990-£2) (20135 Pegs 2 NARCONON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 schedule for all Organization personnel. The Board believes that all officers and key employees that receive compensation are paid below comparable positions at similar organizations. Form 990, Part VI, Line 15b - Compensation Process for Officers The Board of Directors has reviewed and approved the compensation schedule for all Organization personnel. The Board believes that all officers and key employees that receive compensation are paid below comparable positions at similar organizations. Form 990, Part VI, Line 19 - Governing Documents Disclosure Explanation The Organization provides copies of its Form 990, Form 1023, IRS Determination Letter and financial ements upon request. Form 990, Part VII - Additional Information All officers, directors and trustees who are also employees are compensated solely for their duties as employees and not as officers, directors or trustees. ‘Schedule © (Form 890 or 990-2) (2012) 2102 (066 wo) ¥ einpeuas ‘066 ui0 40) suonaninsul ein 898 2aHON yoy UONINpeY WoMIEdEd JO @ © @ cu eTmpeyos stua Jo 17a 37¥a ees (V) Teena verpereea toma | aes)aouopitoy | onpe mass vow o o ‘o o (ieaK xe] Suy BUND SUOTEAILEDIO jaUIEKE-Xey POIETOT S70 70 30S eu i! asnedag ve aul ‘AI Hed '066 OY 0} .59A, PalaMsue UOeZIUeBIO Oup J siaidwoD) SUOREZIUeEIO idulex3-xeL Pare|ey JO UONEOWNUeP! Ned o e) o eae | eae ee ae os Ge 005 ipa fee is on pomueve nesting evsiog sera ponataig mo eHeaINIODIEREIING prceriecsa caer ceo wooed: ae aaa) acnaea Ts Z1L0Z ee een . (066 UH03) See sdjysioupeg pazejasup pue suojezjuebic payejay waninagHos 02 (066 w04) y einpeyas w oie to net wee seg a ” o o o @ o (aeak xe Su BOUND Yeni, 10 UOHEIGTIOS © Se pAIEAN 12500 Pale|aT BIOL 10 BUG PRY W BENEDSG PE BUT peg ‘N Wed ‘066 uu04 01,52, PA/OMSUE LOHeZIUEGLO au) J! a}9idwWOD) ISNA 40 UoNBIOdLO: I4exE | SuONeZIUEBIO PeIeIey Jo UOREOYAUEP! © @ w aaa] ca : vue ore seas litera] cercewrreue farunat| sess aot sw te sieanoy Jopmen| “ier-anes” |adag | oswnams aeinaees snio om ao | o ia w a o ® TaEOKTE) aii Buutp dusisuned e Se payeen SuOTeATVEDIO parsley B10W 70 euO peu y esTeDeq ye oul ‘AI Ved! ‘066 WoL 01 ,S9A, ParOMsuE uoNEZIvEBIO au! siaIdwOD) diUsiOULIEd e SE e|GeXeL SuONEZTUEEIO pareley Jo uoKeSyNUEP| ‘Fate Z8S6912-S6 TTMNOTINNESENT NONOOUWN — 2102 (ss WOE ATERS hoz (oss wea) w empouss rc @ w w a w ° ° SOTO TERE HU FERGRUOTEAT HEROD BUNPHDU” SSN AAS WH Op WO USUI SUOTSTUU DG OSE TOA HONORS UTD Kae OL MOU OTE or Pr 3 a a TSDOR ET FOTOS WOH MTVGRTE TOU SVEN THAD & (s)uowezuebi0 poeis 0; Aodaud so use9 Jo see IO.» uebi0 poe fa ped wowesnauey b zuebio payee 0 pred wouossnquray (syuotenue6,0 pois yi so0koyswo pr jeruebio potas in sasse 24010 'ss4 Bue wowdndo ‘sony )uoqenveBie paeas yim sasse jo B6UELXS 1 (Suoweaved%0 paras 0} s9sse o oes B (Suonenvebio poe woy spueping 5 \uoqeDue6s0 pays fq saajueven6 ueO}10 sue0] © 0 somjuesen8 veo) 10 sueoy ‘aqua payonuos # wou 21 ( ‘Nr Seq U pats SuoyezueB.0 payeas a.0u Jo 2u0 yu SuoHDesuN BUMMER 2) Ku on [sox np2xos 540 A120 (9¢ 10 'aSe ‘be aul ‘AI Hed ‘066 uO 01 0A, Dalamsue UoHeZIUeB.O aU j! ajejdwWOO) SuONEZIUEBIO POIEION WIM SUCNIeSUELL — ATE Foe ZOS6912-S6 TRROTENNESINE NONOGEN 2107 OSE OOTY