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Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax | ws ssescoer rom 990. to Songer Comeuea enone 242 6 e2ak ot etral er Thera IE > mecgunenen nay nate eee ne eemngeaeenens | ORS forme ean ee a a Se ene seeeere tar Circe Sa aaO Tac rao ST anne fz 9553987082 imam 201 E. Broadway 918-254-0600 " pemendod raten Glendale CA__ 91205 _G Goss rocopts $ 454,950 [7 poatcabon peng | Name 8 esse ct rns oar HK c sun fox aiaies? [| Ye io Sees co stesoannimtrsnien [vm (Rls deme a2 "¢" above ws wamcemue (im Lite 1 to. sats XL sowam [eon 4 (ese m9 [aera or ‘Lar ere see oa ttemsleqnatee [El Gewue | tei 1 Teme [Lone [otesutoens 1984 [w Soovmgame GR Part!___Summary 1 Bretydesenbe the orpanaaton’s maton or most agricat aches g| To Feverse the moral decay in society by restoring trust and honesty in the 8] world through the publication and distribution of a common sense moral g code, "The Way To Happiness’ 32 cocaincoort [7 rte opmenie ancrrund spans apse nr an 2% a es 8) 3 mumver ot ving members of he governing body (Part, ne 1a) a|3 3 4: number otmdependen votng members of he governing body (Pact VI, be 18) «2 | 5 Total number ofncwuats employed n calendar year 2012 (Po, ne 2) | 18 | © Tota ruber o valuneers (estimate tnacessan) | 2600 aTotal unelate business evenve om Pat Vil, column (C), tne 12 7a 0 Not ulated busmess lable income fom Form 990-7, ne 34 7 o = = ora Tone {8 Contrutions and grants Pat Vl, neh) RECEIVED 178,212] 243,046 2 | Program sence revenue (Pan Vil, ne 29) ; 1,434) 9,080 3B | 10 tevestment ncome (Part Vl, coumn (A), hs 3, 4, and 7) |< 6,668 0 =| {5 Omerrrene ron counn snes 08 toe abdafe NOV 2 6 2013 | 151,870 140,250 PLL 12 Tota venue — adios 8 though 11 (must equal Part Vil edi wt 4 338,184] 392,416 Te rents and sir amounts pa (Pan ik, coumn (A), ines =) OSDISN, UT 16,028) 14,919 & | 14 Benois pad to or for members PartX,caluma (), nes) =e o S| 15 sotanes, otter compensation, employee bene®ts (Part IX, column (A) ines 5-10) Tia, 059) 99,288 8 | 1eaProtesional kncataing feos (Pat x, column (A), he 116) o 148 | Tota fncrasaing expences (Pact IX, clin (0), ne 25) 27,257 5 47. omer expenses (Part X, column (A) nes 119-114, 11-246) 244,197] 248, 610 4 | 40 Totalexpenses Ad ins 13-17 (must equal Part IX oki (A), hoe 25) 374,284] 362,817 {| 18 Revenue ss expenses Subtract ine 18 rom ina 12 =36, 100] 29,599 1 gece vx eae Ef 2 Teta (Par 139,902] 102,296 21 Total abies (Pat X ne 26) 348,118) 280,913 EE. 22 Notassots or fund balances Subtract ne 21 from he 20. =208, 216] =178,617 Parti. Signature Block. Under peniies of ery, deca thal have eared fs return nding ascompanying schesles and stalrnts, and othe bes of my Arawege ap bebe tie, cortect and comloto Delaraton ae geen rvs soso 'ebaced onal norton of whch repre as any Knowtadye i Mee a Dinseck PCS DENT “Up Ss “ipesromnene sion = = TER Ro eae Preparer |rmenve > Roland Fink & Co. CPA Foran Use Only 2441 Honolulu Ave., Suite 120 tmisssiee » Montrose, CA 91020 romm 818-249-4577 ‘May the TRS oiscuss ths retin wih te preparer shown above? (see mstuchons) Teves | Ino Fe Paperwork Reduction Ac Roca, rth sept stone pn a Eom 9902012) THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Page 2 Partiil, Statement of Program Service Accomplishments Check if Schedule © contains a response to any question in this Part It x “1 Brey desenbe the organaston’s mssion To reverse the moral decay in society by restoring trust and honesty in the world through the publication and distribution of a common sense moral code, "The Way To Happiness". 2 Dd the organization underiake any sgniicant program serves dunng the year whch were nol ted on the ppnor Form 990 or 990-27 ves [Xj no tes," descnbe these new services on Schedule O 3d the organization cease conducting, or make significant changes m how conducts, any program serees? Oi ves [no W°Yes." descabe these changes on Schedule O 4. Desc the organization's program service accomplishments for each of ts thre largest program services, 38 measured by expenses Section 501(¢\8) and 01(¢\4) rgantzahons are requred to reper the amount of grants and allocabons to others, the total expenses, and revenue, any, foreach program service reported “4a (Cose. yiSpenses § LET, O13 maudng grants of § 14,919) (Revere § 136,382) Distribution of "The Way To Happiness". The Way to Happiness Foundation's purpose is to reverse the moral decay in society by restoring trust and honesty in the world through education and the dissemination of a common sense moral code: "The Way to Happiness," which consists of 21 illustrated precepts such as "Love and Help Children", "Do Not Murder", "Do Not Steal", and "Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others". TWTH Foundation and its volunteers and other supporters distributed over 8.24 million copies of "The Way to Happiness" for a cumulative total of 107 million books. The book is available in 111 languages including six new languages for (continued on Schedule 0) 2 (Code YiEipenses § 76,591 _wcuding oanisof § 7 Revenue & 8, 680) ‘The Way to Happiness services and campaigns. TWIH Foundation provided character education seminars through their network to students and adults including police officers and teachers, in the United States, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean, South Africa, India and Pakistan. As a result, local authorities requested the TWIH materials for their schools so that the morals can be taught in those areas. The Foundation also directed activities related to practicing the precepts of the booklets, such as clean-up campaigns, Set-a-Good-Example" campaigns including essay contests. TWTH Foundation distributed more than 2073 educator kits in the US and other countries, which included a DVD of the 21 (continued on Schedule 0) ‘4e (Code (Expenses § ‘naluding grants of $ ) (Reverse 5 y “4a Other program sernses (Desenbeim Schedule O) Expenses $ including grants of $ (Revere $ “de_Total program service expenses 243,604 om Fem 990 or) Form 9902012) ‘THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Page 3 PartiV. Checklist of Required Schedules Yes [Ne 1 Is the organization desorbed in section 501(€)(3) 0° 4947(a),1 (ther han a pnvate foundation)? Mes" complete Schedule A 1|x 2 Is the oqganzaton requred te complete Schedule B, Schedule of Contnbutors (see instuctons)? 2{x 3. Didthe oxganzaton engage n cect or indirect poltical campaign sctwtes on behalf of or n opposition candidates for pubheoffce? Yes," complete Schedule C, Part 3 x 4 Section 501(c)a) organizations. Di the organization engage in lodbyng aches, or have a secton £01(h) election n effect dung the tax year? I1"¥es," complete Schedule C, Patt 4 x 5s the organcation a section 501(c\,4), 501(¢)5) or 501(6X,6) organzaton that recenves membershp dues, ‘assessments, or sar amounts a8 defined in Revenue Procedure 98-197 "Yes," compete Schedule C, Pati 5 x 6 Dx! he organization mantain any donor advised funds or any similar funds or accounts for which donors have he nght to provde aduce onthe distrbution or investment of amounts n such funds or accounts? I "Yes." complete Schedule D, Part 6 x 7d the organization receve or hold a conservation easement, cluding easements lo preserve open space, the envronment, ston land areas, of sion structures? If-Yes,” complete Schedule D, Par I z x 8 Dd the organization mamta collections of works ofa, stoncal Weasures, or other similar assets? "Yes." ‘complete Schedule D, Part I! ‘ x 8D the organization report an amount in Part X, kine 21, or excrow of custodial account habity, serve as @ custocan for amounts not sled Part Xo provide credit counseling, dei management, credit repar, ‘debt negotiation services? "Yes complete Schedule D. Part IV 9 x 10 Dad the organization, avec or though 9 elated erganation, hold assets temporanly restncted endowments, permanent endowments, or quast-endowmenis? ies,” complele Schedule D, Part V 10 x 11 the ocganzaton’s anewer to any of the following questions "Yes, then complete Schedule D, Pats Vi Vil, Vil, 1X, oFX a8 appheable {4 Dad the exganzation report an amount for lend, budings, and equipmentin Part X, he 107 "Yes." complete Schedule D, Part VI sia) X bid the organzzton report an amount for mvestments—other secuntes in Part X. line 12 thal $% or more offs total assets reported in Part, ine 167 If-Yes," complete Schedule D, Pat Vi sw] | x {© Dd the organization repert an amount for nvestments—program related m Part X, ine 13 that 5% oF more ofits total asses reported in Pan X, tne 167 If"Ves," complete Schedule D, Part Vii ate] | x 4 Did the organization port an amount for other assets in Part X, ine 15 thal s 5% or more of is total assets reported Par x, ine 16? i"¥es," complete Schedule D, Part IX sia] X ‘2 Did the organization report an amount for ether babies n Pat X, tne 25? I "Ye,” complete Schedule D, Pant X stef |X Did the organizations separate or consolidated fnancel statements forthe tax year clude @ footnote that addresses the organcaton's habit for uncertain tax positons under FIN 48 (ASC 740)? If"Yes," complete Schedule D, Part X ait x 128 Did the organization obtain separate, ndependent audited fnancal statements for he tax year? “Yes,” complote Schedule D, Parts XI and Xi saa|_ | x. 1b Was the organzaton included in consolidated, independent aucsted nancial statements forthe tax year? I"Yes," and the orpanzaton answered "No" tone 12a, hen completing Schedule D, Parts X| and II's optonal sm] | x 42° Is the organization a school desenbed m section 170(b)(1\ANs)? Yes," complete Schedule E 3 x ‘4a tne organization mannamn an office, employees, or agents outside ofthe United States? taal |X. 