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Easy Care Finish Agent

STABITEX WF is applied for the optical wash and wear finish with extremely low
formaldehyde content, of cellulose (cotton, viscose, linen) and their blends
with synthetics.


Low free formaldehyde contents

Optical wash and wear effects
Good results in residual shrinkage
Excellent recovery angle, dry and wet
Washing fastness
Provides good handle and smoothness
Application on garments
Suitable for knitted articlesp


Modified glioxal resine


Appearance Yellowish
Consistency Liquid

Operation Resin finishing

Substrate Cellulose (cotton, viscose, linen) and their blends with
polyester and polyamides
Aggregate Padding machine
Dilution Direct disification
Catalyst Not needed

Guide recipe Material: CO 100%

50 100 g/l STABITEX WF
Pick-up: 70 90 %
Drying: 130 C
Curing: 150 C
Treatment time:30 45 seconds


Storage stability: At least 6 months under normal conditions.

Product change at temperatures BELOW 0 (C) possible.
Change reversible by heating and stirring
Storage and transport Storage and transport NOT UNDER 0C and NOT
ABOVE +50C. Otherwise product is no longer usable
Further remarks: References to measure in case of accidents and fires as
well as further information about ecology, toxicology,
transport and storage are given in the separate Material
Safety Data Sheet.

The indications given herein correspond to practical experiences. Owing to the differences in local conditions they cannot
claim to be complete, so that any liabilities also with a view to claims of third parties are excluded.
Cognis Deutschland GmbH, Duesseldorf .

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