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*Analysis of Artwork 2.

1. Artist 3. proportion- equal, relationship of size in
2. Artwork relation to distance 4. Variety
3. Audience *elements if painting
1. lines
-vertical: grate
-diagonal: suggest movement
-horizontal: peaceful balance
-curve: gracefulness
2. value 3. Color 4. Texture 5 form
6. perspective/perception 7. Space

*Guidelines in Analysis of Artwork *dimension of Human physical: dimension

1. Sincerity of the artist -spiritual: hope, destiny
2. Breadth or depth of meaning of -religious: belief
artwork (honesty of the work) -intellectual: ideas, info,
3. Impact or use of artwork towards knowledge
audience. -emotional: feelings
-psychological: behavior
*Factors to be considered in analyzing artist -moral: attitude
1. Artist style (technique) 2. Subject -social: interaction
matter -political: opinion
-historical -nature -human: humane- humanus- latin
-socio-political -man -man who is (1) refined: pure (2)culture:
-psychological - beliefs,moral
animals (3) dignified: honor
-economical -religion, -Human makes criticism
mythology -art- all material things made by man
-technological -everyday
life or genre *reasons for studying humanities
3. Audience- value of arts 1. broader the knowledge of history
and cultural tradition
*Known artists: 2. acquire values and wisdom for
Drama- Sophocles survival and progress
Painting- Leonardo da vinci 3. develop reflective and critical
Sculpture- Michael angelo thinking to make sound judgments and wise
Literature: Shakespeare decision
Dance- Nijinsky
Music Mozart *branches of knowledge
-philosophy: principle
*Art creates beauty -language: common understanding
. -reveals the truth -literature: experience and imagination
-enhances beauty
-expresses religious beliefs *Protagoras, Protagoras homo mensural est
-express fantasy meaning man is the measure of all the things
(man is the one who sets value into thing)
*what makes a painting a masterpiece?
1. virtuousity- made out of effort *art came from the word atrium means fine
2. innovation- something new arts or ars . atrium created out of :1)
3. Patronage- may pag tangkilik technique 2) strat 3)skills 4 styl
4. roles of the artist
5. artistic vision- you want to figure out *Distinction of art
something Major art minor art
(art) artist (craft) craftsman (more
*principle of art physical)
1. balance formal balance, informal, radial Fine liberal = GRAGMA
Visual performing literary 8. Uncanny valley- weird
PSAVG MDTCO ESPEP 9. Ugly cute- interesting charaterictics
10.Normal ugly- being tease
11.Ugly & uncanny- ugliness is very weird
12.Super ugly- insult is not enough they
*VALUES OF ART must exile
1. Aesthetic 2. Didactic: moral 3. Religious 4. 13.Ambiguous monstrous- birthmark
Historical 5. Socio political: exchange things 14.Fearsome & clearly inhuman- undead
6. Scientific: informs 7. Commercial: can sell 15.Lovecraftian- may insane by looking
8. Pragmatic: practical value on it.


LEVEL 1-4: BEAUTY 1. form- formal structure- formal approach
LEVEL 5-7: AVERAGE (formalist view)
LEVEL 8-15: UGLY 2. subject matter- mimetic approach
1. Divine: hypnotize (psychoanalysis view)
2. World class-magazine model 3. audience- pragmatic approach (pragmatic
3. Common-slightly beautiful view)
4. Imperfect- minor flaw 4. artist- expressive approach (romantic
5. Cool special- strong sex appeal view)
6. Just- neither beauty nor ugly
7. Flawed- minor or uncommon flaws