'b_ Did the organization have aggregate revenues or expenses of moce than $10,000 from grantmaking fundrasing, business, swestment, and program service actives outsde the Unted States or aggregate foreign investments value at $100,000 more? Yes," compete Schedule F, Pans | and IV sap] X 18 Did the organzation report on Par 1X, column (A), he 3, more than $5,000 of grants er assstanco to any ‘organizaton or entity located ouside the Unted States? if"Yes,” complete Schedule F, Parts I and 8 x 16 0 the oiganzaton report on Part IX, column (A), ine 3, more than $5,000 of aggregate grants or assistance to mdivduals located outside the United States? I1-Yes, compete Schedule F, Pans Ill and IV 16 x 17 Dad the erganzaton report a total of more than $18,000 of expenses fr professional fundraising senrces on Part IX, column (A), nes 8 and 112? “Yes,” complete Schedule G, Pat | (see mstructons) Ei x 18 Dad the erganzaton report more than $15,000 total of fundrasing event gross income and contnbutions on Pat Vil nes te and 89? I "¥es," complete Schedule G, Pat I 18 x 19 Did the organizaton report more than $150 of gross income fiom gaming actvtes on Part Vl, ine 93? "Yes." complete Schedule G, Part It 19 x 20D the erganzation operate one or more hospital facies? I "Yes," complete Schedule H zeal | Xx. bb_t1-Yes" to ine 200, dd the oxganzation attach a copy of ts aucited franca statements to ths atu? 200 rom 990 cx) Form 900012) ‘THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Page 4 PartiV, Checklist of Required Schedules (continued) Yeu] No 21 xd he orgenzatin report mor than $5,000 of grants and other assistance Lo any government or erganzaton inthe Unted States on Part IX, column (A), in 17 "Yes" complete Schedule |, Pats | adi n| x 22 Dud the organzaton report more than $5,000 of granis and othe assistance (0 diduals the United States ‘on Patt IX, column (A), ine 2? "Yes," complete Schedule |, Pats | and Il 22 x 23. Di the organzaton answer "Yes" to Part Vl, Section A, tne 3,4, ofS about compensaton ofthe ‘organzaton’s current and former offcers, directors, trustees, key employees, and highest compensated ‘employees? i "Yes," complete Schedule J 23 x ‘24a Dad the organtzaton have a tax-exempt bond ssue wih an outstanding principal amount of more than $100,000 as ofthe ast day ofthe year that was sued afer December 31, 20027 H"Yes,° answer nes 24b trough 24¢ and complete Schedule K IN"No,” goto line 25. zal | x bb Dg ne cxganzaton nvest any proceeds of tax-exempt bonds beyond a temporary penod exception? 240 {© Da the exganzation maintan an escrow account ather than a refunding escrow al any tme dung the year to detease any taxexempt bonds? 2e Dade oxganzaton act as an ‘on behalf of ssuer fr bonds oustanding at any tee dong the year? 24d 25a Section 50%()(3) and 501(€)4) organizations, Did the ocganizaton engage in an excess bene ransacton ‘witha disqualified person dunng he year? "Yes," complete Schedule L, Part 2sa|__ | x bb Is he organization aware that engaged in an excess benefttransachon wih a disqualifd person in a pot year, and thatthe transaction has not been reported on any ofthe organzaton’s por Farms 990 or 90-EZ? It°¥es," complete Schedule L, Part zso| | x 26 Was.a loan oor by a curent or former officer, director, tustee, Key employee, highest compensated employee, or ésqualiied person outstanding as ofthe end ofthe organization's tax year? "Yes," complete Schedule L Pat I 26 x 27 Did the organzaton prone a grantor oer assistance to an officer, decor, trustee, Key employee, substantial contnbuter or employee there, a grant selection commtee member, oro 225% controled nity oF famly member of ary of these persons? "Yes," complete Schedule Pat I a x 28 Was the organzation @ party toa business transaction with one ofthe folowng partes (see Schedule L Part IV instructions for applicable ing tesholds, conditions, and exceptions) 8 Aeurrent or former officer director trustee. or key employee? I"Yes," complete Schedule L, Pan zeal | x 1b Afamiy member of a current or former ofcer, decir, trustee, or key employee? "Yes," complete Schedule L, Part IV ze] | x. © Anentity of which a current or former officer, recor, ustee, or key employee (ora family member there) was an officer, director, trustee, or drect orindcect owner? I(*Yes, complete Schedule L, Part IV zee | x. 29. xd he organzation recewe more than $25,000 m non-cash contnbutons?If"Yes," complete Schedule M 2 x 30 Oud the organization recewe contributions of a, histoncal reasures, of other sar asset, or qualified conservation contnbutons? "Yes," compte Scheie M 20. x 31. _Didthe organization iqudae, terminate, or dissolve and cease operations "Yes," complete Schedule N, Patt x x 82 _Dadthe organization sel, exchange, dispose of, or transfer more than 25% of ts net assets? "Yes complete Schedule N, Part I 32 x 33d the organization own 100% ofan ently disregarded as separate from the organization under Regulations sections 301 7701-2 and 301 7701-37 If-¥es," complete Schedule R, Part! 3 x ‘34 Was the organzation related to any tax-exempt or taxable entity? I"Yes” complete Schedule R, Parts I, orIV, and Part, hae 1 Py x 35a Did the organzation have @ controled entity within the meaning af sacton 512(0\ 13)? sal | Xx b_I"¥es"to ine 38a, di he organzation rece ary payment rom or engage in any transacton wth a controled enty win the meaning of section 512(b)13)? "Yes, complete Schodule R, Part V, he 2 35 36 Section 501(c)3) organizations, Dé the organization make any transfers fo an exempnon-chartable related organzaton? "Yes," complete Schedule R, Pat ne 2 36 x 37 Did the organazation conduct more than 5% of tacts trough an entity that not a related organczabon and thats teated as a partnership for federal income tax purposes? If"Yes,” compete Schedule R, Pan Vi 3 x 38 Did the organazaton complete Schedule O and provide explanations in Schedule O for Pat VI, ines 41b and 19? Note. All Form 990 fers are requred lo complete Schedule O ulx rom 990 0 Form 990 (2012) THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Page 5 PartV . Statements Regarding Other IRS Filings and Tax Compliance Check if Schedule © contams a response to any question in this Part V 0 Yes [No ‘1a. Enter the number reported in Box 3 of Form 1086 Enter -0- not applicable |e Enter the number of Forms W-2G inchided mine ta Enter-0- not applicable ‘| 0 id tne organization comply with backup wrholding rules for reportable payments to vendors and reportable gaming (gambling) wnnings to paze winners? te | X 2a_ Ener the number of employees reported on Form W.3, Transmta of Wage and Tax ‘Statements, filed forthe calendar year ending with or vthn the year covered by this return za | 18 atleast one is reported on tne 2a, de the organization fle al equred federal employment tx retums? a» | x Note. Ifthe sum of lines 1a and 2a s greater than 250, you may be requved to e-fle (eee structions) id the organization have unelated business gross mcome of $1,000 or more dunng the year? 3a x l1"¥es," hast fed a Form 990-T for ths year? 11°No,"provde an explanation in Schedule O 3b ‘ALany ume dung the calendar year, did the organation have an interest, oF a signature o other authonty ‘over, inane account im aforergn county (such asa bank account, secunbes account, or other franca account? 4a x 1*¥es," enter the name ofthe foreign country Pe ‘See structions for fing requrements for Form TD F 80-22 1, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Was the organzaton a party toa profited tx shelter transaction at any te dung the tax year? sa id any taxable party nly the organiza that twas ors 2 party to @ prohibited tax shelter transaction? sb "Yes" tone 5a or Sb, det the organzaton fie Form 8886-1 Se Does the organization have annual gross recep that are normaly greater than $100,000, and id the ‘oxgancation soit any contnbutons that were not ax deductible as chantable contributions? sa x "Yes," ed the organzaton include with every solctaton an express statement that such contnbutons oF ts were not tax deductible? s 7. Organizations that may recelve deductibie contributions under section 170(c) ‘2 Did the organzaton eceve @ payment m excess of $75 msde party as @ contribution and partly for goods and services prowded tothe payer? A x 1b 1°Yes;" ai the organcation not the doner ofthe valve ofthe goods or serwces provided? 