OPHES 202 (056 wes) y eInpeurs ow © @ w Co oO) CO Cc @ wo EIS CES ame von, conn sos ee) uxaine | tatoos erovane | metinae ove et remueay| weno | Ssan-nenso fpomnoindse] Younes pens na s0998 ouoy ® 6 o “ @ o o ‘agSOUTEG BUASONGT UBURD 19) VORTEX BupIe6O) SUOPIANSU BOS VOHETUREI PAIS! You SEM ey enUBNa!S5010 16 9688 fei Aa pauneBau) seuare Sy Jo wanied any UB a,0W paronpURD LoNZUEBE aL YON YBNONA dyslOUed @ $e pOKe KUO L229 105 Bumoyo) ua 9p (Ze 2u1| ‘AI Wed ‘066 wo 0} ,69A,, palamsue LONeZUEBLIO OU) ! eI9IduWOD) diysiouiey e Se 2IGeXE| SUONEZIUEBIO ParEIOAUN — AME yeber Zas6SLe-S6 TIWNOTIWNUGINI NONODUYN 7107 (056 wOITE aMPRDS sway rego AM Schedule R (Form 990) 2012 “NARCONON INTERNATIONAL, 95-2769582 Page 5 Part Vil Supplemental Information Complete this part to provide additional information for responses to questions on Schedule R (see instructions). Schedule R - Additional Information All "Related Organizations" to Narconon International are included under Narconon International's group tax exemption. (Form 990) 2012 rou rzoy 008A 4562 Depreciation and Amortization cane sisom2 ba (including Information on Listed Property) 2012 tasitrenasee” 6 Seo separate instructions. > Attach to your tax return sr. 179 arn xn nit ‘erie mamer NARCONON INTERNATIONAL 95-2769582 Saeco eae an Indirect Depreciation Part! Election To Expense Certain Property Under Section 179 Note: If you have any listed property, complete Part V before you complete Part! 77 Warum amount (eee nsbustons) 4 ‘500,000 2 Tolalcost of section 179 property placed in erce (see nstvetons) 2 13 Threshold cost of secon 179 propery before reducion i imation (ee mstuctons) 3 2,000, 000 44 Reduchon mination Subvact ine’ tom tne 2 zero ores, eter 4 Dela baton fr yea” Suet ie om ine 28 oes, ele - mares rg separa, see sctors 5 6 Dern pope (een ern amino 7 Listed propery Enter he amount fom ine 29 i 8 Tolalelecod cost of secion 178 property Add amounts m column (bes 6 and 7 3 Tent deacon Enter the smaller of ine 6 or tne 8 2 410 Caryover of dsaowed deduction fom ie 13 of your 2011 Form 4562 10 414 Busmess come lmtaton Enter the smaller of business income (not ss than sero) or he (se trucos) 1 42 Secon 179 expense dedcton Ads ines 9 and 10, but donot ener mare han ine 11 12 13 _Carryover of disallowed deduction to 2013. Add lines 9 and 10, less hne 12 >» [as ‘Note: Do not use Part Io Part Il below for ited property Instead, use Part V Parti Special Depreciation Allowance and Other Depreci ion (Do not mclude listed property ) (See structions) 4" Special depreciation alowence for qualified property (ther than sted propery) placed inservice seg ye nnn 1 18 Pony set aco 1) acon 33 46 one dosecion ng AGS rn T5254 Part ill MACRS Depreciation (Do not include listed property ) (See instructions ) 17 MACRS deductons for assets placed in service in tax years beginning before 2012 47 oO Gis ae cece ae rns Co pe oO tie isa Pato Sore Dring SO TY Oat pommentmoy | eee | AERTS [| cme | ame | neem i ama zi ‘ oa en foyer sen Taree pose ti x 7 Rendeo aay] me] st et 2s | ww} at ert ws — | — st sa Faas Pan San Dating HOE YoY ag i ane Doren Sam mae : me st Summary (See instructions.) tnd papety Ene smoon net z 32. 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