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Deployment of monitors system-wide for condition based maintenance of substation equipment
by Terry Snow (Dynamic Ratings Inc)

Geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) monitoring system
By Len Borowski, Chunali Zhang, Gary Russell (Powerlink Queensland)

Transformer sound enclosures
by Stuart McLachlan (Environmental Results)

FRA use for winding compression monitoring
by Joe Tusek (Aurecon) Mark Wexler and Ken Budin (Wilson Transformer Company)

Single phase regulator failures by Colin Feely (Powercor Australia)

The design, manufacture and operation of a 33kV Quadrature booster
by Gilbert Mahangwe, Paul Dyer, Sotiris Georgiopoulos, Dr Cristiano Marantes (UK Power Networks) and Mohinder Pannu,
(Wilson Transformer Company)

Advances and experience of new dry type HV CT and bushing technologies
by Eric Euvrard (RHM International) and Dr Valery Davydov (Consultant)

Dynamic resistance measurement on OLTCs a follow up
by Dr Raka Levi (DV Power) and Keith Bensley (Pacific Test Equipment)

Dry transformer bushings with composite insulators the obvious combination for increased reliability
by Lars Jonsson, Anders Holmberg, Mattias Lundborg (ABB Sweden)

Dielectric response measurements in frequency temperature and time domain
by Peter Werelius, Matz Ohlen, Mats Karlstrom (Megger, Sweden) and Jialu Cheng (Megger, China)

Obstacles associated with winding resistance measurements of power transformers
by Charles Sweetser (OMICRON electronics)

Comparison of transformer paper DP samples and oil furan analysis: experiences over 18 years
by Peter McClean (Pioneer Generation), Ami Singh (Genesis Energy), Brent Wilson (Meridian Energy), Colin McDonald
(Contact Energy) and Wade Enright (Viva Technical Solutions)

Review of different transformer fluids with focus on effects of viscosity by Johan Weesmaa, Pr Wedin, Linna Bergeld, Per
Wiklund (Nynas)

Controlling the moisture of transformer oil by Neil and Martin Partridge (Brownell Ltd)

Cable boxes theory, practice and maintenance by Michael OBrien (Alstom Grid)

Installation of SF6 transformers by Matthew Gibson and Nemet Nikpour (Ausgrid)

Environmental impact on transformer thermal performance by Dr. Yuriy Odarenko (Wilson Transformer Company)

Software based technique for the identification of transformer faults in real time
by A. Abu-Siada (Curtin University

A comparison of dielectric response diagnostic methods of transformers
by Tapan Kumar Saha, Chandima Ekanayake, Yi Cui & Hui Ma (The University of Queensland)

New paper free insulation technology for dry high voltage condenser bushings by Urs Krsi, Ansgar Dais, Zoran Zic, Daniel
Egger (ABB Switzerland)