7. id the erganzation sel exchange, or otherwise dispose of tangible personal property for which twas Fequres to fle Form 8282? re. x W"¥es," ndiate the numberof Forms 8282 fled dunng the year 7 id the orgenzatonrecewe any funds, directly or mnciectly, to pay premums on a personal benefit contract” te id the organzation, dung the year, pay premums, dec or mndrecty, on a personal benef contrat? mt the organzaton receved a contnbutton of qualified nelectual property, cid the organization fle Form 8899 as requred? 79 the organzaton receved a contribution a crs, boas, axplanes, or other vehicles, hd the organization flea Form 1098-C7 7h ‘8 Sponsoring organizations maintaining donor advised funds and section 509(a)3) supporting ‘organizations. Dis the supporting erganzation, or a donor advsed fund maintamned by sponsonng corganczation, have excess business heaings at ary ume dung the year? 8 ‘8 Sponsoring organizations maintaining donor advised funds. Did the organwzation make any taxable cstnbutons under section 4956? oa Did the organization make a dstnbuton toa donor, donor advisor, or elated person? 2 10 Section s01(c)7) organizations. Enter 2 Inntaton fees and captal coninbutons cluded on Part Vil, ine 12 40a 1D Gross recaps, included on Form 990, Part Vl, ine 12 for pubbe use of club facies 100) 11 Section 01(c)(12) organizations. Enter Gross income from members or shareholders sa 1b Gross ncome from other sources (Do not net amounts due or paso ther sources ‘against amounts dve o&recewed from them) sy ‘12a. Section 4947(a\1) non-exempt charitable trusts. the organization fing Form 990 n hey of Form 10412 12a bb l1*¥es." enter the amount of tax-exempt nferetrecawed or accrued dung the year 120) 13. Section 601(c)28) qualified nonprofit health Insurance Issuers. ‘2s the organeaton licensed to ssue qualfed heath plans n more than one state? Ba Note. See the nstructons fr addtional information the organzation must repart on Schedule O bb Enier the amount of reserves the organizaton is requred to mamta by the sates which the organization scented fo ssue quaied heath plans 13 © Entor the amount of eserves on hand 136. ‘14a. Did the organzaton recewe any payments or ndoor tanning Sennces during the tax year? tel [Xe b_11"¥es," has fied a Form 720 to repor these payments? iN” prove an explanation n Schedule O 140 om rom 980 200, bee nel Pook belo Form 9902012) ‘THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Page 6 Part Vi, Governance, Management, and Disclosure For each "Yes" response to lnes 2 through 7b below, and for a "No’ response to ine 8a, 8b, oF 10b below. descnbe the circumstances, processes, or changes in Schedule O See instructions Check i Schedule O contains a response to any question in ths Part VI x ‘Section A. Governing Body and Management Yes] No ‘18. Enter the numberof voting members of the governing body atthe end ofthe tex year al 4 there are matena differences i voting nghis among members of the govering body. oF ifthe governing body delegated broad auonty to an execubve commtiee or smiar commites, explan in Schedule O 'b_ Enter the number of voing members ncluded inne 1a, above, who are independent wi 3 2 Did any offer, director, tustee, or Key employee have a family relabonship or a business relatonshyp with any ther officer, director, trustee, or key employee? 2 x 3. Did the organization delegate contol over management dues customanly performed by or under the oct supernsion of offcers, directors, or rustees, or Key employees fo # management company of ahr person? 3 x 4 Did the organization make any significant changes tots goverrin documents since the pnor Form 990 was led” 4 x 5 Did the organeation become aware dunng the year ofa significant dversion of he organization's assets? 5 x 16 Did the organization have members or stockholders?” rH 7a_Oid the organcation have members, stockholders, or other persons who had the power o elector apport ‘one or more members af the governing body? rn x bb Are any govemance decisions of the organzation reserved to (or subject to approval by) members, stockholder, of persons other than the governing body? m x '8 Ded the organization contemporaneously document the meetings held or wntton acbons undertaken dunng the year by the flowing ‘a The governing booy? ea | x 1b Each committee wih authonty to act on behalf ofthe governing body? ab | x 8 ster any ocr, director, ttustee, or key employee listed m Part Vl, Sechon A who cannot be reached at ‘he organzabon's mating address? I"Yes,”prowde the names and addresses n Schedule O 9 x ‘Section B. Policies (This Section B requests information about policies not required by the Intemal Revenue Code. Yes | No 4108 Dad the organization have local chapters, branches, or afiates? wal | x. 'b_f-¥es,” ad the organization have wien pokes and procedures governing the actus of such chapters ‘affises, and branches to ensure thew operations are conssten wih the organcaton's exempt purposes? 400 “112. Has the organization provided a complete copy of ths Farm 990 to all members of ts governing body before fing the form? “1a X 'b_ Descenbe in Schedule © the process, any, used by the organization to review this Form 980 42a Did the organization have a wen confit of mterest pokcy? If"No” go to ne 13 s2a| X b_ Were officers, directors, or trustees, and Key employees required to disclose annually interests that could gve nse to conficts? 320 X Did the oxganzation regulary and consistently mantor and enfrce compliance wath the policy? I's," ‘describe in Schedule O how ths was done s2e| X 43°_Didthe organcation have a writen whiseblower pobey? 3X 114 Did he organzation have a wntten document retenton and destructon policy? [x 415. Did the process for determing compensation ofthe folowing persons include arewew and approval by independent persons, comparably data, and contemporaneous substantiation ofthe deiberaton and decson? 2 The organtzaton's CEO, Executive Orectr, or top management ofc 152] X 1b Other officers or key employees ofthe organization 150] X ies" tone 16a or 15, doscrbe te process in Schedule O (eee nstucons) 160. Di the organcaton mvestn conbue assets oor partapate a jot venue or lar arangement vet 3 exabl ety dng th yea? wo] | x b 11¥es" da the organization fotow a wnten poy e procedure requ he organzaton o eval ts faepaton mont venture arrangements under aptcabe federal axlaw, and lake slps lo aleguad he tcqanvaton's exam satus wih reaped to such arangemens? 1 Section C. Disclosure 417 Uste states wih wach a copy ol ta Form 6601 roauredioboicd BCR 18 Secton 6104 vequesanoxganzaton io make ts Fore 102 (0 1024 appeal), 90, ane 880: (Seton S046) 0) avoiatio for pubic mspecon Indicate how yourade these avaible Check ahal app, Cl owmebsie [J Ananere webate BR} Upon request [_) Oter (xian n Stade 0) 18 Deserbe m Schedule © wheter (and 0, Row), he organzation ade ts governng documents cof of meres poly. tn font statements avdaba tote ube dung ne ox yor 20 State ne name, physica adress, and leone numberof te person wh possesses the books and eco of he emeraaton Joni Ginsberg 201 Z. Broadway Glendale CA_91205 818-254-0600 om Fem 980 02 Fo 990 012) ‘THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT _95~3937092 Page 7 Part Vil. Compensation of Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, Highest Compensated Employees, and Independent Contractors Check if Schedule O contains a response to any question in this Part Vil x Section A Officers, Directors, Trusteos, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees ‘1a Complete ths table forall persons requred tobe listed Report compensation forthe calendar year ending wath or wth the ‘organization’ tax year '» Lstal of he organization's current officers, directors, rustees (whether individuals or organatons). egardiess of amount of ‘compensation Ener -0-in columns (0), (E), and (F) no compensation was paid «Uist al of me organzatin’s current key employees, any See mstructons for definition of "key employee " f Ustthe organzaton's five current highest compensated employees (other than an ofcer, director, trustee, or key employee) ng recewved reponable compensation (Box 5 of Form W2 andlor Box 7 of Form 1088-MISC) of more than $100,000 from the ‘rganzaton and any relsed erganatons «List al of the organzation’s former offers, key employees, and highest compensated employees who recewed more than ‘$100,000 of reportable compensation trom the ofganzalon and any related orgenzatons Lis allo the organization's former directors or trustoos that recewed, in the capacty as a former decor or