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Wash & Wear Finish Agent

STABITEX ETR is applied for the wash- and wear finish with extremely low formaldehyde content, of
cellulose and its blends with synthetics. It meets the requirements as per Eco-Tex Standard 100.


Guaranteed extremely low formaldehyde content, < 75 PPM as per Japanese Law 112
Enables a distinct decrease of the limits as per MAK and TA air
Gives optimum wash- and wear effects
Improves the crease recovery
Imparts good residual shrinkage values
Shows excellent wash- and dry-cleaning resistant effects
Is suitable for the dry cross-linking as well as for the moist and wet cross-linking processes
Is suitable for the finishing of garments


Di-methylol-dihydroxy-ethylene urea, methylized, in water


Appearance Transparent, yellowish

Consistency Liquid
pH-value 4.0 5.5
Density (20 C) 1.2 g/cm3
Compatibility Can be combined with anionic, cationic and nonionic auxiliaries, pre-trials are


Operation Resin finishing

Substrate Woven and knit goods of cellulose and its blends with synthetics
Aggregate Padding machine
Dissolving method Direct dosage, a pre-dilution with water
Qty of application 30 100 g/l STABITEX ETR
Catalysts 20% magnesium chloride, calculated on STABITEX ETR, possible with the
addition of 0.5 g/l citric acid for viscose or 30 % STABITEX CAT
Drying 110 120 C
Curing 3 minutes at 150 C. Shock curing at 30 60 seconds at 180 170 C
Guide recipes

Crease resistant finish of viscose apparel fabric

30.0 - 40.0 g/l STABITEX ETR
20.0 - 30.0 g/l ADALIN K
20.0 - 30.0 g/l ADASIL ME
10.0 - 20.0 g/l BELSOFT 200
20.0 g/l magnesium chloride
1.0 g/l FORYL 100
pH-value : < 5.5
Application : dry/wet
Liquor pick-up : 100%
Drying : 110 C
Curing : 3 minutes at 150 C
Stain repellent finish of viscose lining
30.0 g/l DURASOL 5071
20.0 g/l REPELLAN HY-N
30.0 g/l STABIFIX OF
12.0 g/l magnesium chloride
pH-value : < 5.5
Application : dry/wet
Liquor pick-up : 100%
Shock curing : 60 seconds at 170 C
Note: Guide recipes for ;
1. Wet and moist cross-linking as well as for garment finishing
2. Wash- and wear finish of cotton poplin shirting
3. Wash-and-wear finish of polyester/cotton jersey and cotton-jersey printed
4. Permanent chintz finish of polyester/cotton and cotton home furnishing
can be obtained from our specialists on demand.


Storage stability: At least 12 months under normal conditions.

Product change at temperatures BELOW 0 (C) possible. Change reversible
by heating and stirring
Storage and transport Storage and transport NOT UNDER 0C and NOT ABOVE +50C. Otherwise
product is no longer usable
Further remarks: References to measure in case of accidents and fires as well as further
information about ecology, toxicology, transport and storage are given in the
separate Material Safety Data Sheet.

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The indications given herein correspond to practical experiences. Owing to the differences in local conditions they
cannot claim to be complete, so that any liabilities also with a view to claims of third parties are excluded.
Cognis Deutschland GmbH, Duesseldorf.

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