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ADALIN 4797-2

Softening agent

ADALIN 4797-2 is a cationic softener based on a HD-polyethylene. It can

be applied as smoothening additive in the resin and conventional finishing
or for opening or cables before the rebeaming process.


Gives a soft and smooth handle

Improves the sewability considerably
Reduces the tendency to creasing
Improves the abrasion resistance in the resin finish
Improves the resistance to further tearing
Does not effect negatively the dye fastnesses
Facilitates the opening of cable before the rebeaming process
Shows washing and dry cleaning resistant effects


HD-polyethylene dispersion


Consistency Liquid
Appearance: Whitish
Ionicity: Cationic
pH Value: 46
Density: 1.00 g/cm3


Operation resin finish, conventional finish, rebeaming process,

Substrate fabrics of all fiber types, cellulosic yarns
Aggregate Padding machine, minimum-application devices, roller
Dissolving method direct dosage possible, a pre-dilution with water
Quantities of application:
Padding process: 10 - 50 g/l
ADALIN 4797-2
Minimum-application process: 30 - 100 g/l
ADALIN 4797-2
Rebeaming process: 2-3 % ADALIN
4797-2 calculated on
the goods weight
Drying: the usual drying temperature is sufficient.

Recipe examples: Padding process

Wash-n wear finish of cotton poplin shirting


20.0 - 30.0 g/l ADALIN 4797-2
10.0 - 20.0 g/l ADASIL ME
12.0 g/l magnesium chloride
1.0 g/l FORYL 100

pH-value:. <5.5
application: dry/wet
liquor pick-up: 70%
drying: 1100 C
curing: 3 minutes at 1500 C

Wash-n-wear finish of cotton/polyester or cotton-single jersey

30.0 - 40.0 g/l STABITEX ETR

20.0 - 30.0 g/l ADALIN 4797-2
10.0 - 20.0 g/l ADASIL ME
6.0 - 8.0 g/l magnesium chloride
1.0 g/l FORYL 100


Storage stability: At least 12 months under normal


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Storage and transport: Storage and transport NOT UNDER (0 C)
Other wise product is no longer in use.

Further remarks: References to measure in case of accidents and

fires as well as further information about ecology,
toxicology, transport and storage are given in the
separate Material Safety Data Sheet.

The indications given herein correspond to practical experiences. Owing to the differences in local conditions they
cannot claim to be complete, so that any liabilities also with a view to claims of third parties are excluded.
Cognis Deutschland GmbH, Duesseldorf

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