trustee of he ‘organization, more than $10,000 of reportable compensation from the organzation and ary related organizations. Uistpersons inthe folowng order ngwdual tustees or recor, insttutonal Wustees,offcers, key employees, highest ‘compensated employees, and former such persons LZ check ths box f nether the organzaon nor any related organizabons compensated any current officer, director, or trustee AA) ae i (Joni Ginsberg 40.00 President/Director 0:00 |x| |x 16, 539) | ° @Nadja Lehmann 1.00 freasurer/Director 0:00 |x| |x 9 o ° (@Barbara Sappington 1.00 Director 0:00 |x o o o Tom Burpee 40.00 Secretary 0.00 x 5,122! o| o @ @ 7 @ @ a) coy om Fon 980 a Fonsau@ot) THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT _95-3937092 Part Vii Séction A. Officers, Directors, Trustees, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees (contnued) Page “oma SE | tami — ae Sy | SITES =. eee, sae ETE Tagg] waitin ces (HERF ores |e aft ae ic i) oo oe i) om rr) a Soba > 21,661 Teta rom continuation sheet to Par VI, Section A > Total (add lines 1b and 1c) > 21, 661] otal umber of mndvaduals(pcuding but rol ined to ose isled above) who recewed more than $100,000 m ‘portable compensation fom the organizabon Pe fea Wo. 3 Did he organization Ist any former officer, dector, oc trustee, key employee, or highest compensated ‘employee on ine 1a? "Yes," complete Schedule J or such nde 3 x 4 Forany indwduat iste on ine 1,1 the sum of reportable compensation and other compensabon trom the ‘organization and related organvatons greater than $150,000" I "Yes." complete Schedule J fr such incu 4 x '5 xd any person listed on ine ta receive or acerve compensation from any unrelated organization or nds for servoes rendered tothe organization? i-Ves,” complete Schedule J for such person 5 x ‘Section B. Independent Contractors. ‘1 Complete ths table for your fve highest compensated independent conracors that received more than $100,000 of Ccompenslion from the organization Reper compensaton fer fhe calendar year ending wih or within the organza’ tax yeat a Onset ances omen 2 Tolal numberof independent contraciors (neluding bu ol kmied to those sted above) who ecewed more than $100,000 of compensation from the ozganzation ° Fam 950 aH Fom 996 2012) ‘THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Part Vill, Statoment of Revenue Check if Schedule © contains a response to any question in this Part Vill Page 8 O Toa eos ile Federaied campagne 2 Membersip aves tb. Fundrasing events te Related organizations 16 commen gastos) — [te Acerca 9 8 cdonermonsntacwetaine | af 243 ,046| Nowcatanraconsnevedm nes iat § “otal, Ald ines 13-11 > 243 ost ctebutions, Gig, Grants Program Service Revenve (S99 they in ar Annoumts fb scancd seminars ¢ training 323100, 680] 8, 680] WIH Pranting & Dast Income | 611601 400) 400] ‘Allotver program serace revenue “Total Ads ines 23-2 > a0] Other Revenue Le rentenge Investment income (eluding adends, mierest, and other seniar amounts) > Income from nvestment of tax-exempt bond proceeds Royates > 36. 309] 56,909) Dee om ross rents elite Net rental ncome arose) > Sessareutom | seeaoer ome Gan or (oss) Net gain o oss) > Cross nce tom crating evens (oot ncudng $ of conttuton epoted on ine te) ‘See PatW, be 18 a Less direct expenses ® "Net income or (es) trom fundraising eves > ‘Goss nome fom gaming ates ‘See Pat, te 18 a Less drect expenses ® [Net ncome or (ess) rom gaming aces > Gross sales of wentory, less reluins and allowances a 141,607] Less cost of goods sold » 62,534) Net nome or (oss rom sales of menos > 29, 073] 79,073] Referral foes 541900) 308] 4,308 Alvother covenue Total. Add ines 11-114 308] “Total revenue. See mstructons, > 392 aig] 145,062] a 4,308 Fem 990 con) Form 990(2012) '-THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Page 10 Part IX. Statement of Functional Expenses, Section 501(6)(3) and 501(c)4) organizations must complete all columns Al ther omganzatons must complete column (A) Check Schedga O conan a espense oan quesbon mths Part ie Do notinciade amounts reported ontines 65. [cau Sous =r tere Bh 7p, 8, 8b, and 100 of Part Vi a forever oa 1) Gros ard ober estan gore and ‘organizations inthe US See Part IV, tne 21 14,919] 14,919) 2. Grants and oher assistance to dnd the US See Part V, ne 22 Grants and other assistance to governments, ‘organizations, and ndduals outside the US See Pat V, ines 15 and 16 4 Benefits pad oor for members 5 Compensation of curent officers, director, twustees, and key employees 23,924] 16,044! 5,897] 1,983 6 Compensaton nat nuded above, to deauaiied perso as defined under secton 4858) ané fereons descbed secon 958348) 7 Other salanes and wages 66, 398) 33,668] 22,274 10,456 {8 Pension pln acu and contbutens (luge setton 4018) 2 40) employer coribvtons) 9 Other empoyee benefits 10 Payroll taxes 5, 966] 4, 935| Z, 796| 7,235 41. Fees for services (non-employees) 2 Management b Legal =25, 454) =14, 010 =7, 939] =3,505 © Accounting 2,480) 2, 480| 3 Loobying Professional tundra seroes Soe Pat I, hn 17 {Investment management fees One pee 1p ane eet 1 tine 25,234 (amount exerts on Sea) 2,413) 2,411] 12 Advertsing ad promoton 11, 095| 5,286| 4,030) 1,779 42. Offce expenses 68,111) a5, 678] 17,148) 5,285 14 Information technology 18 Royales 60, 244) 60,244 18 Occupancy 47,347] 28, 476| 13,358) 5,513 47 Travel 23,330) 18,037 3,047) 2,246 18 Payments of ravel or enteranment expenses for any federal, state, or local public ofcals 49° Conferences, conventions, and meetings 10,130] 10,130 20 Interest 23,733] 23,733] 24. Payments to afates 22. Depreciation, depletion, ond amortzation 5,964| 3,282| 1, 863| e2i 23. Insurance 6,813] 3,750] 2,125] 938 124 Ober eenses mae expenses nt covered shove (ust mscolaneous expanses in be 2 1 Ine 2 amount exceods 10% of ne 25, column (A) amount Ite 24e expenses on Schedule 0) ‘TWTH Printing & Distrib. 8, 731 | 733 Staff training 3,675] 2,023] 1,146 506 ‘Allother expenses Toa uncool exponen ses | oh te 362,617] 243,604 91,956] 27,257 “Joint costs. Colt hs ine aly the ‘rganzatonrepoted cola (8) rt cos tom a combed educatonal canoain and tundra sobtaben Check here [| ¢ folowng SO? 88-2 (ASC 858.720) BR eo acce Fen 990 a0 Form 9902012) "THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Page 14 PartX_, Balance Sheot ‘Check i Schedule O contans a response to any question n ths Part X TL w @ Begnnng of year Endof year 7 Cash —nonsntoreat beamng 67, 955] 1 29,362 2 Savings and temporary cash investments 2 13 Pledges and grants recewable, net 3 4 Accounts recewabie, nat ‘ 5 Loans and oherrecevatles from curent and former offers, decor, trustees, Key employees, and highest compensated employees Complete Par lof Schedule 5 {5 Loans and other recenvables from other éisqualifes persons (88 defined under secton 4958(0(1), persons described n secon 4958(0(3)8), and catnbutng employers and sponsonng rganzaons of section 501(6X.8) voluntary employees beneicary 4g) __craonzatons (ee nstructons) Complete Patil of Schedule 8 | 7 Notes and toansreceabie, net 7 | 5 overtones forsale or use ‘31, 64i| 6 339 8 Prepaid expenses and deterred charges 1,064| 9 5,257 40 Land, builings, and equipment cost or ‘other basis Complete Part VI af Schedule D 108 957,841 Less accumulated deprecation 108] 849, 338) 14, 467] 10¢ 8,503 14 Investments—pubty traded secures "1 42 Investments—ather secuntes See ParV, Ine 11 12 13. Invesiments—programelated See Part NV ine 11 13 14 angie assets 16 45. Otnerassets See Parti, ne 11 24, 775| 15 24,775 46 Total assets. Add ines 1 through 15 (must equal ine 34 139, 902| 46 102,296 17 Accounts payable and accrued expenses 345,363) 17 278,146 18 Grants payable 18 49° Detered revenue 2,755) 19 2,767 20 Tacexempt bond babies 20 21 Escrow or custodial account habity Complete Part IV of Schedule D 2 4g |22 Loans and other payables to current and former ofcers, decors, Z| trustees, key empioyees, highest compensated employees, and B| squatted persons Complete Pr if Schedule L 2 3/23 secured mortgages and noes payable to unrelated thrd partes 23 24 Unsecured notes and ioans payable to unrelated ths partes 24 25. Other tabites (ncudng federal income tax, payables to related td paris, and ater habites not cluded on ines 17-24) Complete Pat x of Schedule D 25 26 Total abilities Add tes 17 trough 25 348,116) 25 280,913 ‘Organizations that fellow SFAS 117 (ASC 968), check hore ® EX] and | complete tines 27 through 28, and tines 33 and 34. E [27 Unvesincted net assets =208,216| 27 178, 617 28 Temporaniyresincted net assets 28 'B [29 Permanent resincted net assets 23 2 | organization tat donot follow SFAS 117 (ASC 9), check here ® ["] and 3 | complete ines 30 through 34. 