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Queens University Guitar

Brian Keenan

9th March 2017


Harty Room, QUB


Summa Arvo Prt

Solo Brian Keenan

Butterflies and Zebras and Moonbeams Frank Lyons

Corrog Greg Caffrey

Duet Brian Keenan and Anselm McDonnell

Kerfunken Greg Caffrey

Solo Anselm McDonnell

Guitar Suite: Eyewitnesses of His Majesty Anselm McDonnell

(i) Bartholomew the Scholar
(iii) James, Son of Thunder
(iv) Peter

A Ritual Matthew Dowie
(i) Intention
(ii) Direction
(iii) Finale

String Quartet No.3 Mishima Philip Glass

(i) Award montage
Arvo Prt is one of the most radical representatives of the so-called Soviet
Avant-garde, Prts work passed through a profound evolutionary process. His
first creative period began with neo-classical piano music. The search for his
own voice drove him into a withdrawal from creative work lasting nearly eight
years, during which he engaged with the study of Gregorian Chant, the Notre
Dame school and classical vocal polyphony.

Frank Lyons gained a BMus degree in music and composition in 1995 and a
PhD in composition in 1999 from the University of Ulster. Since then, Frank
Lyons has developed an international profile as a composer and researcher with
many of his works being performed worldwide.

Greg Caffrey read music at Queens University Belfast where he studied

composition under Piers Hellawell and James Clarke. He was awarded a B.Mus.
in 1995 and completed a PhD in 2002. He has won a number of awards and
scholarships that include the Hamilton Harty Scholarship, MayTurtle Award and
an award from the Harrison Foundation.

Ansem McDonnell has been playing guitar from about the age of 9 when he
started attending an after-school guitar club in Oakfield Leisure Centre,
Carrickfergus. He is indebted to his guitar teachers over the years who have
encouraged and inspired him along the way; Lee Martin, Ryan Perry and Ross
Ardill; his classical guitar tutors, Gerry Roberts and Brian Keenan; also his
piano tutor, Mrs Eileen Staley.

Matthew Dowie is studying for a Bmus from Queens University Belfast.

Matthew has an interested in composing for film. To hear more of his works, go

Philip Glass studied at the University of Chicago, the Juilliard School and in
Aspen with Darius Milhaud. Finding himself dissatisfied with much of what
then passed for modern music, he moved to Europe. He returned to New York in
1967 and formed the Philip Glass Ensemble seven musicians playing
keyboards and a variety of woodwinds, amplified and fed through a mixer. The
new musical style that Glass was evolving was eventually dubbed
Brian Keenan graduated with his Bachelor of Music degree and MMus from
the University of Ulster. Brian has always had a keen interest in new music and
had pieces written for him by Frank Lyons, Greg Caffrey and Keith Acheson. In
2002 Brian won the Lowden No Stairway acoustic guitar competition for
which he was presented with a Lowden guitar.

The Queens University Guitar Quartet was formed in 2015 and while its
member count now stretches the term Quartet it is a platform for guitarists in
and around the university to perform in a variety of concerts and settings. Its
members meet on a Wednesday morning 11am at Queens School of Music. If
anyone wishes to inquire about joining or hiring the quartet or its members,
please email Alan at