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SETILON KN is a softener for cotton, silk, rayon, viscose staple and synthetic
fibers to impart a scroopy handle. The main emphasis in using is the
cotton/wool production and the finish of cotton articles of high quality.


Imparts good scroopy handle

Meets the pharmacological requirements in the medical/cosmetic fields
Does not disturb the absorbency
Is not affecting dyeing fastness
The finished material has good sterile fastness


Fatty alcohol combination


Appearance White
Consistency Paste
Ionic nature Nonionic
Compatibility Combination with starch products (e.g. NOREDUX 150 and
COTTOSINT 9550 and optical brighteners)


Substrate Cotton, Viscose staple, Silk, Rayon, synthetic fibres

Aggregate Dyeing and Padding machine
Operation Softening with scroopy handle
Dissolving Method soluble with hot water; the emulsions have a good stability
Dilution Dilutions should be made at a ratio 1:8 - 1:10 with hot
water. These dilutions are stable at room temperature.

Guide recipe Hank Yarn

Aggregate: e.g. Winch
1 2 g/l SETILON KN
Time: 15 minutes
Temperature: 35 40 C
Piece Goods
Aggregate:Winch: 1 2 g/l SETILON KN
Jig: 5 10 g/l SETILON KN
Padder: 10 15 g/l SETILON KN
Damask (Cotton)
Aggregate: Padding Machine (wet/wet)
20 30 g/l NOREDUX 150
10 20 g/l SETILON KN
Medical Cotton Wool
Aggregate: Packing apparatus
0.5 1.5 g/l SETILON KN
Time: 20 minutes
Temperature: 40 50 C

In the production of medical cotton wool SETILON KN can

be added to the bleaching bath with hydrogen peroxide in
the HT apparatus, at the same time the stabilization of the
H2O2 bath is increased.
Drying 100 105 C
Remarks Dyeing temperature clearly above 100 C can have a
negative influence on the scroopy handle. Also residual
waxes after the pretreatment can have a negative
influence on the scroopy handle.

Setilon KN Page 2
Storage stability: Atleast 12 months

Storage and transport Storage and transport NOT UNDER (C)

- 10
Otherwise product is no longer usable.
Product change at temperature BELOW (C) possible
Change reversible by heating and stirring.
Further remarks: References to measure in case of accidents and fires as
well as further information about ecology, toxicology,
transport and storage are given in the separate Material
Safety Data Shee

The indications given herein correspond to practical experiences. Owing to the differences in local conditions they cannot
claim to be complete, so that any liabilities also with a view to claims of third parties are excluded.
Cognis Deutschland GmbH, Duesseldorf.

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