830. Ceptt soc or st propa or erent ds x 231 Paden or captal surplus, or and, buldng, or equpment fund a 32 Retaned earnings, endowment, accumulated ncame, o other nds 32 l3 Totainet assets or tnd balances =208,216| 39 =i78, 617 34_Tolattabives and nel aeststnd balances 139,902) o4 102,296 Fem 980 252) Form 996 got2) "THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Page 12 PartXI, Reconciliation of Net Assets Check if Schedule O contains a response to any question in this Part XI C1 Total evenve (must equal Par Vi clu (ne 12) 392, 416 Total expenses (must equal Part IX, column (A), line 25) 362,817 Revenue les expenses Swtact hn 2 tom ine 1 29,599 "Net assets or fund balances at begoang of year (rust equal =208 216 "Net unrealized gains (losses) on vestments ‘Donated services and use of facies Investment expenses Por penod adjustments ‘Other changes in net assets of fund balances (expan in Schedule 0) Not assets or fund balances at end of year Combine lines 3 through 9 (must equsl Part, ine 33, column (8) 10 -178, 617 Part Xi Financial Statements and Reporting (Check if Schedule O contains a response to any queston inthis Part Xil Yes[ No. 4) Accounting method usedte prepare the Form 960 [-] cash [I Accnst — [] om tte oganaation changed ts method of accountng fora por year or checked Other expan Schedule 2a Were the organizations franca sllements compled or revewed by an independent accountant? al |x 11"Yes check a box below ondcate wheter the nancial latements forthe year were comple oF reviewed ona separate bai, consoldates basis, o bah [Separate bass [_] Consondated bas: [_] Both consobdate and separate basis b Were he erganzatons franc statements audted by an independent accountant? w| |x \ "Yes." check a box telow ona wheter the nancial stalemerts or the year were auded on a separate base, conaoldated asso Bo LT separate vass [_] Consotdatedbase _[] Bot consodated and separate bass «f¥es"to tne 25 oF 2, does he organzaton have 8 commitee thal eseumeseaponstlty fr overaght ofthe audit, revew, oF compilation of ts franca statements and selecton ofan independent accountant? ze ithe organzaton changed ethers eversght processor selecion process dung the tax year, explain 9 ‘Schedule O 3a Asa result of federal award, was the organzation required to undergo an aust or aus asset forth in the Single Aut Act and OMB Crcular A133? 3a x bIf*¥es," ai the organization undergo the requed aut or aud? If he organization dh nat undergo the ‘equied aust or aus, explan why in Schedule O and descabe any steps taken to undergo such audits ab Fam 990 G51) ‘SCHEDULE A”: a Public Charity Status and Public Support ental Complete if the organization is a section 501(c)(3) organization or a section “au7aht)nonoxempt chara tut. ae nga nn > Atach to Form 980 or Form S802. > See separate insructions. noon THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Part Reason for Public Charity Status (All organizations must complete this part) See instructions. The exgarzovon snot vate fundaton becouse (Fries 1 Hwouph 1, chek ony one box) 1] Actua, comverton of churches, or asacabon of uch deserbed ection 7O(OKVAN 2 [1] A sero deserted n section 47ObNEHANI. tach ened 2. 1] Aospta or cooperatvehospa serce organzabon deserbed section 17015 NAR. 4 [1] Ameseaiesearch egoneaton operate in conuncion wih a hsptldescrbedn section 17(bK AN). nlrb hosp nae, ty, and sate L] Anerganzaton operated forthe Benet cope or unversty owned or operate by = govermaria unt desenbedn ‘section 170({ AN. (Complete Pat) ‘federal sae, roel goverment or governmental unt desorbed m section f7O(O)INAKM ‘An erganzaton tat normaly receives 2 substantial part oft suppor om a goverment Unt or om he general publ described n section 170(b)1)ANW). (Complete Par i) 8 [[] Acommunty tus described n secon 170() AN (Compete Patt) ‘An orgencston tht normaly recees (1) more than 38 19% of s suppor om cotnbutons, members fees, and gross recepts tom aces related os exempt uncons—aubec 1 cea exception, and (2) ra more han 33 13% oS supper om gross investment come end ulated business axle core (ss secon 511 fx) om busnesses cured byte orpanzation ater June 20, 1975 See ection 50932} (Complete Pat) ‘Amorganzatonorganzed and operated excuswely tts fr put afty See section S09(aN4). ‘An orgaizaton organize and operates exclsnely forthe benef of, o perform the funchons of, to cary out the purposes of one or mote publ supported orpencatione desorbed secon S09() or secon S00(2) See section £09(a9). Check ne box hat descies the pe of supporting xganzton and complet nese Hwaugh 11h =F] ter L] type © [] TypetteFuncvonatyintegiatea od. [_] Type l-Nonuncnalyegrated By checking tvs box, cerita he organization snot contd dct of rely By one or more squad persons ciher han foundation managers an ake than one of more publ supported organizations desenbedn secon 5O3).1) or aecton 509(0¥2) 10 " 1 ifthe organzaton received a wntten determination Yom the IRS thats 8 Type , Type lor Type Il supporting coxganzton, check tus box o 9 Since August 17, 2006, has the organzaton accepted any gitar contnbuton fom any ofthe following persons? (i) A person whe director mndrecty contels, ether alae or together with persons desenbed i (0) and (2) below, he governing body ofthe supported organization? fi (i A farnty member ofa person described m () above? tr (i) 35% controled entity of a person described mn (or (0) above? nt h___ Prove the folowng informaton abou the suppertod organzation(s) (Oa poets wen taripestoninacn — [ilndecamanon | Wayanad | twsne _] qanaotenonay ‘onnsatan (inoweaontws 0 | nad Gees yer | hogan fogananor nc avon ‘Soa mc oaton oeamgioomen? | 09 eye” |thananessr ee {ave matucio) 8 us? a @ © © © Total For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the Inetructions for ‘Schedule A (Form 990 oF 990-82) 2012 Form 990 oF 990-62, ‘Schedule A (Form 990 or 990.67) 2012 _THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Page Part ll. Support Schedule for Organizations Described in Sections 170(b)(1)(AN(iv) and 170(B)(1)(A)(vi) (Complete only f you checked the box on line 5, 7, oF 8 of Part orf the organization failed to qualify under Part lll. If the organization fails to qualify under the tests listed below, please complete Part II_) Section A. Public Support Galondar year or cal year begining] (aya008 | 19008 | —1ey200 [1a 201 ono Taal 11s, rants, conibutons, and smerberap tes recewed (Oo at include any "uncal grans soovere) —3,401,7. 397,998] 170,212] ___243,046|__3,121,820 2 Taxreverues ened fr he (opancators beet and eter peed tor expended on ts bera 3. The value of sermces of aces {umetned by 2 goverment unt tothe organcator witout carpe 4 Total Ads ines 1 tough 3 woo aie] a0, 307,958] 170,232 __243,08e] _3,2,020 5 The porn foal connbutons by each person (ter han 2 Sovernerta unt or ply Spporedorganzator) ncided on inet tal execs 2% oF he mount Show on ine 11, cm () man 6 Public support. Surat ne 5 tom ine 4 t 3004, 69 Section B, Total Support atendar year or cal year beginning] eee [wy a008 | e200 [e308 eae aa 7 Amounts tom ine 4 900,036] 3,401, 70a] 397,908] 70,212] 243, ue 303,020 8 Gross ncome rom merest, aden, payments reseed on secu oars font, oyaies and ncome fom sma sours nv? and aoe fom 1,000 2,440] 29 4100 9 Net ncome from urlted business cin, wheter or ol the buses 's regulary earned on 40 Omer name Do nt nctue gan or tors rom the ele of capa! asels (GxplaniaPertV) 1,20) 4.208 5,508 41 Total suppor. Add ies 7 ough 10 3a 468 42 Gross recep om related actos ete (s08 waters) wa] 3es 1023 13 First ve years. he Form $00 for he organizations fs, second, thr, fourth, orth tx year as a secton 4(0K3) - cganzaton, check ts box and stop here er Section C. Computation of Public Support Percentage 514 Pubve suppor percentage or 2012 (ine 6 cok () dues by me 7, calurn @) ia] sarso% 415 Pubic suppor percentage from 2011 Schedule A Pet, ne 14 15] 94.25% 16a 33-13% support test—2012. ithe organzation did not check the Box on ine 12, and ine 14 1833 1/9% oF mre, check tis box and stop here. The organzaton qualifies 2a pubicy supported organization 1b 39 113% support test--2011. Ifthe organization didnot check a box on ine 13 or 16a, and ine 151 38 1/3% or more, check this box and stop here. The organzation qualifies as a publicly supported organization 17a 10%facts-and-circumstances test—2012. I he organiza di not check a box on ne 13,169, oF 160, and ine 14 16 10% or more, and the organwzaton meeis the “acs-and.crcumstances" test, check ths box and stop here. Expian Prt IV how the organization meets the “Yacs-and-crcumstances" test The organization qualifies as a pubhly supported organization 1b 10%-facts-and-circumstances test—2011. If he o;ganzaton did nt check a box on ine 13,168, 160, oF 17a, and ine 1518 10% or more, and if the organization meets the “acs-and-crcumstances" fst, check ths box and stop here. Explan n Part IV how the orgarzation meets the “facis-and-orcumstances” test The organczaton quali supported organizavon 18 Private foundation. ithe organzation dd not check a box on ine 13, 16a, 