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Q1) Mention three effects of air pollutants on


Q2) What is the main effect of Carbon Monoxide

(CO) on the body.

Q3) There are two main pollutant gases which

responsible for acid rain, Mention them.

Q4) What are the factors affecting dispersion of air


Q5) On an overcast summer night at 1:30 A.M with

a wind speed of3.2 m/sec, the particulate
concentration was found to be 1520 g/ m at
point 2 km downwind and 0.5 km perpendicular
to the plume centerline from a coal-fired
power plant.
Given the following parameters and conditions,
determine the particulate emission rate of the
power plant:
Stack parameters:
Height = 75 m
Diameter = 1.5 m
Exit velocity = 12 m/s
Temperature = 322 C
Atmospheric condition:
Pressure = 100 kPa
Temperature = 25 C
Q6) Determine the breakthrough time for an
adsorption bed of activatedcarbon that is 0.75 m thick
and 5 m in cross section. The operating
parameters for the bed are as follows:
Gas flow rate = 1.185 kg/s
Gas temperature = 25 C
Bed density = 450 kg/ m3

Inlet pollutant concentration = 0.0035 kg/ m

Langmuir parameters: a = 465 , b = 3000

Width of adsorption zone = 0.045 m
Density of gas = 1.185 kg/ m3

Q7) There are physical properties of Solid Waste.

Mention three of them.

Q8) There are a lot of methods for collection. Mention

two of them.

Q9) We want to design a collection system for a city

(Population = 44,000) The average solid waste
generation rate is 1.17 kg/cap.d , and the average
uncompacted density is 144.7 kg/ m .Each family must
have a minimum two pickups per week and that
there will be no rear-of-house pickups. Using the
following assumptions, determine 1) the truck
capacity you will need and 2) the number of trucks you
should provide.

Average residential occupancy = 4

Average number of containers per stop = 3 at
0.0757 m /container

Truck compactor density rating = 475 kg/ m3

Truck dump time = 7.5 min

Delay time = 20 min
Distance to disposal site = 24 km
Number of trips to disposal site = 2/d
Time between pickup stops = 18 s
Regression coefficient a = 12.6 sec/can
Average work day = 8 hrs
Rest breaks = 2 at 15 min

Q10) There are two basic techniques for operation of

landfills. Mention them and give a one difference
between them.
Q11) What is the sound pressure level for a sound
pressure = 50,000 Pa. Is that sound can be in a
business office or a living room?

Q12) for a wastewater sample = 100 mg/L and K
= 0.15 d what is the ultimate BOD?

Q13) What is the punishment for a person who picks

coral and shell ( ) and
removes from the sea ?

Q14) What are the properties for a solid waste to

exhibit the characteristics of corrosivity?