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My Love, Good Bye M and text by M. PANAS, K. MUNRO, J. LLOYD As sung hy DEMIS ROUSSOS Arr. by Gregory Fine Slow rock a 78 FP BP Am Dm the wind singsthe sad song, the stars in sky al Gm? ous? c F rsa knows ing you_to- day shine ver. ‘my room, 32 e 10 From collections of Boris Belyakov 2000 15 B Am Dm dont ery all my heat will pray will pray e-verylove ly night 19 B® Csus, co wa Good byamylove, good me pone. 35 Good bye my love, good bye TH al-ways will be true lp F Tm = verbe too Aslong asyou re-mem - berme Solove-ly inyourdreams Till T come 30, e 12 Bp c F te * ete tee te zs 2 6 see ot ¥ y—* T v Good bye my love, good back to, you. 12. 80 2 pb 2 33 Good bye my love, goodbye bye a Good bye _my love, good bye Aslong as you re- TH al-wayswill be true So love-ly in your eee ee 39 Do Mo oe mem - berme Til e - verbe too Areas, THE T @0me | OOO aieaee 20 Gurr thts f nie | Goodbyemylove.good back