160, 178, oF 17D, check his box and see 43 9 publicly > >oO >oO >O >O ‘Schedule A (Form 990 or 990-£2) 2012 Sonedulé A(Form 990 99067) 2012 THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Page 3 Partill, Support Schedule for Organizations Described in Section 509(a)(2) (Complete only if you checked the box on line 9 of Part | or if the organization failed to qualify under Part I I the organization fails to qualify under the tests listed below, please complete Part I! Section A. Public Support ‘Calendar year (or fiscal year beginning ia) > (2008 1)2009. (200 azo (a0 Te 1 Gis, grants, contnbutons, ard membership {oes regowed (Dont ole any “onsus ans") 2° Gross recep fom admssion, merchandise ‘sol sores petomad, or cis ‘shod many acy at lated tothe ‘xpanaabone txexonpt purpose 3 Gross eceps fom ates that are not an voit Wade or buss under Seton 513 4 Taxrevenes lave fr the corganzaton’s benefit and ether pad 'o or expended on ts behalf 5 The value of seruces or faces furnished by a governmental unt othe forganzaton wihout charge 6 Total. Add ines 1 trough 5 Ta. Amounts mckided on ines 1,2, and 3 recawed from dsquatfied persons bb Amounts nclues online 2 and 3 rezone rom oe than dsquaieg esons tat xced th teatro $5600 101% e amount on ine 13 fhe year © Addins 7a and 70 8 Public support (Subtract ine 7e trom ine 6) Section B. Total Support Year (oF seal year beginning) (a 2008 2008 (2010 (20 (azo Tae 9 Amounts trom ine 6 10a Gross ncome tom ners, eons, payments ecaed on secutes lars, rns, Toft and none rom smi souess 1 Unvelsted business taxable income (less section $11 taxes) fom businesses acqured ater June 30, 1975, © Add ines 10a and 10 114 Nel.cma tom ulated buses ees not neue ine 10, whether rot he Busnes reqUary camed on 12 Other ncome Oo not include gain or tose from the sale of captal ase (Eonon Pan 412, Totasuppor. (dies 9, 106.91 mu) 14 Ftv years Farm $601 oh rgncatons Wt sor ot ax yar as a econ SOT) ergonoen, cc th boro stp here »o Section C. Computation of Public Suppor Percentage 48 Pubic eppor pcenage or 2072 (ie 8, cour dred yo 1, corn) = = 16 Pune aupponpcenage fom 201 Sebel Pa ne rm ‘ Section D. Computation of Investment income Percentage 47 veorant ese pecetge lo 201 (nee coumn ced byte 3 coun) 7 = 18 Imestner nae pacniage on 2011 Scedve A Pt hw 17 mn 3 19839 19% support ests—2042. the organization dil ot ceckthe Box on ine 4, and ine 15 8 mor than 3 1%, anne 17 snot more than 39 12%, checks box and stop hee. The oganzaton quale a a pub supported egancaton oO » 331% supporttests—2011 the orgenzstion dot ceca Boron ne 4 oF ne 199, and ine 68 mre han 333%, na te 1818 not more than 29 13%, check box and stop hee. Te opanzaton qusifes a «pub senpred ogenzaten > 20__Private foundation. the orgnzaton do not check a box on ine 14, 198,09, check is box and se msrctons > ‘Schedule A (Form 990 or 90-£2) 2012 ‘Schedule’A Form'990 or 900.€7)2012_'THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT _95~3937092 PartiV_ Supplemental Information. Complete this part to provide the explanations required by Part I, ine 10, Part ll, line 17a or 17b, and Part Il, ine 12, Also complete this part for any addtional information (See instructions) Part II, Line 10 - Other Income Detail Referral fees $ 5,508 Page 4 ‘Schedule A (Form 980 or 990-62) 2012 ‘SCHEDULE D’. Supplemental Financial Statements | cum me_ssenooe7 (Form 990) > Complete i the organization answered "Yes," to Form $90, 2012 a ‘i, tor tb, pean b atach te Form 900,» Seo separate motuctons: Sean ‘THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Part! Organizations Maintaining Donor Advised Funds or Other Simi organization answered "Yes" to Form 990, Part IV, line 6. F Funds or Accounts. Complete ifthe (oboe aaa nae whins wsoner mee Total number at end of year ‘Aggregate contnbutons to (dunng yes) ‘Aggregate grants from (dunng year) ‘Aggregate value at end of year (Did the organization form all donors and donor advisors in wrtng thatthe assets held n donor advised {unds are the organization's property, subject to the organization's excluswe legal control? Cl ves [] no {6 Did the organization inform all grantees, donors, and donor advisors in wiing that grant funds can be used only for chantable purposes and not for the benefit of the donor or donor advisor, or for any other purpose -confernng unpermsible pnvate benefit? ves [1] wo Part li Conservation Easements. Complete if the organization answered "Yes" to Form 990, Part IV, line 7 1 Purpose(s) of conservation easements held by the organizabon (check all hat apply) Presorvation of land for pubic use (e 9 recreation or educator) Preservation ofan hstoncaly mportant land area Protecton of natural habitat Preservation ofa cerifed histone structure Preservation of open space 2. Complete ines 2a through 2 the organaation held a qualified conservation coninbuiton in the form of a conservation ‘easement onthe lst day ofthe tax year Hold at the End ofthe Tax Ve 2 Total number of conservation easements 2a 'b Total acreage resinted by conservation easements 2 {¢ Number of conservation easements ona certified histone structure included in (8) 2 1d. Number of conservation easements cluded in (<) acqured after 8/1708, and not on a hustone structure listed i he National Register 23 3. Number of conservation easements modified, transferred, released, extinguished, or terminated bythe organization dung the tax year [Number of states where property subject to conservation easements located P 5 Does the ganization have a watlen pokey garding the penodke montonng, nspection, handing of lations, and enforcement of the conservation easements it holis? Ci ves [] no {6 Staff and volunteer hours devoted to mortonng, mspecing, and enforcing conservation easements dunng the year > 7 Amount of expenses incurred n montonng, mspecting, and enforcing conservation easements dunng the year s 8 Does each conservaton easement reported on ine 2(6) above sabty the requrements of section 170(n4)6) (ivan section 1700x480)? Ci ves [] no ‘9 In Part xi, descnbe how the organization reports conservation easements ints revenue and expense statement, and balance sheet, and clue, appicable, the text ofthe fecinate fo the organzaton's financial statements that desenbes he ‘organization's accounting for conservation easements Parti! Organizations Maintaining Collections of Art, Historical Treasures, or Other Complete if the organization answered “Yes” to Form 990, Part IV, line 8. “a Ifthe organcation elecied, 9s permitted under SFAS 116 (ASC 958), nt to report ins revenue statement and balance sheet works of at, histoncalreasures, or other simiar assets held for pubic exhybiton, education, of research in furtherance of pubic service, pronde, in Part Xl the tex of the footnote tots financial statements that descnbes these items, 1b ifthe organczation elected, as permitted under SFAS 116 (ASC 956), to report m ds revenue statement and balance sheot works of art, histoncal teasures, or oer similar assets held for pubic extbton, education, or research in furherance of pubic sernice, provide the folowing amounts relaing to these tems (i) Revenues included m Form 980, Part Vil ne 1 ms (il) Assets mnladed in Form 980, Pant X ms 2 Ifthe organzaton recaved or hold works of at, hstoncalreasures, or oer simlar assets for ancal gan provide the following amounts requred tobe reported under SFAS 116 (ASC 958) relating to these tems ‘a Revenues included n Form 980, Part Vl, ine 1 ms 'b_Assets included in Form 990, Pant X » For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the Instructions for Form 980. ‘Sehedule D (Form 990) 2012 ilar Assets. ‘Scheduie'D (Form 990)2012_ ‘THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Page 2 Part, ~ Organizations Maintaining Collections of Art, Historical Treasures, or Other Similar Assets (continued 3 Unng he oranzatons acquson, acesbon, ond oherreords, check any of he clown ha ae a sgn se of cotton ere (choca Bt opp) 2 Pubic extibtion @ Loaner exchange programs © [1 snotty researc @ Dotter ¢ C1 Preservation tr iaure generatons 4 Prove a desenpton fhe erponzatorscolectons and exsan how they fhe xin $5 Dunng the yor. dhe orpanzaton slat or receve donation ofa, astonca resus or her sar 7 sels obo sod ore und rahe than fo be manianed as pr ol he ogancatorscoecton? Clves C1no PartiV Escrow and Custodial Arrangements. Complete the organzation answered "Vew to Form 090, Part V. line 9, or reported an amount on Form 990, Part X, ine 21 Ta: Toe otanzaton an ape rusee, casa or cher mtemedar for conrbvtons or oer ast not Included on Form 980, Pax? Cl ves 1) no bb it-¥e. expan te arrangement n Pa Xl and complet he otowng table exgantzaton’s exempt purpose in Part ‘amount {© Begnning balance rn 1d Adktons dunng the year 1¢ ' Devovtons dung th eat rn cng 2a Dane egencatin nde an amour on Frm 80, Pax, e217 Tye [x2 ven” amlon i arargener a Peril Check hr gran has ben ped n Pat | Part V Endowment Funds. Complete if the organization answered “Yes” to Form 990, Part IV, line 10 icone a A MT ‘Begining of year balance b Controutons © Netinvestment eamngs, gas, and losses Grants or scholarships © Other expendiurs fr facives and programs f Admmnstratve expenses End of year belance 2 Provide the estmated percentage ofthe curent yearend balance (we 1g, column (a) held ‘2 Board designated or quasv-endowmant * Permanent endowment * ‘© Temporanlyreincted endowment *% ‘The percentages in ines 22,2, and 2e should equal 100% ‘38 Are there endowment funds not nthe possession ofthe organczaton that are held and administered forthe ‘organzaton by Yes | wo (0) unrelated organcations 3am) (i) related organzations fsa bb if-¥es" to-3a(), re the related oxganzatons listed as required on Schedule R? 2. 