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Master Siomai Uses ANKO Siomai Making Machines For Their

700 Franchises

Master Siomai is a food cart franchising business developed by Masterrific Foods in the
Philippines. The siomai cart is located in various areas including schools, food courts,
traditional markets, etc. In 2008, Master Siomai had 45 Master Siomai franchises, and with
2 to 4 of them opening every week, Master Siomai soon became one of the largest
franchising companies in the Philippines. By 2012, Master Siomai already had more than
700 franchises selling delicious siomais in the Philippines, and they need to make 120, 000
siomais every day. How can Master Siomai keep up with the fast growth and still be able to
deliver the large volume of siomai?

At the beginning, Master Siomai had 40-50 people making siomai by hand, but slowly the
production amount couldn't keep up with the demand and the inconsistency of siomai
quality became a concern. In 2008, Master Siomai met ANKO at a trade show and bought
a siomai making machine, HSM-600, to try it out. Two months later, Master Siomai
purchased another siomai making machine because of the great satisfaction. Master Siomai
had the siomai making machines running 24 hours a day to make 120,000 siomais, and
later, to reduce the labor cost and increase siomai quality, they decided to buy more
machines. At the same time, they also proposed a Japanese siomai making
machine requirement. Japanese siomai is also called seaweed siomai; it was developed by
Master Siomai to provide dynamic selections of siomais. Months later, ANKO developed a
semi-auto seaweed siomai making machine and Japanese siomai also became a popular
food in the Philippines.

ANKO is a food processing equipment supplier that has been providing quality siomai
making machines for more than 30 years. ANKO's strong R&D team has been designing
innovative food processing equipment to assist restaurant owners or food processing
companies to perform effective jobs. ANKO's turn-key project design has helped clients to
build efficient production lines and eventually to make their business profitable. ANKOs
stainless steel material is imported from Japan to ensure the high quality of each machine,
which means that every food processing equipment is built to last forever.

As a result, the implementation of siomai making machine has allowed Master Siomai to
expand their business not just in Manila but also to the south of the Philippines. ANKO
recently has just finished developing 100% automatic Japanese siomai making machine to
upgrade Master Siomais production capability, which allows Master Siomai to expand their
franchising business quickly.

Total Solutions For Your Siomai Machine

Master Siomai is a food cart business developed by Masterrific Foods. Their siomai
making machine supplier, ANKO, is a Taiwanese food machine expert who
provides high production capability and reasonably priced machines based on their
30 years of experience.

Siomai - a traditional Chinese dumpling served in dim sum

In 2008, ANKO met the boss of Master Siomai, Mr. Ernilito, who had a strong desire for a
shumai (shu-mai) making machine. Therefore, a HSM-600 was purchased by Masterrific,
and their cooperation began. The next year in 2009, due to Master Siomai's increasing
siomai business, more siomai making machines were procured. During ANKO's visit to the
Philippines, Mr. Ernilito proposed a project regarding their intension to transform their
handmade seaweed siomai production line to an automatic one. To have a siomai wrapped
with a layer of seaweed, technically, there are a few difficulties which need to be overcome.
First off, unlike the usual flour wrapper, seaweed is very light and crispy, and that makes it
extremely hard for the machine to use it as a coating. Second off, usually seaweed is
suitable for eating it while crunchy, but the steaming stage makes it soft. However, after
tasting Master Siomai's handmade seaweed siomai, the sweet, juicy stuffing with a chewy
texture, with an ocean flavor of seaweed, the delicious seaweed siomai convinced ANKO to
come up with a solution. In addition, ANKO realized its potential in the international market,
and after assessments, ANKO took the assignment and started to develop a siomai maker
that requires a seaweed wrapper.

The Challenges Of Seaweed Siomai Machine/ Siomai Maker

Even though ANKO used HSM-600 siomai making machine as a base to perform
customization, they still modified more than 50% of it, especially on the seaweed wrapping
section. Before a seaweed wrapper starts to wrap, it needs to be spread with water to soften
it. Therefore, the water spreading amount and the stopping period before next step are
critical because, without correct calculation of these factors, the seaweed can be either too
soft or too hard for stuffing.

After intensive interaction between the engineering and manufacturing departments and
numerous modifications, the seaweed siomai making machine was manufactured on-time.
Mr. Ernilito flew to Taiwan and personally conducted an assessment of the seaweed siomai
making machine. When the siomai machine arrived in the Philippines and started to process,
the defeat rate went up to 30%, which was inconsistent with the test results in
Taiwan. ANKO conducted a thorough investigation and found out that the seaweed's
thickness was the reason; consequently, more adjustments were made, until the seaweed
shumai machine's performance was acceptable.

So far, Master Siomai has procured two seaweed siomai making machines (NSM-400), and
plan to purchase one more in 2010. Additionally, ANKO's innovative seaweed siomai making
machine is also sold to Europe, U.S., Japan and Korea. ANKO's experience and
relentlessness in designing a good siomai making machine paid off.
* Siomai, (shumai, shu-mai, siumai, shaomai, shu-mai, shui mei, shao mai or siew mai) is a traditional
Chinese dumpling served in dim sum. There are two regional varieties of shumai in China, a Cantonese
version and a version from the Jiangnan region, along with many other variations in other countries.
Seaweed Siomai Production Line Design