4__Descnbe in Part Xl the nlended uses of he rganzation’s endowment funds Part Vi__Land, Buildings, and Equipment. See Form 990, Part X, ine 10 7a tard b Buidings, © Leasehold improvements 14. Equpment B51, 401 B42, 898 8,503 Other 6,440] 6,440] ‘Total Add ines Ta trough Te (Column (@) most equal Form 990, Part column (), ine 116) > @,503 ‘Schedule O (Ferm 880) 2012 Schedule'D (Form 990)2012_'THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Page 3 Part Vil, Investments—Other Securities. See Form 990, Part X, line 12 (o)Onerpnn a et eae7 (0) Seo ate ‘enerodt vam (weg ae osc Con canes maa ie (G) Fnanaildenvatwes (2) Closely-heid equity interests (@) Other “ ® © o © © o # o ‘Toil, (Column (must equal For 980, Part col (B)ine 12 > Part Vill__Investments—Program Related. See Form 990, Part X, ine 13. (el Desrpon nine hee corey Coneransch yaaa a ® @ go ‘Total, (Colunn (@) must equal For 980, PartX col (B)ime 13 PartiX Other Assets. See Form 990, Part X, line 15. Donated property held 19,500 Deposits 5,275 > Go Total, (Column (B) must equal Form 990, Pan X cot (ane 15 PartX Other Liabilities. See Form 990, Part X, ine 25 x Te) Deerptan tty ome {)_ Federal neome taxes i) 6 @ 2 0 ay ‘otal. (Couron (B) must equal Form 880, PantX, cot (8) ine 25 > 2. FIN 48 (ASC 740) Footnote In Part XII, proves the text ofthe Tosinate othe organzato’s fnancal talomenis hal repos the organizations habiity for uncertain tax positions under FIN 48 (ASC 740) Check here ifthe text of the footnote has been provided in Part Xill M1 Da ‘Schedule (Form 990) 2012 ‘Schedule'0 (Form $90) 2012__ ‘THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Page 4 Part Xi. Reconciliation of Revenue per Audited Financial Statements With Revenue per Return ‘1 Total revenue, gains, and other support per audited facial statements 2 Amounts ncuded on ine 1 but not on Form 990, Part Vl ne 12 2 Net unrealized gains on investments 1b Donated services and ute of facibas © Recovenes of por year grants ‘ (Other (Descnbe in Pat Xl) ‘Ads bres 2a through 2a 3 Subiract ine 2e fom ine + [Amounts cluded on Form 990, Pat Vil ne 12, but nat on ine 4 Investment expenses not cluded on Form 990, Part Vil ine 75 (ther (Desenbe in Part Xl) {Add bes 48 and 4b 4 2a 2, 2e 2a ze a 4a 4 fe 5 > 5 _Total venue Add ines 3 and 4c. (Tis must equal Form 990, Part, ne 12) Part Xll__ Reconciliation of Expenses per Audited Financi | Statements With Expenses per Return 41 Total expenses and loses per autted financial statements 2 Amounts cluded on tne 1 but not en Form 990, Part IX, bne 25 ‘a Donated services and use of facies b> Pnor year adjustments © Other losses Other (Desenbe m Pat Xi!) ‘© Add ines 28 through 24 3 Subtract ine 26 om ine 4 “4 Amounts iicleded on Form 990, Part IX, ine 25, but nat on ine 1 2 Investment expenses not included on Form 990, Part Vl, ne 7D Other (Describe in Par il!) © Add ines 4a and 4 5 Total expenses Add ines 3 and 4. (This must equal Form 980, Part | ine 18) 1 2a 2b 2 24 20 3 4a 2 4c 5 Part Xiit__ Supplemental Information ‘Complete ts pat to provide the descnptions requred for Patil, ines 3, Information and 9, Parl, ines 1a and 4, Par IV, ines 1b nd 2b, PartV, ne 4, Part, ine 2, Par XI, ines 24 and 4b, and Part Xi, ines 23 and 4b Also complete te part to provide any addtional ‘SeheauteD (Form 890) 2012 samsue’ (fom bso)20%2 THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT _95-3937092 ce ar XI Supplemental information (Contnved) ‘SeheduleD (Form 990) 2012 SCHEDULE F (Form 990) Statement of Acti s Out 14b, 18, oF 1 le the United States > Complete ifthe organization answered “Yes” to Form 990, ti 2012 (iemarevenve’sos 10._ See separate instructions. Soiree THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Parti General Information on Activities Outside the United States. Complete f the organization answered "Yes" to Form 990, Part IV, line 14b, 7 For grantmakers, Does te organzaton mainian records fo substantial the amount of gran and other assistance, the grantees’ ebay forthe grants or assistance, andthe selecton crlena use to award the grants or assistance? 2 For grantmakers. Describe m Part V the organization's procedures for monorng he use of ts gran and other assistance outside the Untied States 3._Aciwes per Region (The folowng Part, ine 3 table canbe duplicated f additonal space i needed) [Xj ves [] no ‘moenne, era Stren ets nee Wiesner eea ae cme ops yet evcnyargen Central Andrica € CarriHean mn ol lprogram lpublic awareness 4,400 Europe @ o| lprogram lpublic awareness 2,794 Middie East & North Africa @ o| lprogram lnocklet distribution 12,745 North America oO) o| lprogram [Booklet distribution 8,973 ‘South Asia © o| [program Booklet distribution 18,779 © o © © (19) on. 2) aa) ay, os ws on. 3a Sibioial 46,691 © Totals (aad tines 3a and 3) 46,691 or Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, S90 the Instructions for Form 890. ‘Schedule F (Form 9 2012 Schedule'F (Form 990) 2012 __ ‘THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT _95-3937092 Part iV. Foreign Forms 1 Was the organization a US transeror of propery to a foreign corporation dunn the tax year? IT"Yes.” the ocganzaton may be required to file Form 928, Retum by a US Transtorer of Property toa Foregn Corporation (see Insructons fr Form 926) 2 Did the ogganzaton have an interestn foreign tst dunng the tox year? If"Yes,the oxganzation ‘may be requred to fie Form 3§20, Annual Return to Repor Transactions wth Foregn Trusts and Recent of Certain Foreign Gite, andlor Foem 3520-A, Annual nformaton Return of Foreign Trust With & US Owner (s8e instructions for Forms 3520 and 3520-A) 3 Did the organzation have an ownership inlerest na forig corporation dung the tax year? “Yes,” the organization may be requred to fe Form 5471, Information Retum of US Persons With Respect To ‘Cerin Foreign Corporations (see instructions for Form 5471) 4 Was the organzaton a drect or ndrect shareholer ofa passive foregn investment company or qualified electing fund dung the tax year? If"Yes."the organization may be requred to fle Form 8621, Information Retum by a Shareholder of @ Passwe Foreign Investment Company or Qualified Electing Fund (see instructions for Form 8621) '5 Did the organization have an ownership nlerest in a foreign parnershp dung the tax year? It"Yes,” the organzation may be requred to fle Form 8865, Relum of U S Persons With Respect To Certain Foreign Partnerships (see intructons for Form 8865) {6 Did he organization have any operations in oF related to any boyeating countries dung the tax year? If "Yes" the organization may be requrad ta le Form $713, Intematonal Boycat Repot (eee instructions {or Form 8713) O ves O ves ves O ves Page 4 FR no Ki no Kl no ‘Schedule F (Form 990) 2012 seneade's (Fm 2012 THE WAY 10 HAPPINESS FOUNDATION rE _95-3937092 rage § PartV . Supplemental Information Complete tis pat to prowde te nformation requed by Pat, ine 2 (montonng of funds), Par ine 3, column () {cccounng meth, amounts of vestments vo expenditures per region), Parl ne 1 (accounting method), Pert I {accountng method and Par Il colmn (c(esimated numberof ecient), as aplcabe Also complete tpt to provde any addtional formation (ee msrucons) Part I, Line 2 - Procedures for Monitoring the Use of Grant Funds The Organization reviews reports from all grantees or recipients of other assistance to insure that the funds were expended in accordance with the purposes and terms of the grant or assistance. Part I, Line 3 - Activities per Region Region Expenditures Investments Central America & Carribean $ 4,400 § ° Europe $ 1,794 § ° Middle East & North Africa $ 12,745 § ° North America $ 8,973 § 0 South Asia $ 18,779 $ ° Part V - Additional Information Basis of Accounting: The Expenditures on Schedule F are reported on the accrual basis of accounting. ‘Schedule F (Form 980) 2012 241995 eon0N 32 UORINpoY WoMIaded 04 (2402) (066 wos) 1 enpoues (966 uuog 10) suonan. < 1 get | 2H 24 w ® @ ® © @ leteret ¢ [presate-s6| #2006 SOTOEWY FOF yzoddns Tezeues| ‘PATE POOMATTOH S9OL Teuorseuzoqur avay (H) co Taare TaETG8 0 wei edng irenmc() Nata) vuagenueto jo sain pus aueN fe) papaau si aoeds 2U} BOW PAAl8d2 JEL “066 wio4 01,89, pasomsue uotieZuebi0 ou) i9/dlUOD “sane ‘suoneziuebio pur syuawiviencs aig PRINS nf) a) {20495600 Sue.8 ay pxene 0] pas euaHD LATE = pur ‘oversee 1 sve8 1) Kno seoKe8 eM ‘souRtesse 10 sue jo WNOU sans o spooes etwew UaNeeUeBO a'8900 4 ‘SOUEIS|SSY PUL S}UBID UO VOVEUNIOjU] |E1EUED Ter ZEOLEGE-GE INT NOTEVaNNOS SSaNTaaWH OL AWA SHE neuen ntoen wonsedsuy ‘066 W030 WORRY - ‘DHaNd OF wedo ‘ZZ 40 Le OU "AL Wed ‘066 UO OF ,S0A,, peroMSUE LOHEZUEBIO oY) } e1eIdWOD ARYA $9}2}g payUup eu} UI SjeNpIAIpUy pue ‘sjUaWUeACD ed Sanaa evan ‘suoneziueBig 0} aouejsissy 4aINO pue sjueIg oe (2x92) (086 wes) 1 ampauss +quez6 ey3 zo suzez pue sesodind ey3 y3TH eouepzoooe uT pepuedxe ezem spung 243 3ey3 emNsUT 03 seoquezs [Te worz szz0dex smetaer uoTzeZzTUeSIO OUT spung yuezp go esp ey; Sutz03TUCW 703 seanpeooza - z UTI ‘I azea TTEUTOHT evonippe sawjo Aue pue ‘(q) uusnoo ‘I| wed ‘Z aul "| ed UI pouINbay uoReWO}UI ay apiNoid o} Wed si Baidu ‘uoREMNOYU) jeyUoWIo;ddng —_AILed Z sandde hnag | —sinese RED 0a TS Tudo jepoaan(e) | sownouey(p) se wnouy (2) J s09uN (@) soueysse 2 018 0 ok (2) Papeeu S| Beds [PLONPPE POTEDIATD 8g Ui 22 ou ‘A) Hed '066 UNO, O1,S9A, pa/omsUE UOHeZIUEBIO aup J BaIdWOD “SaHEIS PeHIUN OU UL oy eourisissy J0U0 pu ZeOLe6e-S6 ENT NOTEWONNOE SSENIGEWH OF AWA BEL CIT oe um, 7 ‘Gao __Sounsisse yseo-uou jo uonduosad () | ood) von STWR SCHEDULE O ‘Supplemental Information to Form 990 or 990-EZ (Fon 990 oF e902) Complete provie information for responses to specific questions on 2012 Ss Form 880 or 880:£2 oF to provide any additional information. ona ene ‘brs Rees ena > Altach to Form 990 oF 990-22 ies ‘THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 953937092 Form 990, Part I, Line 6 The Organization estimates that it has approximately 2,600 volunteers throughout the world. These individuals distribute "The Way to Happiness” booklets, put on events, give lectures on the precepts in "The Way to Happiness", place Public Service Announcements, and consult directly with students and parents on applying the precepts of "The Way To Happiness" to improve conditions in their lives and the lives of those around them. Form 990, Part III, Line 4a - First Accomplishment (continued from Form 990, Page 2) 2012; Makassar, Bahasa Bugis, Baso Minang, Laotian, Fijian and Maori. In 2012 TWTH Foundation distributed 250,000 books in Greece and 600,000 books in Ecuador with the help of the Ecuador National Police, as well as 600,000 books in Venezuela. In 2012 over 200 new TWTH volunteers and groups were activated. Form 990, Part III, Line 4b - Second Accomplishment (continued from Form 990, Page 2) short films covering each of the precepts in "The Way to Happiness booklet, the booklet itself and additional information on how the precepts can be further used and distributed. During 2012, TWTH Foundation continued its activities proven to be successful in raising public awarene: about ethical behavior, especially among children. These activities included "Set a Good Example" contests and workshops, holding public lectures and other educational events, For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, se the Instructions for Form 990 or 990-62. ‘Schedule 0 (Form 990 or 890-€2) (2012) ‘Schedule’© (Form 990 or 990-E2) (2012) Page 2 recline eran Titre oeeaion amber THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 participating in marathons - including a run the Mojave Desert in California, sponsoring plays, and community clean-ups. The PSA's were aired on 149 TV stations in the US and 15 stations Internationally. The Way to Happiness Foundation International had a float entered in the Hollywood Christmas parade seen by over 1 million people in Hollywood and millions more as it aired on local stations in the Los Angeles area. In Atlanta The Way to Happiness was featured on a billboard as part of a billboard art contest for several weeks in October. At the same time, The Way to Happiness custom booklets featuring the billboard art were distributed in high crime areas of Atlanta, 10,000 books in total 11,423 information kits were sent out in 2012 to 115 different countries. Form 990, Part VI, Line 11b - Organization's Process to Review Form 990 The Board of Directors reviews and discusses a draft of the Form 990 prior to filing. Form 990, Part VI, Line 12c ~ Enforcement of Conflicts Policy An annual survey is taken of all officers and directors requiring them to disclose any conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest. Additionally, the Board of Directors monitors and approves all significant transactions which could give rise to a conflict of interest. Form 990, Part VI, Line 15a - Compensation Process for Top Official The Board of Directors reviews and approves the compensation schedule for all Organization employees. The Board of Directors believes the compensation of its officers and other key employees to be significantly less than that for comparable positions at similar organizations. ‘Schedule O (Form 980 oF 990-€2) (2012) ‘Schede'0 (Fox 890 or 990.£2) 2012) Page 2 ‘poy aennerson naman THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95-3937092 Form 990, Part VI, Line 19 - Governing Documents Disclosure Explanation The Organization's Forms 990 and 1023 are made available upon request. Form 990, Part VII - Additional Information All compensation of officers was for their duties as employees and not as officers and/or directors. ‘Schedule 0 (Form 990 or 990-62) (2092) ines Depreciation and Amortization ova sie0178 rom 4562 {Including Information on Listed Property) 2012 ieuinmnocncs” 09] > Seo separate instructions. > Attach to your tax return. See 179 tant ov one ‘ia canoe THE WAY TO HAPPINESS FOUNDATION INT 95~3937092 ‘unos oat ch om Indirect Depreciation Part! Election To Expense Certain Property Under Section 179 Note: if you have any listed property, complete Part V before you complete Part | 1 Maxum amount (see instructions) i 500,000 2 Tota cost of section 178 property placed service (see instructions) 2 3 Thneshold cost of secton 179 property before reduction m tation (see mstructons) 3 2,000,000 4 Reduction in imfabon Subtract ine 3 rom ine 2 If 2er0 or lest, enter-0- 4 ‘5 Dole: vation fr tax yor Sutvact ine rom ine 1126 res, eter 0- Harned ng separately, soe stuctons 5 6 Owen 0.7 (@)cot eee us (teantent ‘7 Listed property Enter the amount from line 29 ij {8 Total elected cost of secton 179 property Add amounts n column (c), nes 6 and 7 2 9 Tentative deduction Enter the smaller of ine 5 or ine 8 3 410. Caryover of disallowed deducton from ine 13 of your 2011 Form 4862 10 11 Busines income latation Enter the smaber of business income (not ess than zero) or ine 5 (ee Instuctons) 4 12. Section 179 expense deduction Add ines 9 and 10, but do net enter more than ine 11 12 13._Carryover of disallowed deducton to 2013_Add hnes 9 and 10. less ine 12 > [asl ‘Note: Do not use Part il or Patil below or ited property Instead. use Pant V Partli_ Special Depreciation Allowance and Other Depreciation (Do not include listed property ) (See instructions) 14 Special depreciation alowence for qualifed property (other than iste propery) placed n serace ‘unig the tax year (Gee nstructons) “ 15 Property subject o section 168(0(1) election 5 16 _Otner depreciation (nclutng ACRS) 16 5,964 Part ill MACRS Depreciation (Do not include listed property ) (See instructions ) ‘Section A 47 MAGRS deductions for assets placed in service in tax years beginning before 2012 7 0 18 _ youre eg io oun ary asst pacdin sare ung eax er oe or mare gael ase acm, chek hare > ‘Section B—Assets Placed in Service During 2012 Tax Year Using the General Depreciation System Te) wovmarsine | (Sale crrwewon | wy Recover (0) Cussteaonetepeny ‘meee Scat Reco | conmenan | im menos | (a) Dopreston stun ‘S.year propery 1b _S.year proper e_7-yeat propery 1d iO.year propery fe 15.year propery 1 20.yesr property '@_25.year propery 2 em hr Residential rental 215s | wat Si property 275ye_| MM ‘i 1 Nonvesidental reat 28 ma ‘St propery mt Sh. ‘Section O—Assets Placed in Service During 2012 Tax Vear Using the Alternative Depreciation System 200 Class ite Sh. bt2.year says om ¢a0-year 40s oy Sh PartiV__ Summary (See instructions.) 21 Usted property Enter amount rom ine 28 2 22 Total. Add amounts from ine 12, ines 14 trough 17, nes 19 and 201m column g), and ie 21 Enter here ‘and onthe appropnate ines of your retum Partnerships and S corporations see instructons 22 5,964 23. For assets shown above and placed im service dunng the current year, enter the orton ofthe bass atrbutable to section 253A costs 2 For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, se separate instructions, Fem A562 or om There are no amounts for Page 2